Tao Xiaokai we do eventually user experience

is about the ultimate, but this idea also violated many rules of nature, but it will not insist too much on the wrong medicine, the highest realm: benevolence, Wu also has its highest pursuit, and what is the highest pursuit of our website? That just to pursue life. Just go to the record of life are in fact false, at least you are false, only those in the industry to sway the decades of predecessors are eligible to say, so the highest realm of our present stage is: user experience. I am a website developer, now also contact Shanghai Longfeng some time, on the other hand, an intersection is the user experience. Is for the convenience of the reader how convenient is what to do. Here in fact, think of most things in the world, doing business well, the customer is supreme. Therefore, the ultimate user experience we have to pay our attention, and that you do not feel

user experience is the highest realm we are pursuing


does not know this "content is king" is proposed which predecessors, (PS: Ding teacher told the Wuji proposed by Zhang) so that it has become all the webmaster motto and epitaph, but I believe we must see that our website is very important. The original has been advocated, and the need to "fat" article, so as to give the reader a better interpretation. Yes, our purpose is to make people better reading and writing, what kind of content, we even with pictures to guide the reader, all this we can be attributed to the "user experience".

"content is king"

chain is now become the endorsement of Shanghai Longfeng, many people just know when it comes to Shanghai dragon dead chain, not to say whether this is true or not. (PS: wrong) we do Shanghai dragon, to the purpose of the chain is that we need to let our website more famous, but also the optimization of Shanghai dragon still want to improve the user experience, the real Shanghai dragon still need from the starting station.

to the original small blog address: 贵族宝贝xccsu贵族宝贝

"the chain for emperor"

No matter what



some time ago in thinking, we need for our blog / website to give a meaning of existence, after things consulted many predecessors also finally have the answer, and then a problem worth our thinking is our ultimate goal: the site where? Consider carefully, think that the user experience, no matter what can be attributed to the above.

The love of Shanghai know drainage method (case)

I speak here today is not to tell love Shanghai know how important, how big role, do not tell you how to answer, I want to say is how to love in Shanghai knew that drainage today.

features: a relatively common form of links is also more obvious, and can increase a high quality of the chain for the website to attract traffic is the best, but remove the probability is relatively large, the individual is not recommended.

Methods: the

two. Collection method (or jump method)

features: good drainage method, users click to enter the target site, drainage convenient and practical, but now love Shanghai know about this method is also relatively strict vetting, and your site must be included in the love of Shanghai. (love Shanghai know recently updated more frequently.

to everyone!

, a website with large




method: first target site added to love Shanghai love Shanghai collection, open platform and other large sites (through the collection, quizzes and other forms, similar intermediary) to answer questions, and add links to this large web sites in Shanghai love know figure, so that you can jump through the way we want in the user entered the place, can reach the aim of drainage.

search results

domain name address in front of your website and love Shanghai, 123, Sina, Sohu and other website, add your website (see case pictures, this is the answer I know, today a dragon boat festival gifts in the picture link by the domain name hao123 plus link).

due to the recent love Shanghai know more frequently lead to update the probability of linking method before be removed greatly increased, no matter how high your account level, even if you link up, the back will be like Shanghai removed, cannot exist for a long time, it has been removed from the Shanghai know love platform, with the help of love Shanghai knows the platform to attract traffic and hair of the chain is a serious blow, I am one person, after testing, found that now in love Shanghai know on the platform outside the chain is almost impossible, not worth the candle, but as a platform to attract traffic, it can still have a lot of use the place, here I will share his summary of the

features: the left link is relatively easy, the link is obvious (users click to open), but the user into the target site after 2 or 2 times more than the jump.

case in the picture link is through in Shanghai know love to add love Shanghai open platform links, and love Shanghai open platform links joined the target site, formed through the way of the popular attraction.

three. Love Shanghai drainage

shlf1314 Adsense Western Union fast collect all the stepsWell known American angel investors list 30

Customer Relationship Management CRM is one of the most commonly used one kind of software enterprises, the field still has the potential to be excavated. This kind of software is currently only completed mail list management functions, and the future of this kind of software should help enterprises to better off and on

But 6. more Most of the

3, the amount of payment: accurate to the decimal point after two

famous Internet experts MarcAndreessen has pointed out that the traditional newspaper is currently facing difficulties, the problem is the organizational structure of them makes them in the face of competitors is weak. The Internet news has undergone tremendous change, PerezHilton and TechCrunch news represents a trend in the future, while Reddit and Digg are another. This field has just started.

2, remittance control number: MTCN

second, login account at the end of each month: my account – payment history,

enterprises, IT departments are expensive bottleneck. However, with the advent of the Wufoo and IT outsourcing services, making enterprise marketing department only takes a short time to complete the form of the internet. Enterprise IT departments and many other work to be done, these outsourcing work will bring huge business opportunities.

fifth, with their ID card and the above data to the post office, Ningbo friends can go to the east entrance post office, the speed is still fast!

shlf1314 Adsense remember last won the money, the Drunken Beauty gold zmking or dumpster in November 2006, but it took me nearly 2 years to earn 123.17 yuan.

in order to let me like the rookie can take less detours, as soon as possible to get their first money, special collection on the West Union fast some information, and we hope to help you a little bit,

1. to solve the copyright disputeThe music copyright lawsuit filed by SONY

3. news

4. enterprise IT outsourcing

in many cases, users want to oversimplify Internet browsing. For example, the elderly and children do not need to complete the Internet, they just want to share photos or communication etc.. Digital photo frame and Firefox embodies this idea, so in the future if there is similar creative

, but still very happy, after all, is the first money earned on the Internet, ha ha, although less,

first, first set up your own shlf1314 account: my account — payment details — payment to Western Union

spent the first 1 months for the bank for collection, and later received a phone call, said the money has been received, to the bank, but the bank told me to save a month to take, no way, do not agree, it means that after a month without a penny.


2. simplified view

softwareA lot of software


and I spent a total time of nearly 2 months to get the poor money


! !

!When shlf1314

and universal file sharing software not only to the development of an obstacle, also destroyed their business model. The current situation is not the final solution. In addition to music, the film industry in the future will also face similar problems.

observation of the development of the Internet cannot do without the guidance of accelerating VC angel investment to grow, how to seize the investment mentality to do the integration of venture capital is the entrepreneur problem. The best way to realize the value of that first by VC, so the 30 are willing to invest in ideas have been published every day of the American translation of the author of the Internet well-known angel investors in the blog. The U.S. venture capital firm YCombinator partners, well-known angel investors PaulGraham, the author, first revealed the 30 creative YCombinator is willing to invest. His attitude probably represents a general view of the Silicon Valley venture capital institutions.

enterprise software vendors are selling now are very bad, but the price is expensive. They maintain their position through a certain degree of monopoly. However, the software industry is always changing. Entrepreneurship can be from small companies to start writing software.

, now, shlf1314 finally opened the Western Union Station, I also changed, the blog also built a long – standing property housing network, and I also reported the mentality to try to choose this mode of payment, but not long after, Western Union issued a memo. But I still silly rookie, thought that the Western Union is through the post office to send the bill to be charged, so silly, half a month, not wait until the bill was time to sh419 in the network not only to find the original, Western Union does not need the bill, go directly to the post office receive it, O a _ U O


third, click on the "payment has been issued" as shown above, as follows:

fourth, take a pen and record the following data:


1, shlf1314 address: that is, remittance information.

had opened western union, only through the clean collection! Think of it is a "trouble".

5. enterprise 2.0

CRM software

To all QQ webmaster apology letter

Hello everyone, I’m the webmaster of the seven QQ space. Please allow me to describe my reasons for writing this apology letter first.

at the end of 07, I set up a QQ website, named, and I, like all the webmaster, by doing content, SEO, traditional promotion, through 3 months of effort, day IP did more than 30 thousand. But my PR has been 0, so this time, QQ class site webmaster also don’t want to and PR0 site link. I’ve been waiting.

finally wait until May 1st, Google PR big update, my PR once rose to 4, in May 1st, just 4 of the week, Baidu also big update, my collection soared more than 20 thousand. Traffic has also skyrocketed.

I know I have "capital", with similar webmaster talk about friendship links, my PR is very high, the flow is also very high, so I contact a similar site, webmaster are willing to link with me. Just 4 or 5 days, I’ve made hundreds of home links.

why do I do so crazy link? At that time, do QQ station webmaster should know, chuangla.cn, he is done N more links, not long after row second. I began to feel complacent, I think the ranking has risen steadily.

but second weeks later, Baidu big update site was down right, I did not break the rankings. Through detailed analysis, I concluded that my home page has been dropped right (fortunately, my traffic is within the pages). And lead to the right to drop the reason is because the home page links, there are some parts of the site was K down right, and the joint punishment, I think it is the same experience.

so I began to organize home links, but the link is too much, so I decided to only retain more than 50 thousand of the flow or more than PR4 sites. This arrangement down more than 100 links, leaving only less than 10. Because the removed links too much, unable to contact (I was too lazy), I only indicated in the home link please be done within the page links webmaster contact (I contacted my head I will inform my removed links).

in the arrangement of the retained links, I do QQ space code keyword site link removed, and then did not inform the webmaster.

at the end of May, Baidu to me right, I rankings rise in June 5th, my ranking to fifth. I think you can do the first ten of the site will cause peer attention.

This time I was before the

link removed without notice to the webmaster, also took note of my website, everybody thinks I’m a ranking of burn the bridge after crossing it.

last night a QQ with me, made a strange words to me, said all the QQ webmaster will take my link, let me out, I did not care, who then joked with me.

then I checked my home page with software and found 3 sites at the same time

Talk about the single user blog (Blog) program I used

uses so many blogging apps and writes about.

said I now use the sablog-x, a simple function, the background is simple, clear, safe, well. Of course, do not rule out the possibility of being black, I love this simple, convenient and practical procedures, support pseudo static, like a system. The deficiencies are no plug-ins, so. Is to modify the code to complete the template, but many less beautiful, I like this, is the forum friends from the K2 transplant, the default is good. Have been waiting for 2, a lot of friends can’t wait to go directly to the WordPress, will be released in August. For the 2, has been looking forward to.

in WordPress, there are a lot of advantages, WordPress plug-in, template theme. You will not know what to choose, many of my friends have used the WordPress to do the blog, because of the powerful WordPress, many websites are using WordPress free (free8.com).Seo, WordPress as well, the custom URL path, Ping plug-in is very good, published an article, a cigarette in the time, it included the Google, who also said WP pig is very strong, I do not use WordPress for many reasons, the language is on the one hand, if the English version, hard to understand, Chinese version of it, error prone. Accessing.WordPress is not garbled the efficiency of several domestic blog program.WordPress is the most famous foreign blog program, said that the WordPress code is written well, the efficiency of how..

Z-blog, I don’t understand, but see people say well used, support custom content page URL, custom column URL, can generate static HTM pages. The blog is good in ASP. The template a lot. Many people left behind by z-blog.

pjblog2, now has been upgraded to pjblog3, the first blog program I use, simple operation, multiple themes, the forum is also very active, beautiful and well done, many people use this program, the author Chen Zishun legend PJBlog QQ Zone (PuterJam) is the designer, this is no wonder…..Pjblog update, I have no concern, anyway, I used pjblog2, a big data, the speed, it’s frightening, motionless IE death card, or a half..


Bo-Blog? From installation to use to delete, I have not seen what he has advantages, but also can not find any shortcomings, but his subject skin is pretty good.

, F2blog, and even home pages are often not open, old do not update…

11 skills to improve the PR value of the website

came back this morning to find PR’s great summer show, so he quickly wrote an article: "June 24, 2009 PR big update, Yan Yan blog PR is 3.". As usual, update a few websites, to talk about how to improve the PR value of the site. I said is not how to quickly improve the PR value, because the use of certain cheating means to improve the PR value, the next time it is likely to be hit back to the prototype.

1, the use of excellent links to improve PR value

this is known to be the most important, but not necessarily everyone can do it well. It might be nice to find a link to your site’s PR, but maybe his export link is more than 50, and maybe his Google snapshot is stuck in N days ago. My blog exchange is purely a link, so any blog does not matter, and some of my other sites, general exchange links to meet the following three conditions:

(1) Baidu and Google included more than 100

(2) search engine, site home page ranked first, or to ensure that the first page of

(3) my website PR is x, then the website that links with me is generally PR is greater than or equal to X-1.

, if the other party’s Web site has a good target, keyword in the home page, whether it is Baidu or GG, you can not take into account the above conditions.

2, export links to improve PR value

The PR value of

website navigation station will be higher than the PR value of other websites. GG reference standard should be included in the quality and quantity of the export link, find a few of you often go to the website or the website of weight and they are not willing to exchange Links and you, take the initiative to do their links to anchor text, this should have a modest effect on improving the PR value.

3, web site to improve the PR value, but also to provide keywords weight

this is actually useful, but many people tend to ignore it or say it’s too lazy to do it. There are 2 general situations in the chain:

The inner chain of

(1) should have a good tree structure or an annular structure. Those who have studied network engineering or computer basics should know the characteristics of these two topologies. Some pages, the chain of small enterprise website, to improve the PR value, you can do some articles at this point. The link between the pages is very reasonable, do not let spiders into the dead end, search engines will naturally give you a good weight.

(2) chains note the use of anchor text. About the concept of anchor text, please refer to the SEO basics I’ve written before. General anchor text can point to your home page or a column of the page, then you can use the target keyword or column keyword to do anchor text. If the chain to a certain page, I believe it must be for a key word.


A senior webmaster for a novice webmaster Wangzhuan process planning integration

The first contact with the

three years ago with the network, in a candid heart know the first a friend of the virtual world, and about three years, he was a senior webmaster, it is also for this reason, I bought a computer last year after entering the higher ranks, I decided into the army Wangzhuan industry, with his own practical experience in the form of a document to share a detailed planning process of Wangzhuan to me, after nearly a year of practice, I found that this was a good plan (especially for the novice webmaster), in order to help the novice webmaster like me detours, I borrow A5 this platform to share this Wangzhuan process of planning for everyone.

initial project positioning as advertising alliance

see the word advertising, you might have done it filled with a thousand regrets, understand its hardships, advertising alliance is mainly to let the novice webmaster understand network more basic knowledge, and certainly not to rely on advertising alliance can not make money, but it is also a long-term project, but the author suggested that the advertising alliance as a bridge to accumulate experience, and to other development. During this period the suggestions to understand some Wangzhuan details of the operation through various channels, to master the basic knowledge of the network (especially basic concept), the accumulation of Wangzhuan their own ideas.

gradually turning to violent product marketing

whether in the past or now, the product is not the patent of violence who, everyone can do, especially start-up novice webmaster, violent products is a potential operation object, of course this time accumulated advertising alliance stage of knowledge is useful, through advertising operation, you have to dig network gold eyes, for example in the start-up stage of product marketing this violent capital accumulation, at least you will identify the feasibility of violence products, of course this is just a transitional stage, as the knowledge accumulation of experience and money for deeper development.

selected and promising service industry

at this stage, you are not a novice webmaster, you need to consider not only the immediate profit but long-term development, like every emperor like that is to consolidate the country; as a webmaster, we should from the objective angle according to their own preferences to choose a long-term industry, and constantly join the team or direct training for network marketing to take more (must learn is SEO, by optimizing and bidding) or bidding and other marketing mode to realize the preliminary profit of the industry.

appropriate replication of the above items

as long as you are the executive power of the owners, through the above several stages along the way, you already have the webmaster should have the quality, in order to achieve a breakthrough development, you need more experience, through appropriate copy of above selected potential service industry, make profits doubled, to really grasp the foundation knowledge of optimization technology and bidding technology and understanding of other network technology.


A summary of six months of using the co personality domain name

our most template ECSHOP template network, in the past six months, experienced ups and downs, most templates today calm down to share with you, in December last year, buy high prices from the professional corn people that purchase. Behind the old station directly to the program set in the domain name. Site a few days Baidu included, the weight to 3. We look at the webmaster tools included history:




because by the end of the year, Baidu included definitely increased, we see the above chart, from December, the collection continues to rise. But by April 2013 there was a wave.


on Saturday March 30th, the site was K! To resume in April 15th! It is our first change radically! Do 301 questions, we put the old station 301 to the new station, new station was K, the old station included drop weight reduce. And then stopped 301 directly. Web site is normal, that the problem is in Baidu algorithm, in fact, otherwise, the problem is in the final analysis on the chain.

co com ecshop. co domain name with the word, ecshop. com only multiple letters M. In many webmaster tools, can not recognize this domain name, of course, spider this initial is also not recognized, he regarded as the com station. We recorded before April ecshop. co outside the chain with ecshop. com outside chain equivalence, meaning that spider is not the difference, this is CO and com. The following is the Baidu chain map


at the end of March 2013, Baidu big update, the spider correctly identified the different CO, the chain dropped rapidly, of course, K


then some people may think, it is to register a domain name with others CO confusion, also do a station, is not able to borrow a better development? The template recommendations do not do so, even if the site was developed, but also to help people to do the brand, there is no significance for the development of the template is to want to! Make a better memory, will register the domain name! We will be the main propaganda or template


Five ways to attract Internet users to successful websites

editor’s note: This is   07 years of an old article, many novice webmaster friends may have not read, this article for many novice friends is still a certain inspiration.

            many facts show that an excellent website is not only its content or ideas; a good article, the first is the title to attract people, it leads the reader to continue to read the story. A good advertisement is a visual and advertising word that allows the reader to remember the name of the product or company.

similarly, there are several elements of a successful web site. A good website is an effective tool to sell, it can attract more attention of Internet users. Just like a good article or advertisement, he must first arouse the interest of the reader, and then lead them to do something. Therefore, you can not ignore the importance of the main page of the site, otherwise, the site has become a fire auction sale, so that visitors will soon lose interest. Such sites may win high hits, but they do not produce expected responses, let alone attract Internet users to the next page.


consumers every day by all kinds of information and market information, in order to attract their attention is very difficult, very brutal competition. One can attract the attention of consumers and impressed the website, not only can let them browse the site and buy the deep thoughts, but also try to let them often landing, let them indulge in this site, and the site recommended to other people.

, here are some basic principles to follow when designing your web site:


as the saying goes, "you can’t satisfy all the wishes of everyone.". However, you should have an accurate market position to meet the needs of a particular group. It’s better than casting a net.

, that is, you have to understand consumers and browsers and know what motivates them to spend. There’s no doubt that you’re going to have a lot of work to do, but you have to focus on your target customers as much as the laser, so your website gets burned into their heads.

when your website refines market information and targets a particular customer base, the browser takes half of you when you click on your home page. Then, the remaining 50% will depend on your content (such as text, services, and sales priorities, and so on). Since people don’t have time to explore the entire site and find what they need, let alone search for or search the entire Internet, proper market positioning is especially important.

should have a clear goal,

a Pragmatic Web site comes from a smart business plan. It must have a clear purpose, that is, what it wants to lead in the end

Latest experience – Baidu, Google to SEO novice fast ranking

I optimize time is not very long, but I have found out some experience, want to share with you. If you want to see some inspiration from the novice and communicate with each other, if you see the old hand, please point out the shortcomings and let the novice learn from you. Keep your mouth shut and turn to the subject.

I optimized the site specifically into five steps:

1., after we get the website, what we should do first is to determine what keyword the website wants to make. It’s like I open a shop and decide what to sell.


2. makes good keywords, we’re going to change the word "title", "Keywords", "description", "Head" in the web site. I summed up a few points.

The key words in

a.title can match, so we don’t have to fill each keyword up as long as we can match it. Because of the time problem is unknown, I do not understand, go to my website, we exchange together.


b.keywords keyword can not match, must be in the title matching out all the keywords written on

The words in

c.description can match, and must contain all the keywords in title. (I usually put all of the keywords in it)

3., we have to do is layout good keywords, do keyword density, general 2%-8% (I generally do 5%-7%), keyword density query website: http://www.seores.com/search/density.asp. Of course, we do not because the keyword density is not enough to deliberately accumulate, we should, however, why is called natural ranking, it is natural, spiders are also very natural, so you will have to his appetite.

4., and then look at the whole site (mainly home page) to see if there is any wrong links……. Check out the links on your home page.

5. submits your home page to the search engine, as if our shop has been renovated and opened.

ha ha, today and share with you the preparation of the submission of the site, after the specific optimization, I will write all out. Don’t underestimate this part. This is the first part of our trend toward the master of optimization. How about that? Do you think it’s very simple? The writing skill is not good. It’s really hard to write this passage. So I hope you can bring back the source: http://www.lunwen56.com.

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