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A night of

November, I flew over my hometown Arizona Tucson, I was so impressed by the city grid layout, Tucson is the United States through the planning and the construction of the city, from the sky, all the things in this city are designers carefully layout (Figure 1), I’ve just come back from London. London is just on the contrary, the layout of the city of London (Figure 2) tortuous, looks more like a natural.


chart 1: Tucson

in Arizona


, figure 2: London

my idea of this article is for a long time, the two city overlooking the map reminds me of the Web design, today’s technology allows us to realize network free format design, or out of the grid completely, the choice to promote the designer of the Web is no doubt, but the real challenge is, how do we give up occlusion of the thought out of thinking outside the grid.

city feeling,

pushes urban planning into Web design, and the similarities between the two are interesting. The grid layout is ideal for creating predictable, easy to navigate web sites that can help designers plan and allow users to access easily (Figure 3).


diagram 3: Ryan Brill

from the positive point of view, of course, easy access to the city of Tucson, a sense of direction or a picture of the street is enough for residents to instruct others their position, just say, I can in the southwest corner of Campbell Avenue and Prince Road of the intersection. Public transport is due north or East West Road, it is easy to distinguish.

, on the other hand, the initial planning of Tucson designers took into account only limited expansion, and when the city went beyond planning, the problem emerged. The limitations of Tucson grid to prevent the appearance of different styles of community or neighborhood, many Tucson residents feel that the city lacks a vibrant downtown or many individual communities, the results, even if such areas appear, also easy to go, but they couldn’t find.

London is different. It’s a real fan. I know Londoners also have to rely on city guides for their trip. The city’s transportation system is full of challenges, and taxi drivers need to pass special tests to get their jobs. The city’s natural growth did not make it an easy place to travel.

in London, however, the wonderful urban areas and unique neighborhoods are full of cultural clusters

Adhere to the content is king, the chain is emperor, let my website rebirth

"content is king, the chain for the emperor" has always been a webmaster hanging on the mouth of a famous saying". I believe many webmaster have been using this "famous saying" as the standard to do the station. Many webmaster friends have already understood this point, and I must have paid no attention to my topic. Indeed, this article belongs to the old saying again, the idea is not new, if you are an old webmaster, please do not look down. But if you are a new webmaster, even if you have heard and I said "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, but you may experience this sentence is not deep, or you of this sentence is not enough attention, trouble you look down. The following will focus on the maintenance of the "China Construction Machinery Network" practice, I realize the "content is king, the chain is the emperor" this sentence importance.

in March this year, my website "China Construction Machinery Network http://www.gongchengjixie.com" on the line. The first more than 20 days, every day I updated the original or false original articles and add the chain, only twenty days, Baidu has included me more than 1000 pages, even more gratifying is that the popular keyword "the industry of construction machinery" I only took 35 days to do the Baidu ninth (Engineering Machinery Industry! Site, more than 20, with mechanical enterprise station, the number of countless), every day from Baidu search volume over, has reached 300 IP, Baidu search volume every day over 3 times GG. You know, just do a website thirty days, in such a competitive keywords, row to the first page, I had the happiness, not to mention! I thought the original Baidu keyword ranking is not difficult! After I collected some dizzy with success, mechanical maintenance, bidding information. Who knows, Baidu punishment immediately as scheduled to second days, key words immediately fell to the third page; third days, has dropped to 200 outside! Baidu snapshot also back to half a month ago. I realized that my website was put into a "sandbox" Baidu! From Baidu search volume over 300 from the original IP, leaving only the poor less than 10 IP, all the long tail keywords flow, not only can! Is that Baidu did not K my station, I have


this time, I was in violation of the "content is king" principle, make Baidu "to prevent the emergence of a large number of duplicate content search in the database of taboo.

in order to save my site, I every day in A5 diving, read many articles on how to let Baidu restore the weights of the website, said A5 seriously understand the "content is king, the chain for the emperor, and the connotation of" implementation.

so, I calm down, every day to update a few pseudo original, or even original article. And at the same time, to customers posted information on the site, adhere to the audit system, the "product introduction" information filled in the same, insist on refusing to pass the audit. Because many businesses issue N supply and demand information, each product releases a supply and demand information, and the product profile

Let foreigners also visit your website

writes an article for a magazine because it searches data and uses Alexa to analyze many websites. In addition to writing the article, there are other things that I have learned, such as the article I’m going to write. You should know more about what I’m going to say from the article.

according to my data, many websites, apart from domestic visitors, also have a lot of traffic from abroad. These websites which are visited by foreigners can be divided into three kinds. The first kind is the news website. People want to know what happens in China every day. The second category is the life class website, such as the delicacy’s website, a website of foreign delicacy flow, foreigners steal our Chinese cuisine! The third is to do some products or tools like domestic and some foreign language website, Niubi IT people always love the use and presentation of some websites of foreign products and tools the same, with no boundaries, the foreigner also love to Chinese Internet to Amoy things. For example, I often mention and use, I pull banner production, there are quite a number of foreigners use. From this thing, I should give my net CEO Cai Liwen suggested, let him find someone to write the article I banner production function English net promotion articles posted to the website, those overseas, ensure to attract foreign users more.

"let foreigners also visit your web site" is actually just a saying. For most websites, it is impossible for us to do special websites for foreigners. But even if foreigners visit your website and even foreigners use your tools, at least it shows that your work value is widely recognized.

in addition, the domestic Internet companies should reflect on why Google, Yahoo, Myspace and Facebook will come to our Chinese Internet kaijiangtuotu, why the domestic Internet entrepreneurs from the United States the concept of the Internet itself, even flies like crazy imitation or copy all. The domestic Internet companies, why only Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent and other three overseas, and they just take a small step, in Japan, India and other such away from the door near the place of staking, rather than to the European market to flicker. Maybe someone will give it to more than a dozen overseas online games, please allow me to express my prejudice, I don’t think that online games business success is representative of the Internet, a three years people will be tired of the game does not fundamentally conquer foreigners culture, thoughts and values, ten paragraph one hundred.

, "let foreigners also visit your website", change this view another saying is, you want to do valuable website. If your website is really valuable, it’s bound to grow. Maybe someday you’ll go overseas. On the other hand, your website, what you do, if not worth it, even if you are lucky enough to get VC’s money, it’s not too bad.

Before leaving, I poured out all the secrets of Ali’s operation

Abstract: the operation in the past few years does not require a high degree of education or school. Careful, methodical, quick learning, and a thick, two, three can be. Now the school recruit very few operations, very demanding, but I see some famous universities will not adapt, and imagine there is a drop. Community recruitment requires industry experience (lack of Internet experience, tolerance), most of the line of the real industry colleagues.

BAT inside, Ali’s operations have always been very good reputation in the industry. But in the operation of Ali’s old most diligent, hard at work, rarely summarize spread packaging, do not know the value of their own. I’m in Ali number is more than 50 thousand, the total is now number more than 100 thousand, in the field of Internet talent high circulation, I have considered the old operation, if you feel valuable, can collect, forwarding, if you feel worthless, just ignore it.

perceptual cognition,

The topic of "

" has its own opinions, which are often badly organized when people ask about it. Provide several interpretations:

Ali old general operation will show you this formula. Operation ultimately is not to improve the turnover? Split down is to flow, conversion rate, passenger 3 indicators go up in a variety of ways to upgrade.


, a businessman from the retail industry to Ali’s big brother so explained, "both retail operations, retail, that is, details, details create differences, differences spawned" extraordinary "," extraordinary "brand". I agree with that.


I feel that in recent years, more and more operations, contact with consumers, more and more into the marketing transition, so I use marketing 4P theory to define operations. It is to find good goods (category operations), good sellers (seller’s operations), through appropriate channels (flow expansion), effective promotion to reach the right crowd (buyer operation / activity operations).


what kind of person is suitable for operations?

a few years ago, the operation of the qualifications, school requirements are not high, careful, methodical, quick learning, thick skinned one, two, three can be. Now the school recruit very few operations, very demanding, but I see some famous universities will not adapt, and imagine there is a drop. Society recruit words, requires industry experience (lack of Internet experience can endure), most of the offline entities industry colleagues come in, generally in P7 and above. They made a great contribution to the vertical business of Ali, but it was difficult for P7’s classmates to start from scratch and learn basic operation skills. Therefore, there are a few faults here, and in the human relationship, there will be new circles of operation and new circles in the industry. It would be great if the two circles could learn from each other’s weaknesses.

What is

data operation?

Changshu talent network human search day visits have exceeded 100 thousand people

this year, the Changshu talent network (www.21918.com) visits are increasing day by day, after March, the daily volume of visits has exceeded 100 thousand people, which has a special significance for a county-level talent market site.

The 2009 edition of the

talent network in Changshu has enabled some of the technologies that have not been widely used in similar sites, and are more easily accepted on functionality and interfaces. Home cache technology is used to reduce the database load hundreds of times, greatly increasing the speed of page opening. In the job search, talent search function, realize the fuzzy query, multi keyword query, and the query results according to the column sort, this is the big city of Suzhou within the scope of application of the unique user-friendly search function of the human resources website. Websites and systems use a unified core database, eliminating duplication of labor and redundant data, and avoiding the isolated islands of information of each information system. Improve the visitor message function, divided into "online communication, interview communication, enterprise personnel and Q & a column" four major sections, there are more than 2 visitors message, greatly improve the popularity of the site.

promotion, improve website awareness. Through large-scale talent market, advertising links, Google promotion alliance and other means of promotion, Changshu talent network radiation range is greater, wider coverage, more people know. Within the scope of Suzhou City, second only to Suzhou, in Suzhou City, all talent website "China website ranking", second only to Kunshan talent network, Suzhou talent network. Changshu talent Netcom has successfully operated for many years, and its service quality has been continuously improved. It has won wide trust and affirmation from all sides of the society.

flow increased, online recruitment, job hunting is becoming a trend. With the expansion of market supply and demand of social talents, and the implementation of the new labor contract law in 2008, many employers are trying to adapt to this change, from a certain extent, increased mobility, so the unit vacancy also, recruitment needs more. The spread of information and network technology, the birth of a new recruitment mode, according to the release of some social survey data, network recruitment born after several years of development, has become the first choice of senior talents employment platform. Network recruitment time-saving, economical, is not restricted by the time and space, with the network recruitment platform in scale, technology and services are becoming more and more mature, more and more job seekers eyeing online recruitment, and many units also gradually feel "on the Internet without going out of home, the quest for world talent" convenient. Insiders pointed out that the current network recruitment has become the inevitable trend.