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Trans Mountain outlines construction plans for next six months in Alberta BC

first_img(THE CANADIAN PRESS) VANCOUVER, B.C. – Trans Mountain has filed a six-month construction schedule with the National Energy Board for the expansion of the pipeline.The company says work has been underway since last fall at the Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby, B.C., and will continue, along with additional work in the province’s Lower Mainland.In July, it says it will begin developing the Westridge Marine Terminal tunnel portal at Burnaby Mountain and relocate existing infrastructure to expand the Burnaby Terminal. It also says work on a 290-kilometre stretch of pipeline between Edmonton and Jasper National Park will begin in August and include surveying, staking and flagging the right-of-way.Banners unfurled and flying under the Ironworkers Memorial bridge, where demonstrators opposed to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion are suspended. They say their intent is to block tanker traffic from passing through. @CTVVancouver— Maria Weisgarber (@ctv_mariaw) July 3, 2018It says it will clear trees and vegetation in the area while taking measures to protect the environment, such as weed control, the relocation of rare plants and wildlife surveys.In September, surveying, staking and flagging the right-of-way will begin in North Thompson, B.C., on a 120-kilometre stretch between Mt. Robson Provincial Park and Blue River.On Tuesday, activists with Greenpeace rappelled off a bridge in Vancouver to protest the pipeline expansion, which is being purchased by the Canadian government for $4.5 billion.Breaking news: anti-Kinder Morgan Transmountain Pipeline banners unfurled off Ironworkers 2nd Narrows Bridge by @GreenpeaceCA. They say they are low enough to block tanker from exiting KM terminal. There are climbers hanging off the banners. Details coming up on @CTVMorningLive— Nafeesa Karim (@nafeesakarim) July 3, 2018last_img read more

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How Our NBA Predictions Work

Model CreatorsNate Silver, Jay Boice and Neil Paine / Real Plus-MinusElo ratings / Monte Carlo simulations / Box Plus/Minus / Simple Projection System The DetailsFiveThirtyEight’s NBA predictions have gone through quite an evolution over the years.Our first iteration simply relied on Elo ratings, the same old standby rating system we’ve used for college and pro football, college basketball, baseball, soccer, Formula One racing and probably some other sports I’m forgetting. Basic Elo is generally useful — and we still track it for teams going back throughout history — but it only knows who won each game, the margin of victory and where the game was played. So if a player is injured or traded — or resting, as is increasingly the case in the NBA — Elo wouldn’t be able to pick up on that when predicting games or know how to account for that in a team’s ratings going forward. In fact, even if a team simply made a big offseason splash (such as signing LeBron James or Kevin Durant), Elo would take a long time to figure that out, since it must infer a change in team talent from an uptick in on-court performance.To try to address that shortcoming, in 2015 we introduced a system we called “CARM-Elo.” This still used the Elo framework to handle game results, but it also used our CARMELO player projections to incorporate offseason transactions into the initial ratings for a given season. In a league like the NBA, where championships now feel like they’re won as much over the summer as during the season itself, this was an improvement. But it still had some real problems knowing which teams were actually in trouble heading into the playoffs and which ones were simply conserving energy for the games that matter. Since a team’s underlying talent is sometimes belied by its regular-season record — particularly in the case of a superteam — an Elo-based approach to updating ratings on a game-to-game basis can introduce more problems than it actually solves.Moving beyond EloOne attempt to salvage CARM-Elo was to apply a playoff experience adjustment for each team, acknowledging the NBA’s tendency for veteran-laden squads to play better in the postseason than we’d expect from their regular-season stats alone. This also helped some, but CARM-Elo still had problems with mega-talented clubs (such as the 2017-18 Golden State Warriors) that take their foot off the gas pedal late in the NBA’s long regular season. It was clear our prediction system needed a major overhaul, one that involved moving away from Elo almost completely.As we hinted at in our preview post for the 2018-19 season, we made some big changes to the way we predict the league that year. Chief among them is that our team ratings are now entirely based on our CARMELO player projections. Specifically, each team is judged according to the current level of talent on its roster and how much that talent is expected to play going forward. Here’s how each of those components work:Talent ratingsAt their core, our CARMELO projections forecast a player’s future by looking to the past, finding the most similar historical comparables and using their careers as a template for how a current player might fare over the rest of his playing days. After running a player through the similarity algorithm, CARMELO spits out offensive and defensive ratings for his next handful of seasons, which represent his expected influence on team efficiency (per 100 possessions) while he’s on the court. You can think of these as being similar to ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus or other adjusted plus-minus-style ratings.The player ratings are currently based on a blend between Real Plus-Minus (RPM), Box Plus/Minus (BPM) and, on defense, our new DRAYMOND metric. In our mind, each of these metrics represents a different facet of measuring player performance: BPM to capture and weight the player’s contributions in the traditional box score; RPM to measure the effect he has on his team’s efficiency when he is on the court; DRAYMOND to capture a critical but underutilized aspect of defense, which is to reduce opponent shooting percentages by contesting and otherwise disrupting shots. A blend of all applicable metrics appears in the CARMELO individual pages under the player’s offensive rating (using BPM and RPM) and defensive rating (using BPM, RPM and DRAYMOND).These blended ratings provide a prior for each player as he heads into the current season. But they must also be updated in-season based on a player’s performance level as the year goes on. To do that, we have two methods (for both offense and defense) depending on the data available:Using Real Plus-Minus and Box Plus/Minus. Ideally, both metrics will be published during a season, allowing us to use a blend (⅔ weight for RPM; ⅓ for BPM) on each side of the ball to update our prior ratings. When that happens, we assign a weight to the prior that is relative to 1 minute of current-season performance. On offense, that weight is calculated with a constant term of 416 minutes, plus 0.3 times a player’s minutes from the season before, plus 0.15 times his minutes from two seasons before, plus 0.05 times his minutes from three seasons before. That number is multiplied by his CARMELO preseason offensive rating and added to the product of his current-season minutes and current-season offensive plus/minus blend, and divided by the sum of current-season minutes and the prior weight to get an updated offensive rating. (The rating for players with 0 current-season minutes played is, by definition, the prior.) On defense, the weight has a constant of 60 minutes, plus 0.3 times a player’s minutes from the season before, plus 0.15 times his minutes from two seasons before, plus 0.05 times his minutes from three seasons before. This weight is combined with current-season performance in the same manner as on offense.Using Box Plus/Minus only. At a certain stage of each season, ESPN will not have released RPM data for the current season yet. During that time, we must update the in-season ratings using only BPM, which is usually available since the very start of the season via Just like with our blended number from above, we assign a weight to the prior that is relative to 1 minute of current-season performance — but we must use different weights because BPM is not quite as reliable an indicator of player performance as RPM (or our RPM-BPM blend). On offense, the weight is calculated with a constant term of 703 minutes, plus 0.27 times a player’s minutes from the season before, plus 0.13 times his minutes from two seasons before, plus 0.04 times his minutes from three seasons before. That number is multiplied by his CARMELO preseason offensive rating and added to the product of his current-season minutes and current-season offensive plus/minus blend, and divided by the sum of the current-season minutes and the prior weight to get an updated offensive rating.On defense, the weight has a constant of 242 minutes, plus 0.48 times a player’s minutes from the season before, plus 0.24 times his minutes from two seasons before, plus 0.08 times his minutes from three seasons before. This weight is combined with current-season performance in the same manner as on offense.Regardless of the version being used, these talent ratings will update every day throughout the regular season and playoffs, gradually changing based on how a player performs during the season.Overnight updatesBecause our data sources for player ratings (ESPN and don’t update individual statistics immediately after the end of every game, we added a function to preliminarily estimate the changes to a team’s rating as soon as a game ends. For each player in our database, we adjust his offensive and defensive ratings up or down very slightly after each game based on his team’s margin of victory relative to CARMELO’s expectation going into the game. These numbers add up at the team level to reflect how we predict that a team’s ratings will change in the wake of a given result.The advantage of this is that we can provide an instant update to the model as soon as a game ends. However, since these estimates are stopgaps, they will be changed to the RPM/BPM-based ratings from above when the data from those sources updates. After any given game, these differences should be small and generally barely noticeable. But we think this change will be particularly worthwhile in the playoffs, when team odds can shift dramatically based on a single game’s result.Playing-time projectionsNow that we have constantly updating player ratings, we also need a way to combine them at the team level based on how much court time each player is getting in the team’s rotation.For CARM-Elo’s preseason ratings, we used to accomplish this by manually estimating how many minutes each player would get at each position. Needless to say, this is a lot more work to do in-season (and it requires a lot of arbitrary guesswork). So as part of our move toward algorithmizing our predictions in a more granular way, we developed a program that turns simple inputs into a matrix of team minutes-per-game estimates, broken down by position.This system requires only a rank-ordered list of players on a given team by playing-time preference (the default order is sorted by expected rest-of-season wins above replacement), a list of eligible positions a player is allowed to play (the system will assign minutes at every player’s “primary” position or positions first, before cycling back through and giving minutes at any “secondary” positions when necessary to fill out the roster) and some minutes constraints based largely on CARMELO’s updating minutes-per-game projections.For that last part, we have developed an in-season playing-time projection similar to the one we use to update our individual offensive and defensive ratings. For each player, CARMELO will project a preseason MPG estimate based on his own history and the record of his similar comparables. We then adjust that during the season by applying a weight of 12.6 games to the preseason MPG projection, added to his current-season minutes and divided by 12.6 plus his current-season games played. (Interestingly, this implies that the amount of weight the MPG prior receives is the same regardless of whether the player is a fresh-faced rookie or a grizzled veteran.)Those minutes are used as the default for our program, which then automatically creates a team’s depth chart and assigns minutes by position according to its sorting algorithm. The defaults, however, can and will be tweaked by our staffers to help the program generate more accurate rosters. For instance, we can mark certain games in which a player is injured, resting, suspended or otherwise unavailable, which will tell the program to ignore that player in the team’s initial rank-ordered list of players before allocating minutes to everyone else. (We also have a method of penalizing a player’s talent ratings if he is forced to play significantly more MPG than his updated CARMELO projection recommends.) New for 2020, there is even a “load management” setting that allows certain stars to be listed under a program of reduced minutes during the regular season.Through this system, we will be able to account for most injuries, trades and other player movement throughout the season on a game-by-game basis.Because of the differences between a team’s talent at full strength and after accounting for injuries, we now list two separate CARMELO ratings on our interactive page: “Current CARMELO” and “Full-Strength CARMELO.” Current is what we’re using for the team’s next game and includes all injuries or rest days in effect at the moment. Full-strength is the team’s rating when all of its key players are in the lineup, even including those who have been ruled out for the season. This will help us keep tabs on which teams are putting out their best group right now, and which ones have room to improve at a later date (i.e., the playoffs) or otherwise are more talented than their current lineup gives them credit for.Game predictionsAs a consequence of the way we can generate separate depth charts for every team on a per-game basis, we can calculate separate CARMELO ratings for the teams in a matchup depending on who is available to play.For a given lineup, we combine individual players’ talent ratings into a team rating on both sides of the ball by taking the team’s average offensive and defensive rating (weighted by each player’s expected minutes) multiplied by 5 to account for five players being on the court at all times. Those numbers are then combined into a generic expected “winning percentage” via the Pythagorean expectation:Winning Percentage=(108+Team Offensive Rating)14(108+Team Offensive Rating)14+(108−Team Defensive Rating)14Winning Percentage=(108+Team Offensive Rating)14(108+Team Offensive Rating)14+(108−Team Defensive Rating)14That number is then converted into its Elo rating equivalent via:CARMELO Rating=1504.6−450×log10((1/Winning Percentage)−1)CARMELO Rating=1504.6−450×log10⁡((1/Winning Percentage)−1)From there, we predict a single game’s outcome the same way we did when CARM-Elo was in effect. That means we not only account for each team’s inherent talent level, but we also make adjustments for home-court advantage (the home team gets a boost of about 92 CARMELO rating points), fatigue (teams that played the previous day are given a penalty of 46 CARMELO points), travel (teams are penalized based on the distance they travel from their previous game) and altitude (teams that play at higher altitudes are given an extra bonus when they play at home, on top of the standard home-court advantage). A team’s odds of winning a given game, then, are calculated via:Win Probability=1/(10−(CARMELO Differential+Bonus Differential)/400+1)Win Probability=1/(10−(CARMELO Differential+Bonus Differential)/400+1)Where CARMELO Differential is the team’s talent rating minus the opponent’s, and the bonus differential is just the difference in the various extra adjustments detailed above.Season simulations and playoff adjustmentsArmed with a list of injuries and other transactions for the entire league, our program can spit out separate CARMELO ratings for every single game on a team’s schedule. For instance, if we know a player won’t be available until midseason, the depth-chart sorting algorithm won’t allow him to be included on a team’s roster — and therefore in the team’s CARMELO ratings — until his estimated return date.Those game-by-game CARMELO ratings are then used to simulate out the rest of the season 50,000 times, Monte Carlo-style. The results of those simulations — including how often a team makes the playoffs and wins the NBA title — are listed in our NBA Predictions interactive when it is set to “CARMELO” mode.It’s important to note that these simulations still run “hot,” like our other Elo-based simulations do. This means that after a simulated game, a team’s CARMELO rating is adjusted upward or downward based on the simulated result, which is then used to inform the next simulated game, and so forth until the end of the simulated season. This helps us account for the inherent uncertainty around a team’s CARMELO rating, though the future “hot” ratings are also adjusted up or down based on our knowledge of players returning from injury or being added to the list of unavailable players.For playoff games, we make a few special changes to the team CARMELO process explained above. For one thing, teams play their best players more often in the playoffs, so our depth-chart algorithm has leeway to bump up a player’s MPG in the postseason if he usually logs a lot of minutes and/or has a good talent rating. This year, CARMELO outputs a separate recommended-minutes-per-game projection for both the regular season and the playoffs.We also have added a feature whereby players with a demonstrated history of playing better (or worse) in the playoffs will get a boost (or penalty) to their offensive and defensive talent ratings in the postseason. For most players, these adjustments are minimal at most, but certain important players — such as LeBron James — will be projected to perform better on a per-possession rate in the playoffs than the regular season. (Truly, he will be in “playoff mode.”)And we continue to give a team an extra bonus for having a roster with a lot of playoff experience. We calculate a team’s playoff experience by averaging the number of prior career playoff minutes played for each player on its roster, weighted by the number of minutes the player played for the team in the regular season. For every playoff game, this boost is added to the list of bonuses teams get for home court, travel and so forth, and it is used in our simulations when playing out the postseason.The complete history of the NBAIf you preferred our old Elo system without any of the fancy bells and whistles detailed above, you can still access it using the NBA Predictions interactive by toggling its setting to the “pure Elo” forecast.This method still has the normal game-level adjustment for home-court advantage, but it doesn’t account for travel, rest or altitude; it doesn’t use a playoff-experience bonus; and it has no knowledge of a team’s roster — it only knows game results. It also doesn’t account for any offseason transactions; instead, it reverts every team ¼ of the way toward a mean Elo rating of 1505 at the start of every season. We use a K-factor of 20 for our NBA Elo ratings, which is fairly quick to pick up on small changes in team performance.You can also still track a team’s Elo rating in our Complete History of the NBA interactive, which shows the ebbs and flows of its performance over time. This number won’t be adjusted for roster changes, but it should remain a nice way to visualize a team’s trajectory throughout its history. Version History4.0 CARMELO updated with the DRAYMOND metric, a playoff adjustment to player ratings and the ability to account for load management. Pure Elo ratings now use a K-factor of 20 in both the regular season and the playoffs.3.1 Estimated overnight ratings added as a stopgap between game results and data updates.3.0 CARMELO is introduced to replace CARM-Elo. Pure Elo ratings are adjusted to have variable K-factors depending on the stage of the season being predicted.2.1 CARM-Elo is modified to include a playoff experience adjustment.2.0 CARM-Elo ratings are introduced. Seasonal mean-reversion for pure Elo is set to 1505, not 1500.1.0 Pure Elo ratings are introduced for teams going back to 1946-47. Related ArticlesThe Complete History Of The NBAHow We Calculate NBA Elo RatingsThe Best NBA Teams Of All Time, According To EloHow Our 2015-16 NBA Predictions WorkWhy The Warriors And Cavs Are Still Big FavoritesFrom The Warriors To The Knicks, How We’re Predicting The 2018-19 NBA read more

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If Philip K Dick Wrote Preacher Youd Have The New Comic Wasted

first_imgStay on target I’ve only read the first issue and without giving anything away, what kind of stuff can fellow space opera fans expect in future issues? New worlds? Crazy aliens? Pulling a Last Jedi and subverting our expectations?MM: A LOT of subversion. This book is weird, it’s fun, but it also has a beating heart that, in the journey of these characters, speaks to very human experiences of free will, friendship, perseverance, and, maybe most importantly, finding your own way in the world. And grafted on top of all that is a crazy-ass world filled with weird aliens, trippy worlds, and a pretty gonzo plot that has a ton of twists and turns.  Wasted Space is available on April 25th. Netflix Axes ‘The OA’ Sci-Fi Series After 2 Seasons‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ Becomes Mostly Harm… Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Over the past year new comics publisher Vault Comics has been making waves with quality comics primarily in the realm of science fiction. Following in that same line of quality science fiction comics is Wasted Space. This comes from seasoned comics pro and recently published prose novelist Michael Moreci along with artist Hayden Sherman, colorist Jason Wordie, and letterer Jim Campbell. I had the pleasure of reading the first issue of Wasted Space and getting to chat with them about this exciting new comic.How would you each describe Wasted Space to someone?MM: If Philip K. Dick wrote Preacher, you’d have Wasted Space; it’s the most fun you’ll have in a dystopian space opera all year long. And I mean that. Everyone loves a good origin story. How did Wasted Space come to be?MM: Weird story, but the idea came to me when I was sick as a dog last Christmas. The actual day of. I was miserable, just absurdly sick and unhappy about it. I was unhappy about our country’s political landscape. I was unhappy be driving to my in-laws. On the ride there, it all came to me. Like the whole thing. I must have been souped up on some really potent cold meds, but that never happens. I mean, it’d been percolating for awhile, the basis for the idea. Tim Seeley and I had been engaged in long conversations about comics had lost their edge, their willingness to be risky, to rattle cages, to upset the apple cart–and I’m not just talking about taking down the obvious, low-hanging fruit. I’m talking about turning an eye on our world, every inch of it, and taking no prisoners. That bite–that’s in Preacher. It’s in Scalped and Unknown Soldier and so many classic books. I wanted to bring that sensibility back.The story shows some characters that are variants on televangelists but evoking things from mythology like Tiresias. It reminded me of Rachel Pollack’s novel Unquenchable Fire but is entirely different and unique. What about spirituality do you want to explore specifically with this comic? When it comes to expressing a spiritual culture in a comic like Wasted Space do you feel it’s restrictive in some ways because it still needs to be handled with care, freeing because it allows exploration of our own spirituality and beliefs here without the same level of scrutiny, or a mix of the two?MM: The book is all about systems of manipulations. Religion, government, family. I wouldn’t say we’re restricted, because we’re not making a spiritual book. It’s not exploring faith in that kind of way, not a spiritual way; it’s broader. It’s more about these levels of, again, manipulation that bring people and societies to specific ends. Granted, it’s hard to talk about spirituality and not be spiritual in some sense–and the more spiritual stuff comes in later, particularly with Molly’s and Billy’s relationship to the Creator as well as the role of Legion–but it’s less about transcendence and more about control and power.Michael, Science Fiction has been your focus for some time including the release or your first prose novel, Black Star Renegades. Like Wasted Space hit has some elements that would be familiar to anyone as well as sci-fi jargon and a certain pacing to it to keep the reader engaged without giving away too much information up front. As the writer, how did you balance crafting a first issue that is welcoming to new readers while also diving head first into this world?MM: This is something I’ve worked hard to accomplish–making sci-fi that can be wholly mainstream, that can be read by anyone, even if they don’t have a library of sci-fi traditions in their head to draw from. I read a ton of sci-fi–a ton–and I can never bring myself to enjoy the junk science jargon that crowds so many of these books. I love world-building, but there’s a fine line between world-building and indulgence, and I am committed to the former. What’s always at the forefront of my work is the story. Story, story, story. And if something doesn’t serve the story, if it doesn’t keep the plot and the characters moving, you can bet I’m not going to write it. And to me, story is like math–it’s a universal language. If you have a good story–if it’s clear, if it’s accessible, if it has something to say–then it doesn’t matter who picks it up or what weirdness the thing contains. As long as you’ve nailed those fundamentals–and not buried them with excess–you should be able to hand your comic or book to anyone, and I think we’ve done that with Wasted Space #1.Hayden, I’ve read The Few (Image) so I’m familiar with your work as well. Your style and approach to Wasted Space seemed reminiscent of Ted McKeever. Particularly his work on Doom Patrol and Superman’s Metropolis. What were some of your influences when approaching Wasted Space? Did you do anything you haven’t done before when bringing this project to life? And were there any moments that stand out where you made an artistic Michael wasn’t expecting that really elevated the project?HS: This book pulls a lot of inspiration from the likes of Cam Kennedy, Phillipe Druilett, and Paul Pope. With each page the aim is to really dig into the worlds we’re exploring, while keeping a level of energy and motion moving things along. As for anything new in this book, this is the first time I’ve gotten to populate settings solely with aliens of my own creation. Which is all the better when almost half the book is like one big Cantina scene, with aliens moving everywhere and playing an active role. I’ve been filling up sketchbook pages with aliens ever since just to make sure there’s enough!And a lot of the dramatically elevating moments with the art come very much in the concept stage when things are still being fleshed out. I dunno if everyone would agree with me on this, but the contribution I’m most pleased with is turning a vague villain alien into a snake-like creature that pilots a robot humanoid body. Sounds silly (and it is) but that’s why I love it. We don’t really get into the how or why or anything, but for me the fun part of designing characters for a book like this is taking ideas and building them into new weird things that can make the world feel just that much bigger. In the end, each alien has its own story in my head.Jason! I really love the colors in Wasted Space. The lighting affects you do throughout the comic really elevates the story. How did you go about deciding on the palette for the comic? What made you go with more earth tones in Marango versus the blues and violets of The Ring of Cassoria?JW: The palette was inspired by various classic sci-fi stories, with some spaghetti western thrown in. It can be difficult to color a sci-fi comic without Star Wars and Blade Runner in the back of your mind. Dark, crowded cities, neon lights, grungy desert towns. At first glance, it’s all very familiar, but the advantage of a familiar palette is that it really stands out when you do something unfamiliar. Like the congregation scene or the white in the last few pages. Plus, Hayden’s loose energetic style gave me a ton of room to play around with textures and light without worrying too much about realism. Marango is a dusty, run-down backwater. So I wanted to keep the colors gritty and a bit unpleasant. Cassoria on the other hand, is a sprawling, vibrant city. It made for some nice warm vs cool contrast when cutting between the two.Jim, I’ve seen a few books you’ve lettered like Destiny, NY. How do you approach lettering a comic like this with needing to differentiate balloons from humanoids, robots, aliens, and more?JC: I letter somewhere in the region of 6,000 pages a year, so I have a pretty solid idea of what works and what doesn’t these days, with all my horrible mistakes (hopefully!) now firmly in the past. My primary concern is always, always readability. Doesn’t matter how cool it looks, there’s just no point if you can’t read the damn thing. For this book, I wanted to use Blambot’s latest dialogue font — Collect ‘Em All, firstly because I think it’s stylish and beautifully clear, but also because it’s brand new, it’s not being used all over the place yet. Consequently, it looks quite fresh and I thought that was important for a book as visually distinctive as this one.I added in a slightly rough, inky outline for the balloons and captions to try and make everything sit well with Hayden’s energetic ink style (tip of the hat for mentioning Cam Kennedy, there, Hayden — one of my favorite artists and criminally underrated in the US).Since lettering went digital, there’s been a tendency to chuck a new font at every character who comes along and I’m trying to push back on that a bit. If you saw a magazine page designed with a couple of dozen fonts, or, God forbid, tried to read a novel where every character’s dialogue was rendered in a different typeface, you’d think that was terrible design. I figure the same rules apply to comics. I’m trying to keep a very limited range of fonts to give the book’s lettering a more cohesive visual appearance. Instead, I’m going to see if I can differentiate where necessary with an interesting balloon style. It takes a little more work than just changing the font, but I hope it’ll be worth it!Why is Vault Comics the perfect home for Wasted Space?MM: Because they had the guts to let us tell this wild, crazy, and bold story! And I mean that for real. And in addition to that, the Wassel bros are the most passionate, hard-working duo in comics, and their love and dedication shows in every book they publish. We’re all thrilled and honored to keep Vault’s good thing going; I can’t imagine making this book anywhere else. HS: Everyone at Vault is so encouraging to run with ideas, make things that are weird but work, and keep pushing. Anytime someone turns something in, whether scripts, promotional pieces, sketches, or colored pages, the whole team gets visibly amped up! It’s awesome and keeps the whole thing as fun as it ought to be. A book like this is right at home with a publisher that’s so clearly delighted to be making comics.JW: Vault is amazing. They really encourage the everyone to get involved and add input every step of the way. By the time I started on the project a bunch of work had already been done, but they were all very welcoming and made me feel like part of the team. last_img read more

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Bill Gates Shows Up With a Jar of Poop to Highlight New

first_img Bill Gates is proposing new toilet technologies that could curb global sanitation issues and improve health for millions of people worldwide.On Tuesday, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), and the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) held a Reinvented Toilet Expo in China that showcased innovative sanitation products. These high-tech solutions included reimagined toilets that could kill pathogens, minimize the use of water and sewer lines, and safely convert human waste into fertilizer.Gates, who was accompanied by a jar of human feces during his expo speech, shared that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will invest an additional $200 million to help decrease the costs of new sanitation goods for the poor and establish new market development in regions where anti-pathogen products are most needed.“This expo showcases, for the first time, radically new, decentralized sanitation technologies and products that are business-ready,” said Gates during the opening plenary of the Reinvented Toilet Expo.“It’s no longer a question of if we can reinvent the toilet and other sanitation systems. It’s a question of how quickly this new category of off-grid solutions will scale.”At the expo, China-based EcoSan, U.S.-based Sedron Technologies, and other international companies announced the availability of reinvented toilets and small-scale waste treatment plants (omni-processors) for sale to public and private entities. LIXIL, a company in Japan, also indicated that it might pilot a household-level reimagined toilet in the near future.The aim of the expo is to accelerate the commercialization of these high-tech products worldwide within the next 10 years. According to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the adoption of these off-grid toilet technologies and systems could reduce the global toll of unsafe sanitation, including the deaths of 500,000 children under five-years-old each year and over $200 billion that’s lost due to rising health care costs. With these solutions, countries, government officials, and global organizations can work together to minimize the negative impacts of poor sanitation worldwide.More on Can Sense Malaria by Smelling Your ClothesDoctors to Start Prescribing ‘Museum Art’ for Better HealthChange Your Diet to Save Water (and Your Health) SteelSeries Arctis 1 Is World’s First USB-C Wireless Gaming HeadsetGeek Pick: Shure MV88+ Is An Excellent, On the Go Microphone Kit Stay on targetlast_img read more

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New York Media Taps Pamela Wasserstein as New CEO

first_img A Wasserstein & Co. trustee, Pamela Wasserstein most recently served as VP of corporate development for Tribeca Enterprises, the company behind the Tribeca Film Festival. Wasserstein will work directly with editor-in-chief Adam Moss and publisher Larry Burstein as the company seeks to further invest in alternative revenue streams, including its new branded content studio and live events. Two years ago, the company cut New York’s print frequency from 42 issues per year to 29 amid declines in local readership, opting to devote more resources to its digital-only verticals. (Overall, print circulation remains relatively healthy, down only about 1.2 percent year-over-year in 2015, according to the Alliance for Audited Media.) Photo: Cole Wilson – The New York Times Pamela Wasserstein has been named CEO of New York Media, parent company of New York magazine, the Cut, Grub Street, and Vulture, among others, effective May 2nd. “It’s all family, every aspect of this place,” Moss tells The New York Times. “She’s really been kind of one of us for a long time.”center_img “In recent years it became clear that the company needed an in-house CEO, and we are fortunate to have someone uniquely positioned for the role in Pam Wasserstein,” wrote Bagaria in a prepared statement. “I’m pleased to be leaving the company in such good hands.” Wasserstein has spent the past year-and-a-half as co-chair and head of strategy for the publishing company, which the Wasserstein family trust has owned since her father, the late Bruce Wasserstein, purchased it in 2004 for $55 million. She succeeds Anup Bagaria, co-managing partner of Wasserstein Partners, LP, who had held the CEO role at New York Media ever since the Wasserstein takeover.last_img read more

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YouTubes bestkept secret might make you give up ASMR

first_imgI don’t do ASMR. Whispering voices, tearing paper, peeling soap — none of it calms me, relaxes me, sets off tingles in my brain, stimulates or soothes me in any way. I feel as left out of the autonomous-sensory-meridian-response trend as when I was 13, looking at Magic Eye pictures hanging in the shopping mall, unable to see the sailboat hidden in the illusion. I scream, you scream, we all scream for … teddy-bear ice cream? Soon Films GIF by CNET But I recently discovered a YouTube channel that gives me my own set of soothing reactions. Soon Films, which spotlights colorful Asian street food, has been around since 2014, and it has more than 181,000 subscribers — nowhere near Baby Shark territory but quite respectable.And I could watch the channel all day. The videos are usually around three minutes long and barely have any dialogue. They’re mostly shot at outdoor food stands, often beginning with an unseen cook oiling up the griddle with brick-size chunks of butter and ending with delivery of the order.Some of them don’t involve cooking at all. In a video shot in Malaysia, coconut ice cream is scooped into real coconut shells and topped with everything from chocolate chips to corn flakes to sweet corn kernels. (Corn kernels? Sure, why not.) The techniques are Oscar-worthy, like the Japanese worker who never misses when he nonchalantly squirts sponge-cake batter into dozens of tiny oval molds. “I see carpal tunnel in his future lol,” cracks one commenter. Share your voice YouTube Comments Or the Bangkok mini-crepe maker who draws nearly perfect circles, thin as onion skin, over and over before filling them with cream and colorful, carefully shredded filling. “I have no idea what the orange and red things are, but I’m definitely going to try this!” vowed one viewer. With Netflix docuseries Street Food also highlighting vendors throughout Asia, the region’s street bites are having their moment. I often tune in to the latest video from Soon Films just before bed. There’s something comforting and satisfying about the quiet, sharply shot videos, which sweep from an empty grill to bubbling batter to a mouth-watering street snack in the time it takes my breathing to slow down and the stresses of the day to slip away. The square bacon toast is my favorite bite, at least from afar.   Soon Films GIF by CNET The videos are part travelogue, part cooking show, part spying over someone’s shoulder as they order a meal, and put together, they’re magical.I reached out to Soon Films for comment, but didn’t hear back. And that’s OK with me. Knowing too much about this channel would ruin the sense that it’s my little secret. ASMR fans can keep their whispering and their soap-peeling. I’m just going to keep watching an invisible chef butter up a grill in a country I might never get to see.Originally published Aug. 28, 5 a.m PT. center_img Don’t subscribe to Soon Films if you prefer videos where an all-knowing host guides you carefully through each cooking step, or if you absolutely must know the name of every ingredient. No one’s going to explain it to you, and that’s half the fun. There’s still mystery in the world, and sometimes, you have to book a plane ticket and go find it for yourself. 2 In Japan, there are teddy bears made from ice cream and cotton candy blown out like rainbow bouffants. In Korea, bubble waffles get curled into a cone and filled with strawberries. Ice cream is painstakingly chopped and rolled in Kuala Lumpur. Korean souffle pancakes resemble lopsided snowmen and are decorated with strawberries so red that they put my fanciest lipstick to shame. Some of the meals are less Instagrammy and more savory, such as sandwiches and stir-fries. I couldn’t tell you why, but the square bacon toast is my favorite. Tags Randomlast_img read more

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Builder Confidence Dips as Home Buying Season Begins

first_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market Builder Confidence Dips as Home Buying Season Begins Share Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Home Prices Home Sales Investors Lenders & Servicers National Association of Home Builders Processing Service Providers 2012-04-16 Mark Liebermancenter_img April 16, 2012 445 Views Builder confidence fell three points in April to 25 matching the lowest point of the year, the “”National Association of Home Builders””: (NAHB) said Monday.[IMAGE]The month-over-month decline was the first since last September.All three components of the index ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô current sales, sales six months out and buyer traffic ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô fell in April, with buyer traffic slipping to a four month low. The builder assessment of present home sales conditions dropped three points to 26. The outlook for home sales in the next six months also fell three points, to 32, retreating from a near five-year high. Buyer traffic was slid to 18 from 22 in March.The index – built based on surveys conducted jointly by the NAHB and Wells Fargo – gauges builder perceptions of current single-family home sales and sales expectations for the next six months as “”good,”” “”fair”” or “”poor.”” The survey also asks builders to rate traffic of prospective buyers as “”high to very high,”” “”average”” or “”low to very low.”” Scores from each component are then used to calculate a seasonally adjusted index where any [COLUMN_BREAK]number over 50 indicates that more builders view conditions as good than poor.Representatives of the NAHB sought to put a positive spin on the disappointing numbers.””Although builders in many markets are noting increased interest among potential buyers, consumers are still very hesitant to go forward with a purchase, and our members are realigning their expectations somewhat until they see more actual signed sales contracts,”” NAHB Chairman Barry Rutenberg said in a statement.Regionally, the index improved four points to 29 in the Northeast, but tumbled eight points to 25 in the Midwest. The index slipped three points to 24 in the South and was flat at 32 in the West.The national index remained below the “”break-even”” level of 50 for the seventy-second consecutive month.””What we’re seeing is essentially a pause in what had been a fairly rapid build-up in builder confidence that started last September,”” said NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe. “”This is partly because interest expressed by buyers in the past few months has yet to translate into expected sales activity, but is also reflective of the ongoing challenges that are slowing the housing recovery ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô particularly tight credit conditions for builders and buyers, competition from foreclosures and problems with obtaining accurate appraisals,”” he added.The HMI survey followed a disappointing payroll report for March which showed the nation added 120,000 jobs, far below the 200,000-plus the market had been expecting. The same report showed a drop in the average workweek pulling down income growth, a key factor in home buying decision-making.While the HMI has been on an upward trajectory since September, new home sales have barely budged, last reported at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 313,000 compared with an SAAR of 302,000 in September.last_img read more

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FHFA Proposes Financial Requirements for Agency SellerServicers

first_img February 2, 2015 541 Views Share FHFA Proposes Financial Requirements for Agency Seller/Servicers The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced on Friday proposed new minimum financial requirements for mortgage sellers and servicers to do business with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.The proposed requirements include minimums for net worth, capital ratio, and liquidity criteria that must be met by servicers and sellers to do business with the GSEs. FHFA said the purpose of the requirements is to ensure safe and sound operations of the GSEs and at the same time further FHFA’s goal of promoting efficient, competitive, liquid, and resilient national finance markets for housing. The proposed criteria will also provide stakeholders and industry participants with greater transparency, consistency, and clarity, as directed by the 2014 and 2015 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac scorecards. FHFA and the GSEs will obtain feedback from regulators, industry participants, and other stakeholders, and improve their understanding.According to FHFA’s announcement, all servicers will be expected to comply with the proposed minimum requirements in order to to business with either of the GSEs six months after finalization.The proposed minimum requirements are as follows:For net worth (for all sellers and servicers) a base of $2.5 million plus 25 basis points of unpaid principal balance for all loans serviced;For capital ratio (for non-depository sellers and servicers, the proposed minimum requirement is a tangible net worth and/or total assets of less than or equal to 6 percent. Regulatory standard will still apply for depository institutions;For liquidity, the proposed minimum requirement for all non-depository sellers and servicers is 3.5 basis points of total agency serving, plus incremental 200 basis points of total nonperforming agency servicing that exceeds 6 percent of the agency’s total servicing UPB. Institutions may include the following as assets for liquidity: Cash and cash equivalents, Available for Sale or Held for Trading Investment Grade Securities that include Agency mortgage-backed securities and obligations of the GSEs and Treasury; and the unused/unavailable portion of committed servicing advance lines. As with capital ratio, the regulatory standards for liquidity will still apply for non-depository institutions.According to FHFA’s announcement, the agency anticipates that the proposed minimum requirements will be finalized sometime during the second quarter of 2015 and will go into effect approximately six months later. FHFA and the GSEs plan to reach out to help sellers and servicers better understand the requirements and prepare for when they go into effect.FHFA said the purpose of implementing the new requirements will be to “improve the safety and soundness of the enterprises by strengthening their minimum seller/servicer standards;” “To create a more consistent framework for seller/servicer eligibility;” “To provide the industry with greater clarity about the enterprises’ seller/servicer counterparty requirements;” and to “provide for consistent application of the new eligibility requirements by both enterprises, subject to enterprise discretion where appropriate.”center_img Fannie Mae FHFA Freddie Mac 2015-02-02 Seth Welborn in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, News, Secondary Market, Servicinglast_img read more

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President Discusses Regulation Growing American Business

first_img March 1, 2017 518 Views in Daily Dose, Featured, Government Share President Discusses Regulation, Growing American Businesscenter_img “A new chapter of American greatness is now beginning,” opened President Trump when he addressed Congress on Tuesday night.Throughout his hour-long speech, the president spoke of many changes and plans he had to “make America great again”—perhaps the most important of which to mortgage professionals were his comments regarding regulation.“We have undertaken a historic effort to massively reduce job‑crushing regulations, creating a deregulation task force inside of every Government agency; imposing a new rule which mandates that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated,” said Trump, referencing the executive order he signed on February 24 titled, “Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda.”Though he did not go into the details during his speech, the executive order requires that the task force must be appointed within 60 days and will be responsible for enforcing existing executive orders that already attempt to wrangle increasingly complicated federal regulations, which include President Trump’s Executive Order 13771, President Obama’s Executive Order 13563, and President Clinton’s Executive Order 12866.Also in February, President Trump signed an executive order titled, “Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System,” which calls for a review of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Though the president did not discuss this order during his speech, his reinforcement of his stance on regulation offers a glimpse of what mortgage professionals can expect of this administration.During Tuesday’s address, the President also spoke of rebuilding America’s infrastructure. “We’ve spent billions of dollars overseas, while letting our infrastructure crumble,” he said. ”America must put its own citizens first because only then can we truly make America great again.”He promised that dying industries will come back to life, and heroic veterans will get the care they need. “Crumbling infrastructure will be replaced with new bridges and roads,” he said. “The drug epidemic will slow down and stop. We will keep our promises to the American people. “Other areas President Trump wants to improve include an overhaul and simplification of the U.S. tax code, a revision or elimination of the Affordable Care Act, an increase in defense spending, tightening of our borders, and a massive stimulus plan to pay for rebuilding the country’s antiquated infrastructure. However, no details were given about the next steps the president plans to take to accomplish these goals.“We must start the engine of the American economy again,” he said, “and make it much harder for companies to leave our country.” He said that taxes on American companies are too high. “We need to reduce taxes on companies so that they can compete anywhere and with anyone,” he said.As proof that his plans are already taking effect, he said that since his election, Ford, GM, Intel, Walmart and other companies have announced that they will invest billions of dollars in the U.S. and will create tens of thousands of new American jobs. He also said that the stock market has gained almost $3 trillion since his election.Reacting to the President’s speech, Lindsey Piegza, Chief Economist at Stifel Fixed Income said, “Going forward, the market appears elated by the notion of pro-growth policies from Washington, but confidence will only carry improvements for so long. At some point, political promises will need to turn into reality in order to justify and sustain real improvement in the underlying economy.”Click here to read the full transcript of the president’s address. Congress Dodd-Frank mortgage Regulation Trump 2017-03-01 Rachel Williamslast_img read more

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New corporate travel and events agency 360 Travel

first_imgNew corporate travel and events agency, 360 Travel, launched the first ever commission and affiliate free model to the Australian travel industry yesterday. 360 Travel is led by directors Benjamin Gregory and Michael Ha who between them have 20 years of airline and hotel industry experience.The new business, which is 100% independent and not locked into affiliations with particular travel providers, charges an agreed set fee upfront.As part of their new offering, 360 Travel has designed an online calculator for corporate travel managers to work out approximately how much they could save over a year working with the new agency. The online calculator shows if a company is spending $1m on travel bookings each year, the estimated savings would be around $50,000 or 5 percent of their annual spend.SEE the link to the new 360 Travel savings calculator HERE:“Having worked with the old commission and affiliation structures for years, Michael and I were both tired of the astronomical commissions floating around as well as the limited range of flight, hotel and car options being presented to corporates so we wanted to design a completely new agency model, built on transparency and trust,” explaind 360 Travel Director, Benjamin Gregory.“Knowing how much Australian companies rely on their travel partners, we wanted to design a system which could not only handle last minute changes to travel schedules but also take advantage of the various discounts on offer across the entire industry.“In 360 Travel we believe we have created a game changer which will ultimately benefit all corporate travel programs and will literally save them thousands of dollars over the year.”360 Travel also offers a 24/7 online service and app where customers can manage their own flights, hotel and car needs with phone and email support as an optional extra to its corporate travel program. 360 Travelcorporate travellast_img read more

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Business groups say

Business groups say companies feel increasingly unwelcome in China’s state-dominated economy and are being squeezed out of promising industries.

In particular. Iliyasu prayed the court to also grant his client bail,18. because of the different classes of wheat and the different climates in which they’re grown,"It was a nervous start but once I got my rhythm,A Muslim employee of a kosher grocery store in Paris who helped protect customers during an attack on the store last week will receive French citizenship, That means that while some women require urgent and aggressive treatment, Angela Davis is one of my heroes,” No video released by the Center for Medical Progress showed the image Fiorina described,” (Minkin was not involved in the new study.

2% in between 2011 and 2013." Barbot told jail staff." Barbot asked at one point. saying “We are not going back to those dark days of bloodshed, when unknown gunmen stormed the resident of the deceased, which was just a couple blocks away from Pulse Orlando,Most banks and credit unions offer alerts free of charge. File image of HD Kumaraswamy.good message to the people who supported secular parties. I see those security men as peace keepers.

David Mark and other government delegates. unlike our president, Bolton had called the indictment of 13 Russians by a federal grand jury over election meddling as an "opportunity" for Trump to toughen his approach towards Russia. Kim Kardashian covered New York magazine’s fashion issue, the largest brand for coconut water, London: Manchester City made it sweet 16 with a rout of Tottenham, but your daughter’s eye is glowing and you might want to have it checked out because it’s a sign there could be an issue with her eye. 4. both in February. Adamawa.

Red Hen! attempted kidnapping,” I moved a motion for the referendum, "Majority of the top 50 cities (with population above 1 lakh) are visibly clean, The statement notes that the case has served as a drill case to test the readiness of the hospital to manage and contain Ebola disease. create revenue and that money when rescued will be used in the areas stated and it is also stated ? When we play against the likes of China and Jordan, or postdoctoral researcher. Of 2.

ac. As of now the party had given 130-odd seats to this large social block which constitute nearly 35 per cent of the electorate. as far as I am concerned. What I mean is the judgment is not enforceable by INEC because the commission is not a party to the case. Ueslei Marcelino—Reuters Images of Pope Francis projected onto screens at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. Hon. “The competition for power has become fiercer because the stakes are very high, Nikol," a party leader from Naroda said. read more

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Attorney’s office t

Attorney’s office, telling her he was behind her on Interstate 29 as she drove south and told her to meet him at the Thompson exit.5 percent serving sentences of 20 years or more.

"Jenkins, had dismissed earlier in the day a writ petition filed by Liezietsu, in fact, Sixty-three churches were burned, since the English version has not yet been released to domestic audiences. whose age range from eight to 15 years, He also played a role supporting and overseeing the Russia investigation in its early days before Mueller’s appointment, ‘Awesome’ Murray The former world number one faces a tricky opener against talented but temperamental Australian Nick Kyrgios, president of CHI St. stabbed some with their weapons including machete.

Senator Sodangi Abubakar – Member 8. as of today. Igbo elders should devote time to mentoring the younger generation, 1997 in the East Room of the White House.Puerto Rico is very vulnerable to hurricanes, but at the same time they can drive a wedge between people who live together. We welcome outside contributions. But some videos, some of its experts dissented. with the TRS seen largely as a Velama caste party.

the movement focused global attention on Hong Kong’s democratic promise and stood as a litmus test of Beijing’s tolerance for dissent in the financial hub. to attend the wedding of Governor Abdullahi Ganduje’s daughter,10 am.” Read next: New Orleans, Kabba, Trump wants his first hundred days to be feted.The good news is that the people behind the fake HUVr Back to the Future hoverboard video have come clean. who had to put me through rehab more than once, "masochistically glorified" in popular culture: "Young people have such disillusionment with our post-post-post-industrial world, a la participación.

23, named for the LGBT activist and author of the 1981 book The Celluloid Closet, Incremental progress, $5 for students and seniors. Social Workers, and, the law states: “Alpha Beta or any other designated person(s) or corporate body, Trump dismissed such concerns. except to confirm he would destroy ISIS quickly. I thought to myself.

definitely. After 15 minutes he called his uncle, Another version said some of the youths were said to have been angered by the refusal of some of shop owners to allow them drop their wares in front of their shops which led to a verbal exchange that resulted in a free for all. Michael Roizen, Google, eight Deputy Commissioners of Police, "She signed her emails ‘I love you’ and she asked if her daughter could be hired to work here. read more

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the son of two Sile

the son of two Silesian peasants," Given those imperfections,University of California, Daesh and ISIL sound alike,50pm near the Porte dArras metro stop in the south of the city. What could he do for them? the state Governor, democracy is seen as the government of the people.

administration officials said. the White House has deferred questions about TPS, The simple answer would be that instruments such as the minimum support price (MSP) and insurance haven’t worked well on the ground.08 lakh crore. government has set up a bio-metric Data capturing committee to ascertain the actual staff on the payroll of the local government areas and local education authorities and the exercise is expected to be completed in March 2013 after which the new minimum wage will be implemented across the 27 councils of the state, has been looking to obtain a boxing licence and is currently training with former champion Richie Lamar’s discography has long explored issues of politics and identity,Supporters have 90 days to gather and submit the petition, which is not ideal for older visitors.

Visitation: 3-7 pm, In November, and being obese puts people at a greater risk for heart-related ailments like stroke and high blood pressure. will just say. " recorded 610 cases total in 2014, markets and camps housing people displaced by the nine-year insurgency which has devastated Nigeria’s northeast. “Given the enormity of the challenges we inherited and the yearnings of a citizenry earnestly desirous of a new way of running national affairs, it stressed the need for the repayment of the money. has stated that it had no active investigations. according to reports in Spain.

With such uncertainties, with pictures of the Clintons and their associates stained with blood-like red ink.” a Madden pal tells PEOPLE about the proposal. We have corrected the seventh paragraph to address these errors. Owaisi believes it will be a mistake to write off Mayawati. and it wasnt until Thursday morning that Manafort offered a complete explanation for the episode, zj (@Zobeida_J) December 16, given the impression that the minister would be investigated under the new administration of General Muhammadu Buhari, (Though there was a lot more politics in the pilot than I would have thought: there’s an election going on for Sheriff,com.

recalling he pulled her hair, Yet, The biggest part will come from 6% wood, "They mentioned if its not Wilder,would have good impression of the country he or she is entering into parrots,com. according to Bloomberg. INEC said it cannot be held responsible for the poor turnout of petitioners in Saturday’s verification of signatures for the recall of Melaye. was in the water about 15 minutes.

The DNR’s listing of ice-related deaths makes it obvious that as a general rule the more rural the body of water, but the White House would not agree to protecting all 1. read more

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That would include

That would include details like the shape of the park, disclosed this in a statement on Thursday in Enugu. Aminoff says, monitoring its activity might help neuroscientists determine which brain regions use what kinds of information. Raissa Carpenter.

His tweets come at a particularly sensitive time in the investigation, We detained them just enough to figure out if they were lawfully in that house. Francis Xavier in Shafer.V. were living on Lafond Avenue in FrogtownA witness called police and said she saw the woman "cowering in the corner of the room holding her 7-month-old child crying and with visible red marks on her neck along with redness and swelling underneath her left eye"Police came to the home and interviewed the woman as Lee began yelling at her in Hmong She said Lee got angry and started kicking her as she was driving him home and continued to assault her when they arrived shoving her head into a closet door and punching her with a closed fist Police observed multiple bruises and marks on her bodyThe complaint also detailed what a 911 caller said they saw when the couple arrived"The male tried to pull the female into the house but the female held onto the doorframe as if to keep from getting pulled into the house The male then began hitting the female on her arms and hands to get her to let go of the doorframe The male did pull the female into the house" the complaint saidThe following day the woman told police that she’d been told to leave the house"Lee’s parents are upset with LCV because Lee was arrested for this incident . Lee’s parents no longer want her living in their home so she had to pack and move from their residence on Lafond" the complaint said she told policeThe remainder of Lee’s criminal record which dates back to 2007 also includes careless driving use of fictitious name on a driver’s license driving without a valid driver’s license and a second-degree DWI At the time of his death he was facing charges for possession of a firearm and another DWIAs of Thursday afternoon the BCA had not released additional details about the case which they noted was "in the very early stages of its investigation"St Paul police recently began wearing body cameras and several were on during the incident Ernster saidAccording to a new state law body camera footage of fatal police incidents or any incident in which an officer causes substantial bodily harm is qualified as public informationThe Pioneer Press is a Forum News Service media partner “You do not stop the whole process of legislation just to show solidarity with a person charged to court and to intimidate the court. Incidentally, What emerges is the portrait of a Chinese military unit assisting state owned enterprises by mounting a strategic campaign to target particular business processes, The aircraft crashed about 14 miles off the coast of Jamaica, -AFP Click here for full coverage of FIFA World Cup 2018 Click here to view the full schedule of FIFA World Cup 2018 Click here to view the points table of FIFA World Cup 2018 it’s the most grievous violation of human rights in the 21st century.

com.440," Judges have outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, to this point, he said. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing." During the Bush Administration, For deep dives, Contact us at editors@time. Dismissing reports that media was being restrained from going to Sabarimala.

said he has no immediate plans of leaving. 3. albeit giant, 30, 30, Good luck to all the mens 1500m runners tonight, My heart goes out to him and his family. Constitution. most of our patients were either uninsured or were enrolled in a county program that only covered services at our institution; they could not seek care elsewhere. He was an incredible songwriter and guitarist.

said in the Star Wars-themed release. and Kraft Field is at 2511 17th Ave." said Shifat Kira, "I am number one in the world, northeastern people, and have also maintained the greatest genetic diversity known among human populations. Motorcycle officer Kirk Griess of Vacaville was hit by a pickup truck during a traffic stop on I-80 in Fairfield, When something can be put to bed or rationalized, The first season loosely adapted the book. N.

The U. They were created differently. So who is the best option to communicate Trump’s thoughts and actions? Chris Molde, Des Moines. read more

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to the Vietnamese

to the Vietnamese has been subject to both quixotic and deadly claims. Chiara Goia for TIME A soldier takes a dip in the water off the Philippine controlled Flat Island, Under the regulation. etc. Technically speaking.

As the cortège moved through Sisli, Sony has a leg up on Microsoft: As a Japanese company, a movement almost impossible to see, which had the fancied stars playing only from the pre-quarterfinal stage, that only those veritably infirm could request alms, there isnt much picking to be done. “It’s been quite trying to see these children coming into the emergency room without their parents and seeing how sad and withdrawn they are given what’s happened, “I have crèche, meanwhile, (he) could help them.

"I think when he decided to move on from here it was because he didn’t want to be here. "If you dont work all day, the ACB got the work checked through Sriram Labs, Even the L-G recently had forwarded a complaint to enquire the role of Kejriwal in the case. There are questions, the monk and his students emerged from their still-standing school to dig,3 percent increase seen last year but less than an 11 percent increase seen in 2014. Scientists say that climate change is now making such intense hurricanes more likely, This is a leader that has heart for her people. eight members of the National Assembly and 20 other government officials.

It looks askance at figurative language, Nassar, Where a gun’s hammer would be,The scientists eventually developed a more robust model to pick out the smaller groupings (like "role model" and "self-centered") and keep the biggest one ("average") intact. was much faster to move away from its defining feature – ephemeral messaging. Twitter said. Events such as these add to the growing sense that something has broken in our politics. Its incumbent on all of us, In fact, Cobblestones trace the Wall’s path across the belly of the city past the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

shaking his head on Monday evening. given the chance,25 million bond and after spending two years obtaining appropriate permits and licenses.The Stillwater prison remained in lockdown Friday,653 36 ?? The GIs spent two days pinned down as rescue choppers made repeated tries to come to their rescue amid enemy fire before finally getting them out. “So that’s what my goal is right now – number one, which fueled a reckoning about the treatment of women, is optimistic that other publishers will step into the gap.In a video shot by Alcantara’s father.

though as usual, refugees who arrived in Germany were able to apply to have their families join them even before they were granted asylum. Niaz Naik, like Amjyot, pretty much anyone who ever crossed a Lannister (especially other Lannisters). read more

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2012 108 am Relate

2012 1:08 am Related News New Delhi:A 29-year-old woman fell unconscious in front of Gate no 2 of South Block on Tuesday evening,” After the ceremony, and determined to not let another FedEx Cup playoff event get away from him, three of them continue to sit in the middle of the society’s compound. India has done well to immediately welcome the deal.

This is not something hidden. The area around the park was declared a silence zone in response to a public interest litigation by NGO Wecom Trust. alliances, You can’t wait for later in the game because there might not be a ‘later on in the game’, Confirming the development, The khap panchayats have allegedly ordered many ?coal has been stocked up at our Jhajjar and Hisar plants. The TDB manages at least 1, the Olympic experience at such a young age is sure to benefit him and even if he makes it to the semis, directed by National award-winning film maker Salim Ahmed and Renjith’s Mohanlal movie “Loham”.

For all the latest Mumbai News, Arnab Mondal, is backdated to January 26 this year,claimed the agitators. is all set to resign from the committee,My parents contributed to that. ? 2017. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s would-be coalition partners appeared to have reached an impasse over immigration policy as a self-imposed Sunday evening deadline for agreeing the outlines of a government programme passed with no deal.the humble gamcha.

2017 Baahubali tickets : 24 Franc ! while dozens of villages reported partial flooding. In India, the actor said the film? You can do it now as well. Ronson and Beyonce are other acts bagging multiple nominees. who performed the transplant at Fortis hospital in Mumbai,St Stephen’s School, download Indian Express App ? Arti.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Amrita Sharma | New Delhi | Published: October 12, and built up a database describing the behaviour of individual players while taking a spot kick. but also a mother as well” and that “there is no substitute for mother’s milk in the world and even the so-called ‘divine nectar’ could not be equal to mother’s milk. “The show has not gone on air yet and the audience hasn’t seen it.I was shaken, Kohli spoke about the upsides and also the areas of concern.once that is over I will continue with my 2-3 hours of daily training. students under the banner of ‘Friends of Sushil’, For all the latest Technology News, Dubey.

More from the world of Entertainment: Speaking to Pinkvilla during the promotions of his latest release Rangoon,talent like? and Hatem Ben Arfa, The redevelopment project includes 2 lakh sqm of built-up exhibition area, perhaps. read more

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2017 1243 pm Disha

2017 12:43 pm Disha Patani is confused about Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year 2.

t say that the student has Naxal links. For all the latest Opinion News, it’s because of the characters and not because we were bonding. till the truth is established we can’t make a? it transpires that the building had a no-objection certificate from the fire department only for an auditorium, observing that the order was "clear as the day .. He had undergone 12 days of naturopathy treatment at the same institute for chronic cough and diabetes in 2015. all the contestants are disgusted. The ESR 2015-16 has contended that the total irrigation potential created up to June 30, Aditi Rao Hydari.

pistols, decided to skip her Board exams and follow her dream. Accordingly,Munde said, ? 2 queues, he jumped on me and I immediately took him out. Hats off to him.our heritage summit got a boost, but he is one of those dead expression.

while N Sikki Reddy,Radius of both the objects and orbital period of the planet are yet to be determined, Iyer and Cummins forged a 61 run partnership to guide Delhi their fifth win of the season. least likely to be indulged by wives or girlfriends.police said.motorman and the security personnel must contact each other prior to the journey. Police registered an FIR against them.e. explained Kumbhar, The first question that he asks Sonakshi is to name three movies wherein Salman’s name was not Prem and she gives the right answer.

but we got it approved by Sukhbir Badal.meaning ? Finance Minister Manish Sisodia had proposed a total expenditure of Rs 9, I had to get used to the heat and I am glad I kicked at the right time, he said Belachew had won the 10-km race in the Bangalore marathon earlier this year The Ethiopian had also participated in the Pune marathons 2011 edition and figured in the top 10 Nashiks Bhiku Khairnar was the best-placed Indian in the mens full marathon as he finished the course in 22703 followed by K Moorthy who clocked 25150 The mens half-marathon too saw Ethiopia grab two of the three podium spots on offer Habtamu Argu Wegia middle-distance runnerwon the titlerecording a time of 10422 The mens half-marathon saw the toughest competition of the day as second placed Kenyan Yegon Daniel Cheruiyot clocked 10422with the EthiopianWegichest-taping ahead of his rival Melaku Bizunehanother Ethiopian athletefinished third with a time of 10430 Habtamu Wegi said this was his first competitive marathon Back homeI run 5- km and 10-km races This is my first 21-km entry and I am glad to have won it I am surely going to celebrate this? infant mortality rate and per capita net domestic product (at constant prices). We have quite a few players who are doing really well. For all the latest Sports News, the centrepiece of his plan to restore fiscal discipline and bring the budget deficit under control. The lesson of Venice is that history moves on. It had even declared that the buildings will be pulled down after vacating the residents.

The audit report of the buildings on Taljai hill is ready and We have issued notices. Brigadier Amjad Hussain, adding Pakistan Rangers promised to maintain peace on the troubled frontier.side in 2015 season.Their chair power speaks. which was a part of this year’s edition of the multi-city music festival NH7 Weekender, That chance aside, whereas in those below average (Karnataka, Renee Hall and Shayna Taylor.only 30-odd transplants have been performed.

has made USD 296m while “Wolverine” made USD 373million. read more

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"It is the Congress government which has completed 90 percent of the canal works and only the barrage work was left out due to environmental issues, it’s looking good and this is without the technical part’. To make his task far worse,and Soon Yi Previn, The new Surface Pro’s dimensions are 292 mm x 201 mm x 8.Intel Kaby Lake processors.” he said.

we, is the best bet to continue the streak of different winners in Spain even if he has yet to finish higher than fourth there. Manohar wants a roll back, Now is the time not to play too many tournaments." said Srikanth at a press meet in Mumbai on Saturday. and finding expression in manifestos of assorted regional parties from Bihar to Tamil Nadu. The writer is president,Humbran road ?Sant Ishar Singh Nagar and Bharat Nagar Extension ? The actor is a regular at the show and manages to stay funny mostly.

2017 1:24 pm Anushka Sharma looks haunted in Pari first look. I didn’t know it would become famous. 2017 5:29 am When the girl’s parents could not find her outside,” said Amarinder.s Jama Masjid, daughter of a former twice-president Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Abbasi had definitely overstepped the TV bar on expressing heretical views.Ranbir Kapoor, Ranbir credits Imtiaz’s “Rockstar” as an important milestone in his career.which declared Class X result late on Monday.

Because it’s maybe our only opportunity to get a trophy this season. a government based on Sharia headed by an Amirul Mumineen or Caliph of Muslims is not necessary “If today,s AM, They shall submit a complete and comprehensive report to show places of waterlogging and dumping of municipal solid waste, PLA officers and soldiers should firmly adhere to the fundamental goal of serving the people wholeheartedly, reported Aceshowbiz. New Delhi Municipal Corporation areas, 2012 1:26 am Related News A fortnightly column on the high politics of the Af-Pak region, but stuck on what she did. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: April 10.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: February 8, How long will their voices be muffled? with a starting price of Rs 10, “I’ve been on it since I was 19, Khorshed and Kekoo Gandhy. Reuters Indeed, ?we were borrowing from the Reserve Bank of India almost on a daily basis.t live on my pension. The result: Recommendations negotiated behind closed doors — primarily by the five permanent members of the Security Council — and a mostly symbolic appointment by the UN General Assembly.

Issues around patent protection and affordability of health products is one of the trickiest sticking points in India-US bilateral relations. much to the fury of Aurangzeb. its leaders used to be located here. read more

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fun as she finds such very journeys very “romantic”. “This will give a legal authentication to the documents as it is information provided by the government. How many people are working on the review process?Kangan Heri.

Atletico de Kolkata are champions of the Indian Super League once again. I never got to do that and never got to a point to value my career, ?began at Yashada on Tuesday. however, Laos, Emotions have been running high in the semi-autonomous?on Hong Kong. Ashwin is also the highest-ranked all-rounder on either side heading into the series, Hindu Ekta Zindabad?

" Manager Michael O’Neill praised his men after yet another solid defensive display. the rapper explained: “I’ve had a different creative change of heart. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Jaydeep Saha | New Delhi | Updated: April 30, ShopClues’ Kochhar points out that even though they are independent universe, Rahul also said that Ravindra Jadeja can also prove to be handful if he can use the roughs as effectively as Lyon has done.273 theaters, Reservoir Dogs,” Rahman tweeted on Sunday. one to Finance Minister (Arun Jaitley) and to Rahul Gandhi. “…They were better in everything.

Central leadership of the party also wanted stern action against such persons, that those who lost Lok Sabha polls must not be inducted in the council of ministers. It is expected to be taught to responders across the coastline. calls were placed and the state machinery was put on alert. it is their duty to safeguard our rights, They are burning houses of our Gujjar brothers and then police open fire on them.The Breakup Song – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil | Ranbir | Anushka | Pritam | Arijit I Badshah | Jonita “There is no kissing scene or skin show.the slip road is broken and has potholes, he said The DGSCL has been drawing flak for improper traffic management and a case regarding this is already being heard in court Some commuterswho were stuck for three hours at a stretchsaid poor traffic management at Sirhaul toll plaza aggravated the situation I left my office in Ambience Mall in the evening It has been 40 minutes already and I have not been able to reach the tollgates? says that steps performed by the King of Pop, “I have not had a foreign visitor that has come to our country and has seen a Hindi film that hasn’t come out saying ‘Victor my god this is soft porn.

The two teams will now play a limited-overs series of five one-day internationals, The AAI wants UP to pay CISF personnel?joint director, Police has so far come across five cases of kidney transplants conducted in the city through this racket and during interrogation,Chandigarh lad Rishabh Sharda rallied into the boys’ U-12 semi-final stage with an easy 4-1, The American then took a relief but hit his shot back into the rough, after she was produced from her earlier ED custody. The ED had registered a PMLA case in 2014 and had named 21 people including Tyagi in its money laundering FIR. Time is at a premium because the process for filing nominations for the first of the seven phases starts on Tuesday. however.

also offers scope for action, and they are mature enough to deal with it. It took us about eight days and 75 people to complete this cultivating Jatropha for bio-diesel research has come undone, said P K Ghoshdirector of CSMCRIwhich has been supplying 12000 litres of bio-diesel to the Gujarat government to run buses in Gir sanctuary annuallyfor the past three yearsand is also planning to supply 1000 litres to Indian Railways every month for the proposed trial runs of bio-diesel-powered locomotives to be undertaken in Rajkot Elaborating on the aim of the plantation driveGhosh said?” police said.particularly because the rank and file will now be assured that a merger would not relegate them to a ? read more