Why not change the long-term website ranking


competition is too strong

can only say a network company (Shanghai dragon company, or all of the company), before signing said: what is absolutely convenient as if it were raining flowers optimization, the price is cheap, the original program, and thoughtful service. Well, after the two sides signed the position change, not conscientious. Plus your no good planning, finally sites do not satisfied. You know, now the keywords ranking good site must be good.

, are excuses. Things to do well, or you’re not good enough. What do you do every day, love Shanghai very clearly. Think of the past few years, most people haven’t done the same job? I should say it is Shanghai dragon, put it bluntly is writing every day outside the chain. Most sadly, many people will only be called Shanghai dragon skills, you can know that this may be the 2008 tutorial. What title, what H label, what anchor link, what ALT is really right? Now, there are people who write articles without too much of the anchor, the anchor text also began to pay attention to. Shanghai dragon, to use the brain, this is not the task of technology.

4, the site is too excessive optimization

network optimization is generally good people to do the work, do the webmaster who is not full of patience? Because in this industry, we know that the most need is Jingxiaxinlai to a similar job. For our purposes, is very important, but why do website ranking, website ranking has been so long what changes? Here from the inside to the outside of a comprehensive analysis, the author hopes.

5, standing outside the promotion

One man sows and another reaps., is a common thing in Shanghai dragon industry. Even, Shanghai dragon staff leave, the company went bankrupt, the company website ranking very strong. Many people find, ranking good site or even a year issued an article, have to say this is the love of Shanghai said it focus on user experience. Shanghai Longfeng optimization, not 35 months will be able to explain what, sometimes after a year or more have a big change, is normal.


short time precipitation too serious

day a few sites outside the chain almost, the most sad is to write their own articles from. You know, you write the article, are everywhere on the network itself, only a little of the original elements, and a lot of you are copied to the network, finally lead to a mess. However, those who copy other people "

Three former

you Shanghai Dragon technology is too strong, you can love more than Shanghai product, and each industry that a few giants, as well as some industry network. Now some ranking mechanism, optimization is not natural brand, is not what the insider. Besides, you a person, a novice, better than others, a team of technology. You write an article, I write ten articles, plus has enough to complete the optimization plan.

1, website construction is not good

In the wind Shanghai dragon how to optimize resource efficient accumulation



the www.jiaoren.org station sign a glue glue editor: past wind. At present, the author in the chain can operate.

first, for the A5 platform. The power to write their own articles on A5 from all the articles were widely reprinted and collected for a Shanghai dragon Er, an article that basically solved the problem of a chain site every day. Why not??

Second, website

although we do out of the site are not what may be profitable, but doing station will encounter a lot of technology let us improve the place. More importantly, when the site has some weight and weight, the chain can be what you want to add the number of how many, and sometimes we have some high weight station can solve big problems in key areas. A similar principle for station group, although not operation, but this is a long-term strategy, once the effect is different from general. This is also the current direction.

through the analysis station can quickly get a number of resources optimization. Of course, the more tired, is mainly the cumbersome registration, but after the success of future is their own. Every day we managed to get 5 or so, you will find yourself on enduring as the universe outside the chain of resources will be very much. Every day outside the chain, it is a handy thing, but also quantitative timing.

second, the blog group built is an easy job to do. A few days ago in a same age and Shanghai dragon Er exchange, visit each other’s blog. Do very well, Sina, NetEase, Alibaba, Shanghai love… The blog has built a small blog, between the Internet network, the weights of each other, is also very convenient to update. To make such a blog group should not be what is difficult, the month will have a certain weight. As for a sprocket like person, never tried, just feel good network management, but also a lot easier than sprocket.

Compared with

must learn to write the soft.


fourth, domain rival station.


as a Shanghai dragon Er, have the resources sometimes directly determines the success or failure of your optimization. In the basic difference between peers, the fight is more resources and experience. So how to efficiently accumulate their own resources? Under the author’s own experience, welcome to add

does not seek the literary talent is good, as long as the utility can be written, large website is a good article. In this paper the reason for the A5 platform, but also because of this reason. Published an authoritative website article can bring dozens of the chain, of course, this is a conservative figure, with the increase of time, may also bring a lot of potential chain. As for what the virality, I’d never thought about it, the difficulty is big. As the Shanghai dragon as long as the master who write soft skills in general is also OK.

How noble baby baby Adwords the highest profit nobility which keywords price

although many people believe that search is not important, but the noble baby Adwords advertising to the company’s profit still can not be ignored. Keyword bidding, the keyword is the most popular, the highest price of

"insurance" and "cost per click" the highest bid is $54.91, the key revenue accounted for Adwords of the total income of 24%.

insurance (Insurance), (Loans), mortgage loans (Mortgage).


Wordstream analyst Larry Kim said

many lawyers looking for customers, in order to get a customer, they can pay 50-100 hits the cost, because they can earn back in a lawsuit for several years, at the same time for $500/ hours.

followed, the most expensive of the fourth key words is "lawyer" (Attorney).

20 key

said the baby aristocratic profit model, we all know advertising. But for the specific circumstances, most people may not know. WordSteam this piece of information provides a good perspective.

income before Adwords accounted for 70% of total revenues, various key classes of the remaining 30% of the revenue generated from about 1000 in, or "long tail keywords".

?The ranking of the top three

"loans" and "cost per click" the highest bid is $44.28, the key revenue accounted for Adwords of the total income of 12.8%.

noble baby from the third quarter of 2010 to the second quarter of 2011, total revenue was $33 billion 300 million, of which advertising revenue is $32 billion 200 million. That is to say, the noble baby 97% of revenue from advertising.


appeared in a strange words were the top 20 "umbilical cord blood" (Cord Blood). Kim told the Wired website, such as those rich parents save their children’s umbilical cord industry, they believe that umbilical cord stem cells to cure the future of the disease. Umbilical cord blood preservation requires a lot of expenses.

via Wired

"mortgage" and "cost per click" the highest bid is $47.12, the key revenue accounted for Adwords of the total income of 9%.

Are you all original

is the first time I write this stuff, write well but also hope do not mind.

now, no matter what the station, are advocating originality, we do stand, if you say a collection will be called a garbage station, listening to this gives people feel very uncomfortable.

consider from a personal point of view, if a XinKai Railway Station, no traffic, no visibility, and then get some original, write your own, you write out thousands of information? Do a simple analogy, if I do is soft station, the first in the HTTP.://www.admin5.com sent a message, and then write the information in the http://www.xiaohuweb.cn copy and paste my soft station, then you stand this piece of information could be original? You do not know the answer is affirmative or negative, I personally feel should not forget it. Because this information has already been released at other stations. Whether it is this person to publish information on to other stations, or others to copy Admin5 collecting this information, the nature is the same, is a duplicate information, are not original, then I want to know your station is this much information, how much information is published to others and you do a simple modification. A new station information is copied, collected as a garbage station, then you stand there is no such information, then your station also admitted that it is garbage station,


collection station is not equal to the garbage station, a new station to the rapid increase of information, do not have to collect, are you using handwritten? Also please understand the difficulties of a new station. Stop talking about the garbage station.

I am a small station, Suifenhe information network http://www.sfhxx.net   part of the news collection, other information original. Thank you for your guidance.

Grassroots survival localization and socializing

faces the miracle of Groupon development, domestic quickly the storm that buys a group to buy 2 is popularized, according to statistic, just 3 months time, send out more than 500 group buys a website. The market that has acumen to the market is very quick, "sniff" the opportunity that buys a website to contain. The analysis thinks, group purchase as a new e-commerce model, by its own group of consumers, professional website, group purchase business organization group purchase form, enhance the bargaining power of users and businesses, and maximize profits of goods. With the rapid development of the Groupon website, group purchase price of goods is low, by virtue of its influence, enhance the business revenue obvious scale effect and other advantages, causing consumers and industry vendors, and even capital market attention is a natural thing. Therefore, a large number of VC "Crazy" to steal group buying network, but most of the grassroots buy network "head" can not be so lucky, still rely on their own strength to maintain the operation of the website tenaciously.

but the Groupon model has the disadvantage of being user loyalty is low, most of the buyers are discounts to attract a lot of money, think of these hand and high-quality business resources giant group purchase everywhere to protect, will have a strong impact on grassroots webmaster, user groups of hard training, or between one night by the U.S. group, a handle, etc. The more favorable cool group discount to attract.

localization case:

as early as at the end of March the first wave of the line northwest first group purchase of the network (Yang Lingtuan) founder joeyoung had predicted this trend, so in mid April to start planning run (Xi’an regiment) but they do not imitate other group purchase network, but from the site to the domain name a "localization" completely Tuan029.com: (029 Xi’an telephone area code). Joeyoung said: This is not only good to the people of Xi’an have a greater sense of belonging, in addition to impulse the consumer group purchase discount to attract, we can also do the group reported "services, such as driving, and 46 grade postgraduate classes, training courses and other groups, because these are rigid demand service. This is the Groupon group purchase concept model expands the innovation to a new level, because we do not advance the group reported and training institutions to negotiate discounts offered by the buyer but to "deposit" in the form of a monthly cycle into a group (long period group purchase) and training institutions, to elect representatives to negotiate discounts from buyers again into the group, better quality lower discount who and who cooperation, so let the buyer trust, this mode is called pure buyers union".

socialization case:

more active thinking of Xi’an Mission Station joeyoung to reporters who said: "we do not worry about any network group purchase to Xi’an property, because we have their own core competitiveness:" group purchase is our killer encounter ‘! "While the other is not a detailed explanation, but from the web page and the webmaster and several conversations, the author or guess something:

Xi’an group currently has 6 or 7 League members, Q>

Do web site Did you choose the right road

website, is an initial structure of the network, we are so many grassroots webmaster, constitute a vast network of the world, it highlights the large portal


network in the world, you still insist, but I want to ask you: what is your direction? Your choice on the road? Do a website (no garbage station), you are a good idea? When we have no money, only a passion and want to when your site, you want to locate their website and determine the future go on


positioning is important! The core of the site has been fixed and we are going in this direction. During this time, perseverance and the efforts we are nobody see, all the bitterness all can be realized only by myself! No one will be poor, distressed us! After site positioning is more important to the site location: what road to take to your own website after all? Interest, just send something to appreciate it, let it go traffic to your site or size? Bigger and stronger? The latter is my dream!

set up a website, I put it in a good location, and then start running on the line, in the early stage of the operation, I will pay attention to the development of my website crowd; then from the site in early development, imagine the future direction. Do you want to do this or do that? Make money? Become your own business? Or do you wait for this station to come up and sell?


is based on the fear of being called AD. So I don’t get my forum metaphor! I send a word: webmaster website, first position, routing, is

development!Edit comment:

website, the most important direction, positioning is the key to is the priority among priorities, agree with the author of the last sentence: do first, location, routing, is hoping to encourage each other with


Cai Wensheng is Meitu Xiu Xiu’s investors NO, he’s the real founder of Mito

Abstract: Cai Wensheng dropped out of high school, put off stall, doing clothes, buy the stock, sell the domain name, as a webmaster, a 58 city, storm technology, technology, wandering holdings and other listed companies. His experience is like Meitu Xiu Xiu functions, can stimulate the grass root youth confidence: not English, do not understand technology, as in science and technology circle.

to the upcoming meeting, young yellow daisy full of expectations. Since a month ago by Misijin acquaintance, he and the past hope lovesickness.

on the photo Misijin, whitening and charming, willowy posture is, like her dream. Although two people have never met, but separated from north to south, is connected to a network, feeling benedict. Finally, the young yellow no longer hold, Ho throw a few thousand dollars to buy tickets to see the goddess and.

Who is this

can be in front of a kick and he waved gray, fat girl


"that’s me." it’s a little makeup and beautiful graphics software." Miskin said wronged.

is there only two people? Well, young Huang feels cheated. The net love cheated him, Miskin deceived him, and the software lied to him. He was fired, fist.

Trinidad to boyfriend even fists, Misijin fought back, two people then wrestled a ball, until the police uncle separated. The two men joined the police station and made headlines together.


for the pile Mito software through a catastrophe, men in the street beat goddess "anecdotes, Mito company chairman Mr. Cai Wensheng have different opinions.

"a person is beautiful, but in addition to his face, temperament and self-confidence are critical.". Mito is more beautiful and often used to change confidence. Once confident, it exudes charm from the inside. From this perspective, the beauty of the Chinese girls to help increase the charm of a grade."

I almost believe it. How many times in the face of Meitu Xiu Xiu made people really can not help but feel that they actually have so long. Estimated that many people have the same feeling, a Meitu Xiu Xiu top 100 Narcissus according to the reflection of the river.

but Cai Wensheng was afraid I wouldn’t believe it and grabbed the cell phone on the table. "Show me the truth," he told me. "You see my circle of friends today? This is my previous grass root look, this is my day to participate in the" self heroes ". "I’m using Mito now. Isn’t it more and more beautiful?"

in his mouth "cock silk photo", filmed in 1986. In the photo, the young Cai Wensheng topless, firmly built, with a very thick gold chain. At first glance a bit like Bruce Lee, and Bruce Lee was indeed Cai Wensheng’s favorite star at that time. He looked a little confused, not looking straight at the camera, a bit like "crash" in the supporting role, but also like the protagonist of the Jia Zhangke film.

How to pinpoint your customers with the Taobao index

is now in the conversion rate, the seller said that his conversion rate is good, there are more than 10 percent, the seller said that their conversion rate is not good, very low, very low. And then they are all asking about the great gods they think, let him take a look at the title, take a look at the main picture and see the description.

it seems that those who have done so will have a much better conversion rate of their own shops. This is indeed an important aspect of the promotion of conversion, but more precisely, not the most important aspect.

we’ve also seen a lot of tutorials, teaching you how to do page descriptions, and now out of visual merchandising. Then we follow the main points mentioned by the great gods. However, the effect of feedback is still unchanged. I believe a lot of people have been through this.

what is the reason? Before listening to some of the big YY course, some people say that he often has trouble with their own designers, designers think that doing better, but he will be changed to the designer must he needs.

here comes a very important point, that is, good and good, and the need for problems. Many times, designers are more concerned about the overall picture of harmony and beauty problems, and the operator is considering whether this picture can move the customer’s elements.

pictures that move users are better than pictures that fail to impress users, whether they’re pretty or not. So, here we have to go into the heart of the user. Where your users are, what your users need, and your users want to choose you. These you understand, and the user most concerned about the problems are quickly displayed in front of the user, I believe your conversion rate will immediately increase a lot.

this is we often say that we should stand in the user’s point of view to think, the user would like to think, think of the users think. Everyone knows, but how many people do? Most people are thinking about how to get more traffic, where to find more accurate and cheaper traffic. Even if the flow, your conversion rate can not go up, the unit price is low, the profits can not go, and eventually suffer or their own.

as the seller, we should spend more time to think about our consumers, who he is, where he is now, what he confused now, how to let oneself have other competitors, how to let customers choose their own.

for the general small Taobao sellers, for the above problems, you can simply start to understand.

who are our customers? How do you recommend the Taobao index? How do you use the Taobao index to find your customers?

How to use

, Li Leiting in this competition will not use Taobao to index all the clouds, take the red wine for example

click into market segments.

for red wine, first of all we know, usually sold to >

Details determine success or failure. Good habits determine good times

Hello, I’m V TAI, this time a bit busy, so I didn’t write some articles, today talk about the details determine success or failure! More exchanges, you can add senior webmaster group (experience) group, 89131685 in the edit network Xintian! Www.9L9.cn

We try to do

webmaster, some comrades even do dozens of websites, and even some 100, I ask, if you stand each update original words, how much is the cycle? At the same time to ensure the quantity can guarantee the quality of the quality of the website? No, who will go to see who will go do the oral propaganda, we figure wangdage super did dozens of websites, don’t you think he is the king of figure NB? Far away.

updated daily high quality content, do not try to capture, although CN domain price increases, but there are a lot of people have been engaged in garbage station, when the garbage to the present users to Baidu search or bone above want something, do not see anything of value, is a title is a a content, some even do not have content, it is purely in order to attract some traffic equipment. If you don’t have the quality, you can pull IP from your website for yourself. Why do we webmaster A5 every day, because A5 above the high quality soft Wen can let us learn a lot of things, so we are willing to come. Which expert says, content is king. Although it’s still a few words, how many of us can really do it,


day timer timely check your server, a stable server is especially important for our webmaster comrades, some of the large size of the company server is stable, but the price is ridiculously high, but the price of some servers at the end of the outrageous, we have long stand out a few thousand dollars on the server so it is very difficult? To find a stable relative to the server, the A5 server on the above advertising part is good, find a stable server must see his configuration, check below IP under the speed of the site is very stable, although the money is not too much, but we want stability, instead of being cheated. The stability of the server for the user, is second or third times the standard, if you stand 10 times in the 4 open, you will lose 70% of the customers, for the website included, when the search engine spider climb you stand out, the server lazy, your weight is reduced, the decline in ranking, the estimated blood pressure also decreased, so buy a server before, is of great importance to understand more about


website timely processing of customer comments and questions, this is one of your customers and in addition to another way to communicate timely communications, timely for customers to deal with some problems for the website is very important in the customer’s impression, such as search engine weight.

wrote so much, tidy up. Details determine success or failure, and do not know which expert said, I feel very reasonable!


thanks again for me >

Discussion on profit model of tea industry website

first of all, it is worth mentioning that the current domestic tea industry specifically for the WEB platform, whether it is B2B mode of tea industry portal, or B2C mode of tea marketing platform only recently began to rise, there is almost no what can get out decent case, occasionally encountered one or two looks a bit look, not because the platform itself is profitable, but with the help of third party capital to maintain, or with tea related institutions and units of capital. B2B model of industry portal, it seems that the business model seems very mature, but simply rely on the site, the current resources of almost no profit. The B2C model is more needless to say, the tea industry familiar people know, because of the particularity of the tea industry, the direct road is more difficult for the. Why is the same operation mode is copied to the tea industry on a dead end? We have the following specific current profit model and operation process of the two kinds of common platform problems encountered are discussed:

one, B2B mode industry portal

currently existing tea industry portal B2B looks very much, but the Department are the other B2B website business model copy, copy after the profit pattern is about two part of advertising and membership fee income.

1, advertising revenue

advertising this part of needless to say, to promote the flow, and brand up, and naturally have income, and many parts of this site are doing very well.

2, toll member

as a B2B industry portal, advertising is not the main income, in the entire income structure, the income of the toll members should be the most important. A lot of tea industry portal is not profitable, because it did not do this part of the work.

then charges for this member, what should we do? First, I think we should be accurate positioning of our target customer groups: tea factory, tea dealer, provider of raw materials and the surrounding service industry. Secondly, from the product, is the service we provide to our customers make a fuss on, for different types of customers, providing personalized service, so that it can also enjoy the service benefits, this is very important, if you do not, even if this is the first year I through the telephone marketing or advertising success to a flicker number of membership fees, it may be second years in the customer for the rate on the form we could only draw a duck’s egg. Finally, the value-added services of the website. For example, do not regularly to make a phone call, give a small advertising to customers and so on, the way we think, in this way, even if the customer purchased the product after it is not worthwhile, we can through the late service to slowly change their ideas.

two, B2C tea direct marketing website

this is more than a year ago, due to the continued depreciation of the dollar, making tea export business is more and more difficult to do, and many of the original export enterprises are not