The example site included three main factors and down up

three: the content of the site quality is low, collection content is

    first, we look at the author’s station, included in the last month is always up and down, as shown below:

    the author analyzes the main causes of the phenomenon of several factors.

two: site of dead links too much

    some optimization may be in doubt, when the site’s server and the chain is very stable, so why the site collected or down? One of the dead link factors in fact that many people seem to overlook is on the site. On the site of the dead link is like a blocked search engine spider line. If your site so many broken line, you will naturally included problems, and too many dead links to search engines for our site do not trust. This time when your site included not stable, check your server and out of the chain, you also need to check the number of dead links on their site, at the same time these dead links have to deal with. We can use the robot file handling dead links, 301 redirect or 404 error page.

    many station system has been integrated acquisition system, which is now collecting content has also become a very simple thing. As a webmaster, in the short term to fill their new content or make the search engine more rapid collection of our new sites become more quickly. But in the end we collected these contents and indexed by search engines, whether we can be happy that the site can be developed quickly. I want to say is that there is no such thing, so is the station. If you don’t deal with the content of your site, then you don’t have the development through the acquisition. The search engine after the beginning of our content included, but later when he.

: a server instability phenomenon

    stable operation of the server is the normal operation of the site of the most basic protection. It relates to the search engine spiders can smoothly enter our site index crawl. This server is related to the stability of the site collection. When the search engine spider came to our site at the door, if the server goes down or run slowly, like him away. No search engines crawl the site collected naturally plummeted. At the same time for the visitors, if your site often can’t open or to half a day to open, will make your site user friendly experience greatly reduced, your site will lose the trust of the search engine, so your site included will continue to reduce.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization to obtain high success or unusual way to go


third, we need to optimize to enhance the user experience by those details. The user experience is a lot of talk about the topic, but the words we difficult to pass specific things to regulate him, because it itself is a very abstract thing, in the personal blog as an example, the author found some intentions of bloggers on the site module to increase the number of interactive quiz or FAQ module. Increase user trust for the website, some creative enterprise station also opened a similar Shanghai dragon why, love Shanghai know the FAQ module so, this is undoubtedly an effective way to enhance the user experience, site performance, open speed directly affects the user’s mood, this is the most basic, so that is, they analyze their customers to see users are most concerned about things on the site in the analysis we can do, we must put the user details Placed in a prominent position, deployment, the content module not for search engine updates and many users do not pay.

fourth, Shanghai dragon to optimize your web site to use >

second, the station is able to transform a way of writing. I see the most is the business enterprise station update news and product information, but I want to say that no ground for blame, is, on these basis, we can summarize some of the latest topics argument or sharing product use and customer service experience to their users? Every day and not like walking running account. Write a lot of themselves are not willing to look at the article, the way of writing is to transform their own unique enterprise found something, or he thinks is very user needs, rather than blindly in order to cater to the search engine, and many speak generally updated, this way I do not know whether it is considered

first, to build a unique web site. The current Internet site, a superb collection of beautiful things of tricks, as an optimization personnel if in a conventional way to build the site so that it is difficult to get the search engine’s favor, because a large number of similar similar sites like Shanghai certainly no way to give your website ranking, we must be combined with the actual construction of a different site, with the enterprise station for example, company news, product introduction, contact us is fixed routine, so most of the site, why can’t we add some modules, such as their production process, with a large number of related physical map to increase the sense of reality, the product details why we don’t like Taobao, the details to show. Let the user feel our professional, can actually find many points, the most important point is to use the user service Heart, this is very important.

we know that the current thinking and strategy of website optimization is undergoing changes in turn the world upside down, the current in the optimization process, we must make the website characteristics of their own, the value of the site and the unique side show to our users, so that search engine optimization in the present age, why should we not take this new, unusual the road of


10 tips on how to choose a good CMS system

now CN era, domain name cheap, cheap space, CMS system open source, causing everyone want to be the webmaster, everyone wants to earn the Internet’s real money

appeared a lot of people’s webmaster, a person’s webmaster needs a good CMS system, the following about what kind of CMS system should be chosen for their own.

original works: starter / reprint please keep, QQ group: CMS exchange, 59063528

1. determines what kind of Web site to build and what kind of CMS system

is neededThe open source degree of

2.cms system

3.cms system’s subsequent R & D capability

The layout of the

4.cms site

5.cms ease of use

6.cms security level

Is the template for

7.cms easy to make

?Is the setup of the

8.cms system concise and valid

?Is the

9.cms system powerful,

?Is the programming language of

10.cms capable of modifying itself,


original works: starter / reprint please keep, QQ group: CMS exchange, 59063528

Commercial instead of small workshop five years later no longer personal webmaster.


went to college, the economics teacher often told us that it would be easier to make one hundred yuan with ten thousand yuan than to earn one hundred yuan with one yuan. And the problem that individual stationmaster faces is to be short of fund, a lot of stay in use one yuan to make one hundred yuan stage.

for the convenience of work, often with Admin5 webmaster friends exchange learning, many people say that the most important thing is originality, in fact, in the individual Adsense group, absolutely not lack of good idea. The reason why many ideas are just stop at the stage of creativity, on the one hand with the personal executive power of the station, on the other hand, is indeed subject to economic constraints. Look, if you have enough money, you may say, I can in a short time there will be one million value is two million, but the face of the status quo of only one dollar, how to change a dollar for one hundred yuan


if there is a webmaster to participate in the traditional industry unit recruitment, in personal employment experience inside write "webmaster" two words, I believe that many employers don’t know what these two words mean. The existence is reasonable, from the individual Adsense this group has not been socially recognized, this angle on, the development of personal Adsense is still in infancy.

is not recognized, why is it so, of course, many reasons, but one of the very important reason is that individual owners are still in a small workshop type of development stage. With the development of the Internet, this "small workshop" model of development will gradually be replaced by team operation. Successful personal websites (personal websites here refer to personal websites) will be commercialized. In fact, look at the more successful personal websites, have gradually turned to commercial operation. These commercial operation of the site relative to high-end Internet companies, there is no "money lost game", and therefore relatively small investment, loss of natural small. And compare individual website, have the powerful executive power that individual stationmaster cannot compare.

high-end Internet business is playing with two million hit one million of the game; personal webmaster is using a dollar to earn one hundred yuan of day; commercial operation of the site is to use ten thousand yuan to earn one hundred yuan of life. Three different modes of reaction are three different ways of work and life, for the most part, three kinds of life which life is more rich more comfortable "


personal website in the webmaster entered the industry on the first day, in addition to have strong perseverance and execution, but also think about waiting for personal operation to the team commercialization operation change. Garbage station not to any point at the beginning of a place to live in so many webmaster, or in the garbage station, this is not wrong, can do the dumpster to accumulate experience, but not in the successful promotion of 100th garbage station, continue to single-handed for 101st to one hundred, if you can successfully promote a garbage station, you and Ma Yun, Robin Li believe that gap is only up to "division of labor", a "job", you are brothers.


5 benefits of customized e-commerce website design

tailored e-commerce website designed to make your website stand out from other types of websites. If you are interested in the design of a customized e-commerce website, here are some of the biggest benefits you have to know:

1. optimize website

optimizes your website according to the needs of its target users, which is the biggest advantage of tailor-made e-commerce website design. This optimized design can fully attract and encourage target users to go deep into your website and buy your products.

common e-commerce website design may initially meet the needs of business and users. But business growth can lead to changes in demand. Also, to meet the growing demand of Web site visitors, you may have to increase or decrease some functionality. Template e-commerce website design, which will bring you miserable experience. Tailored e-commerce business design, but you can quickly and easily optimize the function.

2. offers proprietary design

plays an important role in attracting users’ eyes, especially for online shops. Because you have to encourage your visitors to buy your goods and become your customers. Custom designed e-commerce websites incorporate clear and unique pictures that enhance overall appeal. This also raises sales rates.

3. content centric

in addition to interface design, web content is also important in e-commerce sites. Most visitors like to study the goods they choose before they buy them. Customized e-commerce website design provides valuable information to win the trust of customers.

additionally, tailored e-commerce sites are designed to organize content in a friendly way. Statistics show that most customers will browse the pictures of their chosen products for the first time, then collect useful information related to the goods, and in the end they will read other customers’ comments.

tailored e-commerce website designed to focus on user needs, and to optimize content. These can make your website more friendly.

4. offers minimalist navigation,

navigation is an important issue for e-commerce websites. Online shoppers especially like to decide what they want to buy when they’re three. Navigation with poor usability can only confuse users and eventually cause them to move to other sites. Providing a simple and easy-to-use website navigation is undoubtedly a positive factor in the sales rate.

and free e-commerce website design, generally do not pay attention to navigation problems. And tailored design, but efforts to simplify the navigation process.

5. ensure browser compatibility

How to choose the website optimization service provider

yesterday I went to an old customer for the Baidu ppc. Because it is an old customer, so it is convenient to communicate. They are a company that sells airline tickets. In Nanjing, it’s actually a branch office. Based in Hangzhou. The manager of their Nanjing division told me that the website of their headquarters recently made web site optimization, but he didn’t know what website optimization was, or did I tell him?. What he said really surprised me in our conversation. Hangzhou has a company (I don’t know is the company or individual) for their headquarters site optimization, no matter what keywords, or how many keywords to ensure the first row of Baidu home page five. Key words: special fares, air tickets, air tickets, etc., I will not give examples. Is such a sentence, I have been stupefied for a long time. There’s more to the back. Their fees are even website revision and keyword optimization, only 2000 yuan a year less. I am dizzy, what is this? So I asked the manager, what is the website optimization, optimization and Baidu competitive ranking difference is what, poor he does not know. The person in charge of signing the contract, including their headquarters, did not know. I can only smile a bitter smile. And then I spoke to him. "You were all fooled out of ten." what else can I say,

?How messy is the

SEO market?. Probably nobody will say anything specific. But this phenomenon is indeed widespread, and now many companies do website optimization, of course, this is a good thing, but also can increase the company’s business volume. But we should pay attention to a way, not to increase the company’s revenue and performance and distort the SEO market. Some network company sales staff in order to run the market and improve their performance. I can say that as long as the customer puts forward what kind of request, he dare to promise, he says can do. To put it bluntly, he may not even know what SEO and optimization are. Anyway, he does not do the technology, alas, bitter technical staff oh.

really do website optimization company or individual, they will not like this. Next, I’ll show you how to choose a comparison website to optimize companies and individuals. So, in the face of every hue uneven in quality "SEO experts", hope that the implementation of site optimization enterprise how to choose and judge? According to my experience, especially in the prompt business and SEO services communication, when dealing with is the following:


have an effect guarantee for you,


no one can guarantee the ranking results of the search engine’s natural search results. Those who guarantee you the effect are just staring at your pocketbook. The more you guarantee, the more careful you are, the more careful you are.


tell you the optimization method you have adopted

search engine optimization although very professional, but the principle is just conform to adjust and modify the search engine friendly to the site through the structure, content, layout, internal and external links, SEO neither secret nor too profound to be understood at all, what the arena "tips", regular service providers should not only for the customer "