Examples of Web site analysis how to make enterprise web content to do more grades

business enterprise is one of the important daily work in the enterprise manufacturing industry in addition to skating, compared with the industry, because it belongs to sports, so, in the playground, there are many places skating can write the contents of the roller skating has certain restrictions on the site, although in the square, the road can be skating however, the square was occupied and aunt on the highway, traffic safety coefficient is low. Because the roller skating heats up, some of the city began building a large skating venue, and skating venues hosted leisure fitness places like events, training, training, exchange of roller skating, in some city, such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Beidaihe, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hefei City, Changchun skating hall also has hosted the international.

enterprise website in Shanghai Longfeng optimized content update, often around the keywords, focusing on the company and dynamic company products, and the updated content is short. Update company website is a long-term work, if the content is only around the company to do not look into the industry or a higher position, so the enterprise website content update will be two cases, one is more write to more feel no content can write, another is the enterprise web content too limits of the enterprise itself, is not conducive to improving the site quality of an enterprise, only standing on the height of the industry to become bigger and stronger, so should the enterprise website, so enterprise website content updates do more grades? The skating website to explore how to do industry website update as an example.

, a focus on industry news, real-time coverage of


, of course, for the website, not all the events are content updates, but these events should be concerned about the city, including Suzhou’s national speed skating championships, Beidaihe skating Festival, has hosted the world cup in Haining. More influential for these roller sports and city competition, in the era of Internet information, skating website stands on the professional point of view to do content, visit the website will attract users search through the network channels.

any enterprise website belonging to an industry, the industry can cause the most roller skating enthusiasts is greatly under the roller skating competition. When it comes to skating competitions, almost all over the country held large and small not hundreds of times, and some even have the characteristics of sport event scale, standardization, fashion, and national small roller skating event directly to the joining roller skating enthusiasts, so as to let more people love skating.

roller skating in physical exercise, because of its entertainment, sports, fashion and other characteristics, in the number of young people’s participation in more and more, a roller skating website, whether it is to do brand promotion, or product marketing, website content update cannot do without. There are many skating website content updates direction, now many subjects choose the direction and you love skating webmaster share:

two, the business content written

Talk about their own learning experiences to share Shanghai dragon website optimization

then, when you start to practice the theory, ask yourself, try not to rely on tools. Now there are many tools in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon on the market, whether it is good or bad, no matter how, after all, there will be people to use, some people will go to try, but if you want to go to study in Shanghai Phoenix, then the first thing is to learn is yourself, do not rely on tool post, in each big forum every day replies, etc. with signature links, each big portal blog updated daily, these are to be hands-on, although those posting machine will let you feel the speed of flying in general, but you can not guarantee the quality, after all, in the beginning when practicing Shanghai dragon, it must to ensure that I do have value, need to be able to make a contribution to their own website, do not rely on tools, is a good start, from the hands, and then slowly try Use the tools to reduce their time, it should be done, only personally tried, just know what matters is you can use the tool to help. Practice.

learning and understanding of Shanghai dragon has a long period of time, I remember this time last year, started to contact the Shanghai dragon, that time to do a keyword, do rankings, many enterprises have also put the station of the key words are all row up, from last year to now, there are many things that can be said. He also wrote many articles to express their opinions, so now it is about understanding from Shanghai dragon now learning style and method of Shanghai dragon should, after all, have experienced love and love Shanghai Shanghai assessment, probation and love Shanghai K station and right down.

finally, there is a very important point is that the continuous progress and exchange; Shanghai dragon is not.

first, in the face of Shanghai dragon, the practice is more important than theory, but the theory should not be abandoned; this is also the sentence, I think the most important thing, and many people now say, is very important in Shanghai Longfeng practice, but the theoretical knowledge is not solid, know where the significance of the practice, the theory is that Shanghai dragon the Shanghai dragon books, in the Shanghai dragon forum, there are a lot of the essence of the place, remember to learn Shanghai dragon is from these theoretical knowledge to start, and then slowly put these theories taught in practice, this is the theoretical significance, but we should learn and understand the place theory. There must be a number in the heart, know what I’m doing, I do know that these will produce what kind of effect, rather than those who know Shanghai dragon is The chain is, for most of the day in the chain, but to really understand the meaning of the chain how many people, in fact the theoretical knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng outside of the chain to see much of the people, look into how much practice after all is with Shanghai dragon theory to the theory, only the full in their practice, in order to further understand what we are doing, so the theory should not be abandoned, Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng please understand the basic knowledge and theory.

Webmaster in the chain are three kinds of methods for the link

some forum to do when the chain can only use text links, some can use hyperlinks, strictly a little and can not put all links, like A5 more humane, can take signature links. So we do when the chain is not have the link can do and can’t do link place. Then there are several people through the way of the chain? Today I share with you the three method to write in the chain when used, can solve almost all of the forum, of course we have in the use of the method, but none.

I think most of the webmaster should understand the meaning of good. If you don’t understand the words, then the author will introduce here, a hyperlink is equivalent to that button, just gently point with the link anchor text, then it will open the corresponding website, this is the simple introduction of hyperlink. A hyperlink is a benefit by him to lead the spider. When your site slowly update too slow, so much to do with the chain links, believe the spider will soon be crawling to your site, so as to grasp the website content, and then update the snapshot, take it Post Bar love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar permanent residence of the spider, because of its huge traffic there are a large number of bar bar. But also in the post with a hyperlink. Just because of the weight of high Post Bar love Shanghai, so many webmaster on advertising, it will cause a lot of once found the hyperlink will be deleted, unless they are not ye Wang it popularity. So, if we want to make the snapshot update and increase the quality of the chain, so Post Bar is the preferred destination.

third: the link with the site name

because some time ago a friend to share an experience, said the chain link with the name of the site to belong to the higher the chain, so a lot of people to follow the trend of the study and use this way to increase the chain, such as 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝 certain website examples. This method can be.


is the first pure text links

is the only pure text links a website, that is pure text links can not take hyperlinks. If you can understand what is the text, then the link of meaning is well understood, in general, love Shanghai DOMAIN the chain are mostly pure text links, which is related to the domain of meaning. This is the author’s understanding, if you don’t agree. Pure text links point is that most of the forum to support this link, such as you in character signature only put pure text links rather than hyperlinks, then the contents of this release will be more, because most of the forum are in control of the output of the hyperlinks, too many hyperlinks to the forum bring the weight of dispersion, PR export is too high, the forum in danger right down, but just plain text links links, and not so much derived weights are set up in this forum.


The three common forms of the chain

The construction of the

text and hyperlinks in the form, but can not click to jump to the corresponding page link, which is unable to click on URL.

anchor text is a keyword embedded on a link, called anchor text, referred to as the anchor text.

function: weight of hyperlink can enhance a URL, to enhance the effectiveness of ranking.

: with common leads and common appear, but also the future of Shanghai dragon of pure text has attracted more and more attention in the future, so the effect is still considerable.

first forms: anchor text

hyperlink is clicked on a link to jump to the corresponding page links, called hyperlinks.

second forms: hyperlink

third forms: text

: anchor text can improve the keywords on the URL ranking.

chain is different from within the chain, the chain can be deployed randomly in their web site, but the chain, the chain need to be deployed on the other site, so the chain has been a lot of constraints and is not controllable, and also forms the chain within the chain form no more below to look at the simple form of the chain:

Enterprise website promotion should go from here

the development of the Internet is obvious to all, as more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are now established, the birth of the enterprise station has become indispensable. As we all know, the website construction is to help enterprises on the network to effect publicity, and how to promote the enterprise has become a difficult problem. Of course, there are some enterprises will set the SEO network to promote such a post, but Baidu temper all know, occasionally smoke wind is a very normal thing, especially in the premise of Baidu big update algorithm under the enterprise website promotion

to decide on what path to follow?

last year, promotion of enterprise website is relatively simple, with on-line Baidu green, pomegranate and other algorithms, and a number of enterprise website began to come to an end. At the same time for now SEO promotion of such an industry, but also experienced a winter occupation, many webmaster feel to the website lose grip ability is deep for such a phenomenon is small. Take small make up industry, the original oxygen machine site is relatively easy to promote. But this year the situation has been completely changed, many of the web site is how to do is a bland appearance, is not under the is really a headache.

In fact, a new algorithm for the on-line

Baidu, small holdings are supportive, since the new algorithm on the line after the small obviously felt the chain work originally began to become simple. The original work is boring the chain construction is now no longer so much trouble, as long as every two days to write the original article hair will lead to a large amount of reproduced in a large source of news website, this will bring a large number of invisible links. What’s more, I’m surprised that Baidu’s original logo has brought benefits to this approach some time ago.

at the same time for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprise website, many people may feel that the original station pseudo original method in the current situation is not feasible, so this requires us to update in the daily website will need a lot of time and energy on the original content and user experience. In fact, for this point of view is not wrong, but for an enterprise website, just imitation and originality is not enough. Because the scope of an enterprise is limited, even if we go to the original editor, but basically the book or change, so we have to do more than just original. We first do, but analysis, we all know that Baidu spiders like new things, so we have to identify the gaps in the industry’s website. Take a small part of the industry, many of the sites concerned only with oxygen therapy, oxygen generator, how the knowledge of these things, but for now it no site for different products to the decomposition of the introduction, so this point is a very good breakthrough.

now, for network promotion, the important thing is not the lack of channels and knowledge, what is important is >

Experience sharing the recovery process of high traffic sites after upgraded traffic

butterfly is beautiful, need to go through a process through the cocoon. For our site, in order to constantly adapt to the Internet and Internet users, upgrade, revision is inevitable. The author has also suffered several sites upgrade, revision, but only a site revision, pay the price is the biggest. The author has a business for three or four years old station, flow in the revision before basically have day IP tens of thousands of, in the face of severe security problems and the user’s functional requirements, the author of this old station had to upgrade. The losses caused by the upgrade are enormous. The old station in December last year after the upgrade because of the structural change, causes all of the URL have changed, and for the great information on the site, not on every page to do a 301 redirect, only to the 404 error page, the end result is that the flow rate dropped to the lowest level, as shown below:


traffic histogram above, we can see that traffic from the original day IP about ten thousand down to an average of only about six hundred. After the site upgrade, followed by the arrival of Lunar New Year’s Eve, but can only stop the optimization work. Really began to optimize the time has been dragged into the middle of February this year. And after a series of optimization, the current IP has been in constant recovery, specific as shown in the following recent flow histogram.



we can see the traffic growth situation is good, every day in the continuous recovery, now can be said to restore the IP rate of 1/5, I will share some optimization experience recently, hope for help when dealing with site upgrade.

1: continuous updates of site content

recovery in the upgrade process, I found the old content page included no fresh content included fast, we can we upgrade after the supply of fresh content can not be ignored at the same time. At this point many optimization personnel will lack of execution, when we encounter problems when the site is so bad, to quiet down to unremittingly optimization can eventually emerge. If we reduce the stability of the supply of high quality content, after the upgrade of the search engine audit period admission will be interrupted, and the site will be included slowly promotion. As shown below,

above we can find the site included is continuously enhanced and stable, this is a good phenomenon, but we also need to pay attention to a problem, that is the day included are added to the total volume was not included in our. There are two reasons for it. First, our content is low quality, included after a lot of it was deleted, so in the total included promotion is not obvious. Another point is that after the search engine has not been released immediately, and need to wait for a period of time after the audit period, after the natural release.

two, for dead links in the station >

Rookie Adsense promotion experience sharing

although I haven’t been standing long, I’m happy to share my experience with you, though it’s not a very successful experience. This time I borrow a page by Baidu K, write something to share with you. Want to stand or just do stand friends can see, heroes can skip.


I really began to do website promotion, last December, began to promote the company’s Web site. The company’s Web site is not small, optimization, promotion, do it for me, this novice is not so easy. After reading the experiment of single page optimization Qiushi, I like a lot of people that the number 60 thousand is very jealous. The reason is that only one page, without page ZhengZhan optimization considerations, so you can focus on one point, need to consider things less, it is relatively easy. So, I according to actual situation of our company website, made a single page http://www.17zhe.com/kfc.html, I called the special page. What can be implemented in a single page optimization strategy, you can see my other article, "single page optimization related thinking.".


topic page made out, but when to put up, when began to collect, I took what means? I haven’t recorded it, and that’s my lack of experience as a beginner. I think these things need to be recorded so that they can provide a basis for future analysis, which will help you to learn and think. I came to the conclusion that SEO should be recorded and thought often.


This page is about

at the end of December last year put up, and then began around January 10th this year, Baidu included, but on the 24 day began ranking, IP day results of more than four or five times, this is me a little success. Briefly, my promotion means. One is through the Baidu know, to answer, with the address of the page, but I don’t like a lot of people do have two accounts, one asked an answer and then take the best answer; the two is to write a few articles, but I think that the role is not large, the reason is that I do not write too the three is to promote some of the forum. I think these are minor, the feeling cannot become climate. But it still makes me very satisfied the ^_^ based on the success of this attempt, I began to think of another single page. So, before the Chinese new year, at the end of the month, I put another page of my own to put on it. Over the years to work, after a week, January 20th, my second pages began to be included in Baidu, and immediately ranked, but Baidu snapshot is January 31st. Prove my page put up, Baidu spider came to patronize, but just did not put this page out. The good ranking of this page is beyond my expectation. A keyword that is difficult to do is also on Baidu’s first page, and the day IP doubled again. Through this matter >

Lao Zhao provide a station to do creative ideas – do a webmaster interviews, activities as the theme

these days I stroll around A5, discover the fact, a lot of people want to do webmaster article type of article, that is, want to make and admin5.com almost web site. Because an article here after the release of A5, was immediately forwarded to N webmaster type website, but the stationmaster types do well also had a few, and they are very early start and persist. Maybe you are a standard fanatic, maybe you are a very good copy or master, but simple replication is very difficult to succeed. What is core competence? It’s something you can’t copy. How many Macdonald Kendl Ki is there?

grassroots network 20ju grassroots interviews, Adsense Admin5 also have good water interview, Chinaz also have webmaster interviews, as if behind a little backward, without this. That question, I increasingly optimistic about behind, before the earliest love is falling behind, there often see the webmaster of vulgar humor, amusing, such as "mjj", "days later". Now, except for the sale of code, rarely go there to stroll, it is now IDC and novice paradise. But behind the time more attention to technology, rather than focus on business. While Admin5 is also a novice and IDC paradise, but he pays attention to business atmosphere, so the forum is called "Adsense Trading Forum."". In fact, the webmaster should be a business minded group, not just the skilled groups, so outdated positioning is wrong, he does not like CSDN, in CSDN, basically are technical madman. I think the same is true of a society where there is no commercial prosperity, only a primitive society.

at the end now, back to that interview, I think the webmaster interview is a very good idea, initially seems to be seen in 20ju, then A5 is. In the stationmaster, in fact, there are a lot of excellent stationmaster, some of them even very low key. Because if you make money and show off, it’s a dangerous situation for yourself. In the confusion of the webmaster group, need to have "hero" shadow, also need to have "civilians" voice. So the interview with the grassroots, can be divided into two parts, the first part is the "successful stationmaster interview", the second part is "the failure of stationmaster interview, the first part is for inspirational, the second part is mainly to avoid detours. Both will be enlightening. In addition, I think, can also to some new dialogue style guided by the master, points out the deficiencies and shortcomings do website station mode, the whole process is also written in the interview published a novice can correct and progress, and for the novice in writing soft article, why not for? As a matter of fact, I personally like people who point out my problems so that I can reflect on myself and make progress more quickly.

interview content, you can learn from the webmaster network grassroots network, these basic site positioning, analysis, promotion, profitability, management and so on. Is the basic form of dialogue, the dialogue can be slightly modified, the too short.

From farmers to webmasters

I’m a farmer and I don’t have much culture. But I am fond of computer in the busy farm leisure when nothing on the Internet and friends. Once, a net friend told me that he built a website, very successful, earn more than 100 yuan a day. It’s incredible to be able to make money online, and he told me the basics about building a website.

it was a great inspiration to me, so I applied for domain names and spaces and started building my own web site.

maybe I was thinking too simple at first. The problem was one after another. It was unexpected. It made me feel headache and wanted to give up.

but I wonder why other people’s websites are so well built, and why can’t I,


so I am ruthless to check the information; learning materials do not understand the place, go to ask some friends, etc… others learn one, two times, I will pay

is ten times even hundred times. So in a month, my website finally built successfully. Station Name: Kabasiji activation code

Liu Yunfeng the stationmaster that won’t hype is not stationmaster

the first step, grab your attention. When a customer sees your sales letter, you need to catch his attention in a flash or you’ll lose him. Because there are so many things that attract people’s eyeballs". If you go to some websites to see it, there are dozens of links, hundreds of customers, what should pay attention to you? How do you catch his attention? The answer is "main title"".

in the first place, you have to rely on the unique color, shape, and the impact of the text in the main title to catch the attention of potential customers. Whether it’s a web page sales letter or a DM you send, you need a main title. You can write some characters on the title, which is called import subtitle". Doing so strengthens the main title, but it doesn’t write too much. Because you want the customer to notice your main title for the first time, and then have the chance to look at your imported subtitle". So there are 1-2 lines in the lead-in subtitle.

the only function of the main title is to let the customer read your first paragraph. If your main title does not play this role, then you fail. So, in the first step, you have to "grab" the reader’s attention through the impact of the main title in color or text.

, the second step, stimulate his interest.

"stimulate interest" depends on the first paragraph of your sales letter. This paragraph must be an extension of your main title content".

if you can "target" the customer’s needs or his value, then he will be more interested in reading. But this time he read your letter just because of interest, so he trusts you rarely, you don’t make too many promises in this, you need to guide him slowly, you need to keep him interested, curiosity, and then you start to do……

third steps to building trust. As long as the client is interested in you, he likes to read your first paragraph, and naturally he will read your second paragraph".

but how can he trust you? Let him realize that you are a real man. You have to tell your story (for example, you are also human.)…… You have dreams, too…… You have setbacks, too…… But later, through constant struggle, you finally found your dreams, telling you about the success stories of past customers. So you’re not selling this product for the first time. You already have a successful customer. These are tools and tools to help you build trust.

what you need to pay special attention to is that you write customer testimonials because you want to use the "customer’s mouth" to gain trust from potential customers. Let him think you are not hiding behind the back, you have a successful case. Many customers do benefit from using your product, and you need to prove that these people are real.

your descriptions of these people are real. The testimony of these people can help you because of their backs