Mobile phone website should be how to do the optimization of Shanghai Dragon


on the mobile Internet, users are most concerned about traffic? Well, if you do a website is an open video, flash, pop, users will feel terrible, you might think that takes the user unaware on your website traffic, but if there is a hardcore fans have been looking at you the web site, but because your site cost too much traffic, not to the end of the month did not flow, do you think this thing is good or bad. In technical terms, Apple products do not support the Flash function, a large part of the intelligent mobile phone.



mobile Internet, you also have to squeeze into the mobile website, mobile site can be said to be a nice work, so now do the mobile website, that ultimately is the nature of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, at the end of PC on your website may have ranked in a word but, in the mobile search engine, you will not show the priority ranking, don’t say these things, we need to first look at the search engine, which is this year’s mobile search engine usage share.

Most of

the other is negligible, we focus our attention on the love of Shanghai, because he was in the mobile search engine’s share is more than 79%, if the obsessive friends can also try to optimize Google, 360 search, like, oh no, forget what a search engine, to see what is in the search young, we do not account for the inclusion of data, enter the key, we need some things which do

The launch of

‘s mobile web site is a two level domain name or a two column to do mobile web site, in fact this is not scientific, imagine you publish an article, there are two URL content as like as two peas even if you are the one, the original articles, it will not become pseudo original? Consider the Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the original and pseudo original gap is very big! So, if conditions permit, make recommendations or mobile site automatic response, such as my blog, you try to see the browser function is enlarged, change is not according to the resolution website there is also little.


three, avoid the cost of user traffic

? ?

mobile web site we can understand as a micro website, based on micro site, we do not need to do such a complex website (special exception), so in the code can be simple and simple, and the user is not to see you at the website Web site code more complex network stations and more beautiful, but look at your site you can find the answer he wanted in the shortest time. The second is usually the case of mobile phone browser PC browser is not so strong, that is to say not every JS in the mobile web site can be resolved, if not the browser resolves users with one of your JS, it is not to see the mess? There is a very serious problem, when users of the 2G network, if you put the site to do so complex, one thirty while loading should come out of

Daniel share the 5 skills in the Department of communication of Shanghai dragon er

do not want this person to communicate don’t communicate with

you put on the back of demand, also reflects the communication object is recognized you, recognition of your team. Recognized here >

?Sometimes one needs

for the communication object recognize you, approval of the Department of

in with our needs to communicate with each other, let the other party should understand the general demand outlook, why would we propose such a demand, this demand is put forward after the role of what is not able to completely solve the problem of the moment. Of course, no need to fully understand the other side, let them subconsciously know this thing is right and justified, according to. And don’t think of each other as a tool for you to achieve demand, sincere to communicate with each other, be honest in exchange for certain absolute identity and understanding.

really talking about communication problems, I also want to add a few points. In the current environment, to meet the needs of many party, Party of Shanghai dragon are more or less have a certain understanding. If you need just a demand and not the value of the underlying mapping, so that, in the communication process most will encounter more difficulties. Everyone will be thinking about you whether this demand will affect the other current or future plans to do, I believe that many people are definitely in the understanding of competing products, understand the other sites have a lot of questions. What are you doing this? This is not reasonable?

everyone is busy, not idle. To communicate to see whether the other party is busy, if the person is busy you with your needs to communicate that either you will, as can be imagined, or to push you off. Of course, the beginning may be polite to communicate, and you. But in the course of time it is really annoying! Please note.

needs to communicate, let your understanding of the requirements of

to understand each other’s work from the side of

finished, will involve a lot of people, so many people to organize and communicate relatively not easy. In addition, sometimes one ditch through the demand, but in the process of communication is not very smooth, in the next to about the needs of people, try to avoid this person, this is wrong. I think this is a challenge, or every day to talk to a person to say happy then means nothing to solve. All sorts of strange things, of every hue communication objects that we grow in this way.

Department of communication to a certain extent affect the output of Shanghai dragon, because in most cases the LongFeng Railway Station in Shanghai in a demand side perspective, through communication, consultation requirements can be carried out with colleagues in other departments. But many people have stopped at the demand of execution, in fact many technical personnel and products to meet the needs of Party and party will think about the needs of what use? Or really useful? And there are other problems, following Zhao Yangang divided into several nodes to talk about this thing.

Discussion on new sites such as the use of A5 platform for a month the chain increased 2000



4, A5 link exchange: do Shanghai, many people will choose to exchange links, A5 provides a platform for us to link, which greatly facilitated our exchange links, I stand a month exchange 30, basically every one can find, can only find a reason is I will only choose the relevant to our website, or related websites exchange.

I think many people have A5 forum real name authentication, to tell the truth, I guess a lot of people are like me, do not want to apply for certification, a forum and a certification fee, in fact, when you really start to do optimization, You’ll see. A5 forum signature has many benefits.

2, A5 answers: I love inside look very, because there are many actual problems, but popularity is very busy, for example, there is a problem, to ask questions, not be long before someone can reply, timely understanding of the question, actually give you suggestions, can go to search before asking because there are a lot of, have to reply. I admit, now inside the management is not strict, advertising is very much. This advice to management forum, don’t let Q District into advertising area.

1, forum signature: in fact, many people say that more and more small effect forum signature, which I have accepted, but it is better than nothing, you said right, even if small, if your competitors do not, then you don’t have a little bit over his

every day in A5, basically all is the optimization of the master, but I study in Shanghai dragon is not a long time, the first thing every morning boot is A5 A5, because every day there will be a lot of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, in which you can learn a lot of waste well, say no more, besides there is suspicion of paima *. Here is my new sites such as the use of A5 platform for a month the chain increased 2000.

link, ha ha!


3, A5 A: actually we write to A5 submission, often found will be returned, although the original may, the quality is not high, is often my back. So how about returned articles, we can talk to A5 to release, and add a link. This is a

: first A5 forum for real name authentication

I think a lot of people are doing, A5 advantage is that the article was reproduced the amount is very large, can bring a lot of chain for us, no matter how search algorithm changes, anti chain role seems to have not changed. I inquired, I in an article about A5 was reproduced 100 times, did not remove the copyright of about 80 or so, some of your article word for word directly posted on his web site, just put your copyright into him, I believe that we have encountered, we together despise these >

: second submission

Love the Shanghai index and encyclopedia began charging protection of brand word or money

recently love Shanghai index and love Shanghai encyclopedia began charging, before there is a large number of keywords is not love view of Shanghai index, there may be the keyword search volume is too small, there may be a love Shanghai deliberately shield some key words. And now love Shanghai intends to open such words, but the premise is to charge a fee, add a keyword, the annual fee is 50 yuan, that is to say after the renewals have to pay. Love is not only love Shanghai index, Shanghai enterprise Encyclopedia also start charging, every day is 9 piece of 5 hair 8, seems to be a lucky number. This love Shanghai has launched two new services, what is the purpose? It is said to be money, some people say it is in order to protect the brand word.


love Shanghai move can play a protective role of corporate brand word

is more and more mature love Shanghai is gradually "commercial"

for sex optimization of Shanghai friends, some people can be made through the brush this kind of keywords ranking, in order to increase the weight of the website. This person does not agree, love Shanghai official never admit the concept of what "love Shanghai weight". The so-called "Shanghai love weight" is the webmaster tools to evaluate by keywords ranking and flow, the whole weight actually has no direct relationship with the website. So I want to enhance the site overall weight by brush words, I am afraid it is impossible, love will certainly consider this Shanghai official. Create index and new words are limited, at present is everyone a year to buy a maximum of 100 words, visible love Shanghai without limit allows you to add new words.

love Shanghai enterprise encyclopedia, the enterprise must fill out the real information related, including: business license, corporate information, etc.. Every day for less than 10 dollars, the price looks very cheap, also more than 3000 dollars a year, but the number of enterprises on the Internet is very alarming. This calculation is not a small sum of income sources, love Shanghai to the "commercial" is what makes sense of love, Shanghai’s main profit model is bidding, of course the customer sources are basically small and medium sized enterprises. But love Shanghai blindly in "quanqian", it was a bit too extreme, the rapid rise of the 360 search for love Shanghai Alexander, to retain more ordinary users. Shanghai love >

no ground for blame of small and medium-sized enterprises are not many, there are too many to count on the Internet in the small and medium-sized enterprises, is also involved in almost all industries and fields. But sales of the same product enterprises very much, for example: Sales of "shotblastin machine" this product in the mechanical line, for this keyword, there is a corporate brand word. But if the keywords in front with the name of the enterprise, this is the one and only the word, because of the emergence of the same enterprise name not allowed in an industry. A similar combination of keywords that companies can buy love to Shanghai, 50 yuan price is very cheap. But the long tail word search volume will be very few, almost no what users will go to search this word.

?Now there is no Internet

Website operations five user experience that needs special attention


[editor’s note] this article is reprinted from Zhou Hongyi’s blog, which is a speech delivered by Zhou Hongyi at the UPA user experience conference in November 9, 2012.

The product manager from

‘s technical staff has great potential because he understands technology and can better select technical solutions with technical staff. But I see a lot of technical personnel making a common mistake in the product, too want to show their own technology to the user, the advanced technical concepts to the user.

this is forgotten from the user perspective, the user today, especially the experience of the era, what is called experience era? When the computer or the immediate computer era, the more complex the better, to enter complex instructions, but as an industry, for example, today Apple has become the arcade, computer has become the standard case computer experts from time to enter, popular era, it becomes more and more important experience, users don’t even know what a lot of apple CPU, apple white Formica, rich handsome do not know Apple is only with quad core or core, feel very comfortable.


each person with Google, only to see Google simple search box, who knows what kind of server model behind Google, Google used the next generation of search engine technology. Many technicians do products advertised said this is the fourth generation technology, I do not know the fourth generation of users can not understand, too many times of their departure, we made a user education mistake, my view is not user education, user habits is that you need to observe.

to adapt to the user’s habits, the most terrible thing is to correct the user to develop habits for many years, this is almost impossible.

starting from the user, another is a foundation for the following several points of view how to user experience.


user experience has five points:

1: the core of the user experience is user needs

is the core of the user experience, we are designers, is not designed? Sorry, not the first core of the design, the user experience is the most basic needs of users, if out of the needs of users, a design beautiful products, and the user is unable to resonate.

I’m in a foreign country to a circle, a lot of things a lot of college students creative team to do, for example, in the past two years have a very hot concept LBS, there is a concept called O2O, we see what a successful product? No, very simple, the user selects a product, you do a white users go to a restaurant or decided to buy a TV, because designers may design looking to buy a home, most white users ask a simple question, I solve the problem of what to use this product, this product to what I value, said the people is what, if this.

Dedication to websites

Hello I’m just a junior high school graduates not what culture, now plant technology is a bar (proficiency in a particular line don’t scold me who I will call this) to the future is a bleak for life is not what confidence. When nothing on the Internet playing games is a mixed day, every internet addiction emptiness, then a chance to join an amateur web development group was immediately attracted to the magic of the network, beginning in HTML learn a simple static page made to the development of ASP, PHP the development (PHP learning…) then feel to do a website gets a development team who don’t own up how hard ah.

He went to work at 7 in the morning to midnight in

sleep every night. After 3 months the site finally ready is a work site, they don’t have money to buy space and domain name to use free, operates its own website (website is happy heart good static program is entirely their own school now it seems that the website is rubbish) when the membership to more than 400 sites open, ask the service he said not free to support themselves cried, as their children did not have the same! Lose the fun of life, dad know after enlighten me don’t believe I have to return to the network. After another night is a night of busy, I want to do the site to buy the space charge cost me a month’s wages. At that time what money is not squandering what snacks, clothes, cigarettes are not, who know the website again one day open to service providers that server attack database is damaged, call me to launch the website database backup I have silly what is a database backup ah, then know do regular backup just in case again, crying again now the site is open again to welcome you all to play my thanks for any free benefits only to network enthusiasm, if love is a registered member, (now in the recruitment of the main version feel bad) I also thank you for me this ip. Literary talent is not good, do not curse web site is

Do when you want to think of Internet users, many are rookie

although the Internet has penetrated into thousands of households, in Chinese also has hundreds of millions of Internet users, but these users in most people or a rookie, they may be strong in some aspects, but on the other hand is really a rookie. Why? Is that related to what we do,


according to my experience of standing this time, rookie or there are many, if not, then it is estimated that those who do download the station next to the download address, advertising will not cheat the click. I think you should know better than I do.

so, what’s the connection between us and the station? Yes, it can be important, especially some technical stations. Take my station   m eat free resources, such as the introduction of some foreign free space when there are a lot of people do not understand English does not look good, then if I put the method of how to apply for a detailed introduction, in accordance with the method I teach readers to apply for free space must have a happy. Happy for my station will have a good impression, the next estimate not to not work, ha ha. This will not have a repeat? Maybe he will give his friends to introduce it! How can we stop doing what is most needed? This is not the loyal visitors, the more visitors you still see Baidu face all day? So we do stand to remember when people don’t come your station is what you want or want to do.

if the visitors in you as you teach the learned things that help from his next visit will be far to him, if you want to have a website bigger and more traffic, need is more of the loyal customers. He wants to rush away from Baidu, or hurry, and stick to your station, and you can do it yourself,

or that sentence, to find out what other people want, or how?.

Ma 15 billion yuan bailout refraction personal network entrepreneurial kingly way

October 15th, Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma said: "Alibaba has financing 15 billion yuan, to join the global rescue action.". 15 billion yuan, including $2 billion of listed Alibaba financing, and Alibaba’s own funds.

financial crisis affecting the real economy, will first affect the individual consumer, and then transferred to the enterprise, and corporate credit affected the most. China’s future export situation will certainly be affected, because fewer and fewer foreign consumers. This is the impact of the financial crisis will affect China’s small and medium-sized enterprises.

of small and medium-sized enterprises are Ma Yun customers, customers now have difficulties, look at what Ma Yun did, 15 billion yuan generous bailout, the government and the Alibaba in Zhejiang province cooperation, launched to help small and medium enterprises to enter the electronic commerce the "million enterprise project". Zhejiang Province Economic and Trade Commission, Zhejiang Provincial Department of finance support, to provide 30 million yuan of funds to support the finalists of small and medium-sized enterprises, the Alibaba will provide e-commerce services about the value of 300 million yuan, in the winter, the Alibaba for the customer to pay, the "million enterprise project" through the winter in the free, these small and medium-sized enterprises will be more dependent on the electronic commerce of the Alibaba, so as to realize the locking. After the cold winter, they will pay for the Alibaba e-commerce.

the above information collected from the western financial investment, Alibaba is a big business, small owners although less than just capital Alibaba, the gap in the ways of business may be similar to the specific details, I dare not say how, but the operation strategy of Ma Yun is definitely NO.1. Although Ma is the president, but also my idol, relative to our own website, our role is the same as Ma, in the operation of the above should learn from ma.

yesterday in the group (809 in group: 56775820) with friends, exchange of experience, I plant network, friend’s view is to the website with the traditional media cooperation, or cooperation with other institutions, let website diversified development, the reason is that the owners will choose a brand in the high way. This is contrary to my own opinion, the essence of the idea is first with other agencies to join together to make more money from clients, it is from their own interests, of course, also said a wide range of information dissemination, it is undeniable, but there is no analysis from the whole thing is the link? From the customer’s point of view to the objective about


I think so, plant rental is generally a long cycle, the customer (owner) to factory chummage, Qiuzu now generally can search information online, if it is a pauper if he won’t go to rent the workshop, in cooperation with other agencies, is to find another website the way to increase the customer’s advertising costs, this is not the training site in the industry in an important position, if not necessary, cooperate with the intermediary, intermediary can do website can do the same, and easy to jump, is the normal company often >

For example Baidu alliance process specification.

believe that many did Baidu union friends have tasted Baidu union Advertising Commission sweetness, but once you close the account account permissions (title), and strange was closed, is not a small blow to the site operating income. In view of this, I recommend you or by the right way, the solution, the solution to the official course, if it does not have any violations, but not closed, it is that we can not control, can only change the union or other way to make money the website operation.

because I thought that I am innocent is sealed, because many people do not know how to apply for re opened, now I have my website was closed, with the way Baidu is releasing (, given the following tutorial, of course, if you are wrong, can.

According to the specification given by the official

representations (refer to the official, I was in Baidu alliance background of the "advisory" select "apply for releasing – down" are as follows: fill in

========= line =========

(1) banned business type:

network alliance to promote business cooperation

(2) account blocked date: July 18, 2013 (mail is late 18 sent, No. 19 No data, should be number 18 was blocked. I checked check number 19 and found it blocked)

(3) traffic source for cooperative services

business launch site:

The specific page

promotion code: site banner and bottom banner theme promotion banner (960*90), on a wide banner 960 link unit. In addition to all pages on the front page, about 120*270 themes are suspended.

web traffic sources: search engines (Baidu, Sogou, 360 search, Google) accounted for more than 80%. The rest, there are old members return to the majority, the website friend chain, a small amount of direct click link.

(4) banned business data for the first 10 days: closure of business for the "web promotion, please look at the picture" screenshots "ten days before the results of screenshots of.Jpg ten days before

ten days before the effect report screenshot

(5): the Wangmeng website in a month inside Baidu weight decreased and the weight led to the rise of Baidu search traffic has minor changes, but there is no great change and did not find any malicious traffic (see article sixth of the traffic statistics third square section map); click ads on the blocked and >