To investigate the role of TAG in website optimization

dream weaving system (dedecms) the open source has been one of the most Webmaster Station with, in many domestic open source program, dream weaving system is doing the best in terms of optimization, so many people will choose to use it to the station. The root directory Tags.php this article is placed on the site, we all know the file directory more shallow, search engine to give the weight is different, too much weight directory is very low, so the theory on the root directory files are placed on the website under the most conducive to the optimization. But that is impossible. When the spider crawling website in the first document, from the root directory, so the first to find the file is the home page, robots file, tag file, the tag tag can crawl the entire station page article page. So I think TAG page is the entrance of the spider crawling.

tag label Sina blog set



The Figure


but the general enterprise stand without tag tag, this is not surprising. Because a lot of enterprise website program is developed, the programmer does not take this into account, so some people will say that is not included tag tags article pages. The Tag tag seems useless, in fact very much this question. There are a lot of friends will make Shanghai Longfeng such a web site analysis: for example, a rival site, not its H1 page, even separated title character are wrong. But there are good rankings, so he said these things on the optimization of the H1 tag doesn’t work, simply put the H1 ignored. This logic is wrong, Shanghai dragon must do a good job details. How to add an article TAG

tag tag from the title of the article or the expansion of the title, the number is generally 1-3. Tag tag is a generalization of the main idea of the article is: two to see the original article from the perspective of UE, we can extract several suitable tag Tags: original articles, user experience. The two tag tag is equivalent to the keywords of this article, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice might trouble, when do the chain or update the site, often.

Figure two: the

: a tags.php file in the root directory of the site under

in Shanghai Longfeng of our TAG tags are not unfamiliar, when outside the chain to fill out the TAG label, update the website, if you are using dedecms, WordPress and other open source program. The TAG tag is an essential function program, why an article to add YAG tags? What is the role of the TAG label? How to set up an article TAG label? About the usage of TAG, today to discuss together with everybody, here is the file directory structure of dedecms:

Lu Songsong concern in several segments of Shanghai Dragon

with the development of mobile Internet, the rise of the domestic APP shops, the promotion of APP has become a very popular area, but in a few years ago, the APP app store has just started, Shanghai did not like the love that can monopolize a field site, so early APP promotion is by wide net, implant, brush ranking method.


is the first principle of product information, the description of the natural search volume principle;

in the first half of this year, Taobao announced the Shanghai dragon three rules:

in recent years, Shanghai dragon has not only is the search engine of Shanghai longfeng. Each platform, each set of system are more or less have a search system of their own, to say a small zblog, WP search, to say a big Taobao, micro-blog has a search ranking rules and search engines are becoming more and more diversified, so this paper will introduce, in addition to search engines, the development of other Shanghai dragon field platform.

in the early days, the traditional Taobao Shanghai dragon by optimizing the baby title, category, timeframe and so on to get good rankings. In addition to including a Amoy category search optimization, optimization, Taobao optimization and so on, we also call it the Taobao station free traffic development, that is from the free flow of Taobao station maximum, a skill to sales of baby.

third principles, auxiliary information support principle;

until now there are many sellers that title is all Taobao Shanghai dragon, this is now very one-sided. So with the development of the electricity supplier industry, Taobao Shanghai dragon will become more and more attention, while the ecological environment is closed.

Taobao Shanghai dragon, I think this is the future in addition to love outside of Shanghai’s most popular Shanghai dragon direction. Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon and Taobao Shanghai biggest difference is that a dragon is in order to obtain the flow, in order to sell a baby.



1: Taobao Shanghai dragon

second principles, flow activation ranking principle;


The development of

but now it is different, in addition to the apple store, APP store has been born several giants, such as pea pods, 360 mobile phone assistant, 91 assistant store etc.. The app store has a key field, although does not affect the search results, but the title is very important, APP think it’s title page hosted on the title and URL, and the effect of key words related to the application. In the application in the name of your brand to highlight the most important writing App program name, description, made according to user search habits.

Five points to help you identify the optimization effect of Shanghai Longfeng a website

collection is certainly a key natural search optimization assessment, believe that every enterprise to do the summary report will have a collection of quantity and this time included the amount of contrast, if the data in the further analysis, such as update 1000 articles included 100 papers and 150 new papers the 100 part is the same? Is certainly not the same website, how many pages are indexed by search engines? How to update the contents included? This is statistical calculation. Even we can for each column were calculated by the ratio of the collection ratio, we can determine a collection of each column, and then adjusted.

than is the current web site keywords / Web site, which included what the keyword keyword? Here is the user search keywords into the site, can be seen in the love of Shanghai statistics and CNZZ, this ratio can reflect these keywords in natural search efficiency, can also reflect a degree of web page optimization the greater the ratio that each of the page with high ratio of this advice based on a large number of data, can be analyzed a few months.

The flow rate of

1. is included in the site than

most of the industry’s traffic comes from the natural search, search engine optimization is a key site optimization, a KPI assessment so many enterprises every time will be the site search, KPI assessment of the project include: the volume of page visits included the number, site (IP), the number of keywords, website PV, the number of the chain, this is indeed an important indicator of natural search optimization, these values directly reflects the performance of a website in search engine.

4. than

flow ratio is the basis of the above mentioned keywords in a number of PV, namely PV/ website keywords. The bigger the ratio means more traffic website each keyword comes, so that better optimization keywords. Of course, in the calculation of the ratio.


2.pv, IP

The amount of information items above

statistics end site PV, IP, PV and IP have you thought about what kind of relationship? If a website of the PV value and the IP difference is very big, if PV is 100, IP is 10, the average of a IP to this site may read 10 articles, indicating the site the content is very popular. General multiple sites of PV/IP better, more than 2:1 in normal, but different industries and different types of site ratio is not the same.


contains the really big, but the boss is more interested in the information behind can bring you many returns, can make the company income RMB, rather than just change your statements in a number, so we need to research the Shanghai dragon Er data deep.


Solitude and dreams the spring festival features of three Beijing entrepreneurs2 years of suffering

started by thinking of building websites and making money through advertising campaigns. Want to do, buy a domain name space to buy about 100 yuan, the basic equipment is done, do a website, the website content is determined. Because of personal problems, I choose to find the kind of website on the internet station source, look for a long time, and finally determine the use of wordpress. Upload code debugging, took about a week, my travel website finally on-line.

"are you from Beijing? It’s very kind of you.". Home is here, the new year, do not like us to grab tickets to catch the Spring Festival home, how happy."

can’t deny huangchenggener living in Beijing, whether the family environment or resources, it does have certain advantages compared to beijing. This congenital advantage magnifies some people’s laziness and gradually makes the public equate "no progress" with those in Beijing. However, this attitude does not represent all the people of Beijing, especially the entrepreneurs in Beijing.

can’t deny huangchenggener living in Beijing, whether the family environment or resources, it does have certain advantages compared to beijing. This congenital advantage magnifies some people’s laziness and gradually makes the public equate "no progress" with those in Beijing. Even in the venture capital circle, rumors some investors made it clear that "do not vote for Beijing people."". However, this attitude does not represent all the people of Beijing, especially the entrepreneurs in Beijing.

just the past Spring Festival holiday, for all entrepreneurs are undoubtedly luxurious. Perhaps Beijing entrepreneurs do not squeeze home during the Spring Festival, but in the 7 day holiday, work is still their normal. After the Spring Festival, the reporter visited three Beijing entrepreneurs who had already reported and talked about their year.

at present, Datablau has officially released the 1 version, and has included eBay, national grid, smart city north and dozens of customers through the trial, different services for their data source, so that enterprises can enhance the efficiency of business operations by using the data of asset value.

Wang hang and Datablau

I graduated from a junior college. I studied computer networks at university. The classes are very messy and you don’t take classes seriously, so you can say nothing about graduation. A chance to contact Wangzhuan related to some things, then indulge them.

1. Station Road – NiuDao failed


3. summarizes

enterprise big data analysis project Datablau, its founder Wang Cheng is an authentic Beijing man. His work history is very simple and clear. It is a representative of excellence. Since joining CA in 2006, he has been in charge of ERwin’s global research and development. In 2016, leaving CA to start his own business was in fact the continuation and development of his previous work.


for a long time, "Beijing people" image in the hearts of the masses, often with a cage carrying bird "Beijing man" appearance. Whether it is a costume dressed like a lord Beller, son son big hurdles vest or underpants, the people of Beijing have been dubbed "dawdle", "careless and casual" these negative adjectives. The best portrayal, perhaps is now popular network of "Beijing paralysis" Ge Youtang.


has released version 1, but the product >

off for a long time, but it will be because often go to some Webmaster Platform kantie, Taobao know customer is not very good, especially to get off the Taobao website, so it has not been doing. Later, I met a friend on the Internet. With his help, I started to do Taobao, and this time I tasted the sweetness. He taught me the way is to use promotion, because it relates to the technology does not spread, here I will not say, we are interested, you can contact me to understand. Now every day I do Taobao customers will probably have more than 50 dollars, when hundreds of good, but more tired, this method does not promote the basic is not traded, while the sun Slide Show

In fact, Taobao

and so on, these are the words I often hear when I’m a native of Beijing.

There are a lot of opportunities to make money online

, but also has many pitfalls, this 2 years experienced a lot, although not rich, but I think at least I hope here, thanks to the A5 forum, where I learned a lot of knowledge, but also know a lot of friends. The original reprint of the Sina blog, which has my contact information, welcome to exchange learning,

"are you from Beijing? It’s very kind of you.". Home in Beijing have a house and a car every day as we desperately not happy."

in the joy of, I found that the essence of a website is operation, get better site, if there is no good operation to promotion, can never get up, so I began to learn seo. Stumbled, the site began to collect, the amount of traffic per day can also be several hundred, the monthly Union Commission 200 yuan. After a year of persistence, the site itself has never been maintained. Sum up this experience: the operation and maintenance of the website is too simple.


2. Taobao – real road to riches

Talking about the status of webmaster

now the stationmaster does not say, grab a lot in the street, also be a penny, can buy 2.5. The price of a domain name in 2006 CN yuan, is indeed accelerated the development of the Internet China, also created a N number of webmaster, trash everywhere, did not see the owners earn much money, see IDC’s advertising alliance and earned windfall profits. So that the world for the webmaster two words have undergone earthshaking changes, such as the following dialogue.

a few years ago……

A and B pointed to a high spirited webmaster brother said: "Wow, that is the webmaster



, A, and B point to a mental and physical slob who says, "Hey, that man is a station owner,


word, who is a world of difference, let the webmaster two words in such a big change?

what is a webmaster, a meter + a piece of field + a program + automatic collection, or every day thinking about their own creativity, thinking about the risk of YY all day crying: "let me give you investment, invest XXXX million."." A creative today, tomorrow a creative, on their own station every day, after the station must be K shouted: X, X, X, valley of the new algorithm, discard the grassroots webmaster. @#!%# $#& "


below, I use webmaster classic quotations to explain webmaster meaning, just personal view.

1. the early bird catches the worm, the early worm eaten by the bird.

every qualified stationmaster is diligent, and all are clever birds, not be stupid dead insect. In my QQ Riga webmaster, see him on the line after, will say early ah, in fact was already close to noon, I do not know is not every owl type, anyway, I know the webmaster and myself so, do not know what time from the beginning, love the night, only to fly click the keyboard sound and sound to accompany you through the chassis fan. (seems to pull away, Oh God, forgive me forgive me, gentlemen)

2. disorderly hair, beard stick, smelly feet.

quoted me as a programmer who described himself. Every stationmaster is assiduous, not be inferior to senior 3 student, but is light industrious useful? See next


3. iron pestle can be ground into a needle, but the wooden pestle can be ground into a toothpick, not material, then it was no use trying to.

this seems to be an old topic, the location of the site is not discussed, the following sentence summarizes

4. today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, but most people will die tomorrow night.

borrow a great God here. Everyone knows that. Generally speaking, websites will die in three ways,

1. quotes from second quotations, diligence, but the site is not positioned,


Do website to do stationmaster, fast seek (early) the best method that dies

admire the webmaster now, their energy, their physical strength is to let the kind of full, so inexhaustible, brother, I am engaged in technical, did not catch up with personal Adsense those brilliant period. But recently also gradually set foot contact and the owners of the land, but also learning website, just before the traditional software design, not engaged in what PHP ASP, because love play games so a Dede CMS to do a small game website – "game playing", so, rapid weight loss, fast die life started

1. needs to find templates. First, in various forums, search engine search template, failed, and do not want to find someone to buy, so how to do? A word "change, " but the question arises, because itself engaged in technology, so I love this label is inquisitive, why? The bottom layer how to achieve? Well, start picking, CMS source code, source code is written in PHP, learning how to do? Ah, Chinese too backward, looking for English information, it’s English level gradually rose, eyes also began to take up. Fortunately, they have a foundation, PHP learned 7, 8, after the bottom of the realization of the principle also understand a 5, 6, the use of labels also know 3 and 4. Then find the beautiful game site on the Internet, his HTML file down a bit into the labels, with a little bit of the template, a box of smoke was a huff, go to bed at 2 to get up at 6:30, my life was dead 1, 2.

2. website content. After a week of fighting, the template has been completed, adding random data to the effect. But how to get the real content? With the origin of the problem, rapid weight loss, rapid death life began again, the game content classified, started looking for the game, I can not do the game, so to other games on the site to see, and then one by one the view page source code, find the file connection, good website directly to come out here, thank you, but some websites also analyze the JavaScript code, the mother, and said in front of the game is to find jobs, is the exercise endurance and hand muscles, this is just a beginning to kill brain cells the. That’s the way it goes. There is no end, who let me involved it, ha ha, after several weeks of data entry finally some. I’ve heard of CMS band acquisition, but it doesn’t work or control.

3. promotion. Follow the online tutorial with an air of importance to promote, this in mind let you quickly lose weight fast. First, many people in the forum to write "I made a little game site, play very good when tired… ", the results did not take long before this post is not, oh, really have to look at the statistics, but it is home to a three King Yu combating the flood. After looking for other website links, these days, so not a few person, now are used, I said: I want to make.

Advantages of industry websites

in the highly developed online world of e-commerce, online recruitment has been accepted by more and more people because of its timeliness, universality and non geographical restrictions. The Internet has brought us a lot of valuable information. There is no doubt that online recruitment has become the most important recruitment method for most enterprises, and online job hunting has become the most important job search means for most job seekers.

is now talking about network recruitment, because most of the advertising effect, we must first think occupy more than 70% of the market share, linkwise comprehensive recruitment website, in fact if you have determined to recruit job seekers or specific industries or regions, some places you visit the recruitment website, industry recruitment website, for example air conditioning, China talent network (, the effect will be as good or better, because they have stronger pertinence: the job is not many, but the success rate is very high, a job interview is convenient, the site provides information of the industry is the circle of local / invisible bridge built countless cooperation base…… Especially the industry recruitment website — targeted classification, precision recruitment, these professional job recruitment, job recruitment than the above mentioned "Almighty" recruitment station more detailed, more professional. For example: your job intention is the HVAC engineers in some stations, you, ah, may be lost in the air conditioning China talent network, may soon find a desirable job, specialize in is the truth.

industry believes that the industry recruitment website will gradually differentiation network recruitment, will become the mainstream choice of future network recruitment. In the "difficult job" calls today, website industry talent network recruitment to China air conditioning talent network as the representative, will provide new employment channels for job seekers, professional talents to solve the employment problem, it provides a new way of thinking.

Adsense news list:

Dry sharing public data conversion of existing resources and service users

every good operating public number has its own accumulation of resources, that is, the past has sent dozens of hundreds of text information, marketing activities, publicity materials. Organize these as a small database and call and return in accordance with user behavior. Users will no longer just face a daily push to the public number, but can repeatedly access and access to more information.

in actual operation, how to import a large number of existing text messages and better cover the topic of user communication is the biggest difficulty. Imports can be imported in bulk using public treasure, and without quantitative restrictions, you can directly edit the questions and answers listed in the background directly with EXCEL. For WeChat public platforms, existing text messages can be edited using quick crawl calls.

so that the public number can be sent to the text messages, all sorts of content finishing put into a one-time, fans can make a direct rapid call. Instead of writing hundreds of keywords, repeat them. Fixed cycles to import new resources. When using, use the WeChat robot directly, return the picture and text to the user.

simple keyword reply, when sorting out a large number of historical messages, it is difficult to achieve accurate and practical, but also for the new library is more so. Often encountered in the industry market keyword embedded into the article page, "prompt reply XX can view" way, users do not buy it. One of the key issues is that it affects reading experience and does not connect well with the relationship between the articles. Service users need to cross such a threshold.

‘s current mechanism, relative to WeChat’s keyword, is a better way to upgrade the problem matching mechanism. It covers such techniques as artificial corpus, data collation, semantic understanding and large data fitting. Identify the user in different ways with the same meaning of the question, for example, "I want to eat for the real smart WeChat robot" I want to eat "to" eat "" I’m going to eat "is the same meaning, regardless of the user how to ask questions, can be identified as the same meaning, thus more inclusive chat sentence. This is WeChat WeChat robot robot.

China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center, China Unicom headquarters WeChat robot is the best example of commercialization of such technologies. For the about 8000000 public number for WeChat robotics, the public treasure and other platforms need to be urgent users and businesses to explore.

public number operations, simply send the user’s classified information, in accordance with the menu directory way to return information, and then let users access to the desired way. The effect will be more intuitive and efficient.


life, menu catalogs are very efficient, books, maps, websites, software, and even game interfaces. Intuitive to bring the user’s deeper exploration of the product is convenient, only more in-depth interaction and services. There are no menu subscriptions and content rich public numbers that are especially impressive.

The way the

text menu displays what you see is what you get and what you can do