Network marketing is the pit Or a trap


a lot of people think that network marketing is everything. But in fact, this sentence is wrong, even if the network marketing do better, not a marketing promotional products, after all but a gimmick. I have a deep experience of millet, I was the first one to buy millet mobile phone in our dormitory, I bought the 1S millet youth version grab three times to grab, why choose millet mobile phone? Because I put the millet mobile phone and other mobile phone parameters were compared at the time, price is the most high, then. 2S 2A, millet, red rice, millet 3, red rice NOTE, our dormitory has become the home of millet, hot Rice noodles fancier, although my mobile phone for almost two years, but I still don’t want to eliminate the wishes of.

brand is formed? What is the brand? Brand is a mark of distinction, which is a comprehensive reflection of all network marketing behavior, but also reflects the long time, the homogenization of the product requirements of brand will influence consumer behavior; consciousness; promote consumers to buy the next line. The existence of a product to achieve the subconscious of consumers on the OK. How to make a brand? First I think it must be a good product, by strengthening the unified image, repeat the show in front of the user.

Just imagine why the success of millet

I just contact new network marketing for three days, the three day after listening to the teacher to explain more or less on the network marketing have some understanding and ideas, in the Internet era, more and more popular network marketing has attracted people’s attention, and this kind of marketing is a low cost, high efficiency characteristics have been the majority of marketers love.

. Many people will Tucao millet buying patterns, the so-called hunger marketing, it is because of this? Why Meizu is also in such a way, why not fire millet or millet? After all products so that consumers have the patience to wait and even grab several times are not willing to continue to wait and grab. Lei Jun millet this brand did not do it, "

I first talked about "the four words network marketing", in a word, with the "camp" in the sales network. " " camp; technology is the marketing method, use of the Internet platform, the final point and purpose or sales (benefit). Bill Gates said in twenty-first Century may not have business to do, the only thing is the electronic commerce, which is the core of e-commerce network marketing. The main content of the network marketing is the promotion of the website, we choose the marketing practices in the first place according to the characteristics of attention and personal hobbies and good corporate website, our goal is to make the enterprise benefit, what benefits? Of course is our customer, we should put their customers into loyal customers, so as to profit maximization. After that, what follow-up sales, sales promotion are easier to seize the customer psychology, to get the trust, you can sell more stuff to the customer, the low cost or no cost to maximize the exaggerated sales and increase profits, Why not??

Let be K site included fast recovery


K is a website by webmasters are met, some K hurried to the forum posts scolding father swore. While some cool station will be to analyze why the site will be K, what is the reason why the search engine or its website. The latter with the recovery rate of the former is greatly different, because the latter are carefully analyzed, 90% can find the reason and improvement. Those who criticize the father just Aguirre waste time trying to get sympathy. Don’t do anything. Relatively, since this complaining time why do not check the website? Most of the search engine will not stand because K It is without rhyme or reason., your site appears the wrong thing! Well, said so much below that of how fast recovery method.

again is the construction of the chain. Why do the chain. We all know this, the purpose is to lead the spider to stop, just stop spiders have included may be re. If you just add content and not the chain of words, like deep alley wine, because wine alley deep, can float out? So the chain is to make wine a transport channel. The chain is to pay attention to, such as extensive, where you’ve done, then I advise you open another path to go elsewhere. Do not hang on a tree, before those spiders do go tired, do not increase the number of new road, let the spider to take the risk, how can he love to

first check your website is there not something legitimate. For example, being hung dark chain, horse, keywords obvious stack, hidden links etc.. These have one check. The website is to give people more harm to the hanging chain and dark horse. The website also tried this, is the first day of the horse is not what reaction, second days of recording and snapshot is still good, but the nightmare came on the third day. Included all is zero, no snapshot. After a series of tests found that the original is to hang on the home page, not only because of their code, so ZhengZhan delete, re transmission code. This results in a week are not included. So, do the inspection work is the key, do not let any one small details, the details might bring to the site in fatal injury.

finally if the above steps are done not back.

then, after checking the site, is to add new blood. The new website is the content of blood. In the period of K the best time every day regularly add original content, note the emphasis here is on the original, original, original. Even the pseudo original. By the K, to re included, to search engine to love. Original content is the search engine is the most love, match up, to a more rapid closer relationship with each other. For example, you send the two articles of the original article today, so a week will regularly send on time every day, and at what time, do I recommend, time is around 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. the two time.

Study on the Shanghai dragon final is to strive for good user experience

so early, our webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er is a simple considering how to quickly improve website ranking, but after the website rankings do go up, must from the perspective of the user experience, if the website ranking is up, but the visitors stay time is short, the website PV is lower, then the result ranking will not be too high search ranking, generally difficult to lasting, reflect the website is not ideal in the hearts of users in a certain extent, the search engine will not be too much in favor of your website. But this time if you can stand in the perspective of the user experience, naturally, there is often a return visitor, the residence time will be very long, the ranking will come up, the search engine will naturally think the site is very popular with users love, search engine will put you in a good position, and ranking last a long time. Because in the process of development of the search engine, when the search engine company in technology, more is to consider how to meet the user’s experience, so you can either love Shanghai or Google, their user experience do better.

many people or practitioners in the eyes of the "Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon" simple understanding or initial idea is how we through technical means or artificial efforts to improve the site in the search engine’s natural ranking, achieve accurate search users by ranking to improve, so as to realize the process of website profit. If further in-depth analysis, I ask you: what is the basic website ranking to get stable and lasting? I believe that many owners or Shanghai dragon Er will see light suddenly! – a website in order to get a lasting and stable ranking, is bound to the website user experience will be very good. Of course, there is no absolute 100%, but a user experience very good website, his ranking general can not go wrong. So, the website of Shanghai dragon and website user experience is closely linked our nature.

I have a feeling for different periods, Shanghai Longfeng study and research will have a different understanding, just like people with age, many of the original did not realize that things will slowly be enlightened by the years. I like in the study and research of Shanghai dragon two years, wrote more than 150 articles, articles of different periods for Shanghai dragon understanding is different, like ZAC in the book of the same understanding today. Today I talk about the Dragon between Shanghai and the user experience and understanding.

The two day of

village in line so no power at home, not the Internet can only end book to read. Just buy a ZAC before the "Shanghai dragon combat code" have no time to see, so please use the power to learn about file. So today the theme of "Research on Shanghai Longfeng ranking will eventually turn to make the user experience" is actually from the book ZAC the ZAC in the book also mentioned several times to learn Shanghai dragon is the fact that eventually get a good user experience and service of such a view, this view is a little strange, at first glance, but a careful analysis ZAC said, there is reason in Qingdao Shanghai dragon also agree with him.

The new enterprise station how fast and effective Shanghai Longfeng optimization

Before the

site is not finished, you can go to the production site? Don’t worry, in order to further more organized work can first identify the core keywords, the core keywords dig more long tail keywords, to identify the core keywords and how to exploit the long tail keywords here, but more narrative, there are a lot of related articles in the A5 forum. Keywords mining classification, each enterprise website will by product classification navigation, will be distributed to various keywords mining navigation products.


many companies think network marketing enterprises to immediately make a website, website production after considering the optimization, some of their own operation, some optimize companies for their operation, in fact, this is not good, especially for a new framework of website. I think, when you consider to do a marketing type website, completely unnecessary to make a website, but calm down to a site location, for example I have a T-shirt type website, my position is to give customers customized T-shirts, advertising shirts etc.. The customer is mainly for each enterprise, exhibition, school etc..

is the first enterprise website, then do content, okay? Well, why? The site is basically finished, do not think it is, a series of plans, implementation of natural effect is not good. So, I suggest, in the production site before the site’s content, layout, wait until after the completion of production site, we only need to follow the prescribed order will be uploaded to save time and the effect is better.

website for 3 months, the content and the chain construction plan

to prepare the

well, a new corporate website how to quickly and effectively enhance the core keywords ranking? What needs to be done to prepare the site before

some people may think now only do Shanghai Longfeng, to optimize the keywords ranking does not bring much benefit to the enterprise, you may feel really big companies do not need to rely on Shanghai dragon to bring a little bit of small customers, but for yourself, you have to admit, now the face of the rapid development of the network era, enterprises if not through the web site for the development of their own more potential customers, clearly outdated, especially small and medium enterprises, the increasingly fierce competition, even through the website for themselves to bring a little bit of customer is recommended. So there is no or are considering the use of network marketing to bring new customers for the enterprises themselves, now to do a website, late? Not too late, I think as long as do the same, can bring the profit for the enterprise.

positioning, content all ready. Do not rush to put up the construction site. First, the love of Shanghai’s assessment of food ready, so as not to end after the construction site, every day.

mining, the classification of


content based on keywordsMost of the

do not rush to the construction site, the first site to locate

The website construction contents before you know the audience

this is the first question you must answer. Answer more specific details, the more you know, the better. If you answered, "any one netizen," so, you are in the world "big net". You may catch a lot of fish, but they will be what kind of fish you want? This is the understanding of what you want to contact the audience, because sooner or later come in handy.


first from your ideal client. How the age characteristics of their life? Where are they? What kind of occupation they? Most of these problems may be just a guess, but forcing you and your employees think, this is the development of enterprises in order to do this.

how see? There are some sites, such as QuantCast贵族宝贝, they rely on the demographic data tell you people often visit what website. Yes, this is normal, is anonymous, but it is a starting point.

what they desire?

you must be clear why the creation of content, that is to say, touch your audience, and what the audience’s taste.



? with who?

or you can ask them in person or on the internet. If you have established a customer database can poll by email, consider a brief survey, ask the customer five websites they visit most often. Even more specifically, they asked whether the use of social network content? If they subscribe to e-mail newsletters and blogs? Those simple questions, will let you quickly understand the customer when the Internet browsing sites that help to imagine what types of content for customers.

2. online to see what

do not have to carefully check the customer’s browsing history and search records, can also determine what types of websites they visit regularly.

They are in the how they use the Internet?

with all content >

1. do you want to try to contact

also, if you are going to contact some commercial customers, they will come to visit your site through the work unit in the computer, you should not use too many fancy plug-ins, that may be the company firewall intercept. In order to make the content simple and targeted.

they are on a desktop computer, notebook computer, iPad or mobile devices such as smart mobile phone or surfing the web? Please pay special attention to the last category. You may make "the coolest" video, but if your audience is mainly used in mobile Internet, they can access the


they want entertainment, information, or knowledge? Or three in one? Whether they as soon as possible to obtain needed information? Whether they have time to complete after reading your content, or just casually browse the left

Tell you the most important things about making money onlineReading shlf1314 Adsense webmaster Wangz


first, shlf1314 AdSense is sure to make us dollars. that’s what the new shlf1314 AdSense Adsense said.

some webmaster like instant success, a day IP hundreds of stations, also think how much money a day, how many dollars, this is unrealistic. As shlf1314 AdSense did not expect so high income, he began to waver, and wanted to choose to give up. For this station, I want to tell you is, please do not too much care about shlf1314 AdSense’s revenue, think ideas improve your visitors, think through the web site to make money, do any one union, improve the flow is king. shlf1314 AdSense has an absolute advantage over the rest of the country, so long as you stick to it, there will be miracles.

some stationmaster heard people say shlf1314 AdSense is how to make money, why not, immediately joined the shlf1314 AdSense alliance, but look at the daily income statistics, then slowly lost confidence, the feeling of not doing this to make money, just leave it, even the code to completely remove this. shlf1314 and AdSense say goodbye.

now ask the new station owner to turn around and see what I’m saying: "shlf1314 AdSense is sure to make us dollars.".

I think you need to find a good project, we must establish a clear profit, so things start to make a point, to ensure that we have so little into meaningful role in all directions. Establish a goal – planning program – put into practice, this set of procedures is a project must go through several stages, the general company to do projects are also in accordance with such routines down. So from the side to a certain extent proves the scientificity of this program, as in a long way station project should do the program, especially in front of goal setting and planning, is to carefully, because this can guarantee our future investment to the maximum possible create value. How to make money this way of thinking, more often than to make money this process is more important, I know a friend in World Expo due to the large number of visitors to Shanghai during the discovery of the hotel a busy business, he analyzed in this period of time the Shanghai hotel reservation business will be very hot, so immediately set up a hotel reservation the website, indeed in more than 4 months of gains of 1W yuan. Although the money earned is not many, but as a friend of mine as a small webmaster, but also part-time to do the station people, is also one

some webmasters may ask, I have good days IP, but also sanwuqian, why income is so small? Under normal conditions, IP in sanwuqian station, with the new shlf1314 AdSense to do, the daily income in general more than ten knives, this is shlf1314>

often asks me on the Internet if there are any good projects to recommend. Including myself, I have been asking people this kind of question for a while. What is a good project, you will think that money project is a good project, so the question is, who is willing to share a profitable project and a stranger? So I know, if you want to find a good project, can only rely on their own, others get the most project is going to do bad or have done bad projects of course, does not rule out, there will be real money, it can only say that you meet good people, I have never met such a person, but these projects can not say no value because of being readily give your project must be to get accepted lucrative projects in the industry, just because too many people do or is due to various environmental factors after the change of the resulting, these projects become chicken ribs project, as a rookie And part-time webmaster, these projects can still choose to operate, but may not be so profitable.

So little

there is also a case of watching the daily income, then myself to the idea of cheating, the income immediately has been significantly improved, when one day the ad code is not displayed, check your e-mail notification email shlf1314 AdSense closure account, so in the online shlf1314 AdSense shouted is a lie the knife is fifty when do your letter no….

? How did

second, do shlf1314 AdSense, need to adhere to.

what is a good project,

introduction: everyone in the website before must be holding a passion into this industry, whether part-time or full-time Master of the novice website, is the hope of his own website can bring some benefits for themselves. Master station we shall not say, because these guys are accumulated over a certain hand more or less have mastered certain resources and funds, today I want to talk about a part-time webmaster or small owners how to earn a substantial income on his web site. My point is that the choice of a project is more important than hard work

shlf1314 AdSense believes that everyone is familiar with and wants to make real money by making shlf1314 AdSense, and we must fully understand shlf1314 AdSense. Now I understand shlf1314 AdSense, say it, and discuss with you, there are bad places, but also ask you to correct me.

find a good project,

wants to do a better job of shlf1314 AdSense, so we need to pay attention to the following points:

Macheng Macheng nostalgia forum and Discuz update!

Macheng nostalgia network responsible person said, "for Jialin" in the development of Macheng Macheng forum nostalgia is working through strengthening the community construction, the mainstream of diversified products to enhance the community website image and brand influence, to create the most humane city community portal in Macheng area. Macheng nostalgia network initially completed the construction of community platform, will focus on strengthening the construction of city community consumption, and strive to build a life in Macheng for the core consumer interactive platform.


"said Ma Jialin" after the new year in urban and rural has been upgraded to the latest update, and Comsenz (Comsenz) update community forum system’s professional security effectively. Macheng nostalgia network using domestic mainstream open-source community products Discuz! Upgrade 7.2 of the forum system, provides a platform for security to create the most warm network community in Macheng area, and provides the application of a broader based community line activities. Macheng Macheng Forum on the basis of nostalgia network users interact, combined with the Macheng forum offline activities, to further enhance the popularity of the website, the accumulation of more enthusiastic users to participate. In the operation process of "love between urban and rural areas", the management team fully grasp the needs of users, and launch the "2010 Spring Festival information interim section" "2010 Spring Festival information", which has been loved by the vast numbers of users.

at the same time, Macheng home social networking platform through the UCenter Home (referred to as UCHome) and roaming (Manyou) open platform constantly upgraded and updated, completely changed the initial construction of the site, insufficient promotion situation. Through the introduction of professional social games (Social, Game) applications, in order to create a warm community communication environment for users. The continuous development of Peng friends nest (, so that interaction between users more professional, more conducive to communication between users.

Macheng Macheng nostalgia forum through continuous efforts, always maintain the development and application of the domestic mainstream community synchronization. In the user experience, not only using the home page X plug-in, as well as special custom launched daily check-in plug-in to adhesion users. Management team on the positioning of the forum, operations, promotion and other ideas are very clear, in the operation process, often launched close to the user’s activities. Continue through the activities to attract more users to gather together, and taste the Renzaitaxiang life atmosphere, through community initiated close and friends activities closer to the distance between users, let Ma Macheng forum and the development in urban and rural areas in the city to grow together.

Horse Grassland portal through, I see

in early 2008, the Internet has seen portal advertising, there has been no in-depth understanding of the Internet today, after all, a lot of free resources! Especially free space, emerge in an endless stream, one by one, one by one. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to the gateway. Later, a chance, idle, ask for a try. Because the portal through the site traffic requirements, therefore, a large number of new entries are arrested, shut out, but fortunately, I’ve done a very small site, a year down, also accumulated a little traffic. Application process has gone through about a week or so, it is my mental state when anxious, suddenly opened, ha ha. At that time, but also express emotion, wrote a piece of experience, "webmaster and portal through: meditation, patience and perseverance.".

as the saying goes, a good beginning is half done. With the gateway through such a good space, doing a website is half the battle. Because before, what special website technology it says is not well understood, and it has not completely transferred the website data. As a result, the real test work has not yet started. However, before the Tiger wing free space has been heard, but also applied for a period of time, it is a very early thing. Today, Tiger wing under the portal again, from the body, let people have a formal and formal feeling. (because the network has appeared in a number of free space banner, cheat the majority of the owners of space providers). Just when I thought something good was coming, there was a small twist.

for the FTP upload data, always link is not on the phenomenon, or show links, but are being displayed in a new directory with, soon and broken. But it’s normal for me to upload other space time. Once, two times, three times,…… I can not help but let the door through the space produced a little doubt: this free space in the end how,


in the event of problems, the feedback and communicate with customer service personnel. Come and go, no less than a few replies. But the problem hasn’t been solved yet. One of the biggest possibilities is that my network here is a bit too bad for server links, nodes, and the like over there in Beijing. Specific how can not say, explanation is not clear. Ha-ha。 For some less data files, I directly use portal through online FPT upload, one by one pass, of course, is tired and slow. However, upload some documents, do the test and find the free space of the gateway is still very good quality. This strengthened my confidence in the gateway. For a large number of the moment can not upload files, in the process of communication with customer service personnel, they advised me to file to upload to the server by the feedback, they help me upload to space. I was moved by a little suggestion. Because the face of a large number of users, the door through the staff actually very enthusiastic initiative to help me upload files requirements, it is really great.

< >

How do you make the movie site IP a month up to 2000

this article is supposed to be a month ago to write, because a lot of things recently did not write, today just over the weekend, and share about how ordinary people will do the new movie website IP reached 2000/ on january.

the ordinary people here refer to people who do not understand SEO and are not smart and stupid. If you understand the optimization and know a little bit of all do not see, let you laugh and have no meaning.

, let me introduce you first:

: take a look at the movie,


date of establishment: 2009-1-11

web site procedures: their own blind

IP reaches 2000/ date: 2009-2-8

below, I will put this month how to do sort out, communicate with you, wrong place, please correct me.

, the choice of procedure: I started preparation by MAX, such as the public network cat program, I saw others standing in line with their own ideas don’t take the time to play the original address put all sorts of things together, ready to be set a record, due to using two kinds of playback mode, and ultimately determine the use of a method the MAX field of a film set for the QVOD address so much, it is very convenient to add, copy and paste it on the line, there are places that the film title and name for different fields, mainly consider the title according to their own needs to fill in the name, the film is fixed; the other is popular, this point not important.

two, content is substantial: here said content is substantial, not to say the use of collection and so on, but said to seize a few days to add video data, it is recommended to manually add. For three or four days added to the five hundred film about the content, as detailed, can search several websites with, can also write some content in the easy is also very hard, especially some films are hard to find, the rest of the day is to add a few films to see your time.

three, true, effective and smooth viewing link: This is the most difficult but you can see the station key, the user cannot retain why difficult, difficult in each movie every episode can be played and true. Some personal station, opened a seven thousand or eight thousand or even tens of thousands of films, I doubt whether can see, where so many sources, this station is definitely sports cannot keep users a set of a variety [matter]. Users on demand, such as a set of half a day did not respond or can not play, it is estimated that the early running, never come back. So it’s very honest here that the movie doesn’t need much, but more than 90% of the movies are normal and play smoothly. It is recommended that you find stable resources [pay a certain fee per month] and use two different playback methods or two different resources to ensure that the film can be played smoothly. Take a look at the movie network currently using BOBO and QVOD two

How can W3C and DIV+CSS help SEO

W3C web design standards is a technology, but also an idea.

now, basically, many high-end customers are required to design websites in accordance with W3C standards. In the past two years this year and last year, many of the portal sites in China have been conducting code refactoring on the site as a whole in accordance with W3C standards,.

uses W3C standards to design web sites. It has the benefit of improving the user experience and speeding up the download speed of web pages. According to the W3C standard, users can browse more quickly because the code of the site is relatively simple,.

, some of the friends said, "do DIV+CSS, website optimization is equivalent to do 80% of the work." think Europe does not agree with this view,.

in the form of traditional DVI+CSS and the comparison on the influence of the rankings, think Europe did not feel at all. What are the advantages of the latter due to the fact that the use of DIV+CSS to design the website, also did not get the search engine’s special care.

but using DIV+CSS to design websites can really help SEO.

, for example:

1. Reduce the use of table

The nested

tables do have an adverse impact on SEO and user experience, which also affects the download speed of the web page.

two, reduce the volume of web pages

hundreds of K pages, is not conducive to SEO, is not conducive to search engines spiders crawl. DIV+CSS designed web pages to streamline web pages, HTML code, and make web pages smaller.

three, important information priority, so that search engine spiders crawling

through the DIV+CSS layout of the web page, you can let some important links, text information, priority to search engine spiders crawl. This is also helpful for SEO.

‘s idea: whether to design a website with DIV+CSS or to design a website with a form, you can decide on your own technical strength. DIV+CSS’s Web site, like domain names, does not have much of an innate advantage,.

promotes website value, the key is to cultivate.

in the day after tomorrow

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