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nterpretation CNZZ statistics today’s more UV statistics

recently joined the Yahoo Kazakhstan! Statistics, YAHOO statistics of traffic, feeling is higher than 51LA, do not know whether the statistical algorithm, or YAHOO statistics server is relatively stable, the missing data is relatively small. But people love a little strict statistical flow statistics.


there are many webmaster asked me today, CNZZ statistics, today more statistics in the UV what is the meaning, I see a lot of people are not quite understand, so to explain to everyone:

in the interpretation of the UV before the first mention of the independent IP number, for example, I am in a foreign lan, IP is, then all the same with my computer in the LAN is the IP, that is to say if the LAN computer access to your website, in 24 hours only the calculation of a IP, so sometimes can not correctly display access, it is not very accurate.

and UV and IP are slightly different, UV is the abbreviation of visitor unique, meaning independent visitors, is visiting your site for each client computer (within 24 hours) were calculated as a visitor. In this way, as long as there are different computers to access your site, either LAN or WAN that will be credited to the statistics. Now a lot of friends in the network are fixed LAN IP, YAHOO introduced UV statistics, statistics can be more accurate. I think this is a trend in the future, the service system will increase UV

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