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Site analysis of second advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords pulse

– search keyword analysis

usually search keywords can reflect the site visitors visit the site; for example, in the search box enter rental apartment "visitors, they want to search for some representative" related information rent ". If you classify the search keywords of your web site visitors, and analyze your visitors’ number of visits, jump out rate, conversion number and other key website analysis indicators, it will be of great help to optimize your website.

if the content of the site does not match what the visitor expects, it is easy for the visitor to open the site, let alone facilitate the transformation. Therefore, the following conclusions can be drawn: read more

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Youth entrepreneurship in Foshan can enjoy one stop service

in the current entrepreneurial tide, there have been more and more people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, leading to the industry is increasingly fierce competition. In this context, if the government can not provide the relevant services, the development of entrepreneurship for investors will naturally have a great impact. To this end, Foshan provides one-stop service, so as to encourage more young entrepreneurs.

recently, Foshan United University, high-tech industry association, Youth Chamber of Commerce, the public record of space research resources, promote the construction of the "Youth Exchange" was officially launched, this also means that whether college students or workplace youth, can enjoy "one-stop" services in the Foshan high tech Zone venture. read more

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Electricity supplier operators will be 10 strokes you will recruit a few

a qualified operation, not only to have the boss’s sense of responsibility, the artist’s aesthetic, and promote the market insight, but also the meticulous customer service. It can be said that operation is the soul of a shop. In the development of the electricity supplier very influential era, as long as you dare to say that they are operating, it is very popular. Whether you set up your own shop or work for someone else, it’s important for you to exercise your ability to operate. Today, I’d like to introduce to you what capabilities you have as a qualified operation. read more

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11 skills to improve the PR value of the website

came back this morning to find PR’s great summer show, so he quickly wrote an article: "June 24, 2009 PR big update, Yan Yan blog PR is 3.". As usual, update a few websites, to talk about how to improve the PR value of the site. I said is not how to quickly improve the PR value, because the use of certain cheating means to improve the PR value, the next time it is likely to be hit back to the prototype.

1, the use of excellent links to improve PR value

this is known to be the most important, but not necessarily everyone can do it well. It might be nice to find a link to your site’s PR, but maybe his export link is more than 50, and maybe his Google snapshot is stuck in N days ago. My blog exchange is purely a link, so any blog does not matter, and some of my other sites, general exchange links to meet the following three conditions: read more

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Baidu doesn’t update site snapshots and Solutions

everyone in the process of site construction, may encounter Baidu snapshot not update problem. I am no exception, to help maintain a friend’s website (97bobo) Baidu snapshot time stopped in August 7th, has been to 17 No update, and similar sites Baidu snapshot almost every day updates. I’m here to say that Baidu snapshot is not updated, but the site’s keywords ranking has not changed.

analysis of the causes. This website ( there is no cheating place, then I thought of a few days ago the space has been opened up perhaps Baidu spider I stand open to snapshot not update (advise you do not cheap to buy cheap space or find some large IDC space is also used to buy peace of mind) as we all know, if the site the meeting won’t lead to the spider can’t grab content, Baidu will temporarily stop website snapshot update, etc. after a certain period, usually about 1 weeks to 1 months later, Baidu re calculate the website weight and quality after the chain, will begin to update snapshot, and adjust the new ranking web site. In any case, this site or triggered a snapshot of Baidu does not update the fuse. read more

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Experience sharing the recovery process of high traffic sites after upgraded traffic

butterfly is beautiful, need to go through a process through the cocoon. For our site, in order to constantly adapt to the Internet and Internet users, upgrade, revision is inevitable. The author has also suffered several sites upgrade, revision, but only a site revision, pay the price is the biggest. The author has a business for three or four years old station, flow in the revision before basically have day IP tens of thousands of, in the face of severe security problems and the user’s functional requirements, the author of this old station had to upgrade. The losses caused by the upgrade are enormous. The old station in December last year after the upgrade because of the structural change, causes all of the URL have changed, and for the great information on the site, not on every page to do a 301 redirect, only to the 404 error page, the end result is that the flow rate dropped to the lowest level, as shown below: read more

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Macheng Macheng nostalgia forum and Discuz update

Macheng nostalgia network responsible person said, "for Jialin" in the development of Macheng Macheng forum nostalgia is working through strengthening the community construction, the mainstream of diversified products to enhance the community website image and brand influence, to create the most humane city community portal in Macheng area. Macheng nostalgia network initially completed the construction of community platform, will focus on strengthening the construction of city community consumption, and strive to build a life in Macheng for the core consumer interactive platform. read more

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How to locate access groups of Web sites

I often met colleagues asked me why the spread of the lion lion website construction effect is basically very good. In fact, I have seen a large number of peers to do site planning, personal feeling many programs are unintelligible, the reason, many website audience positioning, causing the site overall planning without direction and disorder.

and accurate website visit group orientation, it is the foundation that the website plans. From the spread of the Internet, anyone can access the site as a group, but the audience has invalid group and effective group of enterprises, customers and potential customers are effective access to other groups, for the majority of the audience is invalid. Invalid access groups do not play a role in the marketing effect of the website, and effective access to groups will directly benefit the enterprise. For example, is a good example, we can learn from the read more

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6 months stationmaster life profit 3 8 wool 3

stood more than half a year, during the process experienced unsuspectingly to half knowing, to slightly through 123 stages. Thinking and execution have improved to some extent (first self affirmation, confidence is most important! Hehe), at present, almost no profit, as the title "profit of 3 dollars and 8 cents 3", it is necessary that these pieces of all the money from the Ali Mama advertising.

below, talk about my website operation, especially the local community forum development, lack, please criticize me. read more

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share the soft text to publish the story of profit

I also count as an old webmaster, the ups and downs in the Internet for more than 4 years of hard work. Do a lot of website, news articles, local portal forum, game station, movie station these almost I have done, but in fact are not profitable, another section of the change to other types of websites. Later many sites sold, some give up, until I was set up in August 10th last year the soft task release net, only to find the site is to achieve a value, can play a practical use of the website can make money on the Internet, my website this year a small profit, so I quickly and you to share I built this soft net wise remark of an experienced person. read more

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Horse Grassland portal through see

in early 2008, the Internet has seen portal advertising, there has been no in-depth understanding of the Internet today, after all, a lot of free resources! Especially free space, emerge in an endless stream, one by one, one by one. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to the gateway. Later, a chance, idle, ask for a try. Because the portal through the site traffic requirements, therefore, a large number of new entries are arrested, shut out, but fortunately, I’ve done a very small site, a year down, also accumulated a little traffic. Application process has gone through about a week or so, it is my mental state when anxious, suddenly opened, ha ha. At that time, but also express emotion, wrote a piece of experience, "webmaster and portal through: meditation, patience and perseverance.". read more

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Baidu why have you become a Baidu with a sense of social responsibility

search engine is one of the basic application of the Internet, allowing users to search for the information they need in a multitude of information. Compared to other Internet companies, search engines should be more impartial and independent, and should shoulder their social responsibilities. The social responsibility of search engines is that they can objectively, fairly and fairly let users search for various information sources. It is based on the automation of search engine spiders, including the laws of our country, all of which have given a certain "haven"". read more

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Blog a little bit of opinion about blogging promotions and promotions

At present,

independent blog circle, many bloggers are bored with comment promotion means to promote their own blog, a lot of time they spend in TA between multiple blogs shuttling to and fro, then comment, but these Kung Fu also played an immediate effect, each article in the blog review of hundreds of hundreds, so dazzling. But this blog is blog, hardly success?.

bloggers are divided into two categories:

open personal independence blog (or other websites) bloggers can be divided into two kinds, one is lonely, boring, opened a blog to pass the time; the other one is expected to open a website can bring extra income for yourself. read more

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Do web site Did you choose the right road

website, is an initial structure of the network, we are so many grassroots webmaster, constitute a vast network of the world, it highlights the large portal


network in the world, you still insist, but I want to ask you: what is your direction? Your choice on the road? Do a website (no garbage station), you are a good idea? When we have no money, only a passion and want to when your site, you want to locate their website and determine the future go on


positioning is important! The core of the site has been fixed and we are going in this direction. During this time, perseverance and the efforts we are nobody see, all the bitterness all can be realized only by myself! No one will be poor, distressed us! After site positioning is more important to the site location: what road to take to your own website after all? Interest, just send something to appreciate it, let it go traffic to your site or size? Bigger and stronger? The latter is my dream! read more

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Common recommendation algorithms in the operation process

in this paper, the author mainly introduces the basic principles of the common recommendation algorithm.

0., from the cosine formula,

, first think about a question. How do we quantify the similarity between the two things? Of course, this is also the problem that recommender systems need to face many times.

we know that the concept of vectors can be visually represented as line segments with arrows. The method of two-dimensional space vector representation is a vector of multidimensional space vectors, which is a good model for describing things. read more

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A few questions about standing

questions 1:

, do you really know the user community of your website,

?’s users are: decorators, designers, casual people,


now it seems that none of these things satisfy what they want,.

questions two:

is your website specific user viscosity? has only one comment that belongs to the user. There is nothing else. Will the user be involved?

questions three:

does your website really bring what you need for your users,

?, at least for the moment, has some of these features, the content is relatively fine, there is no spam content, but the content is too little, can not afford people’s requirements read more

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How many psychological preparations should you have as a local gateway

with the recent local portal station hot, many individual owners swarmed in, but for some problems in operation of local portal site is lack of some thinking, leading to fast no income, wasted time and energy. Here, I would like to make my own point of view, I would like to be prepared to do or have begun to do local portal station friends, in advance to do some psychological preparation.

1. long time no money making,


makes local gateways, not garbage stations – buying a space and corn, collecting a little content, hanging on an alliance, waiting to be included. read more

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Skincare skincare name Daquan nice name

open a skincare shop is a lot of entrepreneurs dream shop first take a good name, then the name of good skin care products which, to look at the whole network of small as we prepare the skin care product name Daquan, must have for your good name.

Qing Xuan Tang beauty Fang

beauty point

Airsun famous makeup

small cosmetics store


beauty hall skincare shop

beautiful home

Iraq beauty store

charm temptation skincare shop

baby beauty

beauty skin care products.

Zi Yan Tang

The Dreamspell read more

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Yu Wei sentence type spelling domain investment value

recently, the network’s hottest word is "my father is Li Gang" hot, the reason we all know, do not say, because there are a lot of cases before, when there is a big network, is bound to the corresponding domain name was registered, so I looked at "my father is Li Gang" no registration, indeed, as early as October 21st, Quanpin domain has been registered minon.

now for the web or network time domain name investment is already a lot of rice farmers often do, but I personally think that doing such things is when playing, the domain name is the transfer case are not many, not bad money before " " " & quot, seven; God; spelling.Com etc. The domain name is really encouraging success minon the hearts of the people, but now many buyers have become more rational, there is not enough hot reason, this domain name is very difficult to sell high. read more

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Rookie Adsense promotion experience sharing

although I haven’t been standing long, I’m happy to share my experience with you, though it’s not a very successful experience. This time I borrow a page by Baidu K, write something to share with you. Want to stand or just do stand friends can see, heroes can skip.

I really began to do website promotion, last December, began to promote the company’s Web site. The company’s Web site is not small, optimization, promotion, do it for me, this novice is not so easy. After reading the experiment of single page optimization Qiushi, I like a lot of people that the number 60 thousand is very jealous. The reason is that only one page, without page ZhengZhan optimization considerations, so you can focus on one point, need to consider things less, it is relatively easy. So, I according to actual situation of our company website, made a single page, I called the special page. What can be implemented in a single page optimization strategy, you can see my other article, "single page optimization related thinking.". read more