An analysis of how to operate special micro-blog marketing Station

: first choose a good web site configuration. Here comes the configuration includes many: the domain name of the website, website space, website keywords, website, website orientation, the establishment of the website navigation. These will affect the ranking of the factors are needed to choose a good website before officially launched operations, the site is like a machine, you need to have a good part to the normal operation of the. For the special station to select high speed host, independent IP, IDC can provide timely service, blogger micro-blog marketing Station with the ixwebhosting is the host, operation stage did not have a problem, actually is a special space station, the direction of the site must not deviate from the direction of key words. The seemingly simple configuration is very important.

is now the site users really many, the construction site is also very easy to buy a domain name, buy a space, you can build a simple website. The direction of the site can also be varied, with the development of the network, make the special station gradually increased. The development of social media, some time ago, also caused a lot of stations on the line, take micro-blog marketing such stations, the webmaster to how to operate the promotion of good? Kedeng blogger to everybody:

finally: using reasonable method. Now website promotion methods or a lot, but not to say that the promotion methods are all suitable for special station, micro-blog marketing stations, "

: then add the corresponding content to the web site. Special stations and other aspects of the site is not the same type, its content on the site is relatively high, special station content, you need to add keywords related to the content, do not need to add some key words and no related content, to know the user to stand to see related articles, other types of articles on the site is superfluous. Such as micro-blog marketing such stations, the content of the website to add to add the micro-blog marketing techniques, marketing case analysis of micro-blog, micro-blog marketing trends, such as the use of micro-blog tools. These keywords and related articles added to the user’s experience, but also can make the website like a real special station.

again: Web data analysis. Special station operations not difficult, but it is not simple, especially some keywords fire station, special competition is still there, so it is important to website website data analysis. The data analysis should include the following several aspects: site PV, independent IP, website source domain, from keywords to IP data, these are the need for statistical analysis, timely find the website is a good place to be improved. At the same time stations have an important details to the backup site data in a timely manner, so as to avoid host problems, lead to the loss of the site. The site is not only the need of statistical data was done, the analysis of the data is needed, the web site are the need to analyze the situation. In fact, it is said special needs, even if it is the webmaster essential quality.

On June 23rd Shanghai love to talk about the H1 tag location update



originally, a keyword ranking has been the first home, but this morning after the inquiry, the top 200 are not found, why? I asked myself, I cheated? No! I updated the original?! regular? Is that why love Shanghai! Punish me

wizard original, reproduced please specify: 贵族宝贝

at first, I thought it was a chain problem, immediately query, found that all of the friends of the chain are normal, the ranking is also good, the snapshot is the next day, my station is not normal. To other reasons, recently changed the title, why

found a clue! The will be punished!



saw no description is ", a movie recommendation network", well, I see it covered, how could this be? There should be a word in front of it, where to go! Go to the website to see the source code,

check the code, also found no problem, until I’m in love with Shanghai directly inside the search site, found the problem! In Shanghai found the results, the original description turned into a picture:

can be seen through this update, H1 tag is not just to put the best, in the upper part of the website, and close to < body, > this will play a good role, otherwise love Shanghai won’t give you a show.

see, the original "the" in front of the content is in a H1 tag, the results did not show love Shanghai because many people say H1! Where does not matter, so I put it in the bottom.

Two months experience online blog

Shanghai Longfeng update ranking to noble baby & Baidu (third pages)

then executed to adhere to success in this aspect of the "expert" s, but people tend to be successful under the cliff at the same time, the Shanghai dragon "demonized" and "physical" and "master" over the years, with the rise of the user experience, is a blow and a shout again Shanghai dragon er? Let the user at a glance, is undoubtedly the return of Shanghai dragon.

: the bounce rate for visitors has been a headache, the conclusion is all to the user experience.

website records:

from the site to the website structure, determines the importance of web content, presented here is still on the website operation, from the user location to the user experience, I believe this is the most difficult thing, perhaps innovation is really difficult, but the following is the innovation of imitative development.

with love Shanghai observed at the end of the period, the site included accounted for 70%, due to the recent update of the fluctuation impact site update is large, so love is being adjusted in Shanghai included, contents and links determines the website performance.


Built in June 18th,

data report:





with the Shanghai dragon "demonized" era, since June 18th, the course of 73 day and night, the way confirms the pace of development of Shanghai dragon search, we have been trying to let users understand the meaning of direct search, let the eyes ", and with the Shanghai dragon Er, the pursuit of" user Shanghai dragon "natural perfection way.

target word for "Dongguan Shanghai dragon": user attention: 200 (up and down), about the search quantity of 190W (love Shanghai), is expected to complete the optimization time: 2-3 months. In a month’s time for the site link, the accumulation of the rest of the time, continuous exposure, maintain and update the link, the original temporary fixed frequency: for a week two, is expected to complete the optimization time: 2-3 months.

index analysis:

Postscript: Figure

: reverse link part numerical deviation, specific error query love Shanghai.

key changeAt the beginning of August to the end of Dongguan


love Shanghai in July 11th through the observation period


June 20th official update promotion

July 27th Dongguan Shanghai dragon

How to apply e-commerce of small and medium sized enterprisesGarbage stations can also earn money to

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

is to choose keywords, May day, clove community, 97sese, XX film and the like. A lot of, you will SEO you can create tens of thousands of IP a month after the garbage navigation is not a problem, is to see personal money, advertising does not fly is your thing, the flow is not afraid of making no money


hey, recently appeared in 2008, a lot of garbage navigation Oh, is to do traffic exchange, porn SEO horse ah, ah Oh, pop, floating ads everywhere that is, than the garbage garbage that is also good, I get that garbage garbage not the future of the navigation, but there is no future before the map it

hey, Hello, I’m new 38 pigs, recently learned to do the first 38 sites, and the pig love on the website, called the 38 pigs, the address I temporarily not to write out, lest I work in just ways of AD, so I will secretly tell you, oh

e-commerce is a great advantage is that it is not only suitable for large enterprises to use, but also for many small and medium enterprises are very favorable. Compared with large enterprises, the manpower, financial resources and information technology strength of small and medium-sized enterprises are weak, and how to use e-commerce in small and medium-sized enterprises is a new topic worthy of study.

because e-commerce is a complex system engineering, so it will be used in many new technologies, but the most important thing is the following: electronic data interchange EDI, e-mail, Internet, barcode, WorldWideWeb, product data exchange and spreadsheets.

1. of the global market

2. market supply chain

provides design and engineering services requirements for suppliers will increase; manufacturers will be more outsourcing non core business; customers will need more electronic communication for orders, billing and other business, when customers have this requirement, and this will have a big impact on the supply chain; customers will ask their the suppliers to provide more services such as inventory management, data warehouse and order management; manufacturers will continue to reduce the total number of suppliers; between companies in the supply chain will be more closely linked.


novice go to register a corn, preferably COM or foreign corn, rent a speed up not that strict space for exchange programs, such as 38zhu type, back without WWW, want to take up, can the editor will delete ah, can exchange it, instead of after you can open station, it is very simple, the monthly income of tens of thousands is not a dream, the reality is

navigation flowAfter the

after you do dumpster money can get traffic at your normal station, take the money at your normal station, as long as you stick to it, a good location, are not afraid of success, o ` ` don’t speak well you scold me, okay, Fu Rong people called sister is famous, I to learn with her,


well, you can go to the station to improve navigation station to apply for link exchange flow, the recent fire GJJ, Bibi Road, 38 pig ah, hee hee, which can exchange the exchange, oh, one thousand or two thousand is no problem, after all, only a few can exchange a lot of navigation, navigation Oh, those are not small

is not the first time I write the article, is my first Oh, if you feel bad you scold me hit me against me, as long as it can bring happiness to you I would like to say: Oh, well, how do I earn 3W trash, do not watch expert you threw the dead

OK, I will stop here, how to look like to chat with people in the statement, threw the dead, oh, all primary school did not play a good foundation, junior middle school primary school based learning is not good, graduated from junior high school did not test well, to me, I, everyone can not understand this language, that’s it 30 thousand, more than a month to earn

Baidu doesn’t update site snapshots and Solutions

everyone in the process of site construction, may encounter Baidu snapshot not update problem. I am no exception, to help maintain a friend’s website (97bobo) Baidu snapshot time stopped in August 7th, has been to 17 No update, and similar sites Baidu snapshot almost every day updates. I’m here to say that Baidu snapshot is not updated, but the site’s keywords ranking has not changed.

analysis of the causes. This website ( there is no cheating place, then I thought of a few days ago the space has been opened up perhaps Baidu spider I stand open to snapshot not update (advise you do not cheap to buy cheap space or find some large IDC space is also used to buy peace of mind) as we all know, if the site the meeting won’t lead to the spider can’t grab content, Baidu will temporarily stop website snapshot update, etc. after a certain period, usually about 1 weeks to 1 months later, Baidu re calculate the website weight and quality after the chain, will begin to update snapshot, and adjust the new ranking web site. In any case, this site or triggered a snapshot of Baidu does not update the fuse.

additionally, from the point of view of site activity. Website content is updated almost everyday. Baidu likes to update fast sites, like fresh content; this is not caused by Baidu snapshot is not updated reasons.

analyzes the search for other domain names in Baidu under the same IP. Basically good, no cheating sites. Then, with the web server cheating in tie is not exist, this is not the reason.

analyzes external links exported from web sites. Every link in the Baidu the citation in the basic good, of course, which also appeared in one or two by K, immediately adjust; analysis of the same site, also pointing to the Baidu K Links, and their snapshot update every day, included in Baidu’s good. I think the one or two K website is not Baidu snapshot stop updating reasons. Of course, does not rule out, if it is, then by the tie is too much.

analysis from the site itself, there is no excessive SEO situation. The ads for the site include Ali mom and Google Adsense, but that shouldn’t be the reason. Baidu didn’t even adjust the keyword ranking of the site. It seems hard to say that Baidu is the right to drop this site.

In order to stimulate the Baidu spider to climb

. 97bobo only seduced Baidu.

adds a plain text description of "79bobo" to the home page of the website, creating the only new keyword that has no two: "female beauty 79bobo."". After doing well, go to the website that Baidu updates frequently, send a soft Wen to stick. For example, "what is a female beauty 79bobo? Who’s standing?" and so on, I just went to the laggards forum and Admin5 forum, each made a soft Wen paste.

17, evening 5 release of the post, second days in the morning can see, Baidu included me in the outdated

Cao Guangyun choose the forum site experience


forum is used to exchange place, but sometimes the forum has convenient operation, functional characteristics, can also do something else, give you today is talking about Cao forum operations experience of web578 by guangzhou. As a tutorial station, I found out that I was the first one. Ha ha, a friend once said to me, "Lao Cao has creative thinking, ha ha.".

why web578 as a video tutorial station, to adopt the form of BBS, I analysis, maybe I finished after analysis, you also useful BBS site impulse:

One reason for

: free

watch a few programs at the beginning of the site, but need to spend money to buy, have thought of someone I mean to do a stand, but to do two days program old Cao, and next to the face, finally in order to save costs, but also to their already touched ‘rusty’ the program, decided to put a free practice.

reason two: good support for video site code calls

is the calling code many programs support large video sites, but also in order to save costs, it is not time to a dedicated video server, so the old Cao decided the video posted to the large video station, station and large video released content also is very conducive to the rankings, so the program must the external video code to call a good support.

reason three:

must be face-to-face with visitors

video tutorials and text tutorial e-books, now is not the same, but the rampant network techniques, video tutorials, because where there is a lecturer in terms of expression, will let some novice learners don’t know what meaning, so it needs to provide a platform for them to express, but also as a lecturer can not always answer questions online, so you can use a section of the forum to solve this problem.

reason four: authority division


forum can be divided almost countless level privilege may be set for different stages of learning more authority in future, at present only two kinds of membership privileges, one is paid, one is free. And other programs are not very good restrictions. At the same time, but also for future development to pave the way, because there may be a period of time after the tutorial will be subdivided.

reason five: easy for learners to communicate with each other

in the University, have joined the different societies, associations can participate in different projects, and to the video tutorial website to learn a friend can be seen as a big community, have the common interests and common pursuit of knowledge, this part of people together to exchange experiences, so faster to make progress, and the Forum this platform is very easy to solve this matter.

above is Cao Cao chooses the forum to establish the video frequency Tutorial Station five big reasons. Although it can solve some things and ideas, but people want to

For Taobao passengers, 10 words take you out of the haze

In the eyes of many of the old owners

, Taobao has been no longer a meat and potatoes, but in the eyes of the novice, Taobao customers obviously have more practical significance. Don’t shop, do not bargain, as long as the flow showed in the transaction can take the money and run, for many Wangzhuan novice, this promotion model is worth a try. In fact, no matter how others think of Amoy prospects for development, as long as you stick to do, can do and not others say, but you say, and in the face of numerous Taobao such a volume of platform and the number of small sellers, the guest will not perish!

is in the actual process of promotion, many novice friends often encounter many problems, it is obviously very good planning, but there is no traffic, or when to flow, can the conversion rate has been, in the face of many unfavorable situation, many friends will doubt, Amoy really our own Wangzhuan heaven and earth? In fact, Amoy operation in addition to the technical level of things, also need some other thoughts, such as the operation of the means of thinking, such as the direction of development of the decision, there are many factors of success, you are not to do a bit for the guest, I have 10 words for you tonight.

the first sentence: Amoy current overall environment is not ideal, the ideal is not to say there is no profit industry depth, but the industry is more professional and structured to eliminate the previous minor inflow is not a means of promotion is no longer applicable, now want to do guest, must have new thoughts and ideas. The site is a good direction, but the operating cycle is long, you must have patience, and website construction must have the characteristics of implicit seek growth in consumption, such as the sun single mode, you can get the development direction of the characteristic.

second: now the Tao also treat yourself as treasurer. The traffic gets more difficult today, in order to reduce the cost of marketing, we must treat each of IP, when the flow into the transaction, we thought is not turned away, but how to promote the transaction, for the station or promotion shops are careful maintenance and screening, now have to do Amoy brand, strive for repeat customers is very important.

third sentence: the choice of products can not be too cold, nor too hot. Before many of my friends will go to select some profits products, such as breast, slimming products, this kind of product is not conducive to the Red Sea competition, new operation, and now it has not spread, but not in order to avoid competition to choose some few people interested in popular products, now traffic acquisition costs increase, how to make flow to maximize the benefits must be considered, this is not only related to the possibility of business also involves your own promotion of enthusiasm.

fourth sentence: promotion means can not be limited. Like I said before, station is still a means of promotion of Amoy feasible, but the operation cycle is too long, not suitable for all people. In fact, we should understand the meaning of existence is our guest, through specific channels to find the target users, so what kind of channel >

Discussion on some common mistakes of domestic enterprise websites

in recent years, the Internet tide swept every corner of the world, always courageously in the sea fight firms are naturally not somewhere else. Nowadays, almost every enterprise has its own enterprise website. Some of them have built their own enterprise websites for their own development needs, while others may have been more or less fooled by some IT companies before they have established enterprise websites. No matter how they had established enterprise website of the mind, but after a period of time, the status of these enterprises may have a similar website: website no management, outdated content, only a handful of visitors, the enterprise did not get any value from. So, what is the reason why so many enterprise websites are in such a "hibernation" state,



1, website construction is not flexible enough. Many websites built by IT company use HTML static pages to make, and once the production is finished, it is troublesome to update later. Many SMEs do not have the ability to update the content of their websites independently, and it is not convenient, timely and costly to update the IT company. Therefore, in the construction of enterprise website, you need to establish a relatively complete front and back of the program, so that the update site content becomes more convenient and easy to use.

two, enterprises do not pay enough attention to the website. Many enterprises in the establishment of enterprise website at the beginning, that the network is a frontier position, is a piece of fat meat, is a good opportunity to seize the market. But after a period of time, found that this is not so easy, then gradually lose confidence and patience, the content of the website is no longer updated, users no longer ignore such exchanges, enterprise website will fall into the vicious spiral, will not bring benefits to the enterprise, but will let visitors feel the company is not reliable.

three, enterprise website promotion way is wrong. I met a number of entrepreneurs, they wonder: why I put so much money in the promotion of Baidu, I ranked in the Baidu home page, I didn’t earn money from this? In fact, in many cases, companies for their products target user group, positioning their own business industry status and their corporate website is not clear, which led to the choice of website promotion way is not reasonable, so it can only be empty. For example, above the business owner, he is engaged in engineering industry, small and medium scale enterprises, enterprise qualification, performance in general, but the industry is facing the municipal construction and other units, fierce competition in the industry, so he can choose according to the higher cost of website promotion form, rather than Baidu to burn.

in fact, for many traditional industry enterprises, they are very eager to make good use of the network platform, fully enlarge their marketing channels. But their heart is weak, do not know how to use the website, not good at business sites, encountered in the Internet era in the throes of this is the traditional industry, believe that the pains will soon be past, more and more enterprises will become more and more familiar with the use of Internet tools, let own enterprise sailing.

How to eliminate cheating problems in search engines like the server industry


is now a part of the webmaster to save money and occupy the search engine rankings, for an industry built several or more sites, and they often use these sites layout on the same server, this created a problem: how to solve the similar sites placed on the same server cheating troubles, it seems in the search engine, if similar sites on the same server, the slightest mistake is a "cheating" of the title, today I will bring you out of this station is "cheating" of the title, the following into the theme.

one, similar station, same server, content is resolute not consistent,

although our website is the same type of website and server of the same class, but here I want to all the webmaster friends say: resolutely resist similar with the server station, consistent with the content of the website, if you will be placed in the same class website in a server, and your content and too many similar words, then I tell you: this site is very dangerous, if a search engine update all into the blacklist, so when we are similar with the server in the station, set the column, the title is to remain consistent with the practice, so that it can make your website content also is not the same, or risk.

two, similar stations, same servers, but links are definitely not the same as

is currently part of the site’s webmaster link is taken by the group link approach, this approach is a good thing for different industries and different station server sites, but for the same or similar station server sites, this is a nightmare, not deliberately to link, if you are the search engine that our link is deliberately or intentionally, it is on the site across the board, I do some sports website, website content is not the same, is connected is taken by the group link approach, namely A-B, B-C, the practice of A-C, and finally to two week, with all these linked sites are almost down the right, until now these sites slowly returned to normal, we can see from the group of links for site hazards In particular, for the same server site, remember: resolutely not link, or else is their own difficulties.

three, similar station, same server, adopt different program

for the same and the same server website, want their website can have a good impression in the search engine, then no matter how much your site, you should take procedures are not the same, such as a ZBLOG blog, you can take a DZ forum, a take the Empire, one can use a different program and so on, the program can make search engine to different content, in order to make the power for the development of the site, let search engine feel some of this website is not a person to do, to give a good website ranking.

Grassroots webmaster, where is our way out

clock, Dangdang knock two times, the bell at night is extraordinarily piercing. Looked up to know it is already late at night at 2 in the morning, people had gone to sleep, and as a webmaster I changed the GG code, a template is just changed in half…… today we estimate all nighters, but also because the sense in the morning before Baidu take snapshots have their own web sites, update your personal website, pay too much, and the harvest will never pay is proportional to the. Although one of the old webmaster retreat, but it can not stop the arrival of a new webmaster. Year after year, day after day. GG every day is that poor few knives, is to give up is to adhere to, and my future lies?.

Internet cold winter really came, all network company closures and layoffs, is our personal webmaster also face winter baptism, already heard a expert said: personal webmaster fireworks fall It is all up with. Make my heart with emotion, be calm, heart was a desolate, may be moved by sight! In spite of the night has been deep, still insist to write out a little feeling inside. Is pregnant with a warm heart, a beautiful wish come together, to build up the website, which is today’s personal website, hope the Internet hit a myth place to have a own a place to live in. For this unknown, hard work. That makes our Internet so beautiful today. It is also a group of successful people, earth, and it is their brilliance and dazzling, so that later people are constantly eager to itch. Until today, the site is still poor, poor IP. I am also a member of this station, I am also lonely and helpless, backward economy, when can the rapid development again, save these stationmaster?. Heaven want to cry without tears, efforts, the owners of the pay, when can exchange for hard fruit ah!


the night is deep, and I am not sleepy, and sometimes my son is in turmoil. Where is my journey, where is my life?. Fate let you and I together in Admin5, let us together to explore the development of the site, together to witness the charm of the Internet to earn money. The road is very long, if we stick to it, you may persist in the end is victory, I walk on the road, mutual support, mutual help, let us look forward to a better tomorrow, China economic progress, I still believe that the network in advance, and with our wisdom, with our hard sweat, may God save for our sympathy, maybe one day I no longer do not worry about your SITE IP is up or down is much more, because do not fall down and, I have so much income. No longer in order to flow no longer to make money and do standing, and in order to do stand and do the station. The day may come one day.

I firmly believe that the prospects for the Internet are good. We should all walk towards the goal of success. Don’t give up. There are some failures, and there will be successes. A dedication, an honest, life on the road, let us together to find our own which road, which does not return to the webmaster road. Sincerely wish the individual webmaster >!