Really good new idea of website optimization, you have to see


website optimization Shanghai dragon has entered a new journey, not in the chain is the only release, the update of the work. Is a comprehensive curriculum, is the ideal and the reality of the coexistence of things. Perhaps before you do site optimization, keywords layout design several websites have may get good rankings. When doing the lottery to buy website optimization system, I design several keywords layout, site is just on the line to get good rankings, but the time is very short, less than 2 days to maintain the ranking will not. Site of the Shanghai dragon need to accumulate data continuously and analyze data and execute again in the judgment, now Shanghai Longfeng work need to make long-term preparation for.

execution optimization judgment optimization

is about to perform the optimization scheme analysis and optimization, close the ability to analyze problems, the execution is not empty talk. Practice is the best criterion of truth. Perform optimization work includes the surface is very wide, but pays great attention to the details of things, in the process of implementation, to do detailed work, check the website loopholes, Yong Yu code, website interface design, perfect debugging environment running web server. Before the optimization of lottery together to buy the system, the content of the website is not very rich I on the line, such as the update of the content is empty, I think it’s time the update is increasing gradually, the consequences is that the site’s ranking has been not to come.


is about to determine optimal line on the website after the promotion of the website, according to the promotion, to determine optimal situation, do the appropriate adjustment. Website optimization method is not the same level, we need to optimize the work of a period of judgment, if it is not a good optimization effect, to the decision to give up. In the www.7i> system to buy lottery tickets


analysis is the beginning of the optimization of website construction began, from the analysis of the establishment of the angle of analysis from the industry, competitors, analysis of user search habits etc.. Through the auction industry, Shanghai love index on the website optimization keywords analysis, and then determine the theme keywords and long tail keywords. Shanghai Longfeng work can do not need to have the programmer programming ability, ability of professional designers, but still need to understand the basic code. Do optimization work lottery together to buy the system, the optimization analysis is very important, once the data deviation, keywords and positioning is not accurate, will bring a series of problems in the later stage of the work.

often hear the webmaster feedback, today my website ranking drop very much, today I website ranking suddenly rose. Here I want to tell you that Shanghai Longfeng work is not every day with the site monitoring tool for investigation, pay attention to some of the core keywords ranking. Sometimes the core keywords rise, not because of you, love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, will affect the keywords ranking.

website optimization new ideas including analysis and optimization, execution optimization, optimization, optimization of the long-term judgment.

analysis and optimization

Webmaster want to learn mining needs to take a different road

demand is diversity, so we said above is the real needs of users of the

dominant users through keywords, but implicit demand and not all people can see, so we should as much as possible to the implicit demand mining user.

we must find these, we can really put the words make up. For example, car home to meet the price, performance and other car pictures, but also to meet the needs of explicit and implicit demand exchange. That’s not all requirements are fulfilled? It is impossible.

why a lot of people chasing the girlfriend? Because you do not have to put myself in her thinking, to meet the needs of her heart. You know she say and think is not the same, mind is usually not easily displayed, this is going to be your own sense of propriety, to recognize the fact.

then how do we know the needs of the users? A, in Shanghai love to search a word cable box, we input a word, a drop-down box will appear, the drop-down box will display the user demand; B, in search of the bottom of the page there will be a "search", here also disclose the needs of users; C, in the search home page ranking websites also revealed the user’s demand.


demand is divided into explicit and implicit demand demand. The dominant needs of users will be displayed through the search engine, but the recessive demand is the objective existence of user needs, but also do not speak out directly.


3, the data will tell us what

well, the car home page you hit a car each, are the same set of the same template the same layout, but we know the specific needs of each car actually has its own personality, and this is a large site unified layout, this is their advantage, is precisely their weaknesses. There are so many cars, so car home is no way to the specific settings for each car on each page, because human capital cost is too expensive! If you can do personalized display, perhaps is a breakthrough point.

we do Shanghai dragon to have such an idea: all the words are not possible to meet the needs of users, can only be temporarily satisfied.

2, what the user needs are not being met

? We can meet the demand of

if you only from the drop-down box and related recommendation data obtained user needs, you can not go beyond the first.

why the difference? This is because each of us should study, only through competition and comparison, through mining the user is more conducive to our path of differentiation, and thus beyond the competitors.

1, the first consideration is to find the demand, we need to understand the competition, know the needs of users, to know that we can be better to satisfy our customers.

On the relationship between love Shanghai snapshot and website page itself time



before writing this article for a long time, I found this problem. As we all know, sometimes we hope in the search, the result is the latest, "such as" web snapshot relationship with time, in the search results will appear a series of relevant search results, of which there are a few years ago the page, but happened to the new needs of users, this time it involves the document time, long ago love Shanghai by search engine spiders crawl time as a snapshot in time and the new document is temporary superior performance in dealing with this problem; but now is not like this, love Shanghai will already time words into the article appeared in the search, we look at the following example:


well, we summarize, and the relationship between love and Shanghai "web page snapshot time itself is not a simple spider crawling time, it is not a simple web page appears, but both decided to lock, if the page generation time, Taiwan will extract the time as the snapshot time love Shanghai, even if the content after the update, this time is also very likely will not change, if the page generated ahead of the current time, then this time will not be incorporated as a snapshot of the time, I tested some pages, home page, cover page, page of the article page snapshot time seems vulnerable to show the influence of time in the page, but the page list depending on the influence is very small; as the final result how, also need more colleagues to analyze more data to

In fact,

modification time once again updated results as above, why the snapshot will change in time, why the snapshot time did not appear we expected results of 2016-04-17; this we just think about it. The above is not the case, we can find, try to modify the

read the above two cases, you might think this is a coincidence; we look at a typical

if your website snapshot time is still stuck in a year or a few years ago, you can test this method, very useful. The Yichang website QQ 94775541 original text from 贵族宝贝chenhao贵族宝贝/ Shanghai youhua/1460.html Shanghai dragon dragon please indicate the source, thank you,


this shows what? Not so, if you have a website, you can find love in Shanghai show the contents of a snapshot update of the article, so that love is not the actual Shanghai snapshot extraction time 2012-04-18; if you’re still not sure too, so we modified time,

Links exchange notes

exchange Links is a way to exchange website resource sharing, Links can not only share the flow of resources, as well as to improve the site weight method, matters here to talk about the exchange links to pay attention to the.

one, link cheater

There are many

web site management, including the relatively large number of sites, in the exchange time is very sincere, but when you exchange for a period of time, you will find that your website has become a one-way link, the other had put your links removed, some webmaster can exchange with you for a long time to remove, in exchange the new link, a cheat link.

two, spam link

There are many

servers have to plug-in station and station optimization ranking, sometimes to buy your links, hope that the majority of the owners pay attention to, such links should not be placed home, at least not too much, otherwise your website is dangerous, because it is often the object of Baidu station artificial management, when they the station is right down, or pull hair, you stand also may be a key management object.

three and group chain switching


group chain exchange, is a site with your site on the advice, don’t do this, I have just exchanged, then as a problem in the monthly 28 Baidu big update, some to be brushed off, some were downgraded some degree of SEO was home search K off, so if the group chain exchange is still quite dangerous ~~.

four, what kind of link is the most valuable exchange


1 Pr value is 4, his Links is only 20, this value is very high, 2 PR value is 6, but his link is 60, the relative to this site, the exchange of relatively low weight gain. The 1 kind of website most value exchange, similarly when the website external link more than 65, this kind of website suggested not to exchange with this, exchange this kind of link not to have the actual value.

five, pay attention to the source code of links

some Links website to add the nofollow attribute, or dynamic script to, or use JS file link code, this link exchange has no significance, and almost single link, so everyone in the exchange before and after exchange link exchange often look at the source code if you can query to your web site.

six, the PR value of the link website is false

The role of

PR and Google ranking relative to some help, at least that the site has included, how much value?. So when you exchange, you often want PR to be equal, or PR is what you want to exchange. High PR believe that everyone does not reject, but we note, a few are hijacked by for the false high PR value, binding PR website or by some 301 to get a fake Web site, the PR value, by this time they.

Discussion on website promotion method


began to write the article, I will give you a statement, I am not what I love the dedication of the people, the purpose of writing this article will eventually promote my website – classic movies, I just took such a long time since I website promotion experience to share, if it is high hand, trouble you to walk around.

a few days ago, I sold my website, do almost half a year’s time, I was reluctant to part with, but for various reasons, I still sell this station.

I am not what master, but I still love lessons, I write out some methods since the first half of this year to promote the site, it is hoped that more new friends not detours, don’t go the wrong way.

1, which is the most stupid method, is also the best way.

website promotion is a necessary step to develop a website, but the premise is that your website has been formed and has the value that can be seen by people. Before popularizing website, should let a website have basic value at least, so can see in popularizing.

2, the promotion method of QQ group guide

many webmaster friends to their website set up a QQ group, this is probably a good idea, but should pay attention to their own methods of guide members to their naturally or half unconsciously related web content in the group’s speech.

3, don’t forget the value of Baidu itself,

most of the webmaster friends or do Baidu optimization and Baidu promotion, so to effectively utilize all kinds of resources such as Baidu, Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, but it should be noted that, to a degree, as I mentioned in my last article, has a very large station may be in the early promotion has been Baidu "stare" on the.

4, site should also "attentive service"

if your website has membership registration, then congratulations, and you have an opportunity to develop a loyal web browser. Be free, do not have time, write a few short articles, greet and greet members, and ask a lot of suggestions from members. Of course, this is a very boring thing to see if you have the patience to do it seriously.

5, blog group is not feasible,

many promotional friends like to make lots of blogs for themselves, as the source of the chain outside the website. I think it’s a bit of a drudge. I suggest that you do a good job of about three blog, in the more well-known blog, such as Sina, some of the relatively related sites before the establishment of a space can be done in a timely manner, seriously build Bo attitude.

6, this article is brief. See the network of other related promotional articles (a lot, I’m not so. A)

although there are many ways to promote websites, they don’t just grab a road

How does 200064 change to 20000 in the server log

has read an article about in the IIS log, and I can’t remember the address of the original. At that time, their own web site did not appear such characters, so it was not very concerned about, and later, the site was plucked. New station has not included. Looking for a lot of reasons, only to get the 64 to 0 method, this method I can not guarantee for you, but my site is really like this.

first look at the 64 explanation in IIS. In DOS, enter net helpmsg 64, the specified network name is no longer available, but you can access it if you visit it. Where exactly is the problem? This is only the HTTP state description of IIS itself.

‘s previous article explains this:

as we all know, Baidu has human intervention. What does this 64 mean,


according to what I’ve been looking at for some time now, although there’s not enough evidence, it’s basically pretty sure in IIS, if the number behind the spider is 2000 64

so this single page will be in the web site in the search engine disappeared. I was behind the K pages are written in 200064, do not know if you agree, there are other views, of course, I say this is not absolute, because I also have a back page display 200064 but is still can be found in the search engine. This also shows that the problem, but most of the 200064 act "has gone. So I think the 200064 spider behavior can be explained by the clear data.

‘s explanation still looks credible at the moment. Flymorn said, grabbing state into 200064 is not normal to grab, grab the normal is symbol of success in 20000, when the search engine error occurred when the page that crawl into a 200064 state, no normal routine grab; for Baidu, Baidu is likely to be no longer the catch in the main page but the index library, put the "Baidu sandbox" in the investigation, investigate how long, see you how to improve, perhaps, you can not see the Baidu released the K website, there is no law.

I have been just

, the Baidu K website, open the website of IIS log (.Log suffix, such as ex080222.log), indeed, also found that Baidu returns 200064 states: 2008-02-22 07:14:37 W3SVC78302822 GET /article/1/79.html Baiduspider+ (+[url]http://www.> – 80 –