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A long way of personal webmaster ashes


net for many years, all see the netizens in stationmaster net above the heart itch, each one airs his own views, some experience and personal opinions discuss with you together.

06 the second half of the year began to do stand, that was to find some free space, some of the articles and pictures of his love to pass up (Note: are some photo images and ambiguous novels, with their own comments), a concept of flow, Wangzhuan these words is still very strange, very vague and a month later, suddenly one day Q inside a stranger (sell sexy underwear) to ask why I do not so much traffic advertising, I am very surprised, asked how he knew a flow of my station, he put Baidu included screenshots to me, then hold a skeptical attitude, made his monthly advertising. After advertising put up, found a friend, learned to put statistics, see engine included. A month later, the first time the Commission received 200 yuan, with the excited mood to take the money in the bank, and then called on friends to the KTV, when telling friends money came, they looked envious eyes, I found from the bottom of my heart to go after this life no retreat the journey.

and then three thousand or four thousand IP like a day, put ads, a day is also a revenue of about 40 yuan, all day flattered. But as the country began to strict control of good times don’t last long, crack down on the station, to provide space for my friend server is the telecommunication bureau investigation, the party to apologize to him.

then 07 years in the idle, and one day in their own QQ space, whim, why do not you do a QQ code station, you find it convenient. So in the new network registered ( this domain name, bought a space, passed the DEDE program, only installed debugging took two days, just barely do well. For about 4 months, traffic has reached about 7000, with the station to make the union fee and have registered several domain name has several QQ station, at that time, Baidu has no algorithm adjustment, all stations are included, for a period of time to maintain this, Baidu October revolution the several stations have not been spared, was down the right, at that time, my loss, pain, complained that one day out, this is not an option, in addition to several boats decided to fight to win or die, plus the total station qqsucai station link, link to each column or keywords direct page, the station updated every day, a month later, the active site, daily updates have been included, key words not only rise, IP also rose steadily, the peak is reached 2W IP, after the network owners forum Trading to others, with the sale of money to buy a station server, ready to start industry station.

above is my personal experience, here are some of my views:

1, diligent, persistent and rich in content is king.


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