Love Shanghai news sources included new statements of web content to do

enterprise station construction, in view of the special nature of the product information, may not be updated every day, more is to update the product information, industry information to replace the contents of the product, the content of the original enterprises difficult to obtain, many will edit and pseudo original outdated industry news, much influence these old news to users originally, users to the site to find the latest product information, but also to see the latest industry information, the site of the content for users is completely meaningless. No matter is to update the product information or industry information, the timeliness of the content of the page is the premise, if the resource of a commonplace talk of an old scholar not to talk about the taste, the user will generate resentment, and not to repeat the contents of spider repeatedly included, more duplicate content, on the website of the impact will increase accordingly.


review: August 28th, the latest statement of love love Shanghai Shanghai news news editors have included hope, the original information content with high quality, matched with the theme of the site itself, it has a certain user awareness and certain scale in its objectives in the field of news sites.

with the demand of high quality information on the Internet, love Shanghai update algorithm, create more high quality, healthy Internet environment. Before the love of Shanghai to crack down on the soft outside the chain, also proposed to crack down on the use of two domain names to do a lot of advertising, low quality content, in order to earn advertising costs, to release a large number of unrelated site content, also love Shanghai clear to crack down on this site. The website in a good location, content theme, site editor should publish relevant content according to the theme of the book, according to the website user keywords >

different search engines website content mechanism is different, the love of Shanghai has been emphasized the content on the website of high quality, the relevance of the theme, that the updated news sources included, and remind the webmaster should know how to optimize the content of the site, to ensure high quality and can more easily be crawling. Not only is the news source site to do the content construction, general industry site also need to improve the content of construction.

for the website editor indispensable website layout tools, many owners may not be too concerned about the contents of the layout, a lot of redundant code page updates later, many font confusion, paragraph style is various, the user is the content format in reading articles before the first sight, messy content format will only cause the user experience low. The common cosmetic industry website, in order to more pages to show site advertising, the article content is frequent in the page, not only lead to the spider grab included difficulties, it is very difficult for users to read, meet site space access speed suck, want to read the full article, is quite difficult. Through the analysis of the data we can see that this site users bounce rate is very high, the low conversion rate of flow.

content layout with the user experience


content subject correlation

How to spend the enterprise marketing network marketing bottleneck

companies may have such thinking in the traditional marketing: hire door-to-door salesman to sales, so that sales and enterprise to bring too many calls for saving, not only bring back a customer; however in the network marketing activities need promotion expenses, charges will be used in the process of publicity activities the funds, probably because of business operators to network strange, can not see the success rate of activity, and not the investment promotion, please even the network of water army propaganda is the so-called cheap cost, also need to pay, "bear children, not set the wolf". As a business platform for holiday promotions, a well-known brand of the year sales accounted for more than 10% of the annual sales of enterprises, even the low popularity of the enterprises, holiday promotions can account for 30% or more years of sales.

e-commerce leading enterprises towards the network into the enterprise, but the experience is not the most understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization, some even follow the trend of the establishment of the site, to throw that in no management, no traffic, no IP, no word of mouth marketing, no sales orders, and then the enterprise will enter the bottleneck of the development and the urgent need to breakthrough stage, marketing ideas change and innovation can bring the gospel to the enterprise, but do not know how to operate, whether the traditional marketing or network marketing, will be gone fireworks, not long marketing effect.

knows what needs promotion channels

willing to spend money to make money

network marketing?Why are the bottleneck of

different industry promotion channels are different from others, you can not copy the success of the characteristic to long-term marketing success, many companies can not clear positioning of marketing channels, that successful mode of others and their own paths, can not see the new direction of the industry, blindly follow the footsteps of others to go only, will not stop in the bottleneck period. Such as the IT industry to build the enterprise marketing, participate in the meeting and all over the Internet is a very good promotion channels, win-win cooperation with the conference organizers, Internet Conference members and not your best potential customers, to create a good reputation in the user group, the enterprise Why not?. Enterprises should be able to grasp the customer’s consumption psychology, is good at breaking the conventional thinking, proper to campaign, actively practice innovation, find their own marketing channels, and is the foothold of success.

bold cross-border marketing

enterpriseThe development of

no matter what the industry, what kind of marketing means, will encounter a bottleneck period is normal, "

with the rapid development of Internet, more and more enterprises to join the network, the network marketing of the novel has broken the traditional marketing, network marketing has been able to attract enterprises to participate in, is the network can expand the user groups, to bring more users to the enterprise resources, and ultimately improve the enterprise’s sales order. But the enterprise development to a certain stage will encounter bottleneck, enterprise will how to get out of the bottleneck of

With the function of distinguishing different types of external links

webmasters may also not understand what it means to me first, for example, in Soso Ask the chain, the chain will be made after the jump. Many have N years of experience in the old station will directly link the sentence of death, and claimed that this chain is completely useless, I dare not say that their view is wrong, after all I have no effect on this link related monitoring, but personally think that there are still certain effect. At least when using domain query, which is a straight.

The chain anchor text in the form of


2. link chain form.

about the construction of the chain will say no more, now the blog included the effect of declining, classified information is difficult to audit through the forum signature is limited and serious drop right, want to do a good job of external links is impossible, this time is to use some practical skills to change the difficult situation, the use of a good grasp of various external links the form is very important to improve the website weight and keywords ranking is.

4. jump external links

The chain

on pure text outside the chain is really some say, Public opinions are divergent., some say the effect is not obvious, some say no effect. Here I want to forcibly express their point of view, the role of external links is very large, I have a lot of good corporate website ranking analysis before they do the chain is pure text form, the website weight is very high very stable, so don’t let those who can do pure text outside chain forum. Not only to do, but also to do more.

The chain anchor text in the form of the

3. pure text formEffect of

this is a relatively high quality of the external links to external links, but it sounds very good, it is difficult to do, in addition to love Shanghai know that other inquiry platform can’t be outside the chain of this form, the blog can do, do not be included or white, the forum also can do, spend the first half a month upgrade integral in the forum. You don’t want to do. About this link to the benefits of the chain, the form of hyperlinks in the weight of the website is very helpful to improve. If the web page have keywords to do, so the chain will undoubtedly become the first choice of this form. The overall weight of the site high. The ranking will naturally come up.

keyword ranking role really should not be overlooked, many owners also released with the anchor text signature or articles in various forums, blog, I believe the effect is also very optimistic, but to remind you one, the key word anchor text on the Google ranking effect is very big, but in Shanghai and the effect of love not so obvious, even before someone said Google keywords ranking, the actual fight is the anchor text of the number, the effect is good, and love the Shanghai results in more finer points, ranking of keywords of the anchor text and can not play a decisive role, the number of overall weight love Shanghai more attention to websites and other external links.

The importance of

21 practical tricks to double your Adsense incomeComparison and analysis of shlf1314 and sh419 biddi

9 advertising position is very important. Ads should be placed on top of the page so that readers can see without pulling the scroll bar, which will increase the click through rate of advertisements.

10 high quality ad position: the top of the left sidebar and the top of a single page. Try using ads like this: use the link unit at the top of the left sidebar to put 250× in the article on the left or right; 250 or 336× 280 rectangular text and picture advertising units.

300× 250 medium rectangle

these are the best advertising units that will increase your advertising revenue.

      sh419 as the domestic leading engine and powerful network brand, its bidding products in advertising effects have good reputation. In search engine advertising is well deserved boss, a very wide range of users.

– shlf1314_ad_section_start –

      sh419 " claimed to be the most understand Chinese; " search engine; but for many small and medium enterprises sh419 an obvious lack of it is the price of many keywords are relatively expensive " ", hits many enterprises do not have the economic strength to bear this level of keyword. Some enterprises even say that every day you can spend 200 to 300 yuan, although the effect has, but the cost of investment is still lacking.

Label。 More information can be read on how to insert an ad unit on the left or right of the article.

more information can be found here. Section positioning will increase advertising relevance and click through rate.

12 uses the preview of this AdSense unit tool, which allows you to preview all ads that will appear on your web page and help to resist irrelevant advertising.

14 study your keywords and lock the ads on these keywords. >

8 uses section positioning to obtain web related ads. The section location code is provided by shlf1314 to enable its crawler to provide relevant advertising to your web page. Use the following simple section location code on each page:


– shlf1314_ad_section_start weight=ignore –

      unintentionally for users

      shlf1314 Adsense advertising, advertising is to expand the reach of target customers, but some service providers to join in order to increase the income, do not hesitate to take despicable means using a variety of methods, a large number of clicks advertising clients, resulting in a large number of invalid clicks. Since there is a maximum click value per day, the advertisement will not be displayed that day as soon as the amount is completed.

11 boycott cheap and irrelevant advertising. Use the competitive advertising filter to filter the ads, which need to be studied before filtering. Sometimes the same advertisement sells for $0.01 in this place, but it may cost another $1 in another place.

you need to locate the content

250× 250 square

      the right side of shlf1314 PPC keyword has a strong pertinence, and is charged per click, and the ranking is not merely for but a quality score and also decided to offer. Generally speaking, the cost performance is relatively high.

      2; sh419 bidding:

336× 280 large rectangle

      at present, small and medium enterprises to promote network expectations are mainly to obtain more potential customers, in order to increase corporate profits for the ultimate goal. In general, the evaluation of the effect is mainly in four aspects: 1, such as website visits increased; 2, the number of online users increased; 3, to promote the growth of offline sales; 4, direct sales.

– shlf1314_ad_section_end –

13 advertising around to leave a little more space. There is a certain amount of space left in the content of the page, and advertising is no exception.

more than 7 uses text ads and less picture ads. Because the text ads will provide more readers interested in advertising. I suggest the following ad unit that allows both text ads and picture ads:

      but shlf1314 still exist many disadvantages in Chinese localization process, China problems such as user habits make it by other Chinese search engine out, the current use of shlf1314 Internet users began to decline, so the effect of marketing gradually fade.

if you want the irrelevant content to be ignored, you can use the following code:

160× 600 wide skyscraper

      for this demand, the current market has the following main promotion mode, in this comparison, good and bad features for reference.

      1; shlf1314 ADWORDS:

What is worth buying self cultivation of a forum shopping guide website

What is worth buying

users to the site affectionately known as "rapist Zhang aunt" (SMZDM evolved), although this nickname spoof ingredients, but this is my impression this time a few "normal" company. It does not subvert anything, but redefines what is "value" and changes the spending habits of a large number of people.

in the electricity supplier field, what is worth buying, from the initial creation on the rhythm and temperament of maverick, including its so far did not involve the "transaction" link. The electricity industry, if a company is not good at following the policy focus, catch the entrepreneurial story boom, very difficult to give a good price for himself in the capital market, money burning no resources to support you to amplify their voices and favourable activity, it is very difficult to get traffic and users, and users have no traffic how to finance the next round of money? But what is worth buying out of this vicious circle.

was founded six years ago, the company has been profitable from the beginning, while cautious expansion, and did not rely on capital, until the beginning of 2016 for the first time financing, the amount of one hundred million yuan. Inadvertently, the concept of what is worth buying has been popular, the evolution of "what is X" appeared in various market copy; many of the city’s emerging middle class consumer groups through the beginning of what is worth buying platform to participate in the major domestic electricity supplier led double eleven, 618, five Black Sea Amoy Shopping Festival; what is worth buying, launched the first public test and scouring the sea from the industry and the concept of imitation learning.

, industry insiders say, what is worth buying is the electricity industry’s carnivorous dinosaurs. It does not deal, small, but because of the forum style shopping guide precipitated a lot of quality content and core users, these two resources are all electronic business platform can not be underestimated strength. Such a "normal", what is the internal driving force? I and what is worth buying CEO that Xin talked about behavioral economics The Whole Earth Catelog, the Internet and the global trading system, online trading in. In order to facilitate reading, on the basis of not changing its original intention, I will adjust the content of that dialogue.

what’s worth buying, CEO Xin


talking about the company as a whole:

has been half past 2016, and we are doing well in every aspect of KPI. In addition to the existing business, there are at least three lines of business are in development, the second half will have continued to meet with you. At the beginning of July, scheduled to launch what is worth buying mobile version 7, with the new version of the update to expand more shopping category. Including the current on-line credit card channel, but also after the tour (currently included in the concessions and other parts) and the car (have many test attempts) and so on into their respective channels.

7 version of the entrance will be more accurate, the whole is divided into good things, good price, good article three parts. The best price is the original discount system

The monologue of a new stationmaster under the economic crisis

, when people came to the talent market, labor market and intermediary, big and small, will see the head up, walking hurriedly, more than ever, busy, thus it is not difficult to realize the economic crisis brought the employment pressure. People come to the virtual world of the Internet urgently, there are old rivers and lakes, and there are also little rookies. People want to find a place to live here. It’s full of temptations and opportunities everywhere. ` someone is hesitating; ` someone is watching; someone is rushing in. The people who rush in are lucky and happy; there are also regrets and regrets. No matter how ` come in, since it came in as much as possible to go, until the first to ignite! ` even hopes to defeat the heroic, failure is a as clear as noonday! Life experience. `

‘is the virtual space and the real world what two? ` he is just the real world of tools and extension, in reality there are what kind of people are here, people in the real world manipulation planning of the virtual space on the outside. There is doorway here, must continue to study, study, study again, the survival of the fittest is also the law here. `

said so much to say, what? I just want to tell people who come in and go ahead firmly, while young, learn something, victory beckons, dawn ahead; for those who want to enter the leg said: you must get ready to fight, to be psychologically prepared, ` don’t be Heaven pie


in short, under the economic crisis, we have "failures around us" and thus countless opportunities. There will be many successful websites and new stations in the virtual world, and there will be countless garbage stations and webmaster who drop their heads.

Build box enterprise website system add page border style

station box ( as a self-help Station system construction sites will be typing, with its convenient operation and large enterprise website template boutique, has attracted nearly about 300000 enterprises in the use of user station box. Station box, the realization of zero foundation is undoubtedly, but the station box, some useful small operations, it is not those who do not understand the technology of friends can find it. Just like IPhone mobile phones, although they are good, many functions have been discovered by some enthusiasts. Was made public. Now, Xiao Bian also brings you "fever", build a box, and dig more interesting functions.

1. logon box nicenic site management background, enter the visual editing interface, let us begin to learn to add a beautiful frame to the page plate.


2. enters the website edit mode, we find the plate in the picture, one is no border, and the other is the border, click the right mouse button, and then click the setting

in the menu


3. enters the setting, in the pop-up selection box, select the optional border, the built-in box contains many border styles, according to preferences,


4., of course, you can also preview the border and use the border that you think is the best as the default border.


After the

5. is selected, click save and congratulate you on adding the border successfully.


is not very useful small function, the station box, there are many such a small number of such functions, follow the small series continue to learn the tool box of small skills.

the station box to launch a variety of packages, making a PC station + micro site +APP+ mobile phone station three station of a corporate website as long as 960 yuan, a free 2G cloud virtual host domain name (com/net/cn + mainstream choice) +2G enterprise post office, absolute bargain. Equivalent to you only in nicenic purchased the host domain name, free was a powerful, simple operation of the station system.

enterprise building system:, s=sorunme

A vulnerability is bad network promotion by company

a friend sent me a three picture today, however, is to explain to me. The system vulnerability is bad network promotion using things. I think this should be the thing to say, one is to let friends remember to use dream weaving system patch two is to ask whether the company can do network promotion network promotion is pushing





In order to achieve the purpose of

for these people I use unscrupulous divisive tactics, is not to say, because I saw such a few words in "SEO" entry to the Raiders, I think more suitable in this place but.

CN domain name registration is open to individuals, effective audit is kingly way

this morning to see some of the media reports, re open for individual users CN domain name registration CNNIC plan, the latest progress is being drafted to open personal domain name registration scheme, and promote the relevant terms of the revised "rules" to implement the domain name registration. Saw this news, really lets us such individual stationmaster feel happy, by CN domain name individual cannot register the thing has been bothering us for a month, now finally saw the hope. Really worth the pleasure.

CN domain name as cheap, and compared with the COM domain name, registration and use of low cost, many have some value of the domain name registration, before adding the promotional price of one yuan registration, make it become a lot of growers and users of personal choice. According to relevant information, as of the end of 2008, CN domain name registration volume reached 13 million 570 thousand, ranking first in the world’s largest national top-level domain name. At the same time, the number of sites under the CN domain name accounted for 77% of the total number of domestic websites. Because CN uses cost less than other domain name, also once used by some criminals. Has brought about the disadvantageous development to the entire internet.

Due to the

CN domain name abuse, some criminals in December 10, 2009, CNNIC announced that from December 14, 2009, to stop the individual CN domain name registration, and before the registration of the domain name holder should be before January 31, 2010, to the Registrar to submit the relevant information to prove that the material, with the domain name registration services to domain name registration information check the work.

and CNNIC in the days before the release of "the twenty-fifth China Internet development report" revealed that although the 2009 Chinese most network statistics are on the rise, but the number of domain names CN fell 110 thousand, a decline of 0.83%.

in view of this situation, the relevant reports have today the media for CNNIC is studying and drafting the personal CN domain name registration and filing conditions, in addition CNNIC also plans to promote the revision of "domain name registration rules", to allow individuals to apply for registration as soon as possible.

in fact, personally believe that the closure of CN domain name registration of individuals, can not completely restrict the CN domain name of individual registration channels, is not an old saying? "There are policies, there are countermeasures."". In fact, even if you limit, or someone will find a flexible approach. Will be greatly reduced for the actual implementation effect, before I also with some professional minon talk about this issue, in fact, the industry is clear, can not find a company, as long as the other side to this company, affiliated can register CN domain. Friends also recommend another approach, that is, directly using credit cards in foreign ISP service providers to register CN domain name is also possible (but in this way, how specific, I did not try). I think we all see, CN domain name registration is not flexible.

so, >

Discussion on the location and horizontal expansion of music websites

, a friend of mine added me today, QQ, said there was a bottleneck in the development of his music website and had been on the 5000IP for a year without any improvement. Wave no trace, originally also do music website, just sold very early, and now I will briefly talk about the music website positioning and development, hope to help operators music network webmaster.

1 about web design patterns and website access speed.

              as we all know, a good web site does not need how gorgeous, you should pay more attention to the music website is able to complete content fast and convenient in front of friends, people at a glance. I’ve been to a lot of music websites, including two aspects of web design, style and website access speed, to decide whether to become their repeat customers. A website speed intolerable music website is how do online music? So, before the correction of site location and extension sections must solve two problems: first, the web page as text appears to reduce the occurrence rate of the picture. Second, increase the access speed of the entire web page from the program and server.

2 adds votes to the home page and audition page.

                a comprehensive survey of the columns of your music website. As a webmaster, you are facing tens of thousands of net friends visiting websites, and your head needs to be considered and served for you. Only fully understand what users like the web site, what column and do not like what column, will seize the lifeblood of the site, thereby correcting and strengthening columns, get more support from users.

3 TOP function.

              such as the owners in the background can not be observed in the data, can be used in another way, a small column on the home page, which is every day or every week in the website of the best songs, so users no longer struggling to find the song name TOP, achieve hot function, highlight the advantages of web music.

4 about lateral expansion.

                  you don’t think every member is up to listen to songs; I have a group of friends, they are very fond of singing, and very talented. In network centric today, the network is a platform, the platform is a dream, if you can spend some time doing a netizen sing, upload original music platform? This is very good, arouse the enthusiasm of music loving members, each quarter also selected the grass-roots singer award potential.

in the end, we need to