Study on the Shanghai dragon final is to strive for good user experience

so early, our webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er is a simple considering how to quickly improve website ranking, but after the website rankings do go up, must from the perspective of the user experience, if the website ranking is up, but the visitors stay time is short, the website PV is lower, then the result ranking will not be too high search ranking, generally difficult to lasting, reflect the website is not ideal in the hearts of users in a certain extent, the search engine will not be too much in favor of your website. But this time if you can stand in the perspective of the user experience, naturally, there is often a return visitor, the residence time will be very long, the ranking will come up, the search engine will naturally think the site is very popular with users love, search engine will put you in a good position, and ranking last a long time. Because in the process of development of the search engine, when the search engine company in technology, more is to consider how to meet the user’s experience, so you can either love Shanghai or Google, their user experience do better.

many people or practitioners in the eyes of the "Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon" simple understanding or initial idea is how we through technical means or artificial efforts to improve the site in the search engine’s natural ranking, achieve accurate search users by ranking to improve, so as to realize the process of website profit. If further in-depth analysis, I ask you: what is the basic website ranking to get stable and lasting? I believe that many owners or Shanghai dragon Er will see light suddenly! – a website in order to get a lasting and stable ranking, is bound to the website user experience will be very good. Of course, there is no absolute 100%, but a user experience very good website, his ranking general can not go wrong. So, the website of Shanghai dragon and website user experience is closely linked our nature.

I have a feeling for different periods, Shanghai Longfeng study and research will have a different understanding, just like people with age, many of the original did not realize that things will slowly be enlightened by the years. I like in the study and research of Shanghai dragon two years, wrote more than 150 articles, articles of different periods for Shanghai dragon understanding is different, like ZAC in the book of the same understanding today. Today I talk about the Dragon between Shanghai and the user experience and understanding.

The two day of

village in line so no power at home, not the Internet can only end book to read. Just buy a ZAC before the "Shanghai dragon combat code" have no time to see, so please use the power to learn about file. So today the theme of "Research on Shanghai Longfeng ranking will eventually turn to make the user experience" is actually from the book ZAC the ZAC in the book also mentioned several times to learn Shanghai dragon is the fact that eventually get a good user experience and service of such a view, this view is a little strange, at first glance, but a careful analysis ZAC said, there is reason in Qingdao Shanghai dragon also agree with him.

The chain and site of various forms of interest

this link can click to enter the site, compared to the first kind of the chain, the chain quality is much higher to the site weight ascension also took an important role, if a soft Wen can appear in the form of a link, but also by a large number of websites reproduced, no doubt on the site to enhance the weight to take an important role, but the weight of keywords ranking in the form of tension, often the effect is not so obvious.

recently found a high weight site down, traffic is greatly reduced, the website keywords ranking is also great as in the past, the reasons leading to this situation. I think it’s too led to the proliferation, because many of them are others reproduced, or placed multiple anchor text links directly, and website management and not too strictly, before many Er release for Shanghai dragon chain perfect, because it is due to high weight, can do almost the state of the second, now the site weight decreased, it is difficult to be included, just an article URL to love Shanghai to see, immediately prompted "sorry, related to" bbs.***贵族宝贝/bbs/thread-2595138-1-1.html "page not found. You can directly access the bbs.***贵族宝贝/bbs/thread-2595138-1-1.html, can be found on the website of state.

chain effect is better than the first one, but also on the website of the damage to the general site, will not easily let you have this form of link, unless your article quality is very high, the administrator may give you a high quality link, once a large number of sites such as fruit export this link that will cause the website weight decreased significantly.

The chain of

text form we should be familiar with the submission, the webmaster of common A5, Chinaz soft, is generally the only YISHION text links appear in the form of the surface, such as the original article by www.***贵族宝贝, the mouse can not click to enter the site, the chain in the form of personal feel the general effect, but because of the reprinted by the quantity, the chain was reproduced more naturally, on the website of the effect is increased; the link to website damage degree is still relatively small, have high quality articles to add support, website can only increase weight continuously. The chain of this form I think is a win-win outcome, is beneficial to both sides website.

a good website is love Shanghai right down, people will certainly carry out a full range of management to the website, for example, now a lot of the chain post was closed, his old account has been closed, it can be seen that a website is to strengthen management, even more powerful website will be down the right. Here’s what some form of the influence of the chain on the site.

The chain

This form of

3, the anchor text form

2, URL to link the form

1, pure text links

Right down the website how to restore ranking analysis and operation diagnosis

: a common cause of right down frequently change the titleThe

3, spaceThe stability of

so that the change time of website content, attention must be paid to the relevant account page keywords and content in advance and, once found, was down the right, to get to the good relationship, and then wait for the recovery of ranking. The recovery period is generally 4-8 weeks

this is a normal phenomenon, the new trust degree is low, generally do not give a ranking, ranking just began to, because the new chance

2: yesterday, the ranking is very good, today the rankings off, immediately judged right down

we should learn to find out why website right down, so we know how to solve the problem of an antidote against the disease. The general factors causing the site to drop the right 14, these factors will lead to different degrees in the web page points, serious search engine will be deleted site, overall drop right

website as long as the title change, search engine will be penalized according to the severity, and the matching problem is mainly correlation. If you modify the title to relevant variation and incomplete matching results will inevitably lead to the decline in ranking

website down right refers to the search engine on site assessment level drops, is a kind of punishment on the search engine website, causing the site overall ranking drop. Usually for the website itself to correct the error of cheating, after a period of time to restore

1: the site was built under the age of 1 months, included rankings, ranking disappeared again after a few days.


directly determines the quality of the page space judgment, the space is not stable, the search engine that page quality and experience worse, then give the page score worse for keywords ranking.


the content of the page changes, will directly affect the correlation between keywords and page and matching. If the web page has done a lot of content changes, at the same time, and the correlation is not good, it will be down the right search engine

but we should pay attention to is: not any time the website ranking drop down right for judgment. For example, the following circumstances, not necessarily right down the website:

The stability of


but if the title after the modification, and the correlation is unchanged, and the title of the competition is reduced, the short term floating keyword ranking is normal, but the long-term will be beneficial to the page keyword ranking

each week love Shanghai will be updated, the update process will inevitably be injured, this time often in the next cycle will resume the rankings, so just one or two days to see the ranking changes, is difficult to judge is not really being right down

2, page content changes

Five points to help you identify the optimization effect of Shanghai Longfeng a website

collection is certainly a key natural search optimization assessment, believe that every enterprise to do the summary report will have a collection of quantity and this time included the amount of contrast, if the data in the further analysis, such as update 1000 articles included 100 papers and 150 new papers the 100 part is the same? Is certainly not the same website, how many pages are indexed by search engines? How to update the contents included? This is statistical calculation. Even we can for each column were calculated by the ratio of the collection ratio, we can determine a collection of each column, and then adjusted.

than is the current web site keywords / Web site, which included what the keyword keyword? Here is the user search keywords into the site, can be seen in the love of Shanghai statistics and CNZZ, this ratio can reflect these keywords in natural search efficiency, can also reflect a degree of web page optimization the greater the ratio that each of the page with high ratio of this advice based on a large number of data, can be analyzed a few months.

The flow rate of

1. is included in the site than

most of the industry’s traffic comes from the natural search, search engine optimization is a key site optimization, a KPI assessment so many enterprises every time will be the site search, KPI assessment of the project include: the volume of page visits included the number, site (IP), the number of keywords, website PV, the number of the chain, this is indeed an important indicator of natural search optimization, these values directly reflects the performance of a website in search engine.

4. than

flow ratio is the basis of the above mentioned keywords in a number of PV, namely PV/ website keywords. The bigger the ratio means more traffic website each keyword comes, so that better optimization keywords. Of course, in the calculation of the ratio.


2.pv, IP

The amount of information items above

statistics end site PV, IP, PV and IP have you thought about what kind of relationship? If a website of the PV value and the IP difference is very big, if PV is 100, IP is 10, the average of a IP to this site may read 10 articles, indicating the site the content is very popular. General multiple sites of PV/IP better, more than 2:1 in normal, but different industries and different types of site ratio is not the same.


contains the really big, but the boss is more interested in the information behind can bring you many returns, can make the company income RMB, rather than just change your statements in a number, so we need to research the Shanghai dragon Er data deep.


Examples of Web site analysis how to make enterprise web content to do more grades

business enterprise is one of the important daily work in the enterprise manufacturing industry in addition to skating, compared with the industry, because it belongs to sports, so, in the playground, there are many places skating can write the contents of the roller skating has certain restrictions on the site, although in the square, the road can be skating however, the square was occupied and aunt on the highway, traffic safety coefficient is low. Because the roller skating heats up, some of the city began building a large skating venue, and skating venues hosted leisure fitness places like events, training, training, exchange of roller skating, in some city, such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Beidaihe, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hefei City, Changchun skating hall also has hosted the international.

enterprise website in Shanghai Longfeng optimized content update, often around the keywords, focusing on the company and dynamic company products, and the updated content is short. Update company website is a long-term work, if the content is only around the company to do not look into the industry or a higher position, so the enterprise website content update will be two cases, one is more write to more feel no content can write, another is the enterprise web content too limits of the enterprise itself, is not conducive to improving the site quality of an enterprise, only standing on the height of the industry to become bigger and stronger, so should the enterprise website, so enterprise website content updates do more grades? The skating website to explore how to do industry website update as an example.

, a focus on industry news, real-time coverage of


, of course, for the website, not all the events are content updates, but these events should be concerned about the city, including Suzhou’s national speed skating championships, Beidaihe skating Festival, has hosted the world cup in Haining. More influential for these roller sports and city competition, in the era of Internet information, skating website stands on the professional point of view to do content, visit the website will attract users search through the network channels.

any enterprise website belonging to an industry, the industry can cause the most roller skating enthusiasts is greatly under the roller skating competition. When it comes to skating competitions, almost all over the country held large and small not hundreds of times, and some even have the characteristics of sport event scale, standardization, fashion, and national small roller skating event directly to the joining roller skating enthusiasts, so as to let more people love skating.

roller skating in physical exercise, because of its entertainment, sports, fashion and other characteristics, in the number of young people’s participation in more and more, a roller skating website, whether it is to do brand promotion, or product marketing, website content update cannot do without. There are many skating website content updates direction, now many subjects choose the direction and you love skating webmaster share:

two, the business content written

Shanghai Longfeng project why website promotion flow decreased

in the process of Shanghai dragon project execution, we often encounter this kind of situation: keyword rankings, traffic has declined. At first glance, this is indeed a bit awkward, face the challenge of customers, how should we respond?

problem must be solved, the question now is: understanding can be disguised patients had medication is not effective, is not to continue to use. A jargon, originally developed by the Shanghai dragon strategy is useful, whether there will be a new strategy to help traffic rose. In fact, as patients, is very disgusted with the doctor prescribe medicine indiscriminately, or a drug taking several courses of treatment has no effect at all, but also dressing. This is the doctor as most avoid doing the same, as Shanghai Longfeng Consultant / Project Manager, at the beginning of the development of Shanghai dragon strategy must be careful, careful analysis, through the website of the other side in the end is what kind of a situation and then gives the project, do not shoot the head to do something. Once the strategy, can not be changed, if you are in the project implementation process while doing this, found no effect.


clients are focused on the flow down the matter itself, rather than the relationship between the flow and the keywords ranking.

in fact, not only influence the website of Shanghai Longfeng flow and keywords ranking, there are many objective factors, such as the quantity / paid advertising in the form of change, change the search trends, changes in the home before ten site, improve the site description, increase the content of the web site, Aladdin content, negative news and other channels to promote effect of the amount of retrieval, traffic incidents and so on and so on all of these effects can go / carve SERP home page, so the simple keyword ranking rise or fall is not fully explain the increase of the flow rate is reduced or the Shanghai dragon.

, of course, is not the purpose of persuading customers is the key to solve the problem. In fact, the customer is not to understand how many keywords ranking and flow relationship, he did not have the elegant leisure and you go to engage in these, he really care about is the flow down the matter itself, so how to alleviate the customer is our focus on flow decreased anxiety.

strategies can not be changed, can adjust the local

of Shanghai Longfeng flow factors


approach is correct, we can talk about what to do next, we need to express our understanding the client’s feelings, stand in the customer perspective will give you in convincing customers level points; secondly, we should take the professional angle to comfort customers: traffic decline is a very the common things, from the previous project experience, no traffic is the way to triumph has been going up, this sentence to give customers the feeling as if you have a fever to see a doctor, the doctor said to you, this disease is very common problem, not too nervous, give you some medicines ok. This sounds like a patient would feel a lot of customers as well.

Taobao Shanghai search engine optimization or dragon beauty in tragedy

in Ma’s taobao贵族宝贝 active shielding search engine spiders, you had to give up the search engine traffic? In the electricity supplier and the search engine war, Ma a lesson on how to separate the books for this tutorial makers, for those who are dependent on the search engine to the webmaster, may understand the truth that independence is the fundamental, attached to any one platform, Gansu is mediocre, the results are all sad! Maybe this word is not very sad. But, like the same piece of being manipulated board, this life can not let the person sad? Beautiful to say, mogujie贵族宝贝 because Taobao and Shanghai against each other and love from the cracks become leader of Taobao customers, because now Taobao and love Shanghai "make" wandering in the crossroads turn left or right

! !

closed Taobao search engine spiders, then in this consideration, one cannot rely too much on the search engine entrance, if everyone from the search engine Taobao access, then, may let Taobao into search engines rely too much on the embarrassment, nearly does not say, take the video website, just search a famous in the video, search engine in front of the video site Youku but not Iqiyi, Youku potatoes have video site top what, most of the traffic from the search engine over, once the search engine also engage in video, is not very easy to be retained, into the bottleneck of the development of an embarrassing situation in

love here in Shanghai wishful thinking of doing e-commerce, Ma Yun and Taobao have not been idle, although Taobao site blocking love Shanghai spiders, but Ma Yun did not give up the search engine in this huge market, so Taobao off this new site in Taobao rebate policy as it is tens of thousands of bamboo shoots after a spring rain, Taobao guest website, built between the search engine and Taobao website traffic between. In a word, go with the Taobao guest website search engine traffic will flow to the indirect facts prove, taobao贵族宝贝, Ma Yun this step to go, neither by search engines to make, also inhibited the search engine the idea of electronic commerce, the most important, traffic from search engines by Taobao customers the form of the taobao贵族宝贝, although a little bumpy road, but absolutely no waste of

! When

in contrast to taobao贵族宝贝 started Ma, has a strong forward-looking insight, determined not to let the search engine as the main channel for users to enter Taobao, inhibit the development of competitors. In fact, love the sea really has to do e-commerce ambition, look at the history, can see the love of Shanghai with its more than once the flow has done ah Le cool days shopping mall, e-commerce platform, the result is failed, then the rise of Jingdong, suning贵族宝贝, Yi Xun network gradually seize the market, to mobile e-commerce the boom in the good environment, love Shanghai are not doing it now, so many competitors, even more difficult, rather than give up

if the Taobao Shanghai dragon view optimization, is what kind of promotion way? If we just agreed to do a simple analysis! "


Really good new idea of website optimization, you have to see


website optimization Shanghai dragon has entered a new journey, not in the chain is the only release, the update of the work. Is a comprehensive curriculum, is the ideal and the reality of the coexistence of things. Perhaps before you do site optimization, keywords layout design several websites have may get good rankings. When doing the lottery to buy website optimization system, I design several keywords layout, site is just on the line to get good rankings, but the time is very short, less than 2 days to maintain the ranking will not. Site of the Shanghai dragon need to accumulate data continuously and analyze data and execute again in the judgment, now Shanghai Longfeng work need to make long-term preparation for.

execution optimization judgment optimization

is about to perform the optimization scheme analysis and optimization, close the ability to analyze problems, the execution is not empty talk. Practice is the best criterion of truth. Perform optimization work includes the surface is very wide, but pays great attention to the details of things, in the process of implementation, to do detailed work, check the website loopholes, Yong Yu code, website interface design, perfect debugging environment running web server. Before the optimization of lottery together to buy the system, the content of the website is not very rich I on the line, such as the update of the content is empty, I think it’s time the update is increasing gradually, the consequences is that the site’s ranking has been not to come.


is about to determine optimal line on the website after the promotion of the website, according to the promotion, to determine optimal situation, do the appropriate adjustment. Website optimization method is not the same level, we need to optimize the work of a period of judgment, if it is not a good optimization effect, to the decision to give up. In the www.7i> system to buy lottery tickets


analysis is the beginning of the optimization of website construction began, from the analysis of the establishment of the angle of analysis from the industry, competitors, analysis of user search habits etc.. Through the auction industry, Shanghai love index on the website optimization keywords analysis, and then determine the theme keywords and long tail keywords. Shanghai Longfeng work can do not need to have the programmer programming ability, ability of professional designers, but still need to understand the basic code. Do optimization work lottery together to buy the system, the optimization analysis is very important, once the data deviation, keywords and positioning is not accurate, will bring a series of problems in the later stage of the work.

often hear the webmaster feedback, today my website ranking drop very much, today I website ranking suddenly rose. Here I want to tell you that Shanghai Longfeng work is not every day with the site monitoring tool for investigation, pay attention to some of the core keywords ranking. Sometimes the core keywords rise, not because of you, love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, will affect the keywords ranking.

website optimization new ideas including analysis and optimization, execution optimization, optimization, optimization of the long-term judgment.

analysis and optimization

The brand publicity Shanghai library Love Charm

, a control library upload time


if 100 viewers can have 1 people to remember our LOGO, we won the 1 brand value. And download the document is likely to enter our website through our LOGO link, which the brand promotion plays a certain effect. Then we came to cast a wide net in library propaganda way, which makes us LOGO let more people remember observed. And library browsing volume will increase with time, which makes our way is long, this is our brand publicity for the Shanghai library love charm. The above is from the graduation design (贵族宝贝bycxlw贵族宝贝/) of some experience of brand promotion, the hope can help to you.

many people think the library review time is too long, sometimes several months, even the need for more than 1 years. Waiting time is so horrible, but also scared off a group of people. Then this is the truth? In fact, there is a library of audit time, usually at 8:30 in the morning to at 11 o’clock this time. The author is in this period of time every day to upload 20 documents, and the rate is at least 18 here, and the next day through the audit. The following is the September library brand publicity shots:

three, love the charm of Shanghai library

we see an article always look down from the beginning, the total can not start the middle or from the bottom to the top of it, even if there are a few people, that is the offbeat. In this case, we should make good use of this header for brand promotion. There is nothing more than to their LOGO into the header, and then link to the website pictures. Of course, we can also be combined with the way to enrich the header. But I think, mainly to the header LOGO suddenly we should promote more appropriate. The following is the upload document header:



I personally feel that the best is to reach Shanghai Longfeng brand, a name can make yourself become a brand how it is a powerful event. Now as we mentioned A5, we know it is a station network, of course the optimization of the A5 itself is also in place. So we want to build the brand in China, where to begin? And the need to use what resources? Here I love Shanghai library to share the experience of brand promotion.

in the deal we upload resources, we see the love Shanghai library to our surprise:


two, use upload document header

The analysis of viral marketing case

virus The carrier of

virus body is product related materials including text, pictures, video, e-books, let everybody can vividly see the news, touched everyone’s mind, there is an impact, iPhone4 marketing is not only the use of Apple products to bring you the appearance of impact force but also with high-tech features to iPhone4 outstanding product chain + performance advantages to create a good product, we should be good at mining product highlights, selling point, choose a good product that the marketing is half success.

We all know that

virus is very important, the article was posted to the platform which has the best effect, which platform people are interested in this information can help us unlimited communication, which platform can magnify the news hype the news, the well-known iPhone4 platform instant the incident spread, good product good events are better platform to load, if others can not see, it is a good marketing plan is of no use, so the carrier is also very important.


above is viral marketing steps, we can in the specific expansion, according to the promotion of products, the release of 贵族宝贝ddb8贵族宝贝 in Feifei reading pen, please keep the connection

promotion programs in the promotion of products before we want good products, product innovation, bright spot, can let the news of an issue with the virus spread, with the help of iPhone4 carrier news platform, some iPhone4 crazy events, spread quickly from the source for the virus, instant virus source, build the successful marketing events.


iPhone4 recently very fire, we have been in the newspaper, on the network to see a lot of news about iPhone4, there was a fight for iPhone4, the more shameful is necessarily someone one of his kidneys sold in order to buy iPhone4, it makes people poor, hateful, ridiculous, these examples let us in the moment the news passes on ten, ten hundred to spread, do a viral advertisement for the iPhone4, let iPhone4 the number of advertisements on the Internet life spread, iPhone4 is a good example of viral marketing, with the following specific steps you to introduce the virus marketing operation:

, a ready

three, prepared virus vector

two, prepared for the virus source