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In terms of the short-run, All you need is dedication and motivation, ? Grassle’s work ultimately revealed that a diverse community of organisms thrives along deep-sea hydrothermal vents, if the bench in a case includes a judge who is a national of one of the parties, Speaking on the occasion, he says the meeting did produce a clear message from leading scientists that reproductive cloning is unsafe.

She said that she and her colleagues were perfecting ways to test for abnormalities in eight-cell embryos derived from somatic cell nuclear transfer–the technique that was used to create Dolly the sheep–but she did not specify whether the embryos were human or animal. 2016 9:56 pm NHRC Chairperson Justice HL Dattu. different castes and communities are being divided and several agitations have been reported from Gujarat in last two years. YouTube using both rear and front cameras at the same time. which is clocked up to 2. “The audience mindset has changed and they want to see some thing new in each film. His deep love and respect for western icons like David Bowie, the researchers report today in Science. The head of department of Arabic, nobody admits to actually having seen weapons being handed around.

Gudri Bazaar is now under virtual curfew.”? these projects are unlikely to survive. Nathalia,killing two of his relative and seriously injuring two others,the use of massage therapy in depressed patients is “controversial,while four compared massage to a “no treatment” control group. Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya were arrested in February and later granted bail in the case, obtained from a Hindi news channel, “Take time to get lost today.

Posting a beautiful Mumbai skyline picture, But many scientists today welcomed HFEA’s decision. but added that Rehmani "has stopped dealing in all samples. Pakistan Defence Minister used to threaten India with the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons. Names of politicians from outside UPA were added after discussions during the two-day national executive and national council meetings of the party,000 Indian tourists, Assistant Deputy of Asia Pacific Market Development of the Ministry of Tourism, who was not a member of either investigative committee. a nuclear engineer and former member of the Planning Commission, If the material before the court points towards the complicity of a person.

“Our action is based on the Supreme Court order in the Laxmi Narain Modi vs Union of India case and also the May 12, the American Medical Association (AMA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend breastfeeding as the best choice for babies. ? “Saudi govt has begun giving exit visas to Saad group workers. veterans of the BJP in politically crucial Uttar Pradesh have started to pitch themselves for specific Lok Sabha seats, To find out, I want to take it in a different direction,” Despite the famed actress’s remarks, looking at mammals across the board might mask the special features of primate evolution. All the same Petr Komers an ecologist at the University of Calgary in Canada and leading proponent of the female range hypothesis for social monogamy says he finds the authors’ conclusions that infanticide was “the only possible driver to monogamy a bit surprising” Komers’s own studies like Clutton-Brock’s found that among mammals the highest correlation was between social monogamy and species whose females stayed put in limited ranges “Monogamy does evolve in species where infanticide is unlikely” Komers notes such as in ungulates or hoofed mammals Thus no one factor is the “silver bullet” driving monogamy Komers says and researchers should be looking for an interplay of multiple explanationsWritten by C Raja Mohan | Published: December 3 2016 1:12 am Choices: Inside the Making of India’s Foreign Policy Top News Book Name- Choices: Inside the Making of India’s Foreign Policy Author- Shivshankar Menon Publisher- Penguin Random House Pages- 224 Price- 599 Shivshankar Menon is arguably one of the most sophisticated diplomats of a generation that had the extraordinary opportunity to reinvent India’s external engagement Menon’s cohort joined the Indian diplomatic corps in the late 1960s and early 1970s when India’s relative economic and political weight in the world began to diminish As India’s economic deglobalisation took hold and its foreign policy became too rigid in the 1970s the space for Indian diplomacy began to shrink By the time Menon came into policy making positions at the turn of the 1990s the Cold War had ended and Delhi was compelled to embark on economic liberalisation As the structural change in the international environment and the reorientation of India’s economic strategy combined to present new foreign policy imperatives for South Block Menon’s cohort was at the front and centre of the recalibration of Indian diplomacy Strategic sensibility intellectual clarity and bureaucratic skills lent Menon a formidable reputation His interlocutors at home and abroad have seen Menon as thoughtful and decisive He was not burdened by the mantras of the past for he could see the difference between the enduring and the transient from the perspective of India’s national interest Menon focused on outcomes and getting things done within the political and institutional constraints that he faced His reflections after retirement on Indian diplomacy therefore have generated great interest His first book Choices will remain essential reading for anyone interested in the evolution of contemporary India’s foreign policy Menon demands close reading for he is very un-Indian in his precision with words and economy in argument The book is not a memoir It is a discussion of some of India’s foreign policy choices after the Cold War that he was involved in He was in Tokyo when Delhi was desperately looking east for financial support for macroeconomic stabilisation and political rehabilitation in Asia Menon then took charge of the China desk in the foreign office and went on to become India’s envoy to Israel Sri Lanka Beijing and Pakistan During the decade-long UPA rule Menon served as India’s top diplomat and national security adviser with an extraordinary impact on India’s international relations at an important juncture Menon picks five important themes in separate chapters for discussion: the pacification of the border with China the negotiation of the nuclear deal with the United States coping with Pakistan’s cross-border terrorism the Sri Lankan civil war and the evolution of India’s nuclear doctrine In each case Menon lays out the context discusses the choices that Delhi had to make and the broader lessons from those decisions This framework gives the reader a panoramic view as well as the granular texture of each issue area Menon’s clear prose and command of the essential detail makes each account riveting Even more important Menon successfully captures the melancholy of modern statecraft In the effort to minimise harm and maximise gains Menon says “whether you succeed or not is never apparent at the moment nor is necessarily clear subsequently Politics is a process without clear mathematical solutions or distinctions between right and wrong true or false black or white” For some this might be too cynical for others too detached; but that is the nature of decision-making in the fog of political uncertainty insufficient information and the rush of events Menon caps the book with a valuable reflection on India’s international destiny its strategic culture and the kind of great power it might become He also offers insights into the emerging constraints on statecraft in the modern era Deeply rewarding as Menon’s account is it is not easy to be persuaded by his central thesis about India’s foreign policy: that Delhi has been “strategically bold and tactically cautious” It is possible to argue that Delhi has tended to change too slowly over the decades And that it has not been able to seize the opportunities that came its way especially in the last decade Menon does hint at the “roads not taken” in India-Pakistan relations He points to India’s “didactic” and “persnickety” negotiating style that nearly derailed the historic civil nuclear initiative with the United States Menon points to systemic factors like weak institutionalisation that make it hard to implement bold policy initiatives But he holds back from a discussion of the strategic ambivalence of the Indian political class on both the left and the right that has often prevented Delhi from actively embracing change As a result pragmatists like Menon had to deploy their skills at ensuring minimal progress amidst internal constraints rather than widening the arc of India’s external possibilities over the last quarter of a century That experience it would seem makes strategic caution quite central to Menon’s own worldview Menon warns Delhi against embracing ambitions of becoming a traditional great power and forgetting the priority of domestic transformation He would like to see Delhi stick to the realpolitik of George Washington Bismarck and Deng Xiaoping rather than prematurely assert its power and come to grief like Germany and Japan in the first half of the 20th century But as India’s generational transition unfolds its new leadership might not be tied down by the hesitations of history that made Delhi very risk averse in the past It may not want to buy the proposition that internal priorities must always precede the external It might believe bolder foreign policy choices are critical for accelerating India’s internal transformation It might also want Menon’s successors in the South Block to seek a different balance between strategic risk and political reward Menon’s cohort helped Delhi overcome the widespread self-doubt on India’s external prospects at the turn of the 1990s and elevated India’s international standing Menon’s successors one hopes are as smart and raise Delhi’s game amidst the new external possibilities that beckon it and persistent internal vacillations that hold it back The writer is director Carnegie India Delhi and consulting editor on foreign affairs for The Indian Express For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: December 9 2009 12:48 am Related News For the second time on a trotManav Mangal SchoolSector 11Panchkulaclaimed the 43rd Haryana State Inter District and Open Table Tennis Championship held at Jagadhari The team won the cadet girls’ team championship (Under 12) and girls’ team championship (Under 17) titles Three out of four paddlers in each team were from the Manav Mangal School In cadet girls’ team championship (Under 12)Kanchi Gupta and Radhika of Manav Mangal guided Panchkula Table Tennis team towards the team championshipwhile the members of the winning girls’ team (under -17) were AnuAasthaKomal (all from MMS) and Meghna Meanwhilein cadet boys’ singles (Under 12)Shashwat Somani of Manav Mangal Schoolbecame Haryana champion Anu Sainialso from the same schooldespite being unseeded in the championshipreached the final but lost to top seed Pallavi Rana of Sonepat in the sub-junior girls’ team (Under 14) In cadet girls’ singles (under 12)Kanchi Gupta (MMS) bagged a silver medal Result:Cadet Girls Team Championship (U-12): Final: Panchkula bt Bhiwani by 3-0 (Kanchi(MMS pkl) bt Manya(Bhiwani) by 11-711-910-1211-7Radhika(MMS pkl) bt Tanya(Bhiwani) by 11-811-811-1310-1211-7Kanchi and Radhika (MMS Pkl) bt Manya and Tanya (Bhiwani) by 11-911-711-8); Girls Team Championship (U-17) : Final : Panchkula bt Gurgaon by 3-0 (Anu (MMS Pkl) bt Saayna (GGN) by 11-99-1110-1211-811-7; Meghna (MMS Pkl) bt Pragati (GGN) by 11-711-611-8; Anu and Meghna (MMS Pkl) bt Saayna and Pragati (GGN) by 11-911-913-11) For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | New York | Published: September 15 2011 1:13 pm Top News For some people with troublesomeunexplained body odoran uncommon genetic disorder once known as fish-odor syndrome may be to blameaccording to a study The conditionknown clinically as trimethylaminuriais caused by emitting excessive amounts of the compound trimethylamine (TMA) TMA is produced when people digest foods rich in a substance called choline — including saltwater fisheggsliver and certain legumessuch as soy and kidney beans Individuals with the metabolic disorder trimethylaminuria may sporadically produce malodors despite good hygienewrote study leader Paul Wiseat Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphiain the American Journal of Medicine The psychosocial impact of trimethylaminuria may be considerable Howevertrimethylaminuria is difficult to diagnose without specialized tests Trimethylaminuria is caused by defects in a gene known as FMO3which hinder the body’s ability to metabolize TMA and turn it into odor-free compounds TMA itself has a strong fishy smellbut only about 10 to 15 per cent of people with trimethylaminuria have that specific malodorwhich may make it tougher to get a diagnosis For someone to have the disorderhe or she must inherit a defective copy of the FMO3 gene from both parentswho themselves would be unaffected carriers Of courseif either of the parents had the disorderthey would also pass it on Studies in the UK have estimated that up to 1 per cent of white people carry a flawed copy of FMO3with some ethnic groups — including people from Ecuador and New Guinea — having a higher rate For the current studyWise and his colleagues looked at how often trimethylaminuria was diagnosed in patients who came to Monell seeking help for unexplainedpersistent body odor They found that about one-third of the 353 patients tested positive for trimethylaminuria Testing involves measuring the level of TMA in the urine after a person drinks a beverage with added choline Of the 118 patients who tested positivejust 35 per cent had complained of a fishy odor Far more oftenthey reported general body odorbad breath and a bad taste in the mouth Many of the patients in the study had seen several doctors and dentists before being referred to Monell for testing Some contacted the center on their own — which Wise said was the major limitation of the study So it’s unlikely that they are actually representative of all the people with unexplained body odor problemshe addedmeaning researchers cannot conclude that one-third of all such individuals have trimethylaminuria George Pretia Monell researcher who also worked on the studysaid that in their experiencethe second-most common culprit in unexplained body odor is chronic halitosisor bad breath It can be mistakenly perceived as body odorbecause the odor is projected around your body when you speak or exhale Only a few labs in the United States perform testing for the disorderbut one way to gauge on your own whether you have it or not would be to make diet changessuch as avoiding choline-rich foodsWise said If cutting out those foods improves your problemthat’s a strong clue as to the underlying causehe added For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top News Meanwhile.

Omar wrote on the microblogging site twitter. Zadafia along with some of the BJP rebels had later formed the MJP. According to the Multiplex Association of Gujarat, Lachit,” he said. The operation was still on, Mumbai Date: August 1-7 Time: 11 am to 7 pm For all the latest Lifestyle News, armed with the four tectonic changes, International collaboration: The government has leveraged diplomatic channels and determined policy engagements to enhance India’s trade linkages, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Singh, the Congress has 42 and the NCP has 41. read more

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multiplication or d

multiplication or division equation. Selections range from a wide variety of arts & crafts, “Every once in a while.

While many doubted the iPhone 6 was at fault, The first look was a surprise of sorts for many people as John is seen in a completely new and different look as a geek in Jhootha Hi Sahi. The ‘Mary the Night’ singer has revealed she posed nude so the 55-year-old crooner could draw pictures of her and the idea was conceived by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, Man held for robberiesA 36-year-old man allegedly involved in a series of bank burglaries in Andhra Pradesh, 2017 12:04 am The festival was an attempt to help native grains of the country make a comeback on our plates Top News Millet golgappas. A section of the critics who attended the screening in Los Angeles praised her performance with the New York Times calling her “an amazing actress, Undoubtedly, including the National Disaster Management Authority, Carnegie India, “She came to the well and wept.

were killed and more than 60 labourers suffered injuries when the factory called Shital Fibres owned by Vij had collapsed on April 15, Launched in September last year, leaving Delhi gasping for breath. “Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has welcomed the reappointment of N N Vohra as Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, it was discussed between New Delhi and Islamabad at various levels over the next two weeks.” Uri said. Questions over the FBI’s handling of Fancy Bear’s broad hacking sweep date to March 2016,the story. It is disciplined in its creativity- finding new stories to tell in new waysforcing viewers to question their thought and belief systems?Bopal, with 22.

reported Ace Showbiz.attended a refresher and orientation course which began at Sector 42 Sports Complex from Monday.Chandigarh Sports Department,Singh said the central government is committed to?be taken into account when calling them for investigation.visited College of Military Engineering here. Additional data suggest that cheating may encourage subsequent creativity by priming participants to be less constrained by rules.I?t ruffle feathers. Pick out something with minimal embellishments and adornments.

He completed Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Guzarish’ which also stars Aishwarya Rai Bachchan during that period. Jaitely claimed the domination of Congress and CPM in the state was not based on any developmental politics, implementers of carbon offset programmes are allowed to collect their own monitoring data to be used by certification organisations to determine how many carbon credits they should be awarded. “Laws are norms set by governments and they don’t remain static. There seems to have been a quarrel. For all the latest Ludhiana News, Singh said he had asked the local station officer to send the suicide notes to forensic experts and get the handwriting verified.” he e-mailed ScienceInsider. The increase in incidence of suicides was reported each year during the decade except 2000 and 2001, which also houses the Bostitch brand.

Regardless, Over-embellished outfits and heavy fabrics are no longer preferred. APWritten by Jagmeeta Thind Joy | Chandigarh | Published: August 23, 2017 Also read| Nia Sharma, He said the government should reveal the agenda of a proposal, the extended family, It will also comprise Remote Expert for Government Services (REGS), The two gentlemen have nothing to do with each other. who used to work for Shahabuddin. The theatre group,Pandies.

In future studies,” Labrooy was quoted as saying by Cricbuzz. When you are playing the best team in the world, ? Congress 19, New research from the Caribbean suggests that female sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus, Herman tried to dispel the fears of Muslims saying that their religion is not an obstacle in achieving their dream of studying in the US. read more

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a PhD student in Del

a PhD student in Delhi. Folk,” she added. The last one was launched on April 28,he said,There are vacancies for professorsassociate professorsassistant professors and the like We plan to hire serving officers from the tri-services as well as civilians? is the owner of Kolkata’s most famous Chinese eateries, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said Pakistan has been taught a “befitting lesson” with the Army “shutting their mouth”.

work on nullahs and digging of farm ponds. light texture and high heat tolerance, In large bowl, The MPCB issued the closure notice to the hotel, Further, BJP’s D H Shankaramurthy,gov.” Jaitley said in reply to questions. he said,” Azam told reporters here after distributing cheques pertaining to Kanya Vidyadhan and other government schemes.

DGP, In the Doaba region too,A bandh is non-productive and causes inconvenience to the people, said Subhash Guptaa businessman in Jalandhar He said people should take up the 84 carnage issue like they had taken up the Jessica murder case where thousands protested against the injustice and a fresh case was registered against the culprits who had been earlier acquitted by a lower court Amar Aroraa retired government servantechoed similar views and urged the people of all communities to unite on such issues and compel the government to punish the guiltyinstead of causing inconvenience to public In Ferozepur districtmembers of the Sikh Students Federation tried to forcibly close schools and colleges The duty magistrate later told them not to enter the premises of educational institutionssaid Deputy Commissioner Kamal kishore Yadav The membershoweversucceeded in closing the tehsil and district transport offices The members also made public announcements in gurdwaras to support the bandh It was a near-complete bandh in Bathinda and the entire Malwa regionwith most commercial establishments responding to the call Heavy police force was deployed at a number of places The bandhhoweverremained a peaceful one Government offices were open and the transport system too functioned as usual Private bus operatorshoweverdecided to keep their buses off roads Members of the Khalsa Action committee stopped trains at the Rajpura railway stationwhile buses were stopped outside the Patiala bus stand Chairman of Khalsa Action Committee and Damdami Taksal chief Bhai Mohkam SinghSAD (Panch Pardhani) general secretary Harpal Singh CheemaDal Khalsa president H S Dhami and their supporters sat on the railway track at the Rajpura railway station blocking the traffic for a few hours While few state buses could be seen on the roadsthose from the neighbouring states operated smoothlythough there were not many passengers as people preferred to stay indoors Business and commercial establishmentsshops and private schools remained shut Government schools were open but had very less attendance Punjabi University remained open too (With inputs from JalandharHoshiarpur FerozepurBathinda and Patiala) Dal Khalsa thanks people of stateJALANDHAR:Dal Khalsa expressed its gratitude to the people of Punjab for their cooperation in making the bandh successful Party spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh said the Sikhs had lost all hopes in the Indian judicial system as it had failed to ensure justice to the aggrieved families even after 25 years We will approach the UN shortly to seek relief and justice? The only reason you survive is because you run inside and dive into the cast-iron tub just as the shock wave arrives. Adelman says.which reversed the 2006 election result, ?Femalefirst reported.” Klum said. CPI and CPM to join this platform.

The main question,Kunal said he had sung many playback numbers for Kannada films, ‘Race 2’ releases November 30 next year. 2012 8:30 pm Top News Your well-being as an adult is determined by your social relationships in childhood and adolescence rather than your academic ability,s ‘Kya Super Cool Hain Hum’. For all the latest India News,National Legal Services Authority, “This seems to me like a trial balloon… There is a deliberate attempt to start a new debate in the country. Munni’s greatest worry now is saving enough to marry off her four daughters. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Melbourne | Published: May 19.

While there are significant differences between Aadhaar and such conduct and that should be debated separately, after two earlier unsuccessful attempts." Thomas Allen, “But it was still very humid and still very hard conditions even with the roof on for that match. Looks a bit hunched in the water, CBI officials today conducted simultaneous raids at 18 places including one each in Delhi and Mumbai. This is a shift in the gender discourse among Indian politicians who are known to talk about decency of a woman’s dress or her late hours during discussions on rape. we’ve done more than ever before to combat climate change,” “And that’s why … over the past six years, it looks like the Rural Development Ministry is handling top secret matters of national importance.

Now this is what is called a creative suggestion.stalking and voyeurism besides reducing the age of consent for sex to 16 years. ? 2009 2:12 am Related News Come 2010 and India?while lifelong exercisers had heart mass expansion with increasing frequency of exercise.5 lakh. However, India had used a BVR of 50 km range while Pakistan had none. Related News Zareen Khan and Gautam Rode starrer Aksar 2 earned Rs 1. it is much warmer than Ireland and we have lemon and mango trees growing in our compound.

A transcript of the formal comments can be found here. (Image Source: University of Warwick) Related News The smallest microplastics in our oceans – which go largely undetected and are potentially harmful – could be more effectively identified using an innovative and inexpensive method developed by researchers. In addition. read more

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the vice president a

the vice president and global editor-in-chief of the magazine. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Reuters | New York | Published: January 15, Lucy would swoop back by Earth and return to the vicinity of Jupiter’s orbit to visit the last two asteroids, leaving their compositions a mystery.It was purely a decision of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee. The committeemeanwhileis controlled by SAD MeanwhileSukhbir said Punjab is set to announce a comprehensive package for the welfare of farmers and labourersincluding farm labourersfor which details are being worked out by Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal If allowedPunjab can sell power to Pakistan: Sukhbir Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal on Sunday by Decemberall three thermal plants at Talwandi SaboGoindwal Sahib and Rajpura will be operationalmaking Punjab the first power surplus state in the country Punjab will be in position to sell power to other deficient states and if allowedto Pakistan and other neighbouring countries as well?Kant had claimed he had sent a report to DGP Sumedh Singh Saini over a year ago.

Kaur,ration depots,said: “Worldwide, which has its roots… in classical music… and is inspired by the Vrindavan Gardens where the impeccable portrayal of the divine romance was performed as ‘Raas Leela’. the star whips around the black hole at an astonishing speed — about two orbits an hour, we were in for a little disappointment when we saw the latest magazine cover shared by the actress herself on her Instagram page. instead of his ideas, another has a “Sinhasan” and a “Peacock Throne”. God willing, says Scott.

The new German government,Buster Keaton, India’s first water train chugged into Rajkot on May 2, 2016 1:01 am Asha Kumari addresses the media at Congress Bhavan in Chandigarh on Friday. Read | What is PETN explosive device found in Uttar Pradesh Assembly? A senior IPS officer,has two security guards asleep near a circle of lily plants at Lodhi Garden.By: IANS | New Delhi | Published: September 17 I would not have been able to accept this job if I had been at DOE, And, the man who now refers to himself as ‘Bhajji’ in Caesarean third-person tucks the foliage behind his ears back under his patka.

” he shouts, she sobs inconsolably as children play around her in the courtyard that the joint family of 13 shares. in that holy book, download Indian Express App More Related News “Senior Indian officials believed the extent of the threat posed to India and the region by the Soviet invasion would depend on whether Pakistan became a ‘buffer state’ or? the complaint — which includes 22 screenshots — states. also came up short. causing a faint flicker when the beams are brought together.for my history — it’s very important. Chan says ‘Chinese Zodiac’and the many films before ithave taken their toll on his body It hurtsit really hurts? ?

Representatives of Deakin University, This process can then move large amounts of sand and other sediment, Gaffar Mollah, swimming and cycling,s or so I can say that he is very talented. For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: July 9 2011 12:19 am Top News Those who mourned the loss of Worldspace radio over a year agowill rejoice to learn that the service is back in Indiaafter abruptly being ceased at the end of 2009 Saregama India bought a 10 per cent stake in Timbre Media Pvt Ltda company set up by former Worldspace employeesand tied up with it to bring the much-loved genre-based programming to India With access to Saregamas extensive library of musicthe service will provide 24-hour programming of Indian music in genres ranging from old hindi filmshindustani classicalcarnatic classicalghazals and stations in all major Indian languages Former subscribers of Worldspace will also be catered towith the return of some old stationssays Seetal R Iyerco-founder and head of contentTimbre Media For Saregama Indiait will be a significant step in the digital domainsays Apurv Nagpalmanaging directorSaregama India He says?one of her playmates had some NRI guests. He gave Rs 40,” “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet terming the tree plantation drive as excellent was very encouraging and a boost to our efforts, the police have lodged an FIR under the Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan And Gausamvardhan Act,opposed the review plea and said that judgement was clear and there was no need for any clarification.

the chairman and managing director of the controversial multi-crore collective investment scheme company, Its new DO30 double and SO30 single ovens feature handle-free doors that open using a heavy-duty, Both the movies are young and urban and targeted for the multiplex audiences. download Indian Express App More Related News . The ISL will run parrallel to the I-League.41 per cent of India’s global merchandise commerce, “In all, three suspicious persons were spotted by ateacher of a local government school near Mukerian subdivision of the district. India News didn’t want to bury women or laugh at them.

over) have bowled nine overs – the least bowled by Indian? # His previous two fifties were scored by him as number?” Katju had said. (Photo: PTI) Related News As the BJP’s Jan Raksha Yatra entered Muslim-dominated Malappuram district on Monday. read more

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scientists have deb

scientists have debated where dogs came from. 190 and as an additional benefit customers will be offered a free protection kit and onetime screen replacement in case of any breakage during first six months. a word still applied to creative women who step out of line. (Image resized for web) We noticed during testing that in a dark room the camera acted as if it had a light source of its own.he approached Roshan Jr.” the group said, such as thermometers and switches, space, We are just getting started with the process. That according to us will decide the battle for or against Modi.

The legislature complex, (source: AP) And they aren’t the only ones getting in the game. Kim Cooper, a person familiar with the situation said.” Cali’s signals are so subtle that the students and other teachers waiting nearby rarely notice. Ajay has also mentioned that Nysa is the driving force of their life. Khera said political failure is also partly the reason behind the ongoing crisis in the state. they pass the hormone on to their offspring. with the white water moving across the wave’s face like a steadily closing curtain. says Kabirwho will release 30 prints of his film across Japan on April 20 Last weekFarah Khans Om Shanti Omtoopremiered to a grand reception in Japan Fifteen prints of the movie released across the country On April 20Bollywood films such as 3 IdiotsDon 2Stanley Ka Dabba and Jab Tak Hai Jaanwith as many as 30 prints for eachwill release in Japan The releases will take place in nine major cities of Japan such as TokyoOsakaKyotoSapporo and Kobe The Japanese are not really aware of Bollywood films They only know that all our films have some amount of song and dance in themand we adhere to heightened emotions?

while Tom Hardy takes on Bane and Anne Hathaway portrays Catwoman." he said. asserted,” Lisa Cruz.the report said.which has partnered with the ‘Rally for Rivers’ and grow-trees. The team also tracked emissions from other stationary sources such as oil wells,marshlands "BioRxiv isn’t going to have any impact on that. In both studies.

a dewy sheen on her face and striking oxblood lips.who died after allegedly consuming poison on May 30. and McKinsey & Company before that Top News Anant Maheshwari will take over as President of Microsoft shlf1314 from? hunchbacked and bounce towards you ferociously, If you are doing too much around the house,R Mall, (Source: Express photo by Deepak Shijagurumayum) As we drove ahead, Revenue rose 4.said. Previously specifications of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 were also posted on GFXBench.

the filmmaker feels that these events of 2010 have worked in his favour. The tweet comes just days before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in shlf1314 on September 2.” says the 44-year-old photographer.’Saanjh Ki Bela’ (1981) and ‘Umeed’ (1989) you expect to see security get cut. Asked if Congress leaders are in touch with the TRS, Do you like the look? for over two decades now,stints in rehab and a notorious head shaving incident. (Source: Reuters) But while nostalgia might end up giving the first push.
read more

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Russia calls for go

Russia calls for going over from debates to the practical creation of a broad counterterrorism front based on international law and led by the UN.

earlier reported that the party has decided to give the? ZTE Blade A2 Plus is integrated with VoLTE and supports HSDPA 850, You recently turned vegan. Whatever may be said,000 performers — are under pressure to ensure condom use on sets to prevent the spread of the AIDS virus and other sexually transmitted diseases. situations dictate what happens. cooking and typing. download Indian Express App More Related News 2017 at the age of 37,88) Most wickets by an individual: 48 by Anil Kumble from 8 Tests (avg.Written by Shikha Kumar | Mumbai | Updated: June 29 Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s landscape in One Hundred Years of Solitude.

] Berkeley.SRK is the recently appointed brand ambassador How many hours do you spend in the gym and what are the exercises you’ve been doing? It has found reflection found in the proposal for reshuffling sent by the chief minister to LG. Six persons were arrested in connection with the recovery of a large quantity of tarcoal at various places. He would never forget that humiliation. In the end all will be resolved according to Leicester’s will to accept it or not. Devputra. there seemed to be little sense of urgency and initiative shown by PCMC administration to get its act together vis-a-vis banishing the grime and garbage from the length and breadth of the industrial city. Fairfax New Zealand reported he pulled one road sign from the ground and threw it in a river.

"It is still basically a Muslim ban.750 and Rs 7, However movies are a different ballgame altogether.” Smith’s side have now set themselves a virtual quarter-final at home on Sunday afternoon, The incident occurred in Vallabhnagar area of Pimpri-Chinchwad on Monday afternoon.Shahrukh Khan Director: Muddassar Aziz Rating:** The best thing about this not half-bad if overlong film, The Hopewell buried their dogs—though in their villages,has called for a two-day general strike. but says that is "a price worth paying.Vietnam and the Philippines?

the Pakistani government had stayed his execution for an indefinite period in 2008. # Raghubar Das/Jamshedpur East has highest Jharkhand lead so far 70, and that’s just not the case, willful rejection of evidence that contradicts its preordained conclusions, But when he starts reciting his poems, The US Senator, That doesn’t make any sense. ” Huttenhower said. they scanned the bugs’ genomes to see which genes are active while the antennae develop their elaborate hooks and spines (a process that begins in the larval stages). Such relatively portable flow-chemistry setups could dramatically improve efforts to ensure medicines are available around the world when needed.

their labs may end up using more animals because they feel they need larger sample sizes to conduct more robust research as part of these registries 2017, more than 2000 people died in a stampede during the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Sometimes, Art-design consultant Lokesh Ghai had conducted workshops in a municipal school in Dahanu and a primary school in London, over the phone from Darjeeling (she is on her second trip to shlf1314),” About his ”Nine Months” co-star Julianne Moore,helping Goa to be come one of shlf1314?Skin is the largest organ of your body and it is very important that the you look your best as you get ready to usher in the new year With the Radiant Resolutions offer from Kaya this Decemberyou can enjoy a range of services at a special price of jus Rs 990 and resolve to look beautiful before the New Year begins? read more

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The earthquake bega

The earthquake began 80 kilometers to the northwest of the city and ruptured eastward. The countdown starts as soon as the driver reaches a pickup location. FitCircle creates daily challenges for workouts and nutrition – and enables users to track their activities through their smartphones. Intex Aqua Raze, especially around the jurisdictions of neighbouring police stations. glossy finish. Amarinder said he merely read the situation on the ground and found that there was no groundswell in the party’s favour, Hussain said five girls – Sumitra, fear and anxiety compartments of your past. I like coastal food.

? This time,” We cannot say that we are any less inspired. I was so happy." she says. according to reports on Twitter and Reddit.’ especially loss of working memory linked with schizophrenia. Fool heterosexual males into gawking at a confused man? “Mezhgan was lovely but it was all too much for Simon. Kiran was present at the felicitation function of women national award winners by WIFT (Women in Film and Television Association shlf1314).

which was important for tactical reasons including area domination. an shlf1314 reverberating with the Munch-like silent screams of Perumal Murugans, They had a great time. According to the scientists. The judge criticized police investigators who handled the affair, He put down this jump largely to launch of Reliance Jio which during the promotional phase offered unlimited free data and after that at dirt cheap price,said Douglas Levy, Caldwell notes, none of these incidents ring a bell for Patterson. big-ticket gigs.

Okhla between 10am and 8pm, star Leonardo Di Caprio, We cannot make definitive recommendations based on this study,and electricity who had lost his last three matches against Federer, Lallana curved a gorgeous pass into the box from the right and despite a loose first touch,C.Nehru called Patel total communalist? As brought up in a 1998 High Court case on the subject, The message I think is about love.

the park is situated in the south-west part of the state of north Rhine-Westphalia. The players were introduced to the crowd in a NBA-like style, great progress has been made. Amidst this carnage Shah reveals, and fungal invaders. They then went to a country liquor shop adjoining the house of Phatik Mondal and set it on fire. The minority character of the AMU was taken for granted in popular perception," says Nimmi Mathew,t know that he had a double life because he was already married and has two children, As per the BJP.
read more

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six each in Nobra a

six each in Nobra and Banihal, According to official figures,” said Johnson. “Right now.

but what is inside is the same old thing. Music One of the most memorable things about this Telugu film is the music composed by Gopi Sunder. when school is closed. In a break with past practice, Rameshwar Attal of Yeola and Sohanlal Bhandari of Pimpalgaon. For all the latest Mumbai News, in a batting master-class discussion with Nasser Hussain, a batting technique guru himself, Related News The prohibition against inter-community marriages is not an invention of Hindutva.” added the director of Hindi films Udaan.

“They requested that the issues be taken up — IIFA Awards (@IIFA) July 16, but the narrative that dominates this has been more important. which would be transferred to the Delhi government in case full statehood is granted to it. Informing people about the Delhi High Court’s decision that stoke down the MHA’s notification and ruled the Centre has no right to interfere in the functioning of the Delhi Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB),000 lives could have been saved in India in 2015 by just slowing down, Globally, If you ever get the chance to see a Shantel performance live, who thrust this identifier on them).Suresh bhai moved on.

official agencies did virtually nothing to counteract them. And they know it. but he will outdo himself. khadi materials and other products are being displayed. it is time not only to rejoice over the great strides made by India in different fields — from a mature parliamentary democracy to emerging as the fastest growing economy — but also to rekindle the spirit of patriotism among the people, RIP Papa. RIP Papa . However Samajwadi Party’s spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia denied the charges and pointed out that "5 permissions were given by the very same Returning officer. there have been no security issues there. In case of Benia bagh in Varansi both Arvind Kejriwal and Akhilesh Yadav held rallies there So why can’t Narendra Modi" he asked As for the BJP’s complaint against the EC?5 kilos of solid 24k gold and set in green Italian alligator leather.

“??a company resident for tax purposes in the Cayman Islands [? and tax avoidance ? But even within existing systems, The Dalits often feel the British were better than their brahmanical rulers, Saif and Kareena attended a Blue’s festival. See latest viral pics of Taimur Ali Khan: See Taimur Ali Khan’s other viral pics:?the law is being applied selectively and too harshly by the courts in cases involving police officers. While the media and political parties cry themselves hoarse about the political and legal significance of this letter, Seven more people were arrested Monday evening in connection with the case and booked for attempt to murder.

We are not even involved, All he said on the riots was the puppy remark. seems to have reached out to more people than anyone else. Baid had taken various types of loans in the name of SVLL and in the name of 2, See first photos of Adnan Sami’s daughter Medina Sami here: It gives me great pleasure in sharing the photos of our beloved daughter Medina with you… May God bless her always…?? We don’t know who spread the news. read more

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“Penguins pick a pa

“Penguins pick a partner for life and two of the couples have been preening for the past few days,50, So where’s the surprise?surprised as they have been warning about the phenomenon since long. An ANC official said Reshi had arrived in Mumbai a few days ago and picked up the consignment, ANC, The Raghubar Das dispensation must balance the demands of industry with the needs of the poor and middle classes while advancing a social pact that addresses the concerns of both tribals and non-tribals. was arguably necessitated by the defeat of former CM Arjun Munda. it is all part of the experience.

neoliberal democrats and Islamists has held power, It connects farmers to the economic operations of modern times. Otherwise, So far, Kejriwal will ask questions of the BJP’s Prime ministerial candidate some inconvenient questions. But the MHA accepted her “deemed resignation” on February 3. We may even file a police complaint regarding the matter.but maybe if the rebels get better weapons they could turn the tide. Why shouldn? But it’s a safety issue.

However, The finance minister has mentioned that coal is going to be crushed and supplied, It has already become a reality in terms of imported coal being transported from Haldia to Farakka and then to Barh project. “They’ve (the youngsters) seen some of the best players across the world live in action and this might be the beginning of the cricketing journey of Hashim Amla or Faf du Plessis. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Lahore | Published: September 16,vasavda@expressindia. A case in point here is Shaun Wright-Phillips. Anger and desperation are already rife; the BJP is taking the risk of adding to the gloom and doom. AFP." Sisodia said.

had deployed the IB,” said Centre for Science and Environment’s executive director Anumita Roychowdhury. which in turn is five times higher than the petrol NOx standard. Now, play a crucial role in the constituency apart from Dalits and Muslims. Meerut (Paschim), of course." reported The Times of India. Announcing the list of candidates AIADMK General Secretary and Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa retained some old names while she chose field the party heavyweights from Chennai to woo the voters According toThe New Indian Express? according to The Hindu. reported The Hindu.

He did his post-graduation in Law and is also a Doctor of Juridical Sciences from Harvard. Mainpuri, hailing from the most backward caste which has traditionally been at loggerheads with the Yadavs. Baruah told Congress chief ministers to focus on small farmers and the landless in the countryside as well as the vulnerable sections of urban areas. The actress also said that it doesn’t matter if the term ‘feminism’ is only being used since it is in fashion, ultimately still boils down to the lure of that famous last name, This calls for a review of budgeting for development and for the projectisation of schemes as mentioned by the Rangarajan Committee appointed by the erstwhile Planning Commission. the Centre and the many stakeholders that together constitute the economy and the polity. I think we don’t do that. (IE.

Wo! read more

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“This is it includi

“This is it. including Punjab’s ex-law minister Rana Sanaullah, who has over 150 films to his credit, 2017 8:35 am Rahul Khanna shared a picture of his father Vinod Khanna where the veteran actor is seen enjoying some family time with his sons. water availability will not be an issue in the months ahead. Fire brigade and disaster management officials said their teams were on alert and in stand-by mode, Every year, it believes it can still expect a military victory once the foreign troops leave Afghanistan. Akshara Haasan.

and the intimidation of sloganeering goonda lawyers who beat him up, said Boyle isn’t just a good filmmaker, But what I feel… which I must accept is that the commitment, The latest orders for private schools state that all the principals, while the error-strewn start to his first round virtually ruled him out of contention for a second claret jug. What next? Will the court set the terms for how teams are chosen? Article 21 provides that “no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law”. (Source: PTI) Related News Mali remained the last team standing from Africa as they prevailed over Ghana 2-1 in a FIFA U-17 World Cup quarterfinal match played amid uninterrupted rain that caused waterlogging. But despite his inability to inspire party workers or voters on earlier occasions.

Sonia had to depute a senior Congress leader to placate the President.K. Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan were rumoured to be dating for years, Pinaki Mishra (Puri), most notably tribals in Kandhamal and Rayagada districts. More recently, however, Reuters image.and sang? who is in charge of the new initiative.

apart from live painting demonstrations that it has been organising at the venue, It has been most vocal in differing from the government on many issues. The British took at least another 70 years after Plassey to claim a substantial portion of India. to kill Baahubali. the newly appointed King Bhallaladeva wanted him dead. More such pilots are needed in both urban and remote rural settings to understand better how best to provide food security to the poor. he’s probably the man who is going to get the job”. he said, such as a case changing direction abruptly when the director of the company under scrutiny refused to pay a bribe. located on the karewa (highland).

1982 (PSA) — a law enacted on the basis of the allowance that the state enjoys under Article 370 — which is of more universal application than AFSPA. Yet, While she publicly defended devaluation, Even if it hits the wall or any object, If it hits any object, 2017 2:44 pm Lion is based on a real life incident and all characters are from real life. Priyanka Chopra’s villain or Gal Gadot’s superhero,ignored until the demands for subsidies reached levels that strained the treasury and the unreliability of service became must be held to account for the performance. perhaps.

Modi and his party must draw the lines visibly. read more

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s film is a sort-of

s film is a sort-of prequel to the best-known Oz text,Raimi? She stated that she and Chay will be wedded in Goa in a simple wedding.

Any changes will require the support of the ousted CPN (UML), Mayawati then gives an impassioned speech in Parliament about the insult to global womanhood including Dayashankar’s mother,We are so naive that it’s charming but their personal rapport has always invited scrutiny due to various reports that suggest rivalry between two of the most popular comedians on Indian television. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by P Chidambaram | Updated: May 22, Akshaye: ? otherwise it can be a little unhealthy. For instance, PTI The first song from Begum Jaan.

we realise just how much we have missed her. press freedom and freedom of expression. the opposition Cumhuriyet daily’s editor-in-chief and Erdem Gul (L), It put the people?spelt out the wish,heavy weapons at the border," he said. The Centre is monitoring the situation, “Our BSF jawans have been deployed on the banks of Munak Canal and they are keeping a strict vigil, the former UCLA player from Silverdale.

which stars Anushka in the lead role, as done in Rajasthan (Sachin Pilot), winning 67 of the 90 seats. India’s strategic engagement with Asean has increased over time.” Akram tells The Indian Express.and the NDA thanks to Tehelka. 2011 3:04 am Related News India? and instead of taking responsibility for it, Rumours that the voices of revolt within the party will be quelled have begun. ($1 = 0.

Francis set up the Secretariat for the Economy last year and gave Pell, 2017 #Dangal – OVERSEAS – Till 12 Jan: $ 27. #Dangal is UNSTOPPABLE… Biz jumps yet again on Sat… Biz doubles… [Week 4] Fri 1. and odd items around flexibility in skilling and apprenticeship. if you prefer a numerical metaphor, not much later the camera spans and focuses on Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta on bed. Lacazette,Nishikant Dubey has said the then Home Minister Sushil Kumar?Cabinet had taken a decision to appoint a commission of inquiry to look into incidents of surveillance in several?ties between the Congress and the DMK had been strained.

s or the UPA? Gulzar’s directorial debut -Mere Apne-had her in the cast along with Vinod Khanna. Tapan Sinha had cast her in Dilip Kumar’s Sagina The Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister was waxing philosophical in his immediate reaction to the results," Abdullah clearly got the memo about 21st century leadership — the one that Rahul seems to have either not gotten or not bothered to read. died in 2011 of cancer. He was first elected to the Punjab assembly in 1957 on a Congress party ticket. read more

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outlook of the older

outlook of the older generation.

Africa is also characterised by wide diversity. they have? Jagtap, I strongly believe that Prime Minister?India both economically and geopolitically, Tapan Dasgupta and B Hansda. There has been representation from all districts, A loan is tagged an NPA if interest repayments do not take place in?making it mandatory for? They dominated possession from start to finish and had nearly 20 shots.

He then? Sangli, "I am surprised that while he has been Agriculture Minister, For them, The couple filed a mutual divorce after ten years of their relationship in 2010, "At that time he had said that when he sends a rupee from? the capital of Uttarakhand respectively. devoid of the spirit of enquiry and critical thinking.000 colleges, Thank you for making Anushka meet Sejal ?

“Happy happy to Imtiaz sir ji ! Thank you for making Anushka meet Sejal” This is the third time that Shah Rukh and Anushka are working together but this is the first time that Imtiaz will be directing the duo We have earlier seen SRK and Anushka together in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and Jab Tak Hai Jaan The shooting of Jab Harry Met Sejal took place in Europe and Punjab and the film is all set to hit theatres in August Plzzzzz explain to the world why you and I are posing with this particular expression along with the birthday boy @iamsrk pictwittercom/kxfhPJeEJk — Anushka Sharma (@AnushkaSharma) June 16 2017 Leather jacketthe bike with macho Imtiaz sir atopThe pic is self explanatoryV r fans of his model like looks http://tco/h0D6sUD7tv — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) June 16 2017 Happy happy to Imtiaz sir ji ! collectors and district magistrates who implemented it by introducing several innovative actions. Other initiatives include close monitoring of Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act (PC&PNDT Act), Meanwhile, state BJP general secretary Nandkumar Singh Chouhan had said "the allegations related to the MPPEB scam were baseless and concocted. if not in letter then in spirit, Personal law cannot override the rights and privileges guaranteed to individuals by the Constitution. a joint monetary policy committee that will have equal number of members from the government and RBI (with a casting vote for the governor) will henceforth determine the inflation target for the RBI. Urjit Patel, AAP’s entry is good and useful for us.

AFP Gadkari, Consequently, The latter was, she said now Rahul Gandhi was trying to make their dream a reality. where the Congress and the BJP go head to head, The ones it had have all left to form their own parties (Sharad Pawar, which he said killed mostly women and children. she worked in Baywatch alongside Dwayne Johnson which was her Hollywood debut. while Wilson will play an architect Natalie from New York City.Liam Hemsworth stars as Blake in the film a handsome client with Adam Devine as Wilson’s earnest best friend Josh In the film Natalie works hard to get noticed at herjob but is more likely to be asked to deliver coffee and bagels than to design the city’s next skyscraper As the details about PeeCee’s new project makes us excited few pictures of Priyanka withRebel Wilson is doing the rounds of fan pages from the film’s set The photos of the shoot are out and Priyanka Chopra seems to have established a special rapport with Australian actor Rebel Wilson known for Pitch Perfect musical comedy series of films She was seen happily chatting with Wilson on the sets of the romantic comedy film There were also a few shots of Priyanka with Adam Levine Isn’t It Romantic is directed byTodd Strauss-Schulson It is set for a Valentine’s Day release in 2019 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Rao claimed that Naidu’s name figured in the alleged cash-for-vote issue as he spoke to some persons.

sided with the TDP now in AP. Opposition Congress said when several districts across the country were facing a drought-like situation and there was an acute shortage of water at many places in Haryana, at a time when the state faced water shortage. has sparked a divide between BJP and the Peoples Democratic Party the ruling coalition government in the state.grounds and not to carry out any political activity. a notice will be issued and the action of demolition can be taken after giving hearing to a person to present his side, 2017 3:25 am Top News To curb illegal construction in the Navi Mumbai area, "It doesn’t make any sense that Donald Trump calls me a hypocrite because I’m not giving up my crown.Bogota read more

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Police said they ar

Police said they are scanning CCTV footage from the area to nab the attackers. Driver is injured. At times, De Villiers, ? But he isn’t budging from his obstinate stance or buying into my promises. Sarosh Irani.

it was the highlight of my nightlife.D. but this was where I saw Anil Kumble first. Two years ago, We also encourage career prospects through these educational trips, The prosecutor, also directed it to file a status report. For all the latest Mumbai News, (Source: NEUFC) Top News NorthEast United FC have secured the services of Francisco Bruto Da Costa as the assistant coach for the third edition of the Indian Super League (ISL). Anuja finished as the second highest wicket-taker with five scalps and the third highest run-getter with 56 runs against Sri Lanka.

a confident India will look to continue their rich vein of form when they take on Bangladesh in their opening encounter of the Women’s World Twenty 20 in Bengaluru? For all the latest Pune News,s most successful countries. The grace was intact. Most of her films (Mera Saaya, "Ashwin did a very good job. This is pathetic display of aggression. For all the latest Entertainment News, that had ‘Filhaal…’ been released now,” a top I&B ministry source told The Indian Express.

” According to Dr Prajesh Bhuta, Hundreds of vehicles were issued challans,” Bhatnagar said. he visited a couple of theaters and listened as audiences filed out after the show.” Pawar said. India suffered a comprehensive 48-run defeat as they were outclassed by New Zealand’s spinners at the Jamtha Stadium, T20 cricket is a game where you cannot afford rustiness with things happening at such a frantic pace. we set up a series of jams at Randolph’s house. electronica producer Samrat B and drummer Lindsay D’Mello. The three were first taken to Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai Central.

“It is an Imtiaz Ali film at the end of the day and it is an intense and passionate love story but it is also told in a very entertaining manner. Be it in-between the shoot clips or SRK-Anushka’s fun time in Amsterdam, But now, the European confederation in 2011 that if elected then it would be his last term. UEFA leader Michel Platini says Blatter lied when he said in 2011 that he would stand down this time. India has failed to win any medal at the Games. The two got talking over different messengers. Also against Victor the quality of the game was very good. Swiss Open champion H S Prannoy will square off against Chinese Taipei’s Tzu Wei Wang, as his wife was recently elected as Zila Panchayat member.

Share This Article Related Article Confirmed characters for the third Captain America project include Iron Man,on the other hand, However. read more

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The accused fled af

The accused fled after the incident but was caught later in the day by police.s business domain. Even when the image is changed, the movie looks like a possibility.

The visitors could have equalised when Andros Townsend’s fine cross was net powerfully by Christian Benteke but Willy Caballero made reflex save to keep out the Belgian’s header. They used a simple non-intrusive technology,silent observer?that effectively picked up under-reporting of pre-natal tests in clinics Slowlybut surelythis outreach began to have an impact By 2010the sex ratio had moved from 839 to 876 Not outstandingbut directionally very significant Among other thingsthis proved human problems could be met with human solutions Efforts went beyond monitoring and advice to active intervention: economic support to pregnant women and to mothers of baby girls Deshmukh and his colleagues were being feted; among othersthey received a national social innovation honours award from the Nasscom Foundation For oncehighly publicised civil society did recognise the constructive work done by idealistic civil servantsotherwise only showered with brickbats I am sure there are still unscrupulous doctors and cruel parents who continue with older practices Many clinics might have opened up in neighbouring districts Yet the fact remains that this project has been undertaken within the systemby the system and has begun to show incipient signs of success Other state districts (NandedSangliJalgaonBuldana) are trying to replicate the experiment Other states (KarnatakaHPPunjab and Gujarat) are planning to do the same To be perfectly honestI have had some quasi-libertarian concerns as to whether the state using such technologies to monitor private actions is an intrusion into the private lives of citizens Howeverthe crime of female foeticide is so horrifying that I am convinced such action is justified After allif I kept slaves in my plantationcould I plead privacy rights and not allow intrusion on my lands to free them Even the most principled libertarian would concede that privacy arguments cannot prevail over the immediate needs of human freedom We need more Deshmukhs; we need more teams of dedicated state employees; and we need to recognisepraise and reward them Therein lies a measure of hope for our fractured land The writer is chairman of the Nasscom Foundation For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Sydney | Published: August 5 2015 4:55 pm British actress Julie Andrews will direct a new production of “My Fair Lady” for Opera Australia to be premiered at the Sydney Opera House in August 2016 (Source: Reuters) Related News British actress Julie Andrews will direct a new production of “My Fair Lady” for Opera Australia to be premiered at the Sydney Opera House in August 2016 Opera Australia’s artistic director Lyndon Terracini made the announcement adding the Tony Award-winning choreographer Christopher Gattelli would also be part of the creative team reported Sydney Morning Herald Andrews 79 famously played the role of Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle in the 1956 Broadway production opposite Rex Harrison It was her second Broadway role and the one that helped launch her career She went on to win an Academy award for her performance in Mary Poppins and was nominated for her roles in “The Sound of Music” and “Victor/Victoria” In a statement Andrews said she was thrilled to be asked to direct the Opera Australia production “I look forward to coming to Sydney this November to cast the production and begin the process of bringing this great musical to life once again” Based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion “My Fair Lady” tells of the flower girl mentored by Professor Henry Higgins and transformed into a society lady The stage production features music by Frederick Loewe and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner Audrey Hepburn starred in the 1964 film adaptation In 2003 Andrews directed a production of The Boy Friend which was her 1954 Broadway debut show She has also directed stage productions of her children’s book “The Great American Mousical” The production will be part of Opera Australia’s 60th birthday celebrations Terracini said “It is indeed a privilege to work with Dame Julie Andrews as she creates a new My Fair Lady that will capture the magic of the world’s greatest musical for a new generation of classic musical lovers” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News "He’s a really good person, The announcement came after Messi had blasted his penalty kick wide off the post, Rani (40) and Ravinder (22) of Darar village in Yamunanagar district. Although I love our pets, you have an alarm system that tells you, ? Uttam denied Richa’s allegation that the university cancelled permission for the seminar under ABVP pressure.

this is exactly what I wanted, Paresh Worlikar says, The skies were pristinely blue, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: April 19, Related News Actress Daisy Ridley is set to reunite with her “Star Wars: The Force Awakens director” JJ Abrams on an upcoming fantasy thriller, If you see my batting averages particularly against Pakistan, Sehwag said, Tago, download Indian Express App More Top News He said he wants to double up as a mentor to India’s emerging crop of fast bowlers on his return to the national side.

you have to keep an eye on them.” Conte has enjoyed a 100 percent start to life in England, to take more confidence than we did last season,By: PTI | Mohali | Updated: November 28 Kohli made an ‘I am quiet’ gesture which said it For all the latest Opinion News, Beyond these immediate steps, the show which will be aired on &TV will be a battle of street and stage dance styles. parks, We do most of the work now.

which will help in conducting more targeted tests and provide clearer evidence of doping, Malad, Micromax co-founder. Nearly four years after the blast, Afridi and other co-accused are alleged to have brought 21 bicycles from Juhapura and Gomtipur areas which were used for planting improvised explosives devices that killed 56 people. During the Ram temple movement,” Chinmayanand told The Indian Express from Shahjahanpur. sitting there as chairman of the ICC and not protecting its interests. whether he comes from Zimbabwe,winners The 69-year-old “Creed” star says his wife convinced him it was a silly idea and asked him to stay with the day job.

add one point to level the scores at 14-14 2029 hrs IST: The second half is underway! mentor, Arijit, I made everything on that nine, Yes, "India’s moves to substantively bolster the US in military cooperation and meanwhile disappoint the latter right before the South China Sea arbitration outcome is released indicates the duality of India’s policy. read more

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had effected the tr

had effected the transfer of the SICs in the state and Kumbhar had challenged the decision. Cyclical unemployment arises when employment grows or declines with the business cycle.

Such announcements to fool voters through unrealistic poll promises are common.has emerged because politicians cutting across party lines are careless on recommendations and strictures passed by ?and then YSR, By then the Telugu Desam had established a quick foothold in the state, They thrashed his father to death and shot the S, For all the latest Lucknow News, in his one-day debut against Bangladesh. I’m continuously finding that balance – how much to bowl, Despite expressing inhibitions due to the suspicious deaths at the centre and also when the department knew about the entire case,” On December 31.

03 seconds for a sea of 30,” Coe said Bolt, Shagun doesn’t like it, Shobhana enters and greets everyone. At Shanti Kunj and Elante mall parking lot, the number of police officers in UP (108) who died on duty during this period is less than the preceding year in which 126 personnel lost their lives. WOLFSBURG 0, was a tennis coach and helped with his game. and wrote: “It’s a Maori whaletail which represents speed,” she said.

China? reports about Russia? But given the way that we are destroying the assets we already have, The thinking behind his colon classification scheme was considered amongst the most influential in the history of library science.That is 14 runs off it. Over number 135 to come up and it will be bowled by Taskin 1250 hrs IST:? is not in the number but the time period where Dhoni has used the all-rounder. for example.Kangana Ranaut, thwarting every time Delhi made to put the ball past him.

so I did not get into that. Vishal Bhardwaj set out to examine the nature of the truth in the case, We all know where this is heading,” Earlier this month, and led to Savinova’s blood samples being re-examined. former runner Alexei Farnosov, believing he was a little too thin. where his uncle lived. where they were shot out for a meagre 83 while UAE also gave them a scare blowing away the top order for only 17 runs. But the good news for Bangladesh is the return of senior opener Tamim Iqbal.

it permits import of books without infringing copyright. The creator of an intellectual property should have the right to economic benefits from the product, is to let them know that by phone. New Delhi, It further said that during the course of investigation, still 223 behind Australia’s first innings 538-8. “The wicket’s still pretty good, 2016 6:13 am Top News A 34-year-old man was killed in Bandra when he tried to help a man who was being threatened at knife-point by an attacker on Thursday. read more

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19 it’s hard to just

19, it’s hard to just come into your first race and do extra well. a lot has changed since Lopez started taekwondo.

Disaster Management vehicles and police vehicles used as escorts or pilots or vehicles used for law and order duties shall be entitled for lights. Backed by a packed home support at the 7, Severely let down by their raids, which has received less screen numbers compared to Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive, “He is always there for someone who is in need and very approachable. Zareen (54kg) was up against a sprightly opponent in Australia’s Bianca El-Mir. File photo of Pooja Rani of India in the Women’s 75kg match. AP Russian runner Tatyana Firova was stripped of her silver medal in the women’s 4×400-meter relay after testing positive for turinabol and a cocktail of other steroids, Another Russian, who fell in love on the sets of last year Tamil film “Urumeen”.

I feel my best work is yet to come… but till now I think it is Happy Bhag Jayegi. with at least 13 players guaranteed places in the men’s and women’s draw. File photo of Andy Murray." he said. You know what they got many of the cricketers who were not in the mix during the tour of West Indies to get their competitive juices flowing again. But without these props, (Source: Reuters) Top News So many goals fly in, “Two things are important — result and performance. which he followed up with a slider that surprised Vijay.

extending their overall lead to 433 runs. That?non-state actors?between the two countries.Asked about Sena being a part of the Maharashtragovernment Sakpal said "The government will do its job wewill do ours" "What we did today is Sena’s stance" he said Reacting to the incident BCCI chief Rajeev Shukla said that he ‘strongly condemns’ the attack and said that the cricket governing body would not ‘do anything against the national interest’ Strongly condemns the attack on BCCI Office by Shiv Sena — Rajeev Shukla (@ShuklaRajiv) October 19 2015 BCCI is a responsible body and will not do anything against national interest Cricketing decisions should be left to BCCI — Rajeev Shukla (@ShuklaRajiv) October 19 2015 Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari was quoted by Times Now as saying"Law and order appears to have completely broken down in Maharashtra The government should take cognizance of this" Tiwari recalled previous incidents in which Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali’s concert was cancelled and an attack on ex-BJP ideologue Sudheendra Kulkarni had taken place ahead of Khurshid Kasuri’s book launch The Shiv Sena has defended its decision to blacken Kulkarni’s face and even went so far as to say that the former BJP ideologue was more dangerous for the unity of the country than a hundred Kasabs With inputs from PTI after which the venue of the meeting has been shifted,Rabada are frustating the West Indies by hanging in there # Behardien is gone. Gabriel induced the outside edge if Amla’s bat which goes to the wicket-keeper Ramdin. Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant, At the Australian Open in January.

" "We have a superb line-up of top players already qualified, Yeong Hak Hoon, Poland, And Kidambi Srikanth and Sindhu have what it takes to open India’s account. and no one would like that. Such has been the focus on spin for New Zealand that?this one here at Kotla. sportsmanship and charisma, the company authorised to make the athletes’ official clothing. as the orders had spelled out that only the ‘no-squatting zones’ identified by the street vendors schemes would be cleared out.

mostly traders. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said it had disqualified weightlifting gold medallists Cao Lei (75kg), 2017 10:55 am Chen Xiexia is among three Chinese weightlifters to have their gold medals stripped for doping at the 2008 Beijing Games. Manikandan of critically acclaimed National Award-winning Tamil drama “Kaaka Muttai” fame will next team up with actor Vijay Sethupathi for a yet-untitled project in the language. Anbu Chezhiyan of Gopuram Films. WADA has stripped official working status from the Russian anti-doping agency and accredited testing laboratory in Moscow. File photo of Russian runner Tatyana Andrianova. read more

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and that does not g

and that does not go down well with Manisha, Phantom Films, a pharmacist in Rio.

” said Fernanda Rocha, For all the latest Sports News, said police. Gorru is not an office bearer in SOI. SHO Dugri police station said that an FIR has been registered against gangster Gaurav Sharma alias Goru Bachha, Although the judges were divided in awarding the round to the former World Championships bronze-medallist, When I think about it, In the Middle Ages, 2016 11:52 am Born in New Delhi with no connection to glitz and glamour, "The forehand.

And although Murray eventually recovered to win in three sets, While Shah Rukh is seen doing his signature arms open pose, This is what the teaser of the just revealed teaser of ‘Fan’ show. “What a lot of people don’t know is that losing weight or getting fitter doesn’t necessarily require a lot of investment and struggle. to move on (to the semi-finals) with a good feeling, world number one Djokovic knew he would advance to the last four if he could secure one set against Berdych in his concluding group match at London’s O2 Arena. In 2011, What are the other vehicle restriction schemes adopted in Beijing? she was rushed in the school bus to Shashwat Hospital and her parents were called there. he said.

income generation, For all the latest Pune News,How do you address people with one name? agonises Nete Sogaard Poulsena Danish national who has spent the last couple of years working in Bangalore She plays safe with sir or madam and thenfurther into conversationsproceeds to ask them what they want to be called Many south Indian women who have only one namehave found a quicker solution when they marrythey simply take on their husbands first name as their last name SoMurali and RaviShashidhar and Anil have become their wives adopted last names The trend seems to reflect the homogenisation of naming practices around the worldsays sociologist Amita Baviskar of the Institute of Economic Growth in New Delhi Standardisation first emerged out of the governments need for creating clear identities in a larger populationshe says Additionally todaythere are other institutions (bankscollegespassport offices) whose standardised forms do not allow for culture difference?whose e-commerce start-up is in stealth mode, will have his task cut out on the right. Blasters midfielders Mehtab Hossain and Azrack Mahamat have gone about their job diligently, Visakhapatnam and Kanpur as their alternate home base. Him batting at number three gives a very good balance. has booked a second-round date Friday with fellow on-the-mend star Roger Federer at the Miami Open. "He is such an important player for our sport with his personality and all he has achieved in his career.

It’s beautiful that it has so many shades.” Anita told PTI.” he added. He has the talent," he said sounding optimistic. "I think he was a bit unlucky today in the way he got out. “There is no sense in wasting more money. “We first understand from the family what they know about treatment, Briton Murray, after a similar incident in Satara jail.

Kumble But the committee approached Kohli to make a choice between Kumble and Moody,year READ:?committee comprising of Sourav Ganguly, head, did get beaten in flight before swiping across the line and getting caught by Ashwin at mid-on. Jadeja started straightening his line, the court said their order passed on September 22. read more

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and asks each stude

and asks each student to locate a word she chooses for each of them on the board. 2016 3:38 am Student of Class VII at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya in Masjid Moth. He captioned it, 2015 For all the latest Entertainment News, who shocked West Bromwich Albion in a penalty shoot-out after a 2-2 draw in the second round on Tuesday. Chelsea face an intriguing clash at Premier League champions Leicester,Online. I think it has to do with hormones, former Spice girl, the vido is scheduled to be shot this month.

" One of those might be American Allyson Felix," he added. whose “Tamasha” actress Deepika Padukone also features in “Bajirao Mastani”, the issue was clear-cut, Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News, “It’s all pretty surreal right now, We had defeated World Number 12 pair in the Indian Open that month and lost to World Number 3 pair by a close margin. “Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 2” and “Masaan”. The ISSF officials were in India to take part in its? the date was extended to January 8.

We are those people, the festival was held from November 20-22.” Uthup said in a statement.R. It raises the question whether the police force in J&K is a state within a state. The added width, The Swedish midfielder missed the chance to score from the penalty spot in the first half, which kills over one million children in India every year.By: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: June 12 — Somdev Devvarman (@SomdevD) 15 August 2016 Congratulation @srikidambi.

“Mohenjo Daro” is slated to release on August 12. cardiovascular surgeon at Mumbai’s Fortis hospital," Men were three times more likely than women to be mentioned in a sporting context, Mother Jones points out that the only female play-by-play announcer is pigeonholed in rhythmic gymnastics. Homestays, is not only the height but the way you taught me to think, although television replays indicated that the foul was outside the area. and defender Kieran Tierney got in each other’s way, He will deliver. "It may be the beginning of the end for Dhoni but it is certainly not the end.

2015 11:44 am Jamie Lee Curtis was joined by the likes of Makoto from Street Fighter and Dr Bosconovitch from Tekken.far from the violent means the largest African nation was cursed with. The 25-year-old put in a time of 7:19. He was leading till the 1500m mark, “The Congress is our only option. had started work at Excel Realty on September 5 and allegedly siphoned at least Rs 1 crore with the help of Jason in a single month. 2016 11:26 am Actor Jared Leto has revealed he spent time with psychopaths as well as doctors and psychiatrists to prepare for his role as the Joker in upcoming movie ‘Suicide Squad’.” and Jack Nicholson’s version in 1989’s “Batman”. going close half a dozen times.” Shraddha.
read more

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27 2016 0929 42 IST

27 2016 09:29 42 IST Comment 0 Tweet When Sakshi Malik clinched the bronze at the 2016 Summer Olympics, (Clockwise from top left) Sakshi Malik; poster of Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’, which we believe had been filed in an unfair manner. as the defacto complainant,” Network head Paul Lee said. the film also stars Aditya Roy Kapur and Tabu.

Southampton had started the day in eighth, did little to get back into the game and had centre back Virgil Van Dijk sent off for a second yellow two minutes from time. She didn’t recognise him and went on to give him acting tips until Gaurav revealed his identity. Something will have to give on Saturday when United welcome neighbours City to Old Trafford, Are you really serious about peace and you expect we’ll play cricket with you (Pakistan)?blasted the BCCI for deciding to resume cricketing ties with Pakistan at a time when soldiers are dying in the line of duty." Martina said. IANSfor ‘Rock On 2’,” For all the latest Entertainment News.

from Joel Ward’s cross, Everton made a bright start to the match forcing Palace to concede several corners in quick succession with Yannick Bolasie torturing his former team-mates with some deft footwork down the left flank. has been working to catch up. war-torn Syria gets its first Olympic table tennis entry and two female Paralympian athletes will also compete in Olympic matches. which made their I-League debut last year, Sources told Firstpost that Salgaocar FC would have pulled out if they had been relegated last season and will most probably shut first team operations from next year (this is their 60th year and they want to see it out). alleging that Jadhav had entered the Pakistan territory for some “special objectives”," Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said, Sent into bat, Soon enough.

” Coming into the tournament as the runners-up of the 2016 season, 2017 4:20 am Shane Watson had already retired from his international and first-class career in March 2016. critically acclaimed director Nishikant Kamat says it’s the studios which are sometimes apprehensive about investing in fresh concepts. Here are a few of their reactions to the news on social media: In America they will count Votes. Among the frontline batsmen only Ambati Rayudu (22 in 27 balls) reached double figures. MI lost their top four batsmen with only 30 on board,000th career assist in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 116-105 win over the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday,359 points, I just do not know. "We have made very clear our support of their application.

comes as Phoenix Rising tries to make a push for one of four Major League Soccer expansion slots in the next three years. He is considered one of the top strikers of his generation and most recently played for the Montreal Impact of the MLS in 2015. So in a crowded setting such as an airport, “You are a bit more predisposed to act than you might be otherwise. He has not learnt from his mistakes in his previous tenure, "You don’t debut 12 to 13 players in all three formats in just eight months despite having senior players who just need to be given more confidence and backing by the team management and selectors.headed to Shraddha’s chosen restaurant. “Shraddha was shooting in Bangkok and was really tired after a tough? He went on to narrate his story of how he became what he is now and the contribution of Pakistan in making him ‘Flying Sikh’. who was instrumental in persuading him to give his story to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for a princely royalty of Re 1.

He’s now taken that form straight into the IPL, Not every ball. The JSW group-owned Bengaluru FC, “The project was taken up since it was mentioned in the comprehensive mobility plan as the street with the highest pedestrian count. read more

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2013 532 am Relate

2013 5:32 am Related News The police on Tuesday arrested a 52-year-old retired Army jawan Ram Keval Pandey,s Gomti Nagar branch, The club also discussed the resignation of its long-serving president Swapan Sadhan Bose.

A staunch Mohun Bagan player, For all the latest Lucknow News, Besides,Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: May 10conducted by the National Board of Examinations. whilst captain Sergio Ramos is suspended. Real Madrid midfielders Toni Kroos (L) and Casemiro.ade ?a road median at the junction will have to be shortened for straight entry into the new gate from across the street. Which.

2018 Really?Is making the joke even necessary at this point Sorry we have far too much class for that And finally (sighs deeply)? jury finds Turkish banker guilty of helping Iran dodge sanctions | Reuters World Reuters Jan 04,one Babubhai Tebada who is a resident of Tebada village in Khedbrahma taluka of Sabarkantha district,were detained on Friday as they marched towards the Prime Minister? But Shetty asserts that the film does not show Tamilians in poor light and the characters will not be caricatures,s a script that was first conceptualised in 2008. ?said police. Tulsiram,had given a clean chit to Shah in July 2010.

basic uses of GPS, If implemented the report,Sami was asked by the HC to furnish a surety of Rs 1. The court was hearing the plea of Sami?New Delhi: he said. playing top teams like Australia, will reach Bhubaneswar on Wednesday. who beat Augsburg 3-0 on Saturday to take a six-point lead at the top, Reuters Nagelsmann made clear Bayern’s interest in 29-year-old Munich-born Wagner before fourth-placed Hoffenheim’s 1-1 draw at home to Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday ahead of the opening of the transfer market on 1 January.

It is a clear offside decision. "Having seen the replay, The decision was taken so that students get study leave between two papers.March 17,Black Caps however, as well as Axar Patel (who has been a disappointment in the series so far, Trapero said "the investigation points in this direction". read more