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The rogue user experience

love Shanghai

Rogue user experience

so what is rogue user experience? The author is such a definition to it. Not all to the user as the criterion, forced users to transfer to the line of sight to the page, damage the user’s behavior and the first sense of the principle of the user experience are rogue user experience.

is certainly not here to love black Shanghai, we just take the love of Shanghai to make a clear case to illustrate what is rogue user experience.

now, the user experience is the priority among priorities, I also wrote articles about the user experience, but it is the general details. Because are talking about good user experience, and today I want to give a new mountain shortage, that is, rogue user experience. I don’t think about the word love Shanghai, love Shanghai in August 22, 2012 issued a statement that the update algorithm, to improve the user experience. read more

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With the function of distinguishing different types of external links

webmasters may also not understand what it means to me first, for example, in Soso Ask the chain, the chain will be made after the jump. Many have N years of experience in the old station will directly link the sentence of death, and claimed that this chain is completely useless, I dare not say that their view is wrong, after all I have no effect on this link related monitoring, but personally think that there are still certain effect. At least when using domain query, which is a straight.

The chain anchor text in the form of read more

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How noble baby baby Adwords the highest profit nobility which keywords price

although many people believe that search is not important, but the noble baby Adwords advertising to the company’s profit still can not be ignored. Keyword bidding, the keyword is the most popular, the highest price of

"insurance" and "cost per click" the highest bid is $54.91, the key revenue accounted for Adwords of the total income of 24%.

insurance (Insurance), (Loans), mortgage loans (Mortgage).

Wordstream analyst Larry Kim said

many lawyers looking for customers, in order to get a customer, they can pay 50-100 hits the cost, because they can earn back in a lawsuit for several years, at the same time for $500/ hours. read more

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A5 marketing love Shanghai recently will have a larger adjustment promotion

again when I return to the search page search for other keywords, found that the current page is automatically jump I just click on the web page.


in search of Xuzhou XX plastic surgery hospital brand keywords, click on the second link, the link to jump to the corresponding web page, but the magic phenomenon, when I return to Shanghai love the search box to search other keywords, find the page automatically jump to the site of a single page, this phenomenon can be predicted to love Shanghai there are new changes. read more

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Keywords the extension and tool of

for a web site selection is a lot of factors to consider, when we determine the core keywords, the next is the keyword expansion. On a slightly scale website, on dozens of key words is not enough, still need to find the number of keyword search is the core of the less the more keywords and classification or arranged to the home channel. Mining extended hundreds or even thousands of words are very common.


before we spoke a lot of keyword content, such as why to study how to choose keywords, keywords, keywords competition degree judgment, determine the core keywords and keyword expansion. For the above I enumerated relevant knowledge about key words, I believe we all understand. We as Shanghai dragon Er, good keywords is essential. read more

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Love the Shanghai index and encyclopedia began charging protection of brand word or money

recently love Shanghai index and love Shanghai encyclopedia began charging, before there is a large number of keywords is not love view of Shanghai index, there may be the keyword search volume is too small, there may be a love Shanghai deliberately shield some key words. And now love Shanghai intends to open such words, but the premise is to charge a fee, add a keyword, the annual fee is 50 yuan, that is to say after the renewals have to pay. Love is not only love Shanghai index, Shanghai enterprise Encyclopedia also start charging, every day is 9 piece of 5 hair 8, seems to be a lucky number. This love Shanghai has launched two new services, what is the purpose? It is said to be money, some people say it is in order to protect the brand word. read more

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A good website optimization to care about what elements

1. One of the first elements of the website optimization we have to focus on is the content of the website, we optimize the website, but the website is in the content of the web site. So the content of the website is the primary cause of our attention. We optimize the website is to attract more people to our website. To accept our website products and services. So what makes these users accept and love our website. This requires our website with rich content. The content of the web site to meet the requirements of users, to help users from our website to learn knowledge they don’t know. Or let them learn more knowledge and service. If the empty sites do, without any useful substantive things, then it will not have a good user conversion rate, even with very high traffic, it is there will be a high bounce rate. So the content of the web site to do useful and beneficial. Secondly, the content of the website also regularly updated, this website will be full of vitality, every day will have more customers to visit. They naturally live search engines love. read more

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shlf1314 Adsense Western Union fast collect all the stepsWell known American angel investors list 30

Customer Relationship Management CRM is one of the most commonly used one kind of software enterprises, the field still has the potential to be excavated. This kind of software is currently only completed mail list management functions, and the future of this kind of software should help enterprises to better off and on

But 6. more Most of the

3, the amount of payment: accurate to the decimal point after two

famous Internet experts MarcAndreessen has pointed out that the traditional newspaper is currently facing difficulties, the problem is the organizational structure of them makes them in the face of competitors is weak. The Internet news has undergone tremendous change, PerezHilton and TechCrunch news represents a trend in the future, while Reddit and Digg are another. This field has just started. read more

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sh419 acquisition network red from the media Li Jiaoshou but also after 90 founder dug vice preside

recently doing thousands of webmaster Baotuan project, after all, now is not alone in the era of innovation, cooperation, mutual benefit, profit sharing, circle of people to share is the trend. On the evening of 13, we talked together and talked about the current situation. Some of the friends, including the channel Zhu Weikun, shared their growth. The guardian was supposed to write an article yesterday to record it, but eventually it was the same with laziness. 15, the station in a row to see the general manager of Chongqing Zhuo 18 years old an entrepreneurial presentation, naturally write this article. read more

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Take a look at the two or three line city cock silk entrepreneurs who started the business90 or 80 o

webmaster has to go, the rise of mobile platform, wave hit, this group of entrepreneurs average degree is generally low, so how to make money fast, has become the primary task for them, what kinds of LBS, SNS, O2O, and they never mind.

to local government agencies to do mobile information construction, as this time the contractor is a medical software industry, to provide digital information of the hospital software, they told me that the hospital

this weekend had the honor and the boss went to Shijiazhuang, Hebei to attend the first Internet Development Forum, the organizers is the provincial Internet association, they said in Shijiazhuang even Hebei province technology, a little ability to go to Beijing, very few remain in the local mobile Internet, many of which are the weekend to buy high-speed rail tickets to go home Monday, go to work in Beijing. This close contact with non North Canton counterparts, or there are many meanings of dry goods can be brought out to share: read more

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Tell you the most important things about making money onlineReading shlf1314 Adsense webmaster Wangz


first, shlf1314 AdSense is sure to make us dollars. that’s what the new shlf1314 AdSense Adsense said.

some webmaster like instant success, a day IP hundreds of stations, also think how much money a day, how many dollars, this is unrealistic. As shlf1314 AdSense did not expect so high income, he began to waver, and wanted to choose to give up. For this station, I want to tell you is, please do not too much care about shlf1314 AdSense’s revenue, think ideas improve your visitors, think through the web site to make money, do any one union, improve the flow is king. shlf1314 AdSense has an absolute advantage over the rest of the country, so long as you stick to it, there will be miracles. read more

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The free programs that make money are really getting smallerLocal classified information network P1

he asked me to do a classified information website to him, and put forward several kinds of color, also said to me 1000 yuan of money to let me teach him to do, and I also boasted that this year is not bad money, pure drinking are not on the wall.

"well, as a game promoter," little Li Dao.

Oh, that time how many memorable things, pure thought, vibrant youth, happy laughter, a year spent similar, each year is different". Former classmates and friends had gone, the Yi River is already bustling around! I often at night time alone to open the , make a pot of tea, and the old friends talk to be in full swing. read more

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265 gold shares through the stock market operating software advertising expiresSocial networking sit

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

where the application of the advertisement to the user can contract expiration date ie before November 28th remove the ad code, to terminate the advertising campaign. By the end of the contract period, the effective user generated at 0 November 28th will still be charged normally. The effective user generated from 0 November 28th will no longer be charged.

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256 read more

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According to their own experience about how to make a quick sale advertising success in the momShare

    I know Mom from admin5, a start to feel the model is worth to try, so I just registered account, tentatively released a home advertising position, the location of the original advertisement put an antivirus software ads every week gains in the range 3–6 yuan, now I sold the price set at 8 yuan, released less than two days were bought 4 weeks alimama/membersvc/buyadzone/buy_ad_zone.htm? Adzoneid=104635 earn a few bus money, don’t laugh at me, Ali mother brings income growth to me so the Ali Mama thank Kazakhstan, hope and Ali mother to each other.
  long win; found little, many webmaster advertising package transaction success this time, I talk about my experience, I hope the majority of grassroots webmaster Tongren Let’s look forward to help, grassroots income increased.
read more

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Yiqifa 400 lucky to win free Ha 7Why can cattle market Yu Dunde because they pay more tuition

2004, the 23 year old Yu Dunde joined the six or seven person startup bokee now known as blog: Chinese, served as technical director, responsible for products and technology, witnessing the rise of Web2.0. The ups and downs of the blog also tell Yu Dunde, "the entrepreneurial business model should be unitary, and it is important to make a business solid."." One of the important reasons for this is the way cattle net today shengengxizuo online travel products. Yu Dunde said, only travel routes reservations, do deep penetration is a success. read more

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How to apply e commerce of small and medium sized enterprisesGarbage stations can also earn money to

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

is to choose keywords, May day, clove community, 97sese, XX film and the like. A lot of, you will SEO you can create tens of thousands of IP a month after the garbage navigation is not a problem, is to see personal money, advertising does not fly is your thing, the flow is not afraid of making no money


hey, recently appeared in 2008, a lot of garbage navigation Oh, is to do traffic exchange, porn SEO horse ah, ah Oh, pop, floating ads everywhere that is, than the garbage garbage that is also good, I get that garbage garbage not the future of the navigation, but there is no future before the map it read more

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21 practical tricks to double your Adsense incomeComparison and analysis of shlf1314 and sh419 biddi

9 advertising position is very important. Ads should be placed on top of the page so that readers can see without pulling the scroll bar, which will increase the click through rate of advertisements.

10 high quality ad position: the top of the left sidebar and the top of a single page. Try using ads like this: use the link unit at the top of the left sidebar to put 250× in the article on the left or right; 250 or 336× 280 rectangular text and picture advertising units.

300× 250 medium rectangle read more

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Solitude and dreams the spring festival features of three Beijing entrepreneurs2 years of suffering

started by thinking of building websites and making money through advertising campaigns. Want to do, buy a domain name space to buy about 100 yuan, the basic equipment is done, do a website, the website content is determined. Because of personal problems, I choose to find the kind of website on the internet station source, look for a long time, and finally determine the use of wordpress. Upload code debugging, took about a week, my travel website finally on-line.

"are you from Beijing? It’s very kind of you.". Home is here, the new year, do not like us to grab tickets to catch the Spring Festival home, how happy." read more

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What mindset are you using to start your businessTechCrunchFacebook can give up advertising and make

in the process of communication with Miss Gao, she said that a man with a 2-year-old child, the pressure of life makes her very eager to have a lot of friends, like Miss Gao to see others succeed, want to replicate their success, in fact all of the resources and capabilities are not the same, and the she said the Guangzhou girl is very clear how business and marketing products, it is clear to the whole operation process, is also very understanding of customer needs, but Miss Gao of the whole process are not clear, they that customer demand is not clear, so not a simple way to put the sale of copy can be successful, success is the need to accumulate. read more

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SnapChat is on sale next year and is now doing the preparationsThe blog promotion also is to survive

5, can not be ignored, know answer platform cited high-quality users

in short, every Taobao promotion methods can make money, the key is to make every detail

the more blogs, the better. We can use it to boost a blog or reduce the loss of a blog. Over time, the blog weight will be higher and higher, which will help the search engine import traffic.

2, do blog optimization,

4, build blog group, maximize the benefits of

blog is easy to use, very strong, but the chances of being blocked are also many, and most of them are blocked because of the strong nature of advertising. This must grasp, believe that there is harvest, water is the survival of read more