The analysis of viral marketing case

virus The carrier of

virus body is product related materials including text, pictures, video, e-books, let everybody can vividly see the news, touched everyone’s mind, there is an impact, iPhone4 marketing is not only the use of Apple products to bring you the appearance of impact force but also with high-tech features to iPhone4 outstanding product chain + performance advantages to create a good product, we should be good at mining product highlights, selling point, choose a good product that the marketing is half success.

We all know that

virus is very important, the article was posted to the platform which has the best effect, which platform people are interested in this information can help us unlimited communication, which platform can magnify the news hype the news, the well-known iPhone4 platform instant the incident spread, good product good events are better platform to load, if others can not see, it is a good marketing plan is of no use, so the carrier is also very important.


above is viral marketing steps, we can in the specific expansion, according to the promotion of products, the release of 贵族宝贝ddb8贵族宝贝 in Feifei reading pen, please keep the connection

promotion programs in the promotion of products before we want good products, product innovation, bright spot, can let the news of an issue with the virus spread, with the help of iPhone4 carrier news platform, some iPhone4 crazy events, spread quickly from the source for the virus, instant virus source, build the successful marketing events.


iPhone4 recently very fire, we have been in the newspaper, on the network to see a lot of news about iPhone4, there was a fight for iPhone4, the more shameful is necessarily someone one of his kidneys sold in order to buy iPhone4, it makes people poor, hateful, ridiculous, these examples let us in the moment the news passes on ten, ten hundred to spread, do a viral advertisement for the iPhone4, let iPhone4 the number of advertisements on the Internet life spread, iPhone4 is a good example of viral marketing, with the following specific steps you to introduce the virus marketing operation:

, a ready

three, prepared virus vector

two, prepared for the virus source

Actual combat from accidental injury to restore complaints finally love Shanghai sandbox twice


At the beginning of

to the back "

this is a real case, a website of my own optimization because of the "sensitive word" as the title, has experienced 6.28 plucking and 11.5 right down to two K station storm, recover through twice love Shanghai complaints.

was in this period of time, the first wave of big love Shanghai to this year’s K station, Lee is given in the webmaster forum a complaint link. To see this, I quickly try not to complain, must do. The first time I showed the complaints when a screenshot:

12 years when a big international friend agent: "dandy", this brand is not just pornography pronoun, in fact, also a variety of clothing and shoes Chinese sales. Friends after I will do Shanghai dragon will come, please give me a dandy clothes and shoes website sales. After check, I found this thing love Shanghai index shows the market is not low. Search brand word found love Shanghai home has no advertising and even competitors are uniform within the page. This is a pie in the sky, too good to do. After the excitement of the night, will start a website, after half a month on the line.

when a guest to send text messages, I suddenly realize "dandy" is a sensitive word, may therefore be love Shanghai contact drop right. Then went to consult several Shanghai dragon master, master give advice: website only mix a familiar face, in order to obtain the trust of Shanghai love. How to mix a familiar face, a friend suggested: exposure, in order to win the love of Shanghai trust, I began to send some chain and soft. Did not think well intentioned, in 6 months when the site was suddenly fell in love with the elevation of hair to a page. This be the death of me, to ask Shanghai Longfeng master, the big guys asked me to do a fresh start. Because there are all Website Title: dandy, I find some peer website found in contrast, fell in love with the sea basically no ranking, and they are basically abandoned the site. Concluded: I love Shanghai site has been determined as a porn site. But how to make love Shanghai station me removed from porn sites in me no way?.

the first complaint no echo


above is a site traffic map, below I talk about the whole process:

appears to be simple and very difficult to actual keyword

tepid about three months later, Shanghai also included love gradually achieve reach thousands, but the flow has been unable to break through 100. Because you never have the weight, there is no so-called right down, the site begins at the state of no weight. The optimization of other sites and I completely two, begin at the same time other website optimization is already out of a single.

How to write a page description of Description with the Shanghai dragon optimization

description tags:

The correct wording of


often displayed in the search results page, direct tell users search information on the web. Good description tag is "of" advertising words ", directly to attract users to click on your links. For example: you love Shanghai in search of Shanghai dragon, the search results page displays the description tag, you can choose according to need for you.

description tags to the search engine provides a good reference, narrowing the search engine for the web keywords judgment scope.

(may lead to be considered Spam spam sites):

description Description often can make keywords appear 1-3 times, the description tag provides a good reference to the search engine, reducing search engine for web page key words determine the range of

often can let keywords appear 1-3 times tags, so as to increase keyword density.

< META NAME=" Description" CONTENT=" "one hundred thousand why" buy online, read "one hundred thousand why" " />

for the home page and page list >

To avoid

< META NAME=" Description" CONTENT=" "one hundred thousand why" price: $17.99, 20 percent off promotion, one hundred thousand "why" Author: Mr. noble baby category: Children’s books, pages: 784" />

(best to provide information of interest to the user, while highlighting keywords):

description tags

Description should pay attention to the description tag:


< META NAME=" Description" CONTENT=" "one hundred thousand why" " />

is not well written – just write simple keyword tag

is well written – simple a few words related to

", different description;

< META NAME=" Description" CONTENT=" "one hundred thousand why" buy and read online, download the "one hundred thousand why" one hundred thousand "why", "one hundred thousand why" download, "one hundred thousand why" how much money? " />

Wonderful encounter grilled a steak in the process of website optimization

In 1,

chestnuts to a web site to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, when the company please compare niubable man a legend in Shanghai Longfeng optimization consultants, we once several colleagues gathered together to chat to discuss recent work, some friends to love Shanghai webmaster the content of real-time update information push function to realize the love of Shanghai, solve the website recently included difficult problem. At that time we agree when they do so, known as the great Shanghai dragon optimization consultant said that something useless, do not need to do, spend more time point of the chain is solved.

, 3 different innocent Chestnut: I think it is not only one person I have such wonderful experience, some bosses think Shanghai is doing the Dragon black hat, can quickly let the website ranking are included, some bosses think to do Shanghai Longfeng people what things will move? Including the construction site write code to do programming, operation, planning, marketing, computer maintenance and computer related content information will, it is to bring the Shanghai dragon myth, the Shanghai dragon ER as day >

website optimization Shanghai dragon people, often encounter some wonderful people and things? For those wonderful people and things, how do you handle it? Today ah Shanghai dragon to share those wonderful things to optimize meet on the shop in the optimization process and everyone, those who let you know people.

For most

because he is the special advisor to optimize the boss please, you know this is an idiot, but due to the boss’s face with the approval of the. Not long after, included in the site or on a treadmill, included not, website ranking effect is still so bad? The man actually have no shame when the boss’s face, to say, I love Shanghai station first proposed that the updated information push love Shanghai included, so as to solve the website included as soon as possible. Can you fight against one, now, not included in the site, the site keywords ranking does not go on. If the time can take foul circumstances, do not know how many people will be issued a "angry roar" at that time, it should be a sentence of "shameless people, what things are right".

2, Shanghai chestnut love Links snapshot will affect the weight of the site? It is a big company hired a senior consultant of Shanghai Dragon said, then when they face, the site of the Shanghai open love also explained that the snapshot closely reasoned and well argued at the time I think, this guy is how to mix the Shanghai dragon senior consultant, is not my boss’s brother-in-law. Or other relatives? Usually in front of the leading right to bow and scrape, unexpectedly run office manager. Actually think carefully, this society is really sucks ah, some people’s life hard hard work, it is just an ordinary clerk, some people do not need to understand the truth in life too much, as long as you know some basic fur can climb to the top of the very high. The same work, but have a different life.

Electricity supplier operators will be 10 strokes, you will recruit a few

a qualified operation, not only to have the boss’s sense of responsibility, the artist’s aesthetic, and promote the market insight, but also the meticulous customer service. It can be said that operation is the soul of a shop. In the development of the electricity supplier very influential era, as long as you dare to say that they are operating, it is very popular. Whether you set up your own shop or work for someone else, it’s important for you to exercise your ability to operate. Today, I’d like to introduce to you what capabilities you have as a qualified operation.

1. Ability to locate markets

positioning the market from the product point of view. A selection operation to have their own opinions, not others, but not blindly believe the data. This is certainly someone will refute me, they would say that doing business in Taobao, do not look at the data, then we see what? I did not deny the importance of data, I just said that we sometimes don’t superstitious data, because the data is not necessarily true. For example, according to market data, the mobile phone shell market is definitely greater than the keyboard film, but if you plug into the mobile phone shell industry, you will find that the facts are not as simple as they think. Taobao and offline business is the biggest difference is that customers throughout China, so small industry in Taobao will also have a big market demand. The key is how we locate and package our products.

two, the ability to view data

sees data in a wide range, including master chart data, detail data, product data, customer data, market data, promotion data, SEO data, and so forth. And as the operation, for these data, not only to clear its exact meaning, but also to clarify the application of these data significance. Because the shop is a whole, any part of the data problems will reflect some problems. What you need to do is to summarize the observation data and draw conclusions from the data to provide support for the next step of the optimization solution. For example, the store flow up and down, if we do not go to analyze the reasons, then we can not avoid committing similar mistakes again, but also can not enhance our operating capacity.

three, the ability to diagnose stores

diagnostic shops are also a wide range, including visitor trends, product sales, marketing strategies, promotional effects, performance and so on. Not only do we need to have data analysis capabilities, but more importantly, we must have a clear idea, we should learn to understand the shop problems from some clues. For example, find a dynamic scoring without shop is reduced, you will simply think this is just a wrong? You know, buyers score is very blind, if his bad mood, often not only to you a score given low score. So, what we have to do is to let buyers just buy what we have, and it’s cool, as for how cool, that’s what you should think about.

four, the ability to layout products

Is the

product regularly updated or new?

Although I am 90, but I have to struggle

take a vacation today to write an article.. for the first time, writing may be a little garbage, but I hope everyone will support the original

although I am 90, but I also want to struggle..

first contact network is in my 2 time, because my family is impoverished county, have access to the Internet, but encountered a network path that is less good. Go to Internet cafes to play games, next to a person on the phone said what about forum, said the main version will open, do not come to this the money to buckle when I heard the strange. What what money moderator. This gave me the first impression is like money..

network… Moderator…

then know this Wangzhuan for me is very new words… (brothers and sisters don’t laugh). The 2 summer vacation every day when I go to Internet cafes to search the information I want.. actually I began to engage in the Internet Baidu more is to engage in QQ, because the QQ for me so much fun. I love QQ space, slowly learning more and more PS Flash very food contact with the real network. Every day I QQ a forum about (now you know me how much free publicity, he paid $PV. for free. The address is not to say that this is the station gave me a great curiosity to do because I can figure Wangzhuan), by the way, the administrator plus my QQ, and I’m in a forum post positive, I talked a lot with the administrator, all I ask, he answered me.. he said the station made a very beautiful I didn’t know the word "GGAD". In his direction, I bought the domain name and the space..

after a few simple guidelines after I started hot headed up..3 months after the original rather baffling to the Baidu K, a website I collect content results in Baidu K I didn’t K. His first announced the failure. The way to struggle for 2 months, then slowly understand some basic questions. (note the domain name and the choice of space. The choice of the template and the change of the source of content, site location roughly the population,


in defeat, in a painful struggle, to blame parents. I have opened my second stations. The mainstream is not very popular. Because I was 90. So he got a 90 non flow (, site location, content of selected target population. Although because of learning and so on. Every day I can not update, but I tried. The day before yesterday I received my first pen through the network earn money while 100RMB. rarely, but for me I think is significant.

Don’t be afraid of the failure of

, have the courage to fight. The so-called plum flower, you do not experience the pain, you can really taste the sweetness of success? Trash to write, but I feel the psychological side are true, you don’t laugh at me. I welcome you to the guide.QQ:3912628

Do stand two and a half months experience

from April 5th to today, my little net is almost two months old. AD must, huh?. Why AD, of course, less traffic, and now IP more than 100 per day, PV no more than two hundred. Because most of the content by collection, so was K, last month was also Google show malicious code, but this month I finally clean up. Put Ali’s mother, why not do GG, because GG Shen can not come down, depressed. Ali is now one or two points a day, is still normal, although the advertising position is small, but the position can barely, as income do not mention, Ali’s eight points 10 Fen do not have to forget.

well, let’s talk about it:

one, select the space domain name, anyway, are spending money, then do not covet those dozens of small pieces of cheap.

two, select the program, I use SS, not suitable for me such a novice, ha ha, Italy or new, do not use, too much trouble.

three, do good links

four, it is better not to collect, although manual tired, but you can update less points. The effect should be good, note: I usually rarely manual updates, so I was K, included is also very poor.

five, we must grasp the key words, this is our personal webmaster source of life.

six, stick to it, it’s important. Last month, Baidu K, Google also prompted malicious software, so that almost no one came to my station. It’s really a bit gray, but I’m still holding on. Although After rain the sky looks blue. this month, traffic is not high, but Baidu again included, Google also has my innocence. I believe that as long as I stick to it, my station will be able to have a daily visit of thousands of IP without one year. Ha ha, for an amateur webmaster, so I am satisfied.

finally, I wish you all the same amateur station owners, happy life, successful work, IP, PV every day.

ha ha, remember little brother’s station.

eighth blocks