Discussion on website promotion method


began to write the article, I will give you a statement, I am not what I love the dedication of the people, the purpose of writing this article will eventually promote my website – classic movies, I just took such a long time since I website promotion experience to share, if it is high hand, trouble you to walk around.

a few days ago, I sold my website, do almost half a year’s time, I was reluctant to part with, but for various reasons, I still sell this station. Www.dmt06.cn

I am not what master, but I still love lessons, I write out some methods since the first half of this year to promote the site, it is hoped that more new friends not detours, don’t go the wrong way.

1, which is the most stupid method, is also the best way.

website promotion is a necessary step to develop a website, but the premise is that your website has been formed and has the value that can be seen by people. Before popularizing website, should let a website have basic value at least, so can see in popularizing.

2, the promotion method of QQ group guide

many webmaster friends to their website set up a QQ group, this is probably a good idea, but should pay attention to their own methods of guide members to their naturally or half unconsciously related web content in the group’s speech.

3, don’t forget the value of Baidu itself,

most of the webmaster friends or do Baidu optimization and Baidu promotion, so to effectively utilize all kinds of resources such as Baidu, Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, but it should be noted that, to a degree, as I mentioned in my last article, www.dmt06.cn has a very large station may be in the early promotion has been Baidu "stare" on the.

4, site should also "attentive service"

if your website has membership registration, then congratulations, and you have an opportunity to develop a loyal web browser. Be free, do not have time, write a few short articles, greet and greet members, and ask a lot of suggestions from members. Of course, this is a very boring thing to see if you have the patience to do it seriously.

5, blog group is not feasible,

many promotional friends like to make lots of blogs for themselves, as the source of the chain outside the website. I think it’s a bit of a drudge. I suggest that you do a good job of about three blog, in the more well-known blog, such as Sina, some of the relatively related sites before the establishment of a space can be done in a timely manner, seriously build Bo attitude.

6, this article is brief. See the network of other related promotional articles (a lot, I’m not so. A)

although there are many ways to promote websites, they don’t just grab a road

Let domain name investment and collect fees, commercial platform depreciate

Flexible use of general knowledge and method of use of the

search engine, make information everywhere, general business and commodity information we will publish, in each website free of charge, a message, the same, generally as long as know the tip of the iceberg can search out all his, for example, manufacturers release products procurement charge information, web shield contact, you can rely on what you see in the title or articles in a word or two to search, you can find the company in other sites in the network information of the ocean, in the information you need to always contact, as long as you carefully screening, so that the information mapping exposed charging the business website, the loss of a part of the query should pay membership.


search engine, so that the domain name lost its due role and value before, only to enter the correct domain name can find your site, but now you just enter the feature you want to browse the site on the site so that you choose to do, and general search ranking are well-known sites, to give the for example, if you want to log in, the discovery channel Chinese website, but it is not easy to remember domain name English, incorrect input you can not find, but now as long as you in Baidu search inside the discovery channel you can first place to find it there, I believe that the next time you log on when you are not going to pay attention to the domain name of the website, not to remember it, you will search in Baidu, the attendant is the domain name Chinese devaluation, so a good House number, often some time is useless, and perhaps only as a website self promotion, landing sites for everyone, not much significance. Now look at the price of the WWW. discovery channel.Com, http://www.gdomain.cn/Domain.asp, gDomID=25270


Analysis of medical web pages

recently, as a result of the need to have some well-known enterprises often logged in to the site, especially the medical website, but each click on a web site will be in the heart of the company’s website to imagine what it would be like, there are definitely some to do good business, but there are some do very disgusting, because the home page on their website, there will always be some dazzling words, or on the floating image to attack their eyesight, or even just click off the bar will enter some related web pages, but also how some customs clearance are not, and so on are countless enterprises. Not only does not make readers satisfied, but on the contrary will make people feel disgusted, seriously affecting the image of the enterprise and publicity.

good website how to do, can give a person a kind of comfortable, to enjoy the feeling of the author, through the research to the medicine web page, find a good website should have at least the following:

1, background color, and overall color settings for the site. The best choice of those who give people a comfortable feeling to enjoy color as the site is the main color, which represents some color effect on collocation, this is undoubtedly gives people a chance to continue reading, without losing the first impression on.

2, good planning panel, clear and organized and healthy. In the planning of the establishment of the product to be arranged in good order, not as long as the product information to the website, it gives the impression that the information can not be trusted, or is the site of the strong influence of enterprise future development and development prospects.

3, avoid the glare of the advertising, such as the product information in some weird colors, and some other ways to use sound to attract users, these are not desirable, and ultimately to people do not feel at ease.

4, it is best not to appear up and down advertising screen. These fluctuations in the advertising pictures are some extraneous irrelevant ads, some companies think that this will increase the click rate, in fact, this impression is not stable, feeling a bit frivolous, damaging the overall image.

5, easy to operate. To win customers at least a few clicks, the hidden too mysterious, will bring the opposite effect.

6, the contact method is simple and practical. If you wish to cooperate with the enterprise, you will contact the enterprise directly, so the contact details should be detailed, the best is eye-catching and good to remember. Give the customer a detailed understanding of the product at the first time.

recently read a lot of propaganda website, there are several web sites the most profound impression, one is generally light green in color, with red and orange to focus on important information, to avoid the color of the gap is too large resulting in visual impact is too strong, lead to resentment. Second, reasonable planning, information neat, there is a zone to display different information, not to some sites, in a mess, everything. Third, there is no dazzling, up and down picture information, a reasonable arrangement of pictures >

Confessions of a VC of 4 entrepreneurs caning

good hand itch, I really want to borrow "Indiana Jones" in Indiana Jones’s whip to beat those whimsical, opinionated, lazy to do, say, XinBiTianGao unsuspectingly Entrepreneurs… But… The first whip, or let me slap myself! "/p>

even before the first shot about entrepreneur’s guilt, especially those first venture entrepreneurs.

for the first time entrepreneurs, have the courage, mind and technology, can not see the opportunity and responsibility to have intuition from the day comes from fluttering in others, There are plenty of people who. However, do not know for what reason, early entrepreneurs generally lack of financial, is their "digital" love — just like congenital deficiency of calcium Chinese generally exists, or can be called Freud’s "collective unconscious precipitation"

!Here the so-called "digital

", is not to say that entrepreneurs don’t want to make it a million what numbers, nor when they read on the Internet who get tens of millions, several hundred million and sincere enthusiasm, the number of those wild with joy… Here refers to the digital… An early venture company essential, life-threatening financial figures. To be more specific, the start-up company’s financial plan is not a list of fees. Don’t list the prices of a pile of servers and computers, plus a couple of years’ worth of two years’ salary, and claim that this is your financial plan. The key to financial forecasting is to see how much money you run into, how much money flows, and when the company makes a profit and ends up making profits. Entrepreneurs are so confident now that can make a lot of money, you can 1+1=2, 2+2=4, is a penny a penny, a piece of money is a piece of money, out put it down in black and white to me? At least this can make me confident, assured and you go bungee jumping, go to a fortune.

VC if you don’t have to beg, compelling financial forecast is very difficult to get away. In fact, the most VC headaches are often the financial forecasting capabilities of early entrepreneurial teams. On the other hand, there is always another batch of unsuspectingly entrepreneurs, they are confident to earn a lot of money, the dream VC will boldly took out the money to hit the go with them, then try to find a reason to avoid doing homework, refused to work the financial forecasts, as if he were not willing to spend the time to fix a a girlfriend, would all indulge in masturbation, perhaps this is the sin of entrepreneurs.

literally smokes a couple of "masturbation" messages I received today, and although the sender is honest, he should take a few lashes:

"we can’t measure revenue at present, but we can assure you that today’s market share equals the size of our future revenue."

"because you didn’t learn finance… Financial statements (such as income forecasts, etc.), there’s really no way to write it down. You know you can make a lot of money, but >

Dry sharing public data conversion of existing resources and service users

every good operating public number has its own accumulation of resources, that is, the past has sent dozens of hundreds of text information, marketing activities, publicity materials. Organize these as a small database and call and return in accordance with user behavior. Users will no longer just face a daily push to the public number, but can repeatedly access and access to more information.

in actual operation, how to import a large number of existing text messages and better cover the topic of user communication is the biggest difficulty. Imports can be imported in bulk using public treasure, and without quantitative restrictions, you can directly edit the questions and answers listed in the background directly with EXCEL. For WeChat public platforms, existing text messages can be edited using quick crawl calls.

so that the public number can be sent to the text messages, all sorts of content finishing put into a one-time, fans can make a direct rapid call. Instead of writing hundreds of keywords, repeat them. Fixed cycles to import new resources. When using, use the WeChat robot directly, return the picture and text to the user.

simple keyword reply, when sorting out a large number of historical messages, it is difficult to achieve accurate and practical, but also for the new library is more so. Often encountered in the industry market keyword embedded into the article page, "prompt reply XX can view" way, users do not buy it. One of the key issues is that it affects reading experience and does not connect well with the relationship between the articles. Service users need to cross such a threshold.

‘s current mechanism, relative to WeChat’s keyword, is a better way to upgrade the problem matching mechanism. It covers such techniques as artificial corpus, data collation, semantic understanding and large data fitting. Identify the user in different ways with the same meaning of the question, for example, "I want to eat for the real smart WeChat robot" I want to eat "to" eat "" I’m going to eat "is the same meaning, regardless of the user how to ask questions, can be identified as the same meaning, thus more inclusive chat sentence. This is WeChat WeChat robot robot.

China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center, China Unicom headquarters WeChat robot is the best example of commercialization of such technologies. For the about 8000000 public number for WeChat robotics, the public treasure and other platforms need to be urgent users and businesses to explore.

public number operations, simply send the user’s classified information, in accordance with the menu directory way to return information, and then let users access to the desired way. The effect will be more intuitive and efficient.


life, menu catalogs are very efficient, books, maps, websites, software, and even game interfaces. Intuitive to bring the user’s deeper exploration of the product is convenient, only more in-depth interaction and services. There are no menu subscriptions and content rich public numbers that are especially impressive.

The way the

text menu displays what you see is what you get and what you can do

Changshu talent network human search day visits have exceeded 100 thousand people

this year, the Changshu talent network (www.21918.com) visits are increasing day by day, after March, the daily volume of visits has exceeded 100 thousand people, which has a special significance for a county-level talent market site.

The 2009 edition of the

talent network in Changshu has enabled some of the technologies that have not been widely used in similar sites, and are more easily accepted on functionality and interfaces. Home cache technology is used to reduce the database load hundreds of times, greatly increasing the speed of page opening. In the job search, talent search function, realize the fuzzy query, multi keyword query, and the query results according to the column sort, this is the big city of Suzhou within the scope of application of the unique user-friendly search function of the human resources website. Websites and systems use a unified core database, eliminating duplication of labor and redundant data, and avoiding the isolated islands of information of each information system. Improve the visitor message function, divided into "online communication, interview communication, enterprise personnel and Q & a column" four major sections, there are more than 2 visitors message, greatly improve the popularity of the site.

promotion, improve website awareness. Through large-scale talent market, advertising links, Google promotion alliance and other means of promotion, Changshu talent network radiation range is greater, wider coverage, more people know. Within the scope of Suzhou City, second only to Suzhou, in Suzhou City, all talent website "China website ranking", second only to Kunshan talent network, Suzhou talent network. Changshu talent Netcom has successfully operated for many years, and its service quality has been continuously improved. It has won wide trust and affirmation from all sides of the society.

flow increased, online recruitment, job hunting is becoming a trend. With the expansion of market supply and demand of social talents, and the implementation of the new labor contract law in 2008, many employers are trying to adapt to this change, from a certain extent, increased mobility, so the unit vacancy also, recruitment needs more. The spread of information and network technology, the birth of a new recruitment mode, according to the release of some social survey data, network recruitment born after several years of development, has become the first choice of senior talents employment platform. Network recruitment time-saving, economical, is not restricted by the time and space, with the network recruitment platform in scale, technology and services are becoming more and more mature, more and more job seekers eyeing online recruitment, and many units also gradually feel "on the Internet without going out of home, the quest for world talent" convenient. Insiders pointed out that the current network recruitment has become the inevitable trend.

How does 200064 change to 20000 in the server log

has read an article about in the IIS log, and I can’t remember the address of the original. At that time, their own web site did not appear such characters, so it was not very concerned about, and later, the site was plucked. New station has not included. Looking for a lot of reasons, only to get the 64 to 0 method, this method I can not guarantee for you, but my site is really like this.

first look at the 64 explanation in IIS. In DOS, enter net helpmsg 64, the specified network name is no longer available, but you can access it if you visit it. Where exactly is the problem? This is only the HTTP state description of IIS itself.

‘s previous article explains this:

as we all know, Baidu has human intervention. What does this 64 mean,


according to what I’ve been looking at for some time now, although there’s not enough evidence, it’s basically pretty sure in IIS, if the number behind the spider is 2000 64

so this single page will be in the web site in the search engine disappeared. I was behind the K pages are written in 200064, do not know if you agree, there are other views, of course, I say this is not absolute, because I also have a back page display 200064 but is still can be found in the search engine. This also shows that the problem, but most of the 200064 act "has gone. So I think the 200064 spider behavior can be explained by the clear data.

‘s explanation still looks credible at the moment. Flymorn said, grabbing state into 200064 is not normal to grab, grab the normal is symbol of success in 20000, when the search engine error occurred when the page that crawl into a 200064 state, no normal routine grab; for Baidu, Baidu is likely to be no longer the catch in the main page but the index library, put the "Baidu sandbox" in the investigation, investigate how long, see you how to improve, perhaps, you can not see the Baidu released the K website, there is no law.

I have been just

, the Baidu K website, open the website of IIS log (.Log suffix, such as ex080222.log), indeed, also found that Baidu returns 200064 states: 2008-02-22 07:14:37 W3SVC78302822 GET /article/1/79.html Baiduspider+ (+[url]http://www.> – 80 –

Analysis of the core of the development of information websites

with information sharing rate increased, more and more information websites created, these information websites including health news and information network, health information network, integrated information network and so on, a prerequisite for these site development are: accuracy, speed and keep the information. With the information site on lowering the threshold, there are many owners choose website industry, the author analyzes how to do some of the information owners development information website, the author is now in the hands of a news website, the daily income of about 80, from the establishment to the present time is not long but the benefit is good.

information websites and exchange types of websites are fundamentally different from the information website to provide the user needs information resources, whether it is from the user’s perspective and the perspective of search engine information website, they require information websites must be updated every day a large number of information resources, sustainable development from the following the user and the search engine point of view about how to do the webmaster information websites.

information website should do information mining, prepare

From the domestic

website development trend, the information website for information mining preparation has become inevitable, if your website information is covered in a city, then sent daily information gathering necessary information collection in the city around it is very necessary, day gathering information collection, editing the collected information at night the editor into the article, every morning at 6 to 8 points when updating the website information, I think as long as you promise to this point, then the user will come. User requirements for information websites is not high, in the minds of users daily news information and understanding of the local city can view some things on the line, as long as the webmaster in this well, so the development of the website must have a good foundation.

do a good job of Web site user experience services

every user comes to an information website. Besides watching the information, he also needs some entertaining services. If the information website is your health websites, so appropriate to open a test program, sharing some of the health and psychological test in the column for the website, not only can the user steps to stay, can also increase the amount of PV website. For a long time, the search engine believes that the site has a high degree of user experience, and users also believe that the site brings them practical content.

combines certain picture content to promote information

picture is a killer information site, many users feel no stimulation on the site, and the combination of words and pictures can bring a feeling for the user to take on an altogether new aspect, if you want a thing, then you can get some pictures in this matter, the way through the picture show information content. From the user’s point of view, this is kind of friendly to the user, and many times the user is bored and will come to your website to enjoy the cartoons

A brief talk about doing community network in secondary schools

Guangzhou barter network also has more than half a year, although the traffic is not too high, the post is not too much, but every member of the population growth, access to the IP are rising, the user experience is enhanced in the right direction so we exchange network in Guangzhou the object of the future still very confident.

below, how do I do a good job in the secondary community network operations on a few points?.

: the first second-hand community network, emphasizing a competitive differentiation, compared to similar items of second-hand second-hand community network network, has the advantage of community atmosphere, than the classification of second-hand information network only some more community identity. At the same time, the second-hand community network than some regional community forums in the secondary transactions of second-hand goods classification information more professional, so compared with the secondary network, reflects more and more WEB2.0 the advantages of interactive community identity. At the same time, it is more professional and more information superiority than the local community forum.

second: secondary community information is too much, how to ensure the authenticity of information, is what we have been thinking about. To this end, the website invited professional lawyers to answer the legal issues encountered in the process of second-hand transactions. In order to identify the liar’s false information, we have also deliberately added a mobile phone ownership of the site query software, so that users can simply avoid some transaction risks. At the same time, strict filtering measures have been adopted so that some false information and illegal information have no place to protect the interests of the vast numbers of users.

third: it’s easy to do websites, but it’s far from easy to promote websites. I tried posting on some famous forums, publicizing websites, distributing flyers, advertising in newspapers, spending a lot of money, but the effect is still not obvious. It pushed me to calm down analysis of the current situation of their own website: personal website without financial support, the development speed can not be too fast, "great leap forward" is not realistic, must gradually step by step development stages. I have always believed that my website has a promising future. Therefore, I adhere to the step-by-step development of ideas, so that users tell friends.

growth process can be said to be a process of the accumulation of intangible assets, in the majority of users constantly set up Guangzhou barter network brand image, in addition, I also pay more attention to the cooperation with other sites, and more than 30 sites to exchange links, continue to promote my website to the outside world. Today, every day there are a lot of second-hand goods information, many users Amoy to the benefits of durable use of second-hand things. It is precisely because of the net friend’s approval, the website can gradually expand.

used to do the community network, and is not an overnight thing, I need to keep on keeping on, I believe that as long as I do, you do, so that the majority of users really benefit from the site, Guangzhou barter network is promising.

—- article starting A5, reprinted please indicate from www.wwjh.net Guangzhou things exchange network

How do startups get 100 thousand hits in 3 days

Saturday evening, April 4th, India time Sunday morning 7:30, Techcrunch published an article on us, a mobile application development report.

as usual, I got up and went into the bathroom, holding a Android tablet, ready to check. I received about 70 e-mails that morning. But unlike usual, these messages are basically what I’ve always wanted: someone downloaded the mobile apps development report we developed. For this application, we worked hands and feet for months.

from Sunday through the following Saturday, we’ve been counting the download of this report and trying to get in touch with those who downloaded it. We stopped all the other work on hand and enjoyed the fruits of the web traffic.

only three days of events, our web page has been browsed more than 100 thousand times, the report also downloaded more than 10 thousand times, and now this number is still rising.


that’s the background of the article.

there is no shortcut,

if you want to provide users with quality content and value, then there is no shortcut to go. As a B2B enterprise, you can hardly arouse any emotion of the user.

for this reason, most B2B companies chose to give up early before they actually started writing.

however, if you have fresh and unique opinions about the areas in which you are concerned, there will be audiences waiting to hear your point.

, we’ve published an annual report on trends in mobile applications. The report is not aimed at any industry. We chose a very specific entry point: mobile application development prices in all major markets in the world. We divide application development enterprises into three categories: good, general and novice, and analyze their application development costs. For all companies interested in developing applications by outsourcing, this is the information they need most and the most difficult to find.

however, our report addresses this problem so that they can find the price of all application development service providers in an article.


in order to provide the enterprise with this convenience, we spent about 3 months, and contacted 1000 applications from around the world development store. As a small business without any venture capital background, we don’t have a lot of money to spend. That means we can’t use the free iPad to attract these app stores to participate in our survey.

, we can only take turns