On the new station to be included in the love of Shanghai

recently love Shanghai for new sites included is very strict, especially the virtual host, Info domain name or foreign I guess love Shanghai is afraid of impact it brings, the need for each suspected station group or domain name server through rigorous examination, and I stand in a dozen time the experiment finally found a way to make love in Shanghai that day included and update the snapshot. I simply say a few points:

this is one of the most important points, one point is the most difficult, many of my friends are always complaining about the audit in the Admin5 or Chinaz are too strict, in fact. If you want to be successful to post these two sites must be written to, that is their own feelings and experiences with words express, of course, editing is very human, when you think of others when editing articles useful, they will be approved, but also each article we must take the objective feelings and their experiences. Whether right or wrong, after all, this is a platform for the exchange of.

if you do the above three points, the new day is love Shanghai included and update the snapshot is very easy, and sometimes actually just finished a love of Shanghai had been included, more than an individual opinion after the experiment. Wrong, but also look correct, by ww>

I recently on several stations are the new domain name registration, is not the weight of domain name, no one had registered the domain name, and then the experiment on the first day on the line has been included. In fact, it is very simple, nothing more than two words: the chain! You may know the importance of the chain, especially for Google is more important, but in the love of Shanghai, we went to the requirements for is actually at a loss, love Shanghai outside the chain, the chain is very particular about the following simple skills; introduced some skills:

second: go to the forum posting

third: the Admin5 or Chinaz text

method is a little old, but for the love of Shanghai, or have the effect, of course, you have to pay attention to skills. As many people to love behind BBS bubble, actually tested, outdated forum signature has basically lost the effect, because each person to go out is very clear, in every reply will have signature links, the weights will undoubtedly be divided. Forum good effects are: Hualong Liangjiang River forum, forum, forum and so on the government of Henan, outside the chain of these forums will bring immeasurable effect.

for a Shanghai dragon r hand, there will certainly be a lot of weight of blog resources, the blog’s value lies in the longer the higher the weight, try to update the blog regularly to protect him in Shanghai the weight of love, with the new station on your blog with links to the the effect is ideal. At present, the weight, the most suitable construction is the NetEase Sina blog, blog, blog.


: the first weight own blog article

The enterprise website chain exchange need to pay attention to what the problem

if you are a level domain name, whether the other side is the two level domain and so on, in which the cause not to repeat, I believe we all know. There is little details when you love Shanghai site, to each other’s home page in the first place (weight).

switching station.

Whether the

3, website ranking.

4, the domain name Most of the

loves Shanghai on our familiar, most of us in the exchange links, the first look at each other love Shanghai snapshot, simply put it as a astepping-stone to success exchange chain. In fact, you will often find that several of the top station snapshot is not necessarily very new, so love Shanghai snapshot is just one of the conditions of exchange chain. There is a small details that we were in site when the other station view snapshot, also want to pay attention to the station under the snapshot time of other pages, not much difference.

master perhaps reading the title of this article head does not live place, because the exchange chain skills are learned by heart, here or on exchange chain list could not help the aspects like me for the rookie entry soon see. Gossip is, went straight to the theme.

is a station of the main keywords ranking, search engine to give it a certain weight. And these stations exchange chain certainly better. However, we must also pay attention to. We know that there are "black hat" approach in Shanghai Longfeng, some stations are ranked by this method to row up. The basic approach is to view the meta tag has no keyword stuffing, how much is the chain number (about 30 to 50 of normal, if it will be cumulative chain of the suspect), the domain chain and the quality checks it.

switching station architecture, chain position.

loves Shanghai included compared to Google included is more conservative, especially for some new sites. Self, when exchange chain, 1-10 is a hurdle. The other is the specific case, the enterprise station, included one hundred or two hundred and sixty or seventy can be included in the exchange chain. But here is a collection of, effective and high quality. We are in a site station, Shanghai love the last page will appear below the "tip: in order to provide the most relevant results, we omit the entry" similar to some content, click here to see all search results." The reason is the content of the website is not high quality, weight is not high site content and repeat.

1, website snapshot love Shanghai.

2, the website included love Shanghai.


The snapshot

exchange links with our station is a station flash frame layout, a large number of JS and so on, these are considered in this category, I also not much. Friends of the chain position and the presentation is very important: if you put your keywords in the framework, it is equal to his single; the other is link to the home page or column page links in this note will automatically jump, >

Review and reflect on your own website

is now in the vastness of the Internet, various types of sites nationwide portals have innumerable, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, business class Taobao, pat, there is ah, HC and so on, community forum Tianya, mop.com personal website popularity is incomparable. But before relying on a good idea and the achievement of a personal career now seems like the Arabian Nights, the most classic is like HAO123 Li Xingping, how many webmaster desires the investor’s favor, but now this is difficult to expect.

the global financial crisis in 2008 has caused many people to lose their jobs. In order to seek a new way of survival and development, many people have joined the ranks of individual owners, and I am one of them. Because heard too much Internet myth story, even some edge station as a story of earning large quantities of gold each day, there is no technical basis of white, is full of excitement., dream of one day a hundred have become idle people. However you toss more than two months, because there is no technical basis, sometimes to a module update error caused by clearing redo station. The delete, delete, hard for two months since it was set up a basic framework, it is also not good, GOOGLE and Baidu are only recorded their home page. But here I would like to thank all the old people who provide free system, you let me this technology idiot can also make their own website, really thank you.

platform is built, but what to do? How to survive? I can’t help selling. Do some popular pictures or film and television stations, the flow must come quickly, but also in a short period of time to see benefits. But the government’s recent crackdown on Internet unhealthy messages has made me see the end of such websites. We recall their own Internet, in order to find some information, not the perfect, open a link, select their own useful information, this work really is a waste of time, why not make a collection of these useful information in their own site, let users find themselves want to find the information on a site can, this is also an idea? The idea of the implementation of the workload is enormous, personal webmaster do not have the ability and energy to do all of the original, then left a collection method.

however, I don’t want to use software batch acquisition, although it can enrich the content of my website in a very short time. Because you no consideration of your collected data is not every one meets your requirement, is not in the wrong link, the contents of the layout is in accordance with the user’s reading habit? Each of a collection of articles have you seen? What will help people? These are what I should consider the problem. So my station data are my own manual collection, some even knock into every single word or phrase. Although the site is not perfect, but I think I used the heart to do their own web site, but also really treat their own web site users. I am quite complacent about that. For Baidu and GOOGLE’s collection, one from will not optimize, and secondly, do not care too much about it

Site analysis of second advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords pulse

– search keyword analysis

usually search keywords can reflect the site visitors visit the site; for example, in the search box enter rental apartment "visitors, they want to search for some representative" related information rent ". If you classify the search keywords of your web site visitors, and analyze your visitors’ number of visits, jump out rate, conversion number and other key website analysis indicators, it will be of great help to optimize your website.

if the content of the site does not match what the visitor expects, it is easy for the visitor to open the site, let alone facilitate the transformation. Therefore, the following conclusions can be drawn:

(1) when visitors stay long on the site, the number of transitions is high, indicating that the content of the site matches the purpose of the visitor entered through the search key.

(2), on the other hand, when visitors stay in the website too short, the jump rate is high, indicating that the visitor’s needs are not met. In this case, we need to optimize the website, add some content that meets the needs of our visitors, and add some search keywords that can improve the search.

The basic principle of

search keyword partitioning:

the first step is to filter the search keywords as the object of the analysis, and focus on the number of visits in the top 10 keywords, and then expand the scope of the analysis to the top 100.

, if you can analyze all search keywords, of course, very good, but the average size of the site search keywords will generally have tens of thousands of, large-scale websites even one hundred thousand, millions. Analyzing these search keywords one by one is impractical and fundamentally impossible to analyze.

in the actual analysis of key words, the general analysis should be focused on the "top 10 key words" and "the first 100 keywords."". Sometimes, according to the amount of information on the actual situation, site analysis of the "top 25 key" and "top 50 key", so in the end how many keywords right analysis requires specific website business and the analysis of historical experience to judge.

(1) analysis of the first 10 keywords

first requires access to the top 10 search keywords. In e-commerce (EC) websites or marketing websites, the number of visits to the site through the top 10 keyword search accounts for about 30% to 50% of the total number of visits and conversion. Therefore, the analysis of these keywords, equivalent to nearly half of visitors visit the purpose of analysis, the optimization of the site is very helpful.

This is a

hotel reservation website (such as site name "again") search keywords into proportion and conversion ratio. As can be seen from the figure below, the number of key entries in the top 10 accounts for over 50% of the total number of entries

I share the soft text to publish the story of profit

I also count as an old webmaster, the ups and downs in the Internet for more than 4 years of hard work. Do a lot of website, news articles, local portal forum, game station, movie station these almost I have done, but in fact are not profitable, another section of the change to other types of websites. Later many sites sold, some give up, until I was set up in August 10th last year the soft task release net, only to find the site is to achieve a value, can play a practical use of the website can make money on the Internet, my website this year a small profit, so I quickly and you to share I built this soft net wise remark of an experienced person.

in such an impetuous network world, ubiquitous promotion, is full of network marketing smoke smell. Speculation website, someone asked the Navy crazy hair the chain, a network company SEO please. Web site to promote out, when it comes to the head is nothing more than do promotion everywhere. One of the most important part, but can not do without the construction of the chain, the inside of the chain of soft Wen is also a popular way to promote, it has a low price, the promotion of radiation benefits. As a result, on the network and gave birth to a special to write the soft text or soft hair of a profession, it is said that the industry still has considerable potential for development.

as a small webmaster, he will also participate in the soft writing and publishing, they will often go to CHINAZ or A5 submission, good soft Wen will be the size of other sites forwarded hundreds of times, not only to improve their website or product visibility, but also to the site to leave the chain, and thus indirectly enhance the website weight and keywords ranking. Of course, there are also many webmaster said he can’t write, or do not want to try so hard to write, what to do? They will make some false original articles were crazy hair the chain, or to find the Internet writer taobao.com to help, or to other large pig Witkey website on these tasks and the chain of soft Wen other tasks for the ability of the webmaster complete release, so as to get the Commission, large task website involves many things, and I whim, I can also establish a dedicated only for soft Wen and released the chain task release station? And after a series of reference and collection, my special for the webmaster, Witkey website set up, I gave him a nice name "soft outside chain alliance".

The main purpose of

is to design my website webmaster to do the task and the task of the two major functions, we have QQ now, in order to facilitate the user to direct the landing site, I added the QQ login function on the website, a registered member becomes very simple. Any size webmaster can participate in publishing tasks and tasks. The amount is not capped, and you can even publish $1 links or soft text tasks. And I also follow the large task network, Witkey network, every completed list, I will take the appropriate royalty model.

late website promotion, I also put a lot of effort, I know the promotion site hardships, I also tried on many forums outside >!

Common recommendation algorithms in the operation process

in this paper, the author mainly introduces the basic principles of the common recommendation algorithm.

0., from the cosine formula,

, first think about a question. How do we quantify the similarity between the two things? Of course, this is also the problem that recommender systems need to face many times.

we know that the concept of vectors can be visually represented as line segments with arrows. The method of two-dimensional space vector representation is a vector of multidimensional space vectors, which is a good model for describing things.

, for example, assumes that the user has 5 dimensions:

‘s liking for clothes (1~5 points)

‘s liking for home (1~5 points)

‘s liking for 3C (1~5 points)

‘s love of books (1~5 points)

‘s liking for cosmetics (1~5 points)

a user A: 3 of the degree of liking for clothing, the degree of love for home 1, the degree of love for 3C 4, 5 of the degree of enjoyment of the book, 0 of the degree of love for cosmetics, the user A can be expressed as


a user B: 3 of the degree of liking for clothing, the degree of love for home 4, the degree of love for 3C 5, 0 of the degree of enjoyment of the book, 2 of the degree of love for cosmetics, the user B can be expressed as


, how big is the similarity between the two users? Now that we represent the two users as vectors, we can consider how vectors measure similarity. That’s right. Look at the angle between these two vectors. The smaller the angle is, the greater the similarity is.

for vectors, and their angles in multidimensional space can be computed by vector cosine formula:

The value of the

cosine similarity itself is a 0~1 value, 0 represents complete orthogonality, and 1 represents exactly the same. As far as the example of user A and user B is concerned, we can see that their similarity is:

cosine formula itself has a wide range of applications. Quantitative similarity is a common problem in search recommendation and business strategy. Cosine formula is a good solution. As far as recommendation is concerned, the similarity of content is calculated, the similarity of users is calculated, the similarity of user types is calculated, and the similarity of content types is calculated. These are the scenarios that can be applied.

What is the essence of

1. recommendation,


recommendation and search have similarities in nature. Search for users to quickly find their own interesting content from the mass of data needs, belonging to the user active access. Recommendation is the system from the mass of data in accordance with the obtained user data, guess the user’s interest in the content, and recommended to the user, is recommended to the user system. Essentially, in order to help users find what they are interested in in this age of information overload

How to retain visitors further

, whether it is "content is king" or "user is king", can improve the traffic of the website, retain the old users, and attract new users is the most critical. Everyone knows this principle, but in practice, it is very easy to be ignored. Why? Because they pay too much attention to attracting new users.

often see the title of the site in the stack of a lot of keywords, content and description is the same, completely for SEO and write, the content of the site is not much, advertising is quite a lot. Such a site in the end to whom? Users or search engines? Please do not forget, the user came to your website, in order to achieve some kind of purpose, in your site tossing old days, or can not find what you need, who dare to come? Therefore, in addition to attracting users, the website must try every means to make them like it. In other words, it is necessary to enhance the content and quality of the website, enhance the user experience and further retain the visitors. Here are several ways for you to refer to:

1,     website URL is better.

2,     website access speed should be guaranteed.

3,     website professional, especially personal website, the more professional the better.

unless you’re going to do a comprehensive portal, the site will be as professional as possible. I like the net (www.55.la), its main online image generation market, all derived products (such as Webmaster Tools) only to better to meet the needs of the owners, it is very easy to master a professional impression, in the course of time, they might think: I do not want to spend time to do banner I go to the net, generate a fine and time-consuming.

therefore, if the site is very professional, it is likely to attract potential customers to stay a little longer on the site, often because they stay a little longer, eventually contributing to their consumption.

4,               make the access more convenient.

 : if you want to encourage visitors to buy your product online or use your paid service, then you have to build a convenient way for them to get all the information they want.

 :     just imagine who would buy a product in a store full of obstacles Please remember: never in this passage set any obstacles, although the detailed registration information allows businesses to better determine customer groups of their own, but don’t forget, any forced visitor registration procedures are likely to scare off potential customers. When it comes to this, I have to mention my dragnet once more. The user does not have to register to generate pictures on the site, and simply click on the picture (of course, the commercial boutique)

Local website operation mode research advantage column makes the website stand out

in the previous local portals do until now is still a be in full swing, the challenge of the battlefield, we are optimistic about the local sites are also in the snatch, the local portal now is still the same? The answer is, what will be left to the local machine of the website? I want to no matter which city or even the corner, countless local popular websites, which are good and bad, big and small, anyway, the number are beyond the scope of our imagination, if we want to join the ranks of the US portal has a

a place to live in?

, a research on those successful local local website operation mode, see how they do it, we should first focus on websites that have a greater influence on the local, in-depth to find out their service and as well as the user experience, summarize the experience. Keep a good record of how their websites are designed and see how popular they are. Through this kind of understanding observation, we can distinguish which users are more concerned about the need, and what is pure network can, and so on. We can take a look at the webmaster network operation mode, the webmaster network model can be successful, local website why not?



station network through A5 Forum’s popularity form against the people, and then through a series of trade forum to stimulate the webmaster exchange, communication and so on, this will attract webmaster webmaster nets to the website, and through a series of articles Adsense nets page will head deeply tied to the carriage, since the webmaster this network can be successful, then the local website why not learn? Said the local site competition, is not a competition, but did not find the operation mode.


two, to screen each other’s more advantageous columns to compare, see each other’s column is very fire, then we should see how they operate. Because it is a local site, there are geographical limitations, local sites are very basic, square life. The program will not only earn money but also gather popularity, then we focus on what is their money on activities or advertising or trading? To learn their skills, you will summarize what is individual in life and businesses really care about, and accumulate basic personal business cooperation we can. A website hot column to determine the site can go far, here take Tianya way, Tianya community do not rely on what question based, but some entertaining articles to attract users, you can look at the content of their home page you will see


in front of the three are entertainment gossip articles, and as a local site, why not set up a hot column, local website hot columns need to combine local characteristics and local people?

How can the local classified information network in the year of the tiger tiger

time is very fast, as it was in 2010, this year is the year of the tiger, is my year of fate. It’s also my key year, because I’m going out of school and entering society. Hope this year, can get good exercise, a little into.

what I do is the local classified information website, which is called Taizhou information network. Although the website also has many functions, it is similar to the local portal website. However, with the relevant departments of the state crackdown on websites, I temporarily closed the forum, and the rest is mainly classified information. Because the forums don’t have much energy to do now, although there are lots of ideas. But consider, or cut down some of the current lack of energy to do the forum.

local classification information website for grassroots Adsense, really hard to do big. And how can I make money?.

for no funds and contacts and other favorable resources for the webmaster, it is difficult to do information network, I also know the webmaster site, gradually learned the SEO, promotion, etc.. The site has improved.

for classified information network, as comprehensive speaking, I’m afraid less than the local portal site, generally a place, there are always one or two relatively strong portal, information port and the like, big name, old qualifications. In an industry, talent has a special talent website. So they don’t do it.

and sites such as classified information networks, where some new sites always emerge from time to time. I just don’t know what their fate will be like, but I’m not afraid of that, because I’ve got the hang of it, and I’m sure they’re not easy to pass me in a short time.

therefore, I think we can start from a relatively weak part of the others, the score from the rental shops, such as a block of content, focusing on, to make a reputation. Only focus on the content of a subdivision, long-term, so that they become professional in this area.

my station has experienced many twists and turns, from PR5 down to 0, and from 0 to 5, the site from the high weight, to shut down for more than a month, and then can re open, and gradually restore the weight, traffic and so on. Encountered hundreds of thousands of garbage information, encountered Baidu 11 phenomenon, modify the title of the website was down right, and so on.

now occasionally sell links (do), rarely go to pull advertising, will not pull (this year to take exercise), but still think of ways to make a big website advertising would do better to sound.

said that the drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, because now he did not understand the whole, how to put the site. Welcome to communicate, my QQ330861907


Taizhou information network www.zjtaizhou.com webmaster Adsense nets first.

Analysis of medical web pages

recently, as a result of the need to have some well-known enterprises often logged in to the site, especially the medical website, but each click on a web site will be in the heart of the company’s website to imagine what it would be like, there are definitely some to do good business, but there are some do very disgusting, because the home page on their website, there will always be some dazzling words, or on the floating image to attack their eyesight, or even just click off the bar will enter some related web pages, but also how some customs clearance are not, and so on are countless enterprises. Not only does not make readers satisfied, but on the contrary will make people feel disgusted, seriously affecting the image of the enterprise and publicity.

good website how to do, can give a person a kind of comfortable, to enjoy the feeling of the author, through the research to the medicine web page, find a good website should have at least the following:

1, background color, and overall color settings for the site. The best choice of those who give people a comfortable feeling to enjoy color as the site is the main color, which represents some color effect on collocation, this is undoubtedly gives people a chance to continue reading, without losing the first impression on.

2, good planning panel, clear and organized and healthy. In the planning of the establishment of the product to be arranged in good order, not as long as the product information to the website, it gives the impression that the information can not be trusted, or is the site of the strong influence of enterprise future development and development prospects.

3, avoid the glare of the advertising, such as the product information in some weird colors, and some other ways to use sound to attract users, these are not desirable, and ultimately to people do not feel at ease.

4, it is best not to appear up and down advertising screen. These fluctuations in the advertising pictures are some extraneous irrelevant ads, some companies think that this will increase the click rate, in fact, this impression is not stable, feeling a bit frivolous, damaging the overall image.

5, easy to operate. To win customers at least a few clicks, the hidden too mysterious, will bring the opposite effect.

6, the contact method is simple and practical. If you wish to cooperate with the enterprise, you will contact the enterprise directly, so the contact details should be detailed, the best is eye-catching and good to remember. Give the customer a detailed understanding of the product at the first time.

recently read a lot of propaganda website, there are several web sites the most profound impression, one is generally light green in color, with red and orange to focus on important information, to avoid the color of the gap is too large resulting in visual impact is too strong, lead to resentment. Second, reasonable planning, information neat, there is a zone to display different information, not to some sites, in a mess, everything. Third, there is no dazzling, up and down picture information, a reasonable arrangement of pictures >