Take a look at the two or three line city cock silk entrepreneurs who started the business90 or 80 o

webmaster has to go, the rise of mobile platform, wave hit, this group of entrepreneurs average degree is generally low, so how to make money fast, has become the primary task for them, what kinds of LBS, SNS, O2O, and they never mind.

to local government agencies to do mobile information construction, as this time the contractor is a medical software industry, to provide digital information of the hospital software, they told me that the hospital

this weekend had the honor and the boss went to Shijiazhuang, Hebei to attend the first Internet Development Forum, the organizers is the provincial Internet association, they said in Shijiazhuang even Hebei province technology, a little ability to go to Beijing, very few remain in the local mobile Internet, many of which are the weekend to buy high-speed rail tickets to go home Monday, go to work in Beijing. This close contact with non North Canton counterparts, or there are many meanings of dry goods can be brought out to share:

means that all things are the strongest, and in the end, the survival of the fittest is the law of natural development, which can not be stopped.

personally, I think the success of entrepreneurship, in fact, has nothing to do with age. But it has a lot to do with people. Once in the "China’s Got Talent" stage, there is a steamed stuffed bun brother, is full of white hair, a ponytail, singing a Liu Huan "from the beginning" of that.

! !


3 To B products and services account for more than 95% of start-up projects;

, don’t look at the money is more vulgar, and many are muffled to make money. You think, from the PC era fought until now, great people are promoted to the north of Guangzhou high rich handsome, almost a little too dig a few pot of gold, has been held in the year to do the webmaster home again how to fiddle with the nuggets.


however, 80 shoes are not improperly belittle oneself is still the world, now 80 played a mainstay role. After 80 this generation should embrace and accept the new generation, try to integrate into the circle of 90.

, what does that mean?

he used to be a multimillionaire and went bankrupt overnight. To this end, overnight anxious white hair. Later, from the beginning, from the sale of steamed buns, because his childhood dream is to be a steamed stuffed bun king, and now he worked hard, and stick up again. He should be >

1 professional counterparts are from the PC era, do Adsense that part of the conversion,

has to admit that time is the biggest capital. They now have access to the Internet, and some have earned the first pot of gold through the internet. A few of them are TB, and they can be seven thousand or eight thousand in a month.

this part of the business colleagues, very grassroots, very grassroots, if he does not say is engaged in the Internet, you think he is sweeping the street?. Look, wearing talk, like a very cock silk, but the secret is definitely a true tyrant. Sitting in one of the local counterparts in the car, we told him about the big data, social dividends, about O2O, then I do not know when, suddenly changed, he asked: "are you open Cadillac XXX? I had previously felt XXX." Fuck, Leng is a word from the imperial buddies block didn’t answer.

for the 90’s rise, 90 advantages, we have to face, this is the law of nature, bring forth the new through the old Yangtze River, is unstoppable. They are no longer a baby, they have grown up. Now is not 16 years old, has been defined as adults? Yu Jiawen, Ma Jia Jia can be regarded as successful after 90, and the newspaper has no 80 overwhelming figure, and replaced by 90,

what’s the concept of 16 years old? I’m 12 years older than they are. What’s the concept of 12 years old? When I was in junior high school, they were just born. And this year 00 immediately after 15 years of age,

think I feel cold in the back, really houshengkewei. I like them so big, even the mouse like what do not know! Envy them live in such a good era, the rapid development of the Internet industry, to the economy into the wings to take off. And after 90, just easy to sit on the wings of the angel.

survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest in natural selection, this sentence is Darwin "evolution" which appeared in the

2 what do you do recently with money? Don’t play with the concept of "

recently joined my VIP, inside 90 more and more, yesterday came in a 16 years old, 90.

2C products and services, can see all basically been carved giant invisible finished, but the thought is also the north of Guangzhou technology venture capital team for the package, so leave them is not much, is the local B service end products and services to local businesses, such as APP to do; local business WeChat, micro-blog marketing; micro-blog, WeChat to local enterprises to do on behalf of the operators.

they come to a variety of meetings, the purpose of the forum is simple, purely, is to promote their products and services to come, the intention of the people will send business cards, wondering if you can butt some resources back.

this conference, one of the entrepreneurial team from Nanjing, this year began to do the brand WeChat generation operators, 20 of the small team has signed about 3000000 of the list;

16 years of age should be 98 years,

is pleased that, with 90 generations and no generation gap, the group of three 16 year old small partners, we chatted without pressure. Because I belong to people after 80, 90 face, 00 after the heart. I also like to play with after 90, and, in particular, my wife is also 90, but she just graduated this year. The two of us don’t have any generation gap,

Which is the direct drinking water of Shanghai Disney

drinking water safety issues, has been a hot topic of public concern! Now, Shanghai Disney park opened, for the majority of consumers have brought benefits, but in the scenic area of drinking water is how to ensure health? Which is the direct drinking water of Shanghai Disney park? Let’s find out.

16, the Shanghai Disney park officially opened, direct drinking water park is from Yum water industry strategic partner to groups, the park consists of 25 themed attractions of drinking water by all open can provide real-time monitoring of water quality, water purification equipment available at any time of the operation, water quality and maintenance requirements.

from Xiamen City, the first production of bottled water companies, to Xiamen the first to introduce the whole house water purification system to the enterprise, only one set of bottled water, bottled water, water purifier one-stop service enterprises, 20 years, always adhere to the "Yum good water" concept, to provide drinking water health service safe, rest assured, personalized for the customer.

from Beijing Olympic Games to Shanghai, World Expo, as the world’s largest central water purifier manufacturers have been winning the favor of customers. Yum water industry is working together to open the group, with the original DSR service model, to provide customers with high quality and healthy drinking water.

imports of aquatic products

may not be your best choice

In the face of the increasingly serious problem of water pollution, the most effective way to protect the water quality of the

is to install a reliable whole house water treatment system. China and Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries of the water quality is different, different types of pollutants are also different, blind superstition imported, often resulting in the use of water purification products after the installation of the embarrassing results.


can be opened in the R & D center analysis of water quality in the laboratory can make a comprehensive analysis of water samples collected in instrument analysis, is to fully understand the local water quality based on the first open to the whole house water purifier since 2001 launch of the acclaimed "the whole house water purifier, family health" concept the future direction of the industry lead more than ten years.

German robot

world-class automatic production line "artisan spirit" is the core of manufacturing can open, every new product launch will go through repeated and strict testing, analysis, adjustment, and after 6-12 months of practical test, before the market.

in the Shanghai Pudong area, open to have manufacturing base acres of modernization, more enormous amounts of money from Germany to introduce Chinese first KUKA robot, to create a world class water treatment core automatic production line. In addition, up to 100 domestic and international authoritative certification and patents, are recommended

The relationship between user experience and search engine

over the years, some fundamental changes have taken place in the production of the website. We remember before doing web site, we all hope that their "little sparrow" Five Zang quan. Everyone is looking at the design style of the portal. Is my early years more like their website, looks thickly packed, people feel that their website content is very rich. No doubt, in the content of more sites, such design is still feasible, and what can be criticized?. But I personally think that this method is the most inadequate user experience is very bad, a very headache to see. I looked at some of the current websites and large websites, and I think they were equally aware of the problem. So, in some practical content, we try to take care of the user’s eyes by increasing the font size and increasing the spacing of characters.

now more and more people are aware of this kind of us, so we often see some simple and refreshing homepage. They don’t have much fancy and put the most promising content on them. This approach can be summed up in four words: "highlight the theme", so we have reason to be sure that, no matter from any angle, the user experience should always be in the first place. I will also explain the importance of the experience from the following, perhaps you think this is nothing to say. I myself do it every day. But I want to tell you, very simple things, not everyone knows, simple things may be most easily overlooked.

one, experience the role of

in search engines

because I am personally familiar with the game, the following example will also be illustrated by the nature of the game station. Make up a case: someone is playing Warcraft, he just has a problem in this area is not very clear, so want to find some information online. And he is through the search engine search "of how to make money, if you took this opportunity to leave, the search engine will search in the first place for you, you want to show that their station address for this person? Many people now do optimization, put a lot of effort on his home. I hope the main keywords are on their first. That is assuming just the user enters your home do you think he can find the information he wants? Certainly is not to be found, even if you stand there, he must also manually, a look, this is the worst experience. Most people see not what I should have gone. He won’t have any good impressions of your site. So what should we do, do you like Warcraft keywords, I think the best in the world of Warcraft rankings and not whether it is very near the top, because it is too general, if you are a user you make a search will not only play the two words. Therefore, we should still more with the inside pages to optimize this aspect, can play the following benefits. 1, the goal is clear, the corresponding competition is very small. 2, greatly increase the user experience, because he sees what he wants. It’s a win-win situation. The resulting user is also the type of user you want most

The experience of diversified service brought by station construction experience is different

with the continuous development of network technology, and now the site is no longer in 90s that kind of single page layout, so monotonous, and now rich color, picture collocation make the website appears distinctive features. Especially people on the network’s increasing awareness in the crowd basically exists in the first impression of the website, such as the beautiful degree, website access speed, site layout and so on, this is the user experience, before I did not stand from the user’s point of view to consider but, according to their own love, design is reasonable, and it looked like a garbage station feeling, with my own ability and understanding unceasing enhancement, I gradually realized that the site layout, design, user experience is an important reference data.

with its own navigation network set up more than a month, I am seeking for different promotion methods, but the only effective way to bind promotion, because the other is for the first visit, second had become a bubble, I thought it was really no character, as other people do. I admit, but so far I really don’t know what the most profitable station, and great prospects for development, is I think a lot recently, I suddenly thought of love was very happy, why not create a two page on the site, just do it, get a set of the program, do slightly modify, upload up, finally do collect information on this topic, 2010 happy boys built up from here, I think of why a single website does not provide some special services, in In many navigation network to provide a mobile phone number query, IP query, query, query, bus recipes and all the convenience query, these small services mainly give the user some good service, I think 197 Internet navigation also has been looking for opportunities. Although my experience is not enough, since nearly a year to do stand, they are learning, feel, on this understanding, I think it is some, I am a student read the electronic commerce, the face of market employment pressure is severe, I really tried very hard to learn all kinds of knowledge. You may know what is now out of college salary, no experience, lack of ability which have become a restrictive limitations, although I do this station is to try to find some better experience, in order to better participate in combat, I think I can study well, to his ability exercise, although a long way, but I believe there will be a rainbow.

see a lot of reports that e-commerce will become the future development of one of the largest e-commerce giants, Chinese, dominate the market, if as a personal webmaster to be rooted in this, we need to find the opportunity and methods better, we simply can’t do nationwide, but the vertical of us you can go in, because we have to do is to provide a better and more distinctive service. I’ve been thinking about when I’m going to do it myself, but I’m always thinking of an inverse relationship with what the market has decided

Webmaster sentiment change the point of view of search engine optimization work

website optimization for some years, the eyes of the Baidu optimization is a need to persist in the work, perhaps this process you will feel irritable and boring, or even confused. Never mind, I always encourage friends, you will see new things from another point of view, in an industry that the industry is at least so interest, so we need to put their interests to maximize the mobilization of the



website optimization seemingly simple actually doing it is not so simple, we need the knowledge of the system, regardless of the site, or program optimization category, have been covered, for example, every day we write original articles, give yourself at least a day, not afraid of no material, with others to write material, eventually into their own content it can be.

for a month, you’ll have feelings for writing. Subtle influence, you will find that their style of writing has also changed, and every day also allows you to insist on upgrading the site will be upgraded slowly, this is a sense of accomplishment!


over the years, too many people on the website optimization, that is, SEO there are a lot of misunderstanding, that is literally do a few keywords to the home page or what special technology, so I’ll tell you about it.

At the same time, we do

optimization must understand the rules of search engine, but also to consider whether the site is suitable for the demand of marketing, website have attractive to visitors? User experience and so on, keep visitors time one second, you will add a web experience, the web site has a viscosity, search score naturally more and more


two, we have to make the best use of the search engine platform, since the search marketing should attach great importance to this platform, because good website optimization will bring you considerable free flow, flow more directly and directly linked to your business, so we use the search is to give the performance of our


through our efforts to better position ranking of search engine, but our next work will be more difficult, that is how to keep our rankings? How to make search engines has been that this is the key to our

!In addition to the

construction and the chain construction accident. We should pay attention to content most is their own construction experience, only the user loyalty is high, our website will have value, search engines will be considered valuable, so we even do keywords qualifying ideal position, do not stop and improve the experience for our own website the promotion, this is the ultimate goal we do optimization! Search engine optimization is a journey of art! The Tianjin wedding rental: http://www.yueyanhunsha.com/ original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you! A5


How do local industry websites work with local media and industry

want to know now on the Internet daily increase website mostly for the local community, these sites have greatly enriched the life of the network, but also to the Internet ushered in the development of the second in the spring, and now the number of Internet users has exceeded 450 million, our country is about more than 1/3 of the population, is a very large user groups! This greatly increases the possibility of the site’s profit, but also gave birth to the local site will produce intense competition, so how do we make website of local talent shows itself in the fierce competition? It is to go and local media and industry cooperation, following the analysis of my website is how successful I! The car is just set up last year, before there are several large living communities, I make my website as soon as possible in order to achieve And their consistent level of competition, and put their promotion direction focused on and local media and industry website above, I basically from four aspects of the work,


: collaborate with local television stations, such as some of the shows on TV to the contestants through the website registration, in addition to community television mining some good news material, make their own website to become a platform for many local Internet users are very concerned about the community! Greatly enlivened the atmosphere. Nature has a very good help to enhance the visibility of the


two: life for local services in all aspects such as delicacy, fashion, shopping, financial and other information will be updated in time, in addition to community promotion, cooperation and related television programs, conveying original news to Everfount these programs using network resources, to enhance the visibility of natural sites, at the same time also can help get a lot of TV news material


three: mining local characteristics, to provide members of some of the characteristics of the service, after all, in our culture, medicine, products are very rich, many people come to us all a is attracted by the culture, one is attracted by the medicine, so we will focus on the development of community website the two very personality of the forum, to attract the majority of people to pay attention to every time, such as holidays in our community website also organized a number of activities, such as quiz show, etc., to mobilize members actively involved, from the community and let life become rich and colorful


four: cooperation and other kinds of local sites, when your site has a certain competitive advantage, we will know how to use each other, if your site is very poor, no traffic, others are not willing to cooperate, so in the website of the world, the Ma Tai effect is always the mainstream, if you the site is better, then the people will love you more, even your competitors, if your site is relatively poor, even if your friends are not willing to help you, so when my website has a certain advantage in the local, I soon won the local variety of industry website issued invitation for cooperation to gain the competitive advantage of their website >

Exploring the Web the value of DIY’s personal apps


[kernel prompt] APP is a tool that helps users create personal applications. What’s the value of this DIY personal app?


believe that the use of intelligent machines are used in many Tucao mobile terminal, are also thought to do a APP of their own, but because the majority of people do not have the knowledge and basic programming, so the application of thought also had to give up. And Jane net in March 2013 officially launched a non programming App production tools, web site Jane web app workshop, you can let users in about 10 minutes to make a APP of their own.

users only need to register an account, and then use the system default application icon or upload their own pictures and the first screen can make a simple APP, the system will generate a two-dimensional code and is available for download links (iOS and Android). After that, you only need to use the website’s CMS as the publishing system of application information, and you can change any content in the network into the content source of your APP through the network plug-in of the simplified network. Simple, simple network APP workshop to make products is actually a self media, we can get any information we want to share the release to the APP above, the APP user can browse to the US release of information and comment.


APP works with Jane net ordinary people hope to have their own exclusive application of psychology to a certain extent, but throughout the Internet "APP generation platform", we can find many similar tools, such as AppMachine, application Park, domestic network security meters, in the ordinary users are not familiar with but has gradually emerged in the field, the rapid production of personalized application tools give users personalized products to, and will gradually become rigid demand


what is the value of Jane net,


the author interviewed CEO Mr. Ding Jun of APP workshop in brief. Here are some of the interview materials.


for Jane, Ding Jun said the original idea was accidental. Because the team done before refers to reading is also a reading product. Therefore, there are many media information software on the mobile phone, such as NetEase reading, Phoenix News, and so on. The software found here is almost 90% identical, but there is a difference in content. And we happen to have this technology, you can use industrialized means to generate native APP, to solve the media, webmasters and some interest groups, bloggers are now transferred to the mobile Internet encountered some problems. So there was the original Jane web, the APP workshop. Ding Jun also recognized

A small webmaster in a small website practice understanding

before in the Webmaster Station above also published a few small SEO experience, there are many friends added me, QQ and I exchange a lot of experience, thank you all,


I’m a senior, and I’m working in Hunan mobile phone network. During the internship, I have a lot of ideas. I would like to share with you here. I’m sorry,.


mobile phone network establishment time, I’m not sure, did not carefully say this thing. But the founder, also is the boss, this year is 3 years older than me. You can imagine his age, Hunan mobile phone network traffic specific I do not know. But not exceeding 3000IP a day. A small mobile phone network in Hunan many, perhaps not in the eyes. Oh. I also did not see in the eyes. There should be a lot of people like me, just on a web site traffic. However, this idea is just fall into the cliche, it is wrong to


I do stand, mostly has not insisted, died. Also had 3,4 million IP day of the station, there have been 3,4 thousand days of income, once feel very powerful. But the aeriality things, the pursuit of profits, in my opinion now is a joke you may make your site traffic soared, may make your income soared in a short period of time. However, most of the small and medium-sized webmaster, have you thought about your website life can have long? You are not QQ.COM, nor 163.COM,

they might be able to do 100 years, but how about you? Your heat can have 100 days? I’m not here to fight everyone’s confidence. Indeed, the road network, to allow everyone to make money, but you can change the way? Hunan mobile phone network has provided me with a good the train of thought. First of all, your website traffic is again high, can’t flow into money, it is empty, I said to flow into money can not say what advertising things like that stuff. I did not do. Affect the viewer the impression, not what good things. I say the flow becomes money is a real sense to maximize the conversion. The conversion of Hunan mobile phone network, everyone can see, people who want to buy mobile phone traffic = = = = customer buy mobile phone money. This is very simple and also very difficult. Hunan mobile phone network was purely online. That is to say, people in the network See, then the site under the order, then the payment and delivery. But now, as far as I know. They store revenue should be largely to more than online ordering income! Of course, website or as a very important channel. And the store, are they really the main income. More than 10 stores in Hunan. They are from a purely sales network at first, until now the chain operation. Can not be said to be a very big leap!

I also made a special station, http://www.hunaniphone.cn with my work to the iPhone store to practice their sales model