Shanghai Longfeng project why website promotion flow decreased

in the process of Shanghai dragon project execution, we often encounter this kind of situation: keyword rankings, traffic has declined. At first glance, this is indeed a bit awkward, face the challenge of customers, how should we respond?

problem must be solved, the question now is: understanding can be disguised patients had medication is not effective, is not to continue to use. A jargon, originally developed by the Shanghai dragon strategy is useful, whether there will be a new strategy to help traffic rose. In fact, as patients, is very disgusted with the doctor prescribe medicine indiscriminately, or a drug taking several courses of treatment has no effect at all, but also dressing. This is the doctor as most avoid doing the same, as Shanghai Longfeng Consultant / Project Manager, at the beginning of the development of Shanghai dragon strategy must be careful, careful analysis, through the website of the other side in the end is what kind of a situation and then gives the project, do not shoot the head to do something. Once the strategy, can not be changed, if you are in the project implementation process while doing this, found no effect.


clients are focused on the flow down the matter itself, rather than the relationship between the flow and the keywords ranking.

in fact, not only influence the website of Shanghai Longfeng flow and keywords ranking, there are many objective factors, such as the quantity / paid advertising in the form of change, change the search trends, changes in the home before ten site, improve the site description, increase the content of the web site, Aladdin content, negative news and other channels to promote effect of the amount of retrieval, traffic incidents and so on and so on all of these effects can go / carve SERP home page, so the simple keyword ranking rise or fall is not fully explain the increase of the flow rate is reduced or the Shanghai dragon.

, of course, is not the purpose of persuading customers is the key to solve the problem. In fact, the customer is not to understand how many keywords ranking and flow relationship, he did not have the elegant leisure and you go to engage in these, he really care about is the flow down the matter itself, so how to alleviate the customer is our focus on flow decreased anxiety.

strategies can not be changed, can adjust the local

of Shanghai Longfeng flow factors


approach is correct, we can talk about what to do next, we need to express our understanding the client’s feelings, stand in the customer perspective will give you in convincing customers level points; secondly, we should take the professional angle to comfort customers: traffic decline is a very the common things, from the previous project experience, no traffic is the way to triumph has been going up, this sentence to give customers the feeling as if you have a fever to see a doctor, the doctor said to you, this disease is very common problem, not too nervous, give you some medicines ok. This sounds like a patient would feel a lot of customers as well.

Yiqifa 400 lucky to win free Ha 7Why can cattle market Yu Dunde because they pay more tuition!

2004, the 23 year old Yu Dunde joined the six or seven person startup bokee now known as blog: Chinese, served as technical director, responsible for products and technology, witnessing the rise of Web2.0. The ups and downs of the blog also tell Yu Dunde, "the entrepreneurial business model should be unitary, and it is important to make a business solid."." One of the important reasons for this is the way cattle net today shengengxizuo online travel products. Yu Dunde said, only travel routes reservations, do deep penetration is a success.

Tuniu A year after the

for the Dunde, do early is not strange thing. As early as in Southeast University during the reading, in duright school website "pioneer net" for a long time, when he met Yan Haifeng and now with the COO partner. "During school, in fact, very frustrating, but also made some entrepreneurial attempts, but they are not very successful; at that time can not talk about entrepreneurship, but can understand that money is not an easy thing."." So, in duright when it realized that the early start will be a coin spent breaking in half the importance.

is listed on NASDAQ tonight! As 80 entrepreneurs, tuniu network founder Yu Dunde was just 30 years old, who in 2011 was named "under the age of 30 years, the upstart entrepreneurs tuniu to cooperate with Ctrip, eLong, Daniel and competition, and to achieve profitability, since listing, where Party secrets from his growth? Experience that a few years of entrepreneurial state review Yu Dunde start at the beginning, why the way cattle can have today, because then he bet China tourism market size of 1 trillion, and he also benefited from the participation and founded 5 Internet Co, a way to pay the tuition".

because he loves to do the website, he wants to do something in this field. And because he likes traveling, he sees more opportunities in this market. So, in duright business began from tourism website. In 2006, he was 25 years old, with several partners to set up a travel product, e-commerce website, cattle road network, sold the tour route. The annual growth rate of the website is very good, up to 300%; in 2010, the company’s annual sales performance has been close to 400 million yuan, this year, he was 29 years old.

, duright added another start-up Parenting Network as CTO. The experience on this website also made him have a deeper understanding of the industry website. Although do help Parenting Network Industry Web site first, but Yu Dunde has always felt that with parenting young mothers are inextricably linked to the industry, should not be the ultimate ownership of the seven feet tall, he hopes to show their love in the industry.

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1, how to open online banking>

"in the process of entrepreneurship, in fact, a lot of tuition fees, tuition fees, the more you learn."." Yu Dunde said half jokingly. After graduation, this experience made him realize "class >"

pay tuition: early start, you know a penny broke into two, spend

On the types of non Chinese domain names

recently studied issues related to domain names such as domain name transfer, domain name registration agents, domain name trading, and so on. Therefore, the famous domain name critic QQ was added in Shenyang. However, after adding QQ, maybe Shenyang is busy, and there is no chat.

today added an article on DoNews to expand financing channels and enliven the Internet economy. The article said Alipay is the seller credit services, not only reflects the status of the financing difficulties of the enterprise network, and proposed to develop network new financing channels, such as domain name, domain name, domain name investment loans rental etc.. The article was inspired by a story about a South Korean bank providing domain name loan services.

coincidentally, after I published this article, Shenyang followed an article published on the back of how many non Chinese domain names. The article said that ICANN and IANA in February 23, 2008 only 284 is divided into three major categories of the domain name, but the publicity content mentioned jodns interconnection on the site said to provide more than 200 countries and regions, nearly 600 kinds of domain name registration services. Shenyang has raised objections to its lack of good faith management.

, that reminds me of a story I saw on the Internet in 2003, " two level domain name registration.". That is, in August 1, 2003, formally established "ZJ (Zhejiang) Internet domain name registration center", aimed at enterprises and institutions in Zhejiang and Zhejiang to provide free top-level domain two level domain name registration." This one looks at the soft text of the website. However, when most people did not have the basic knowledge of the domain name, there are still many people were fooled. "From August 1, 2003 morning to 10:30, the registered two level domain name has reached 20551, the registered domain name of Internet users exceeded the expected level of enthusiasm."

this example reflects the existence of many domain name registration service providers, domain name registration agents, in a fraudulent manner to exaggerate the value of the domain name investment, the purpose is to make profits for themselves. The electronic commerce world had special reports "Chinese domain insider fraud investigation", says that the mainone company in order to profitable consumer fraud domain name investment.

CNNIC promotes the.Cn domain name and Chinese domain name very much, the purpose is very good. But the rapid growth in the number of domain names at the same time, CNNIC also needs to pay attention to reputation, prevent the registration of service providers, in some domain name domain name registration agent malicious by exaggerating domain name investment value, the economic bubble caused by the domain name.

but, for the number of non Chinese domains, some areas need to be explored further. I believe that more than 600 domain name registration services are not unreasonable. Look at Zhuo Hui Internet website, their calculation is to a country or region of different types of domain names are calculated categories, such as China Taiwan domain name of.Tw/.com.t>

Analysis of why QQ resource site will be so easy to hot

from the following friends go to Internet cafes to apply QQ to study has now become an Internet webmaster, this time together for almost ten years, and this ten years is the rapid development of Internet Chinese for a period of time. During this time I have seen a lot like me in the grassroots Internet, they seem particularly eager to understand the Internet and through the Internet to become more affluent, of course, a lot of people just started may just in front of friends to show off your own.

at the grassroots do site types, there are actually several probability we selected is very high, such as network technology, QQ, games, novels and so on, and those who really give pause to exchange site but few grassroots can do it. Then the rookie just entering the Internet to manage their website or personal webmaster, is mostly from those types of sites especially in the selection, because as I said before is because these types of more resources, even if you can not copy from other places, but in fact most of the grassroots website content is basically obtained through replication of station resources.

in these years, although I always do the part-time job, do the best, when the average daily traffic of single website has exceeded one hundred thousand, of course, because of personal reasons, I haven’t done it again. And in the last year I want to return, but I found that I was not do now do so easily, and I discovered a few years I did not discard QQ resources management station should still have tens of thousands of daily views, the corresponding advertising account actually has many benefits, let me feel this way the site is so hot. In fact, everything has a cause, QQ resource websites such so easily hot also must have a reason, I have my own experience from the simple analysis of such websites so easily popular reasons, I hope everyone can learn useful things for yourself.

first, user base is big, tycoon does not intervene. It is clear to all Tencent hundreds of millions of users, more than one billion users is also a matter of time, that is to say almost all Internet users are using QQ and related products, and most of them use in people under the age of twenty in the Internet is just for entertainment, to pass the time, in order to find the reality no fun from the Internet; because they use these products derived from the things they need. Why am I here said the giants will not intervene, it is because the giant Internet Co will do their own products and services, a company could not go to the other one of the company’s products and peripheral products, make their own peripheral services only on the company’s own good things, and good for users of their negative affirmation is not done, then only the Internet grassroots to do these things.

second, Internet users mostly "cock wire"". Internet heavyweights once said that in the Internet where the "cock wire" world, I feel a little bit wrong, although large

Be aware of the pitfalls of website analysis and monitoring (below)


continued to discuss some of the areas that need to be noted in the implementation of site analysis monitoring. Please find the trap of website analysis and monitoring.


in the first part, we investigate the cross domain monitoring, reporting, monitoring the three page dynamic events to monitoring the implementation of the problem, this article we then discuss the chain monitoring, page redirection, monitoring framework page, and customize the code conflict monitoring set.

trap four:

Link (Outbound Tracking)

labeling method (page tag) web site analysis is a very important principle, that is to monitor the number one click on the link, then click on this link is actually open the new page of the PV number. As shown in the following picture:


in this case, the monitoring system is used by Google Analytics, the GA code is added to the page, and not in each link, therefore, we on the "new recruitment channel notices!" the number of click on the link, monitoring whether the code added depends on click it to open the new page. If the new page with no code, or a new page is not normal is opened, then the monitoring code click behavior itself does not drive any GA, click on the behavior itself cannot be detected.

so, by default by GA, the number of clicks on a link = the number of PV pages opened by it.


website is your own, so you can put every page on your site is added to the code, so that we can ensure that the number of clicks, most links can be recorded, it can provide the data for your page click on the image. If you have done a page click on the image, you can know, click on thermal data source is the page of the Next Page report (GA Entrance Paths report), is the use of this principle.

but since there are always some special links on our website, the destination addresses they link to are not other pages in their own stations, but other websites, and our troubles are here.


, for example, a Links section of my blog, these links are links to other sites, these sites are not coupled with me this blog as GA code – I think, people don’t do


so we often fall into the trap is that when you need to get the number of hits outside the chain, it was found that the original chain of monitoring is not Google Analytics>

Let domain name investment and collect fees, commercial platform depreciate

Flexible use of general knowledge and method of use of the

search engine, make information everywhere, general business and commodity information we will publish, in each website free of charge, a message, the same, generally as long as know the tip of the iceberg can search out all his, for example, manufacturers release products procurement charge information, web shield contact, you can rely on what you see in the title or articles in a word or two to search, you can find the company in other sites in the network information of the ocean, in the information you need to always contact, as long as you carefully screening, so that the information mapping exposed charging the business website, the loss of a part of the query should pay membership.


search engine, so that the domain name lost its due role and value before, only to enter the correct domain name can find your site, but now you just enter the feature you want to browse the site on the site so that you choose to do, and general search ranking are well-known sites, to give the for example, if you want to log in, the discovery channel Chinese website, but it is not easy to remember domain name English, incorrect input you can not find, but now as long as you in Baidu search inside the discovery channel you can first place to find it there, I believe that the next time you log on when you are not going to pay attention to the domain name of the website, not to remember it, you will search in Baidu, the attendant is the domain name Chinese devaluation, so a good House number, often some time is useless, and perhaps only as a website self promotion, landing sites for everyone, not much significance. Now look at the price of the WWW. discovery channel.Com,, gDomID=25270