The chain and site of various forms of interest

this link can click to enter the site, compared to the first kind of the chain, the chain quality is much higher to the site weight ascension also took an important role, if a soft Wen can appear in the form of a link, but also by a large number of websites reproduced, no doubt on the site to enhance the weight to take an important role, but the weight of keywords ranking in the form of tension, often the effect is not so obvious.

recently found a high weight site down, traffic is greatly reduced, the website keywords ranking is also great as in the past, the reasons leading to this situation. I think it’s too led to the proliferation, because many of them are others reproduced, or placed multiple anchor text links directly, and website management and not too strictly, before many Er release for Shanghai dragon chain perfect, because it is due to high weight, can do almost the state of the second, now the site weight decreased, it is difficult to be included, just an article URL to love Shanghai to see, immediately prompted "sorry, related to" bbs.***贵族宝贝/bbs/thread-2595138-1-1.html "page not found. You can directly access the bbs.***贵族宝贝/bbs/thread-2595138-1-1.html, can be found on the website of state.

chain effect is better than the first one, but also on the website of the damage to the general site, will not easily let you have this form of link, unless your article quality is very high, the administrator may give you a high quality link, once a large number of sites such as fruit export this link that will cause the website weight decreased significantly.

The chain of

text form we should be familiar with the submission, the webmaster of common A5, Chinaz soft, is generally the only YISHION text links appear in the form of the surface, such as the original article by www.***贵族宝贝, the mouse can not click to enter the site, the chain in the form of personal feel the general effect, but because of the reprinted by the quantity, the chain was reproduced more naturally, on the website of the effect is increased; the link to website damage degree is still relatively small, have high quality articles to add support, website can only increase weight continuously. The chain of this form I think is a win-win outcome, is beneficial to both sides website.

a good website is love Shanghai right down, people will certainly carry out a full range of management to the website, for example, now a lot of the chain post was closed, his old account has been closed, it can be seen that a website is to strengthen management, even more powerful website will be down the right. Here’s what some form of the influence of the chain on the site.

The chain

This form of

3, the anchor text form

2, URL to link the form

1, pure text links

Taobao Shanghai search engine optimization or dragon beauty in tragedy

in Ma’s taobao贵族宝贝 active shielding search engine spiders, you had to give up the search engine traffic? In the electricity supplier and the search engine war, Ma a lesson on how to separate the books for this tutorial makers, for those who are dependent on the search engine to the webmaster, may understand the truth that independence is the fundamental, attached to any one platform, Gansu is mediocre, the results are all sad! Maybe this word is not very sad. But, like the same piece of being manipulated board, this life can not let the person sad? Beautiful to say, mogujie贵族宝贝 because Taobao and Shanghai against each other and love from the cracks become leader of Taobao customers, because now Taobao and love Shanghai "make" wandering in the crossroads turn left or right

! !

closed Taobao search engine spiders, then in this consideration, one cannot rely too much on the search engine entrance, if everyone from the search engine Taobao access, then, may let Taobao into search engines rely too much on the embarrassment, nearly does not say, take the video website, just search a famous in the video, search engine in front of the video site Youku but not Iqiyi, Youku potatoes have video site top what, most of the traffic from the search engine over, once the search engine also engage in video, is not very easy to be retained, into the bottleneck of the development of an embarrassing situation in

love here in Shanghai wishful thinking of doing e-commerce, Ma Yun and Taobao have not been idle, although Taobao site blocking love Shanghai spiders, but Ma Yun did not give up the search engine in this huge market, so Taobao off this new site in Taobao rebate policy as it is tens of thousands of bamboo shoots after a spring rain, Taobao guest website, built between the search engine and Taobao website traffic between. In a word, go with the Taobao guest website search engine traffic will flow to the indirect facts prove, taobao贵族宝贝, Ma Yun this step to go, neither by search engines to make, also inhibited the search engine the idea of electronic commerce, the most important, traffic from search engines by Taobao customers the form of the taobao贵族宝贝, although a little bumpy road, but absolutely no waste of

! When

in contrast to taobao贵族宝贝 started Ma, has a strong forward-looking insight, determined not to let the search engine as the main channel for users to enter Taobao, inhibit the development of competitors. In fact, love the sea really has to do e-commerce ambition, look at the history, can see the love of Shanghai with its more than once the flow has done ah Le cool days shopping mall, e-commerce platform, the result is failed, then the rise of Jingdong, suning贵族宝贝, Yi Xun network gradually seize the market, to mobile e-commerce the boom in the good environment, love Shanghai are not doing it now, so many competitors, even more difficult, rather than give up

if the Taobao Shanghai dragon view optimization, is what kind of promotion way? If we just agreed to do a simple analysis! "


2014 Shanghai dragon Er how to play the opening battle search engine optimization

second, effective 2014 and analysis the user how to grasp the user behavior. We know that after the 2013 Shanghai love algorithm upgrade, website user experience is king of the concept has been taken, the specific experience for our users in the new year should start, the author thinks that the study of user behavior analysis is the key, such as small and medium-sized enterprise website, users can concern is the new year of the company which the new the product line, what is the innovative things developed and so on, this time when we update the article to consider the user’s new demand, and not just before or just send some news, talk of the old topic, your company in the new year the new look, showing what new things to us. Users? This is the details about our efforts to mining, the writing of this year may be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er also did not enter this state. When you can write something similar to the new year, new year, new year, from what aspects of customer service and similar such news, one can gradually make themselves into the working state, and to meet the customers in the new year for our company’s new plan, new targets have been understood to help customers realize, our company has been in the real things, not so good

attention to the well-known, website optimization is one of Shanghai dragon er must pay attention to the problem, at the beginning of 2014, the new year, as the Shanghai dragon Er essence of our work is how to better do their job search engine optimization algorithm, after the 2013 fall in love with sea upgrade, the Shanghai Dragon Er we should change what optimization the idea at the beginning of the year, at the beginning of this year to plan their website optimization work, the author thinks that it is each of our optimization personnel must understand the problem, well the author from the following aspects and do a detailed analysis of what.

third, Shanghai dragon in the optimization process is continuous reflection process of continuous summary. Most of the time the plan can not keep up with changes.

first, for the new year with to develop their own plans for the new year. Everything is hard in the beginning, the plan is all of the project, the author is mainly responsible for the website optimization of small and medium-sized enterprises, to small and medium-sized enterprises as examples, how we develop with the new year optimization plan? I think we can start from the following aspects, such as every quarter, every month to reach the number of sites included? Analysis month for the construction of units per month the chain, such as the chain multi platform distribution to achieve what purpose? How to grasp the quality of the chain? High quality soft outside the chain to find those high weight platform released? Weekly release of a few soft? I think these basic data are detailed in our years ago optimization of the task book, if the number of your marketing department staff more, detailed division of responsibility to the people, such as soft writing and the chain release the hand By the person in charge, the content included information made by the site editor is complete and detailed the monthly and quarterly, until the daily workload.


In 2014 should also need to do optimization

It is clear from many sites since the second half of this year generator needs?

by processing down right or be K, mostly by K and similar products is the enterprise station site. The K site is not similar to the previous several large-scale K station, such as the purchase of the chain or cheating. In the end is what is different? I’m analysis:

the easiest way is to search for the keyword "generator" and then look at the drop-down box and relevant search there is love Shanghai, principle, price and structure in the drop-down section inside. Obviously, besides the price in other website there is no, that is not the site to meet the needs of users (my site in the copyright information at the end), belongs to the library information generator principle content is a great generator principle downloads demand, but I don’t place a site inside the download link also, no download content. So there are many places need to modify.

see from where you can? Before 2011 classification information platform is OK, which is the classification of information platform to do the ranking is very good, so a lot of people do not only rely on the information can also earn money, but from 2011 to 2012 ranking classification information platform behind the enterprise station, but information from the beginning of this year the platform began ranking good, why is this? "

see a lot in this November 22nd is right down the site, basically are the products of the enterprise station, if the station is products of these sites did not show good products, but also no display of other content. Our view is the previous site since it is selling a product that our website is clear and simple display of our products can be, similar to my generator site, basically home page content is the product information. Then the generator needs is not it?. How to find the

then the site should arrange what content? Before answering this question we first consider a problem: on the Internet click browse our website users mainly by those people? What is the main? For all enterprise stand for our users by: customers, people, peers, query data Shanghai dragon group, peer in this population and the majority of users to query data. So now the search engine is that he will not distinguish between what is the user purchase query data users, he knows what is in your website, and who does not find what you want to leave your site. So the trend of website optimization next year is to meet the needs of users to query information, also is our website mainly provides product information, and then recommend our products, only in this way can the website ranking up. In fact, this algorithm last year has already begun to implement, but not so obvious, my bucket elevator is a very complete information site (search bucket elevator, Cangzhou promises the site) so now the ranking is stable.

Can you make money from a discussion community into a knowledge platform, a knowledge question and a

, following its launch in April of this year, has recently launched a multi – group question and answer product, known as Live". A main Live to create a flow of information, it will appear in the attention, the user can enter the communication group, in the chat room scene, a main through real-time way to share knowledge once more users, but to enter the communication group, users need to pay fees, the cost of how much from a main decision.


[whether content paid, resource reward or native advertising model, the cultural atmosphere created by Quora, known as the knowledge-based question and answer community, often has a natural rejection of]

for commercialization

13 million active users, 5 billion months of browsing, daily access time of 33 minutes, 10 million questions total 34 million answers.

facing the knowledge of the number of users and traffic explosive growth, how to realize become known CEO Zhou source was asked the most questions.

"in the context of changes in the media environment, there will be more scenes, from a discussion community into a knowledge platform, and know that the commercialization is also around the development process." Zhou source told the first financial daily reporters.

, following its launch in April of this year, has recently launched a multi – group question and answer product, known as Live". A main Live to create a flow of information, it will appear in the attention, the user can enter the communication group, in the chat room scene, a main through real-time way to share knowledge once more users, but to enter the communication group, users need to pay fees, the cost of how much from a main decision. And the value is in the WeChat circle of friends to share code information, users must pay to read, if satisfied with the money to the author, not satisfied with the money belonging to know the official.

and value is almost between content paid and resource reward different, know Live means of realization is more direct. While speeding up the flow of information, efficient dissemination of valuable information, and faster solution to the problem, the commercial value of knowledge itself is more prominent.

as for how to make money, Zhou sources talked more about the investment in native advertising. Similar to the American question and answer community Quora, advertising is viewed as the first attempt to answer the question of community commercialization.

advertising is under a problem in Quora, and was labeled "promotion", and the choice of initial advertisers is limited to Lever, Uber, Wealthfront and Sunrun four, the content will be selected.

knows that the inspiration for native advertising comes from Facebook’s information stream advertising. In Zhou’s view, this is an age of consumption upgrading, and people need valuable information to complete consumer decisions.

"good >

A few questions about standing

questions 1:

, do you really know the user community of your website,

?’s users are: decorators, designers, casual people,


now it seems that none of these things satisfy what they want,.

questions two:

is your website specific user viscosity? has only one comment that belongs to the user. There is nothing else. Will the user be involved?

questions three:

does your website really bring what you need for your users,

?, at least for the moment, has some of these features, the content is relatively fine, there is no spam content, but the content is too little, can not afford people’s requirements

questions four:

where is your website’s profit point,

? profit point, I have not seen yet, only advertising, Google, poor income of poor.

questions five:

does your website bring profits to your advertisers,


for the moment, it’s not too impressive,

questions six:

what’s the value of this site,


persevere and try his best to find ways and means one day he will show his value in

Skincare skincare name Daquan nice name

open a skincare shop is a lot of entrepreneurs dream shop first take a good name, then the name of good skin care products which, to look at the whole network of small as we prepare the skin care product name Daquan, must have for your good name.

Qing Xuan Tang beauty Fang

beauty point

Airsun famous makeup

small cosmetics store


beauty hall skincare shop

beautiful home

Iraq beauty store

charm temptation skincare shop

baby beauty

beauty skin care products.

Zi Yan Tang

The Dreamspell


100% skin care products

bubble beauty house

charm face

Fu element

charming skin care store

primary color

Cutex skin beauty shop

beauty skincare shop

Pretty Vally

Xuan Yan skin care shop


woman. South Korea skincare shop Daquan

angel love beautiful

petty channel

pet skincare shop



static beauty shop

hundred code

every day makeup skincare shop

Jiangnan show

Bai Bai Hui skin care shop


Several key points in the operation of the new web site

when the Internet age has gradually entered the mature stage, large and small companies are beginning to use network operation. As a result, there are more and more Internet companies, and various websites have appeared. There are portal websites, localization information websites and company publicity websites…… The site of a multitude of names, according to the different types and different markets, different sites and the same site of the original operating mode is also changing, so the website operation is in a groping stage, often a new website how to quickly and effectively operation, become each site managers most one thing brainer.

I’ve learned from my experience working on the web and from the lessons I’ve learned from others that it’s critical to start a new website.

one, the foundation should be good,

website in the planning process, it is necessary to market factors, current popular elements, the focus of work, personnel reserves and so on should be considered in place.

example: Ji’nan real estate online early in the site, to take into account the audience’s viewing habits and aesthetic, the page design is fully up to this point, do not browse audience fatigue, mood cheerful service details. But taking into account this factor alone is not enough, but also to do several other aspects.

is another example: you want to do is a localization information website, early site, you will be the market factors, the popular elements, the focus of the work have been identified, what do you think is the site of early, urgent need to recruit personnel, and other personnel then recruit. By the end of your project, you will find that you need a good group of news editors with good professionalism and experience. This editor is need time and life experience of the precipitation, but you have enough money to find someone but difficult, need to wait for a long time, which makes your service decline greatly elongated promotion time.

two, a heart, ready

in the process of website promotion, there are many elements complement each other, help each other in order to achieve the best results, so avoid single promotion.

: for example, a newly established music website, the audience can be either an ordinary music lover, a professional music teacher or a music master. On the current market situation, only through the professional audience, the site is valuable. But if only professional audience, without the support of ordinary music lovers, obviously the market atmosphere can not foil. Therefore, these two aspects should have two teams to capture at the same time, to complement each other the best effect.

three, do the most professional

new website is the most taboo is to do their own unprofessional things. If you are not professional, it will be difficult to do, and there will be a lot of contradictions.

, for example, a friend of mine who works in real estate. However, he believes that the beauty industry is relatively profitable, so he started a business in the beauty industry