Keywords whether can improve the ranking of repeated title

users, see the website title, the greater possibility of the first choice. The combination of both titles containing keywords but also the integration of modification, it makes people look very comfortable. Good first impression can make people click desire, second title is a hard combination of keywords, from the experience of them is extremely low.


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from a user perspectiveIf I were

as the Shanghai dragon who may be more love after a title, keywords that obvious and easy enough density, optimization. Keywords direct naked put most of Shanghai dragon Er practices in the title, but they ignore a problem. This deliberately repeated words on the website of the experience is good for

analysis of

is the two title in contrast users will be more love? The search engine will be more love


for example to optimize the word construction sites in Chengdu Chengdu Chengdu website web design website design Chengdu Chengdu Shanghai dragon


analysis of

address: 贵族宝贝web-pro-贵族宝贝/ optimization1369.html Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon please indicate the source

from the angle of Shanghai Dragon

repeat keywords will lead to spread the weight? Repeated Chengdu GREE air conditioning in the title, but also indirectly disperse word weight. Although the long tail word will have good rankings but will have an impact on the main keywords. There is a law in the process of optimization, the long tail word ranking good, keyword rankings are not necessarily good. When the main keywords ranking is good, it can drive the long tail keywords to achieve good ranking results.

Chengdu website construction | Chengdu website design | Chengdu website | Chengdu web design | Chengdu Shanghai dragon company

The first

in Shanghai dragon, the Title Optimization is the core problem in title, repeat keywords can improve the rankings? A lot of Shanghai dragon Er that if repeat Title keywords can increase the importance of the word so that the search engine to determine the importance of the word, to give a good ranking. But some people think that repeat keywords takes up a lot of character influenced other long tail keywords ranking.


The importance of website optimization

second: the column is clear, prominent personality.

place. For example, we usually see the shelves, first saw is often parallel to the line of sight of the goods, but not in the goods below the line of sight. So we can put the navigation point placed in the position in the middle of the site, do not put in the corners. This is simply the navigation lost its due role, not to play its value. For the navigation information in the website, must do a good job of the work of classification. We can’t put all the information together, to give people a dazzling sense. If this happens, then your website will be a new facelift. The user is god. No one can deny this, the website is for customer service, is also the focus of profit. Classification and information navigation is one of the powerful alliances, invincible.

: the first clear navigation, information classification.

we were on tour, the tour guide will introduce a variety of attractions. We see, you will find each of the spots will have a guide map. This map is a guide for tourists to see, but also tell the tourists how to go. From this figure we can know oriented distribution of attractions and find the route to go. This guide map like site navigation, its function with directed graph has the same function. When the user enters the site navigation, will make the user understand how to quickly find the information they’re looking for and places to go. This little thing is not great, but it plays a huge role. Navigation location must be seen in the user first glance

The first impression is

‘s appearance and dress. The appearance is not good, will leave a bad influence to others. Because people tend to love beautiful things, and not pay attention to the ugly East have a word that is phase from the heart. This sentence we can tell from the appearance can be seen in the inside of a person to a great extent. Although this sentence is not scientific, but we still don’t ignore. When the user enters the site of the first page, is a score. Everyone will give the first sight of the things to make a comparison, so as to find out the disadvantages and advantages. If your site does not allow users to see clearly the advantages, then it will fail to impress users. Then the front page of our website will bring what kind of impact to the user? I share this view, I hope to help you.

each site will have a column. This column must be in line with the user’s browsing habits. For example, when we buy things, you will find some goods can be put together. Because it can bring more sales, but also can increase consumer demand. We set the column when to understand the content that users see first, or is the most viewed content. The size of the column to make a reasonable arrangement, can not make any changes to the space. This will only undermine the goodwill users of the site. The website is to give users see, so these considerations are to think about the problem from the user’s point of view. Also.

Shanghai entered the era of reading love search

stationAuthor summary: >

January 17, 2014, Lee once again issued a document specifically to love Shanghai search results display thumbnails, detail.

love Shanghai search senior engineer Lee: "the picture on the page in the main content and requirements of the picture must be associated with the content, otherwise it may be considered cheating by the handle, as close as possible to the size of 121:75."

3, must be closely related to the content of a page, if there is cheating or bad low quality images, will have the relevant handling mechanism:




in January 15, 2014, Lee on line Lee [Third] – Spring Festival, Lee online chat with you 2014 Webmaster Platform activities, users answer "[] _ snow domain" problem, first mentioned algorithm and suggestions love Shanghai in front of the search results page thumbnails:

the last two months will find some search results before adding pictures in Shanghai love search, apparently in some scenes that show in the form of enhanced user experience: intuitive picture retrieval is better than text, the user can through reading will determine the page theme in the shortest time, and then quickly enter the content details page.



on the other hand also improved the graphic click rate to bring better returns to the webmaster. Therefore, there are many owners through a variety of ways to test or in the "Lee on line" in question, careful friends will find in the activities have also been answered. Here with you clear about the need to emphasize a point is: don’t hope webmaster for text and try to do with the map, must according to their own content as well as the user’s reading and use to optimize the scene, in the right circumstances.

A, B, shielding drawing; reducing station URL ranking; C, which will be affected by the

The content of the original

so far, love Shanghai "graphic" show slowly surfaced.

1, at present the webmaster will need only pictures on the page in the main content, Shanghai will love the corresponding image recognition and scene recognition, follow-up will provide protocol specification;

2, the size of the picture as close as possible to the 121:75;

some time ago about love Shanghai web search results page shows love Shanghai graphics to crawl the web thumbnail directly to the webmaster, students puzzling, prompted a lot of love of the webmaster friends interested in, had all kinds of experiments and speculation, the author also specially produced such articles to elaborate: love Shanghai web search results show thumbnails and the text label, was published in A5, interested friends can see.

According to their own experience about how to make a quick sale advertising success in the momShare

    I know Mom from admin5, a start to feel the model is worth to try, so I just registered account, tentatively released a home advertising position, the location of the original advertisement put an antivirus software ads every week gains in the range 3–6 yuan, now I sold the price set at 8 yuan, released less than two days were bought 4 weeks alimama/membersvc/buyadzone/buy_ad_zone.htm? Adzoneid=104635 earn a few bus money, don’t laugh at me, Ali mother brings income growth to me so the Ali Mama thank Kazakhstan, hope and Ali mother to each other.
  long win; found little, many webmaster advertising package transaction success this time, I talk about my experience, I hope the majority of grassroots webmaster Tongren Let’s look forward to help, grassroots income increased.

1. Product selection

even though their performance is not brilliant, but as a novice, do this achievement is proud in three months, some readers may say that I do not know the original website, then why can obtain certain achievement. In fact, Taobao is the key business customers, he often visit A5 and Chinaz, learn the relevant experience here, and then use it in the actual operation process, but to tell the truth this stuff and some are not suitable for beginners to learn, such as the use of nofollow tag to avoid the dispersion of home PR, another example of a chain of text these settings, the novice may have never heard of it, and how to learn? Don’t worry, I according to the 3 months since its establishment experience a part of experience to share with everyone here, I hope to give you and he is also a novice a little guidance.

for starters, when starting a Taobao, it should be more important than quantity. Many owners think that as long as the choice of the industry is Everything will be fine.. Not really. At first, the Taobao site was new

some webmaster for the word "herd" is very disgusted, thought the Internet age only have a characteristic to be successful, Taobao guest website is the same, others to do what we can do what seems to be a bit passive. In fact, it is the right hand of this view, because once the industry so many people, is bound to increase the intensity of competition in the industry, such as the now hot weight and breast industry, you go to sh419 search will be tens of thousands of search results, to get involved in this industry may not be the best choice but novice novice. We must go to those popular promotional products industry? Obviously not, what we do is Taobao customers, to sell things, too "cold" certainly no one buys is we don’t want to see the results for the new hand, you want to promote a product to obtain a 100 Commission or the promotion of 100 a commission of 1 yuan for the product? So for their product promotion industry choice, we don’t have to be afraid, can select a field that is more popular, but you can not blindly The full-time "whole heat" industry, energy and financial resources are unable to keep up.

1. product industry selection

since 2009 the rise of Taobao guest Wangzhuan industry, more and more young people joined the industry, hope to achieve their Wangzhuan dream here, the author is a member of this crowd, from the beginning of the site does not flow to the present day, IP stable at around 5000, a monthly income of nearly a thousand, I have been very satisfied after all, I just a monk, before I contact Taobao for the website visitors understand it is rarely done like this now has been very satisfied, for the ideal of a monthly income of tens of thousands, I think I need to work.

2. single product

Selection of

      click on the registered mother of Ali; sell your website ad > > alimama

Analysis of key factors for website success prediction of single page website

There are a lot of single page based

website on the Internet now, especially for a product sales website, basically are based on a single page, this is because the single page through a simple and intuitive way to quickly capture the user’s eye, so often have sales ability did not transfer the website those complicated, so in the future, single page sales type web site, will continue to gush, but the construction of these single page site is simple, quick operation, is also very easy to optimize up, this also led to the fierce competition, so focus on success factors of single page sales type website webmaster more and more, the author do a simple summary!

1: single page website must highlight sales

for a single page website, the most important thing is to put on the website of the products sold, so no matter from the website design and website operation, must have outstanding sales functions, all sales for the ultimate goal, as the products described in detail, highlighting the product features, and in strict accordance with the sales sales planning department to the construction site, so as to make the website to attract users! Perhaps many people do not know how to highlight the sales, the author sums up a good way, that is all to highlight the image of products, from product to product function description and so on are as small as possible to let the user feel that this product is very useful to them, or very like, this is typical of the outstanding sales!

two: empathy to attract users attention

produced a single page website, the purpose is to sell, but certainly not shouting slogans, to learn empathy, in the design and operation, are always thinking he is the customer, I open this website, is not have the impulse to buy, even if you are not, believe that other users to see you the site will be very disappointed, so to do a single page website sales success, you must learn empathy!

three: be able to master several typical sales strategies

a word, in order to reach the final sales results, whether black or white, to sell the product is a good cat, so for the current mainstream marketing strategy should be to learn a little bit a little bit, like "Chibi" in what Zhu Geliang said, a bit of everything, life will be a little more interesting that is also true for the sale, what are understood, its sales ability will naturally increase!

such as the now popular discount promotions, price strategy, such as 98 yuan to 100 yuan cheaper than it looks, in addition, single page website, actually can refer to some crown class Taobao shop decoration, promotional strategies, such as through the amplification of the font, exaggerated pictures to stimulate the user’s eye, especially now that many weight loss website, will be analyzed by the case, do not lose weight easily lead to harm and suffering, in order to let the user feel, lose weight must be immediately put into implementation! These are by stimulating the user’s eyes

6 months, stationmaster life profit 3, 8 wool 3

stood more than half a year, during the process experienced unsuspectingly to half knowing, to slightly through 123 stages. Thinking and execution have improved to some extent (first self affirmation, confidence is most important! Hehe), at present, almost no profit, as the title "profit of 3 dollars and 8 cents 3", it is necessary that these pieces of all the money from the Ali Mama advertising.

below, talk about my website operation, especially the local community forum development, lack, please criticize me.

and I "Eighteen ladder community website".

positioning: based in Chongqing, serving the people throughout the city. Taking the detailed information as the main point and interactive communication as the means, it provides rich news, entertainment, life service and travel information for the people in Chongqing, and is committed to building the new Chongqing city on the internet.

plan: the construction site at the beginning, because the idea is not clear, the lack of systematic thinking, there is no planning work force is more willing to start, see webmaster online to see other webmasters to share the experience of the site, operation management and information Wangzhuan experience, after 6 months of combat and the accumulation of knowledge in the planning, finally slightly further. So the premise of almost unchanged in the general idea, again on the eighteen ladder community has carried on the detailed planning, I think early thinking more, consider more comprehensive, the latter part of the operation and promotion work in order to better carry out, in the clear development of backward, and I further determine the profit model.

"profit, we do the purpose of the station", I have been talking to friends.

I have roughly planned the profit model for the next eighteen years of the ladder community: the prophase network advertisement is the main, and the latter will promote the brand construction in the form of activity.

, I bought a.Cn domain name last year. After I bought it for one yuan, it has gone up. Now I regret not having bought more than one. At present, the main profit community through the network advertising 3 more than, has gone back to this, but I have to consider the renewal problem.

ask your predecessors, how much profit do you make through the advertising Union?

sells money through advertising alliances, the first choice for most part-time webmasters. Because the busy work, after all, is the heart and the lack of force, unable to part, no time to take into account more.

I thought

was in the eighteen ladder community mature, after visits to stabilize the active demand of advertisers advertising (this is because I lack of initiative, long-term execution is not strong, this is bound to affect the work, even in life, so I am determined to overcome fear! Friends, if you like me because of cowardice and missed opportunities, please add my QQ:1018758971, we communicate with the progress, because the site itself), based in Chongqing, so that customers more obvious, if the content is good, strong popularity, I believe that the advertising fee is still there, but not cheap.


Blog, a little bit of opinion about blogging, promotions, and promotions

At present,

independent blog circle, many bloggers are bored with comment promotion means to promote their own blog, a lot of time they spend in TA between multiple blogs shuttling to and fro, then comment, but these Kung Fu also played an immediate effect, each article in the blog review of hundreds of hundreds, so dazzling. But this blog is blog, hardly success?.

bloggers are divided into two categories:

open personal independence blog (or other websites) bloggers can be divided into two kinds, one is lonely, boring, opened a blog to pass the time; the other one is expected to open a website can bring extra income for yourself.

for the former:

should not be called blog review, but should be referred to as "blogger interaction". You come here to see me, I go to see you there, you come here to step on my foot, I went to your passing there, just like QQ space, as time passes, the two become good friends. In order to make friends, this approach is worthy of praise.

for the latter:

review of extension really works or its effects? A station can income is the premise of Web site traffic flow, people have their own advertising and cooperation or website ads will have to click. The main source of traffic is the search engine.

maybe there will be a lot of people argue: I’m going to blog comments can also bring a lot of traffic!! for this blog, it does not deny, but I want to ask: when you go to other blogs, people will click on ads on your blog? I want to have 90% won’t click on it. As a webmaster webmaster should understand, their ads on the psychological conflict is very strong, and you go to visit the blog is a webmaster, if you hope these bloggers will help you click on ads on the site, I just want to say: it is a fond dream, Arabian Nights. Most of the so-called return is in an article or message board lost a comment message and then leave Cleveland, also want to click on ads. Maybe putting a pop-up ad on your blog can bring you a little income.

in addition, the flow of traffic brought about by this method is extremely unstable. People have such a psychological, you do not come to me, I do not go to you there. That is to say, if you want to maintain a steady flow of reviews, you have to comment frequently. If you don’t go any day, the traffic will be lost the same day. Ignoring the little effect of the tool is a sheer thankless task. Here some people may say Lu Songsong is not very successful? On this blog, can only say to you: very silly very naive! Of course can’t deny, Lou loose hit fame, this is also one of the factors, but the main thing is he carefully made, language book, micro-blog blog Daquan, software download, theme sharing, technology sharing and other things. Not just blogger reviews. If light >

How to select network topics


has identified the topic of network topics, what web editors want to consider is the selection of topics. What kind of content, can make special plump, thick, can let the audience satisfaction, also can reflect the events, problems and phenomena, the key depends on whether the content positioning, and website image website function positioning, target audience positioning etc..

thematic content selection, mainly is the network editor of soliciting contributions. In general, the success of the project planning, quality mainly depends on the contributions of the. Abundance is a comprehensive social activity, which requires network editors to have good professional quality and ability of social activities, including to the creator on purpose and significance of the topic selection process, etc..

ways to select


network editors selection is different from the traditional media editors selection, means more abundant than before, and soliciting more and more quickly. As a whole, there are mainly several ways:

search engines.

it is the most commonly used means of collecting materials for web editors. It is mainly the use of search engines such as Google, Baidu, Yahoo and so on, as long as the keyword search box, and click the "search" button, the engine will automatically find related websites and information, and display all the query all the information on the web, and the most accurate information website or at the top. The key word is to enter the text in the search box, which is what the editor is looking for. Key words can be names, websites, news, novels, software, games, constellations, work, shopping, papers…… It can also be any combination of Chinese, English, digital, or Chinese and English numerals. Need a website editor according to the project planning scheme, through the search engine software input corresponding to the keyword search, you can obtain relevant information subject, then classify the integration, form their own special.

II form strategic alliances with traditional media to achieve information sharing.

although the traditional media has the congenital deficiency, but the formation and development of the traditional media after a long historical development stage, has a vast network of resources and collect information of the team, this is not available in today’s Web site. Therefore, it is necessary to form a strategic alliance with traditional media, and share some important information. Especially at have some important events or major events, by this way a variety of contributions, cost is relatively low, the other is to get the most valuable information in the fastest time, but also provides a good platform for the dissemination of propaganda to each other. Therefore, it is mutually beneficial for each party.

at the same time, because the traditional media has a long history of development, so it retains considerable valuable background information. Through cooperation between the two sides, the website can obtain these valuable information.

to experts, scholars or scholars

How do you create a system engine that users contribute to content



like Dribbble/Instagram/Vine and other creative content platform with typical UGC mode, but how to build a system of engine good user contributed content? Sangeet Paul Choudary is a columnist, has also worked as start-up companies, consultants, he thought to think about this issue from the following aspects:

if the user does not contribute content, the platform is like a city of death, lifeless. It is an important platform for content creators on the role of the start-up companies to create a vibrant platform needs to do three things: 1. make clear what is the content of this platform creator 2. motivation; make a set of system and rules to cater to such motives, give them encouragement; number 3. as far as possible to expand the content contributors.

from the product point of view, here are six dimensions that help form platform thinking:

is your product a tool or community, or is it both? Or are you an easy to use tool or an audience for these content creators (Tools or Pipe?)

Tools:, if the tool is easy to use, it can reduce the threshold of production content, and can help produce good works. For example, Instagram makes photo capture and processing much easier, while Vimeo provides users with services for storing high quality video.

Pipe: some platforms provide channels for content creators to help them find audiences. Dribbble, for example, brings together a large number of designers who can browse and discuss each other’s work.

The most competitive platforms for

Tools+Pipe: are probably those that provide both tools and communities. Instagram, for example, has a picture based social network as well as a good filter, which has allowed Instagram to win. It used to provide tools only, without community applications, Hipstamatic. And recently, Hipstamatic also launched the Renaissance Oggl, also the Tools+pipe model, you can call other users in the community filter to use for your own photos.

also has some "mobile KTV" apps before they sing, but they’re just tools and no community. The growth of Tools+Pipe’s singing is much better than that of other players.

two, compared to existing platforms, does your product provide better mechanisms or techniques that allow users to create content better?

The handoff cost of

network services is relatively low

A little bit of experience at the initial stage of the local forum

my city: Jilin City, many local people do not know, is the only one with the China province name city, population 200W, but the network is not developed, the local forum is very few, less popular. Perhaps because of this competition, I work in Jilin city forum ideas, has been in the domain name industry mix, find a good domain name, the forum was soon launched and comprehensive promotion, following some experience and share:

1. forum just opened their own change several vests, more post, try to think of the forum, there are few posts, people come to stay


2. opened a Jilin to ask the plate, from Baidu know and Soso Ask, find relevant questions sent up.

3. Jilin scenic plate, a lot of local collection of beautiful pictures, it is best to upload their own, coupled with watermarks, I believe it will be very effective.

4. can not find information about the problem, you can try blog search, many bloggers are their own original article.

5.qq group promotion, group mail, very effective, but must adhere to.

6.qq chat room promotion, quite strong, recently closed.

7. and links, the local forum is best to find a local website connection, you can also go to other forums to request the connection of the post, regardless of the consent of others, but also for their own BBS publicity.

8. search engine is also very important to local forums, appropriate SEO do not go too far, after all, to long-term development, and now the forum is the largest source of baidu.

a little experience, writing is not good, do not please do not mind.

article from Jilin forum, welcome local forum exchange links!