Observation entrepreneurs can learn what MSN fiascoWhere is your credit union nine wins

MSN is a first in order to fight against AOL, ISP Internet Service Provider, equivalent to the Internet access service service Microsoft subsidiary, AOL has a AIM, Microsoft launched a MSN Messenger Service to increase user stickiness. Did not expect >

when you saw this article, MSN was permanently frozen by Microsoft except in china. When it comes to its present situation, it is to let people feel great: you and I are witnessing it once brilliant, "something hanging MSN" in the same year is a symbol of white-collar workers; it has now become a chicken ribs close to application, and even became a high incidence of fraud.

you look at this article Webmaster: such a thing happened, who is not willing to be parties, please look at the friend, please stretch out your hand, help top up, we look down, look at the nine wins alliance is how to treat the matter, see nine wins alliance is the turtle is honesty. In addition, I will thank you very much for your patience.

MSN’s business operations, but I just entered Microsoft not long, around 2006, Microsoft established a branch in Shanghai, MSN global research and development, the overall development is part of a special cut to China to do in Xujiahui, the Hong Kong exchange square. There are more than 300 people, the division of labor is very thin, light a "login" function, taking into account a variety of circumstances, and finally hundreds of people to do. Compare MSN to an aircraft carrier, it needs a whole battle group, and there must be frigates and helicopters on the side. The Chinese team is equivalent to a frigate.

this guest "product" column guest is "touch treasure" founder Wang Jialiang and "push" founder Fang Yi.

advertising alliance is a faith-based, customer first alliance.

is now the winter of the Internet, everyone’s life is not good, it is at this moment can reflect the integrity of the valuable. I shouted honesty, honesty nine win, when the real test comes, you don’t do the tortoise, give us these Adsense a faith-based action.


current observer Wang Jialiang

former Microsoft employees, touch treasure founder

I don’t understand the alliance, also need to have an understanding of time account, not vague excuses. I was nine wins the union staff but for a month, I just couldn’t help write the article to call.

! It is said that nine wins ?

Microsoft’s move in China is hoping to turn MSN into Windows8’s entrance. Yes, for Chinese users, the relationship that has been deposited has not disappeared. But as a witness of its ups and downs, what do we need to do? What’s the inspiration of the "Cup" in MSN?

I don’t know much about

Wang Jialiang, Microsoft employee. Although he did not work for the MSN team at Microsoft, he was worried about MSN’s global research and development division, located in Shanghai, near him. For the old owner’s products, he believes that MSN’s problems are in the details, and MSN and ‘s fight, and now achievements in China’s Internet field top experts – Tencent’s first, perhaps the only counter attack.

diagram 1:

I am dizzy, that is the truth, the person in charge of nine wins alliance, you dare to stand up and tell us the webmaster, your model is so. Your honesty is such? Companies owe you money, you can we owe money right!? manufacturers don’t trust, you can not talk about the credibility of commitment!? what month week end, it is that!? honesty, customer first is this

Fang Yi, many start-ups, has launched products, including mobile phone preparation, a letter, a push, a push has just been celebrated, more than two hundred million users". He was very outspoken, in the WeChat group had publicly molested Ma Huateng. Coincidentally, on the PC side, MSN lost to Tencent; in the mobile terminal, his "letter" to the Tencent WeChat. He and MSN used to have the same opponents and they both failed.

but I had 1 months of nine wins advertising alliance, December two thousand dollars to 1 cents to return now. I know other Adsense more miserable, some 2 months of advertising costs have been in arrears. I’ve been looking for them for 1 months, and I don’t have a clear answer, always excuse me.

, a person in charge told me today that the manufacturers owe their money and they will try to recover their debts and then be part of the payment team. Also hope that the webmaster understand if you don’t understand, I don’t need to endure until today, this article, ask your alliance who understand me, also said that if I don’t believe, you can ask the manufacturer directly. It is not you can make, let manufacturers give money how I feel as if I were to do as soon as possible, direct advertisers advertising, but I am in nine wins Alliance 9V under the effect of the first ad.

, the data is not easy to reveal, see, forgive,


Zhang Qing where is the road of Shanghai dragon er

chain of the Commissioner, the primary Shanghai dragon er


in my opinion, I is the most promising in this way, the transformation of multi products. As I know, Jia Xuelong, only 18 years old, good children, their own way, do is key to their products, bring a lot of income, at the time of a month is to enter above 1W. In my opinion, the most relaxed Shanghai Longfeng money mode, or find a lucrative product, through the keywords related to the product.


in Shanghai Longfeng

keyword ranking, network optimization

as the name suggests, the Commissioner of the chain is the most primary work, send the URL chain, send keywords chain, the current domestic Shanghai Longfeng optimized market, basically senior Shanghai dragon Er hired Shanghai dragon Er those primary to the hair of the chain, of course, you may start is happy. To earn money, but feel more and more boring, you only need to know the chain should do the basic work to be completed. Well, rich experience in the package included a day, hundreds of the chain manual be nothing difficult of more than 100 yuan a day, the income is not strange, the so-called industry specializing in surgery, the chain to a variety of rich extreme is the same. But the prospects are not in this kind of work is too long, the chain is a simple job, as long as some basic thinking after they can do, or will be more cost-effective to get outside the chain, the price will be more and more low, a large number of the chain was not necessarily good.

gives customers a website, you according to the corresponding keywords, competitor analysis site, all prices, fees, commitment to customer site keywords do the first three or the first, this way is the intermediate Shanghai Longfeng work to be done, of course, is also a huge reward. Usually the keyword ranking fee standard is set by keyword search index, each index charges ten yuan, if the keyword index is 300, then the charge is about 3000, in addition to other Google requirements out of the price, this is the keyword ranking fees, of course, Shanghai dragon received such list is not it looks good to earn, will worry about the maintenance of the website every day. Shanghai dragon to need to plan well in advance according to the plan, adhere to the implementation of basic can complete the task.

In my opinion

search engine optimization, the word has been in the webmaster heart ingrained, all the people as long as it relates to the website, selling products, brand know Shanghai Longfeng, all want to further understand the Shanghai dragon, the most important fact there are still a lot of people want to make money through Shanghai Longfeng, where is the Shanghai dragon Er future


Shanghai dragon transition products

Er Shanghai Longfeng road is still relatively broad. I have the following analysis.


Set up a Google search engine friendly website 29 steps must be done

The nineteenth step:

The twenty-first step:

reverse link development, to ensure a steady increase in the reverse link, this is the key to improve PR and ranking.

The ninth step:

one-way links – buy more than PR4.

W3C verification – verify the contents of your site

The seventh step:

standard – avoid duplicate content, the use of Google’s new meta tag.

The sixth step:

– use anchor text links in the important keyword on

The eleventh step: The twentieth step: The twelfth step:

site analysis before publishing a thorough analysis of your site

The fifteenth step: The fifth step: The eighth step:

hierarchy structure – navigation bar similar to the windows folder.

CSS verification – make sure your CSS is in perfect before release. The search engine is friendly to perfect CSS.

– bold font bold can make search engines understand what the text is the key.

the tenth step: the picture description, search engines cannot read the picture, so we need to add to the picture description, so that search engines know what the content is.

Links – related websites Link exchange request! PR higher to their advantage. Remember not to be punished website Links, so you may also be affected.

The thirteenth step: The third step:

reverse link development, to ensure a steady increase in the reverse link, this is the key to improve PR and ranking.

The eighteenth step:

meta description tags optimization – your brief description, the amount of information a little more.

analysis of competitors – check your competitors do. What can I do it over.

HTML code cleanup and optimization code writing simple can improve search engine friendly degrees.

– Adwords using Google keyword research to find good keywords with low competition.

The first step:

– link verification to verify your site on each of the internal links to ensure that no dead links.

robots.txt optimization – if you don’t know how to make a robots.txt, you can use Google webmaster tools

!The sixteenth step: !The seventeenth step:

fourth step: add the title key – you can use the H1 – H5 header tags so that the contents of talent shows itself.

the fourteenth step: the title tag optimization title is what Google displays search results is what! Good title can arouse the user into desire.

Google Webmaster Tools account settings and inspection schedule.

The second step:

Recently, Shanghai love changing algorithm!

love Shanghai update algorithm

we don’t do things such as copy and paste, but also endanger the things of all Internet users. So we need to do some of the original nature of the article, so as to provide the quality of many sites in Shanghai, love search engine when the trust value will increase, collected will slowly increase.




external links

?The quality of the content of

B. website



map can see my blog is love Shanghai algorithm, so I also feel very helpless. In this case we have to make some adjustments to the US; how to do


recently love Shanghai constantly update algorithm, has driven us Shanghai dragon Er crisis. We look at the frequency of figure

The original


everyone thinks that do a lot of the chain can improve the keywords ranking, the answer is early, but at a later stage requires high-quality content. When a new station to obtain the rankings when the chain is need to play a very big role, because some people vote outside. When the keywords entered the 20 in the chain and the effect of a few. If you are outside of the chain did not enter the 20 ranking or no need to rely on the support of the chain.

text by Wei Wei Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝weiwei Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/, please mark

pictured above we have seen love Shanghai constantly for their users to improve the algorithm, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er website was drop right or K stand, etc. keywords ranking dropped out of the question, there are now many Shanghai Longfeng workers face demobilized time; it is because of love in Shanghai continue to change the algorithm the cause of many sites, key words do not go up. I like this blog also recently received, included in the continuous decline, we look at the map included


Er is the most Shanghai dragon know website or modify the path and so on will appear, keywords ranking drop down right, such as the K station, coupled with the recent love Shanghai in the timing of the change algorithm, if we go to modify some parts of the result is unexpected. It is not necessary to modify and try not to need to change.

we have seen in the display of the webmaster tools included data is 14, when I open the query when the included page, really scared me, as shown in figure


Internet business success (five) site after the black treatment

After the

website is built, maintenance and management become necessary. In this chapter, you will introduce the internal links optimization, efficient maintenance, and the promotion of PR.

1. Optimize the internal links of your website.

two, website maintenance three major common sense

three, improve website PageRank, coup

four, site exchange links, but also beware of fake

five, against illegal websites that violate content,

six, simple configuration allows the web server as strong as iron

seven, understand "spider", improve site included

eight, smart to speed up the page display speed

nine, to improve the domain name PageRank tips

ten, avoid messy online management of web files

eleven, site fault real-time monitoring, automatic reminder

twelve, simply add search function for web site

thirteen, website hacking security tips

fourteen, visitor inquiries and security measures

fifteen, setting up the website permissions to deny hacking

sixteen, refused to "black" security prevention

Detailed information can be more than

to Internet business success (five): Safety Tips "website and reading.

seventeen, to the site was

treatment after darkIf it is found that the

website has appeared abnormal situation, such as the page is modified, the site was added to the malicious code or virus file management, login account can not always remind the wrong password, it is likely that the site has been compromised. At this time, you need to deal with the relevant as soon as possible, in order to prevent hackers planted web viruses spread, affecting the browser’s computer security.

(1) temporarily shut down the web site

After the

website has been hacked, the most common situation is to be implanted Trojans, in order to ensure the safety of visitors, you must first shut down the site, after processing, and then open. When closed can temporarily turn to other domain name address, such as the establishment of a website now, or place a notification page.

(2) uses backup to restore

If the

file is damaged or deleted hacker website, if the advance through the website data backup, you can directly use the backup file to restore, in case there is no backup to backup data is very important, do not propose to conduct any operation, please immediately dedicated to data recovery company trying to restore the hard disk in the server data.

because some of the virtual hosting service providers regularly backup data in the server, if it is a user using the virtual host space, you can also

How to locate access groups of Web sites

I often met colleagues asked me why the spread of the lion lion website construction effect is basically very good. In fact, I have seen a large number of peers to do site planning, personal feeling many programs are unintelligible, the reason, many website audience positioning, causing the site overall planning without direction and disorder.

and accurate website visit group orientation, it is the foundation that the website plans. From the spread of the Internet, anyone can access the site as a group, but the audience has invalid group and effective group of enterprises, customers and potential customers are effective access to other groups, for the majority of the audience is invalid. Invalid access groups do not play a role in the marketing effect of the website, and effective access to groups will directly benefit the enterprise. For example, www.gangguan-hx.cn is a good example, we can learn from the


site traffic is large, but the majority of visitors for invalid access groups, such as a pageview 100 thousand, but only 200 groups of effective access, while another website daily visits 1000, effective access group 800, apparently after a website from the perspective of marketing is more effective, a bit of common sense people will be a result of selection. This is correct, a website www.qlg5.cn my visits every day more than 500, but the actual customer day is less than 20. However, another one of my site www.xdlfp.com a day visit volume is only about 50, but the effective has reached more than 20, which made me very happy.

this is the great difference between the access caused by the inaccurate positioning of the website group, many websites in order to pursue the so-called visits, and a large number of custom has nothing to do with the theme of the site content, this is a big mistake site planning. Throughout the success of the site at home and abroad, the site planning access groups are accurate positioning.

different website access groups will be quite a big difference, the enterprise website, such as cosmetics enterprises, its effective population dominated by women, even if there is a big difference between segments according to the product positioning; another example of auto parts enterprises, the enterprise website main face groups for automobile manufacturers, automobile maintenance enterprises etc. professional personnel.

site access group positioning, if a bit more sophisticated, but also divided into the main access group and auxiliary access groups. With the example of the Chinese inspirational speech network, the school teachers and students are the main visiting group, and the parents are the visiting group. After visiting the group decided, and then down, China’s inspirational speech network mainly solve the students’ learning psychology and aspirations, that is, inspirational based, so that the overall planning of the site and column planning at a glance.

, a precise access group location, will be a cornerstone of success for a web site (whether it’s an enterprise website or a professional industry website).

article source www.qlkji.com

Yu Wei sentence type spelling domain investment value

recently, the network’s hottest word is "my father is Li Gang" hot, the reason we all know, do not say, because there are a lot of cases before, when there is a big network, is bound to the corresponding domain name was registered, so I looked at "my father is Li Gang" no registration, indeed, as early as October 21st, Quanpin domain has been registered minon.


now for the web or network time domain name investment is already a lot of rice farmers often do, but I personally think that doing such things is when playing, the domain name is the transfer case are not many, not bad money before " " " & quot, seven; God; spelling.Com etc. The domain name is really encouraging success minon the hearts of the people, but now many buyers have become more rational, there is not enough hot reason, this domain name is very difficult to sell high.

buy this need to consider is "my father is Li Gang" related domain name, buy to do what type of Web site, this is what buyers need to consider. Network events development cycle for a few months, after the enthusiasm of the Internet users, the domain name value will decline, if not sold during this time, the domain name will not sell high price, even nobody is normal.

as everyone knows, Larry or three spell.Com domain name value is the highest, "my father is Li Gang" certainly not "Li Gang" high value "Jia Junpeng, your mother calling you home for dinner", certainly not "Jia Junpeng" high value. Throughout all of the major sites, almost no one like "my father is Li Gang" sentence type domain name spelling. Short domain name, digital domain name, double, three spell domain name will still be the mainstream of Chinese website application in the future. The original copy of some network well "hide and seek", "Jia Junpeng", "not bad money" have to do a domain name spelling station, and has certain users, such investment is valuable.


domain name to have a meaning, it is to buy to do station, domain name investment is the most important to remember, also has a certain significance, such as the 520163025888 digital domain name, such as Nanjing, Hainan, Larry domain Jiayuan, Jiaju etc.. "Sentence type" character of domain name is too long, the scope is very small, the first user is not easy to remember the domain name, looking for a long time all have no result, remember half a day to remember, see the domain name does not know what it means, and one or more characters will lead to not open, only the previous search engine to search for the domain name, if the search engine is not included or K, even such opportunities are lost, it became a zombie domain".

I might say

is not absolute, "sentence type" domain name may in the future Larry domain extremely scarce situation, the value will increase, but it seems that such a domain name how much is a problem, I see some common > in the domain name trading platform

Female websites are for women only Fast enough minutes to teach you to do a man

as the saying goes, "women are bosom friends," as a woman, regardless of appearance, regardless of size, is always the beauty of the. But the women’s website is done to women see? Come on! Guys don’t understand something to take what to her sister


especially the recent hit TV series "Ode to joy", presumably most woman has been shot, some of the girls in the envy of protagonists also imitated, so for some of the less dress girl, but some can not start, do not know where to start.

female website is definitely your first choice, whether you are a small fresh, literary female, or mature female Royal, or charming queen, whether it is to wear or makeup, or even hair style, you can choose whatever you like.

"especially after the sun descended from the" fire, with many online clothing was born, Song Hye Kyo makeup were also imitate, and in those women on the site, not only have the red net to teach you how to dress collocation, how to protect the skin to draw maquillage, also be able to share their experiences with you, beauty.


But now the female

platform so much, how should we choose? Love beautiful network (http://www.iliang.cc/), to find a suitable female website, than you buy a bunch of expensive but I do not know how to use cosmetics is more important


is different from its "outward appearance" website, and it also pays much attention to its own internal. How to correctly do downsizing exercise matters, girls need to pay attention to in the daily Neiwaijianxiu, in order to improve.

and male friends, don’t you think you just know what sites get? Now warm man so much, a way to learn her sister the same skills, be careful in a single lifetime! Look at someone’s home when his girlfriend video male ticket gentle Meimei braids and emotion million points, don’t you it also disdain Tucao? Be careful!

what kind of women’s web is more attractive,


one. Color, color, color.

other sites do not necessarily, but women especially make-up, a certain color is very important! Whether it is elegant white or colorful color, as long as it is consistent with the aesthetic visual impact, definitely let woman they don’t want to the minute. Especially those pink and tender color, although many girls love cool color or black and white, plain, but every girl heart have a small lift, so the color is small fresh hot


two. Typesetting

do not know how the other woman is very short, small initial hate complicated layout, especially an advertising page. Therefore, the layout is clear is the most important, or you do better content, sisters are not willing to!


three. Content

is better than sharing something

Godaddy English space has been sealed by copyright issues

gets up in the morning, receives the post, is stopped, goes to the mailbox, notices the mail,.

made a simple reply.

received the Godaddy Copyright Office at night. Reply:

Dear *,

, Thank, you, for, response, to, Copyright, Department., In, order, to, reactivate, site, in, question, we, the, will, need, you, to, provide,, the, following,, information, in, the, a, your, single, email, response:

, A., An, electronic, signature. (This, can, be, a, scanned, copy, of, your, physical, signature, or, as,

, simple, as, typing, name., your, full, etc)

, B., Identification, of, the, material, in, question.

, C., A, statement, under, penalty, of, perjury, that, the, material, has, either, been,, removed, or, will, removed.

, promptly, be

, Once, we, receive, this, we, will, be, information, more, than, willing,, to, reactivate, your, website.

, Regards,

Copyright Department


according to his letter, I rewrote one more note:

, Dear, Sir,

1., Mr, *****

2., Through, the, contacts, mailbox, our, site, I, have, handled, a, few, similar, problems, Usually, after, receiving,, this, type, within, complaints., A>