Right down the website how to restore ranking analysis and operation diagnosis

: a common cause of right down frequently change the titleThe

3, spaceThe stability of

so that the change time of website content, attention must be paid to the relevant account page keywords and content in advance and, once found, was down the right, to get to the good relationship, and then wait for the recovery of ranking. The recovery period is generally 4-8 weeks

this is a normal phenomenon, the new trust degree is low, generally do not give a ranking, ranking just began to, because the new chance

2: yesterday, the ranking is very good, today the rankings off, immediately judged right down

we should learn to find out why website right down, so we know how to solve the problem of an antidote against the disease. The general factors causing the site to drop the right 14, these factors will lead to different degrees in the web page points, serious search engine will be deleted site, overall drop right

website as long as the title change, search engine will be penalized according to the severity, and the matching problem is mainly correlation. If you modify the title to relevant variation and incomplete matching results will inevitably lead to the decline in ranking

website down right refers to the search engine on site assessment level drops, is a kind of punishment on the search engine website, causing the site overall ranking drop. Usually for the website itself to correct the error of cheating, after a period of time to restore

1: the site was built under the age of 1 months, included rankings, ranking disappeared again after a few days.


directly determines the quality of the page space judgment, the space is not stable, the search engine that page quality and experience worse, then give the page score worse for keywords ranking.


the content of the page changes, will directly affect the correlation between keywords and page and matching. If the web page has done a lot of content changes, at the same time, and the correlation is not good, it will be down the right search engine

but we should pay attention to is: not any time the website ranking drop down right for judgment. For example, the following circumstances, not necessarily right down the website:

The stability of


but if the title after the modification, and the correlation is unchanged, and the title of the competition is reduced, the short term floating keyword ranking is normal, but the long-term will be beneficial to the page keyword ranking

each week love Shanghai will be updated, the update process will inevitably be injured, this time often in the next cycle will resume the rankings, so just one or two days to see the ranking changes, is difficult to judge is not really being right down

2, page content changes

Shanghai Longfeng site diagnosis and optimization not three days fishing nets two days of drying

In fact, the technical content of

for everyone in the Shanghai Dragon said persevering, this sentence is right, I am convinced, but unfortunately, what happened to their total only three minutes of enthusiasm, finally decided to do, but always in the middle of inadvertently stopped, really, myself I really don’t want to, it really was very want to stick to it, to the last, how to look at the results of their efforts, but this is the people always love, stop and go, there will always be a variety of lures, want to do a thing to do is really difficult.

is not what Shanghai Longfeng profound, some just stick with execution of you, if you do, every day like a day and perform, you are not far from success. A5 Shanghai dragon group in the diagnosis and Optimization for many enterprise diagnosis after more profound understanding of this, many of them are not a big problem, because many are not adhere to the daily must do a good job due to poor website ranking or simply not in the search engine to find your shadow. Do Shanghai dragon knows that website for a long time not update is not outside the chain, what do not do, in that it allowed development, how will have good rankings? Don’t forget, now how much do Shanghai Longfeng, competitiveness is how big, others are working to the website optimization but you are not, what to do, indifferent, search engine is not good is a fool, how can let you in the front row? Even if you other do well, also could not let you website ranking good long.

but since we chose Shanghai dragon in this industry, we have to control yourself, or three days of fishing, two days of the net how to do? Shanghai dragon website optimization itself is a go15 thing, not 35 days to see you to success, do Shanghai Longfeng people know that a new station if you want to have a good ranking, did not see the results about three months are not realistic, of course, also have very good rankings for many websites for more than a month, but often is not stable and will not last long, but is not to say that a long time on the ranking must be very stable, for a long time, this is a relative term.


owners often say do Shanghai dragon must have perseverance, patience, careful is the truth, a process called persistence is actually insist, insist on easier said than done, how many Shanghai dragon ER done that? If you do that from the beginning to enter the industry has always insisted on never give up, then you should now is Shanghai Dragon Figure ring, even if there is no fame, wealth, it must be very Wangha, after all, the network still can earn money, otherwise we are not talking about Wangzhuan, if you are in a few years ago has been involved in this industry, start your Wangzhuan career, now what do you say we may as pour as a church mouse? Afraid also won’t believe, if really afraid too sorry for myself as pour as a church mouse,.

To investigate the effect of the new chain of love Shanghai after a year of adjustment and the const

website after a year overseas chain

love is more inclined to the authenticity of the

a year later the chain site there are many? Believe this is many webmaster confused, from the love of Shanghai began to straighten out the chain. Until now, love Shanghai or have stressed the authenticity and stability of the chain, from which we can see the importance of Shanghai’s love chain.

love Shanghai big adjustment from the beginning of 2012 June, imperceptibly over a year’s time, this year in Shanghai search engine on the Internet website of this piece has made many adjustments and layout, issued a notice, the chain Scindapsus algorithm, pomegranate algorithm, it can be said that this year is also love Shanghai search engine is the greatest change in a year.

no matter how to adjust the chain, the status of the chain will not change, but the change is the love of Shanghai foreign chain judgment. According to the chain document love Shanghai open we can find true love: Shanghai foreign chain is on. From which we can make our website to love Shanghai outside the chain of authenticity as the basis, and strive to improve the quality of the chain website. So how can we improve the authenticity of the chain website

love Shanghai chain plays an important role in the

two is a related website to stay outside the chain, so that Shanghai will love the chain that the US is valuable, the authenticity of the chain, imperceptibly improve the quality of the chain site, don’t forget the important role of the anchor text when the related website construction of the chain, the anchor text can make the user directly into our website through the content, this not only for the web site to the weight transfer, are more likely to improve the site’s PV value and flow value, as the site of the next development has laid a solid foundation.


love Shanghai chain construction is the key to a website, a very simple example: if your site outside the chain of 1000, regardless of the 1000 chain is come from, but we can foresee is to bring traffic to your site to the 1000 outside the chain every day; and another chain is 0, that is to say this website basically rely on ranking traffic flow. Compared with the 0 chain website will suffer, because the love of Shanghai will think you are not outside the chain of the website as a chain website, while ranking changes of the chain website ranking will certainly, and this is an important role for the chain website. Love is not Shanghai does not recognize the role of the chain, but in a way for the webmaster friends site outside the chain of behavior change.

is a simulation of user behavior, analysis of statistical data, to see what the user is on the chain into our website, understand the authenticity and difference of the chain, then the chain of new construction according to the nature and characteristics of these sites, in the process of constructing a proposal is the best an industry to find the 5-10 site every day to build some, so the chain will Everfount us, and the chain of authenticity.

The free programs that make money are really getting smallerLocal classified information network IP1

he asked me to do a classified information website to him, and put forward several kinds of color, also said to me 1000 yuan of money to let me teach him to do, and I also boasted that this year is not bad money, pure drinking are not on the wall.

"well, as a game promoter," little Li Dao.

Oh, that time how many memorable things, pure thought, vibrant youth, happy laughter, a year spent similar, each year is different". Former classmates and friends had gone, the Yi River is already bustling around! I often at night time alone to open the , make a pot of tea, and the old friends talk to be in full swing.

no way ah, I grew up is a miser, but the miser belongs to very timid, after all are brothers, not so much, meaning on the line, if later he found I deceive him, that’s not bad, my face will not see the people. So I only accept 300 dollars, then buy 3 sets of Jilin information network program from A5, who sold 50 yuan a set of the A5 forum, 3 I spent 120 yuan to cut down, and then bought a 1G ASP host, the monthly purchase.

"stop and stop", he finished, I interrupted him, "Li ah, listen to elder brother a advise, do some work, and that can not do, oh, elder brother before also…"

for free items, everybody in the 08 year can do a good job, then free Wangzhuan PTC, although in addition to NeoBux, click on the other projects are not seconds to pay, but there are a lot of friends to do the full of sound and colour. Until 09 years later, six months, free has entered the trough. Let all make friends blow, and many webmaster turn to other fields. Some people continue to do research projects, because it’s good reputation, as long as there is offline, it is worth doing, and also a lot of income. Some people turn to investment, such as some funds and foreign exchange speculation, etc., the risk is great, but do a good income more.


if the story doesn’t happen to me, I probably won’t believe it. I started from the official website already two years ago, before hanging all kinds of League advertising, live in fear of the day, afraid of which day if the union is not happy, sealed our number, is not lost the wife and lose money?. I remember when I was in school, I began to start the website, because it was a closed County town, I pulled a lot of business, every month there are one thousand or two thousand yuan of income, more than the school teachers. So I feel like I’m full of life at that time,

Oh, no problem, I rushed two brothers relationship, I will put my years of experience to your website, hope after a pass before you can solve the food and clothing, to add some less chaos "I told him a joke! Then I started asking about his latest situation" doing what? "Because I know he has been squatting at home

give up is not a good way out, I believe many webmaster will not easily give up, since choose to go network, then have to go on well. How to stick to? Those free Wangzhuan can’t do, what? This is that, first, continue to insist on doing their own website promotion, get a steady flow in order to make money, temporarily not to find free items.


we have to do is to insist on development site, continue to promote, find more downline, accumulate more offline resources, several free items can of course continue to recommend to do, such as NEOBUX and some survey sites.


now free Wangzhuan project, click only then two or three to do, and click on the score has also been very low, hang up are abandoned, hanging enough electricity, although the investigation credibility, but if there is no resources, not to promote, to a year to be paid. Now owners of resources, but also ran to the HYIP, forced by these projects, the webmaster has to maintain their income, from free to investment, may not give their online money to bring the dream of spring. Since the click can not be done, do not pay up, want to do the investigation and no offline resources, what should we do? Give up Wangzhuan or continue to adhere to the

just a few days ago, my friend, Xiao Li, suddenly called and asked, "is it difficult to make a website? Can you teach me?"

"yes, don’t look down on my brother. I’m making more than 4000 for a month as a game promoter." he interrupted me this time, but it was my turn. Xiao Li and his brother are game fans, what games have played, the home computer does not shut down for 24 hours, a machine, 3 fans, as well as his home card, there are several shoes, boxes so much. I didn’t expect this guy to make a fortune here.

free Wangzhuan project, that is to say you can join some profitable investment projects, it is the novice favorites, such as the PTC click on the station, hook, investigation, coding and so on can be free to join, members do not invest a penny can do these projects, then in revenue. But the free Wangzhuan project to do is less and less, adding the number of a lot less, because the project income is less and less, so we have to turn to invest in projects.

flow rate after looking for some feasible ways to make money, such as the investment project is also an option, although with a risk, but it also can bring wealth for us, as long as you are careful to find, I believe you will be harvested, as long as the network, so Wangzhuan will not disappear, either free of charge or investment, have the potential of development, seize the opportunity. This article is motivated by: 668wzw>

What mindset are you using to start your businessTechCrunchFacebook can give up advertising and make

in the process of communication with Miss Gao, she said that a man with a 2-year-old child, the pressure of life makes her very eager to have a lot of friends, like Miss Gao to see others succeed, want to replicate their success, in fact all of the resources and capabilities are not the same, and the she said the Guangzhou girl is very clear how business and marketing products, it is clear to the whole operation process, is also very understanding of customer needs, but Miss Gao of the whole process are not clear, they that customer demand is not clear, so not a simple way to put the sale of copy can be successful, success is the need to accumulate.

it may be said, that is tell some fantastic tales. A month ago, Facebook’s profit outlook was not optimistic because its users were shifting from PC to mobile devices. For PC users, each page of Facebook can display 7 ads and earn 30% revenue from the game payment. Many industry insiders believe that to get revenue from mobile devices, providing more advertising is the only solution.


work frustrated

on Thursday, Facebook launched mobile social e-commerce service Gifts, which allows users to buy goods and send them to friends within the website. Facebook receives a specific percentage of revenue from each transaction, thereby adding a new source of revenue.

the following article is summarized as follows:

business is a very literary work, like literary and artistic ideal, a lot of people who have no money to engage in, and then expect to attract a lot of a person with breadth of vision your client to support their artistic achievements, and then converted into revenue. So if you want to start a business, first of all, you have to have the mentality of an artist, you can bear hardships, starve, can bear all kinds of mental pressure, and most importantly, you can sacrifice for art.

wants to copy other people’s success

many ad networks will cause interference to the user, and Facebook advertising network allows advertisers to target users by gender, age, address, work experience, hobbies, friends and application activities to provide information users need ad. This means getting higher revenues without more advertising.

Facebook but quick test mobile ad network in Zynga first, a few weeks ago and allows advertisers to use their data in non Facebook mobile advertising network and application Facebook mobile ad network to provide accurate advertising.


through these products, Facebook has proved that there are second ways to obtain revenue.

this attitude of business consulting I received the most, usually people are eager to, want to make money easily, lying can make money, but also earn money not well, talk about WeChat do what products can make money, the key is to make money and not too hard, I thought there is such a good thing would have done, but also turn you? So why do Wangzhuan online courses is so hot, because too many such anxious people, training in Wangzhuan saying that entrepreneurs who want to buy something than to more people, so entrepreneurs earn money is the best. If you really want to start a business, ask yourself, are you really ready? Do you know what entrepreneurship means or is it just the result of a fever?.


impatient for success,

Gifts analyzes information about users who buy gifts from their friends. If a user is ready to present a gift to a friend who is interested in and interested in the same friend, Facebook can recommend them. The more Facebook knows, the more


technology blog TechCrunch reported the products engaged in social science and technology reporter Josie · Considine Josh Constine on Sunday published an article that the mobile ad network and Gifts e-commerce products, Facebook can not flow through the data to increase revenue. This means that perhaps one day the number of ads on Facebook will tend to zero.

, this is WeChat netizen "Miss Gao" hair information: Mr. Liu, hello. I saw you many articles today, feeling a little entrepreneurial goal, I registered the WeChat public platform today, want to do product sales in WeChat, but do not know how to do? Very confused, please teacher Liu for pointing! My WeChat there is a Guangzhou girl brand luxury, do it success, to have sent a lot of orders every day, money, so I read your article, I also want to do such a

‘s original approach: to gain revenue through the amount of time users spend on websites and applications. Second ways: use a large amount of user data to obtain revenue.

this time received a lot of entrepreneurs sent the information, some business is better for the family, there is hope to start to send big money, some work for a long time when the boss would like to experience the feeling, some want to do a career, no matter how your entrepreneurial mindset will affect you play, and even affect your every decision, let’s discuss every kind of entrepreneurial mindset.

Facebook has to show more ads to get more revenue, right? Or at least no need to do that. If you can expand the mobile advertising network and Gifts e-commerce products, Facebook can rely on data rather than traffic to improve revenue.

No money, website traffic can also soar

often have friends complain, now say the website promotion is too difficult, not free of charge what effect, spend too much money, but the effect is not necessarily good, in fact, as a marketing staff, more or less will encounter such problems, I would like to talk about today, do not spend money several promotion methods can play a good effect.:

first: QQ group website promotion law.

this method is the most common, and the effect is most obvious, there are about 300 IP from it one of my search engine website easou prices every day, and we had only 8 QQ number will reach this number. We can give some data, if you have 50 QQ number, each number has a group of 20, every day you give each group a advertising, even if a group of one click, then your IP is 1000, the absolute is actually greater than 1000. Although this method is stupid, but it is more useful, hair when there are still a few points to note, this is my little experience summed up for everyone to share with you:

1, you should have a good mentality, why do you say, every day you send so much information to the group, they will be very tired, just like a lot of selling invoices stay inside the group, motionless harassment would you like some invoices, the group shows, advertising and selling invoices do not enter! As we are old T, many times will inevitably affect the mood, the test when we come, you continue to send or do not want to affect the mood hair ah, I believe that we will continue the fight.

2, send bulk mail as much as possible. The mass was relatively small probability of T, because it is more subtle, you can choose whether or not to see another point, you send an e-mail, not online users can see when the next line is, timeliness is relatively long, of course it is better effect.

3, try not to make the same thing. When you send QQ mail, if the same title, the content is too much, QQ will prompt you to "your mail volume has reached the limit, please try again later!", there is a period of time because the system cannot send, you would think that this is spam, that many people are not mentioned, do not know is she not to teach or he is no way to solve this problem, the simplest way is to change the title or change the content, so you can escape, and you can go out freely, in a flagrant way.

second: soft Wen promotion.

this method is also a platitude, and I do not talk about in detail, but there is a misunderstanding, many people feel that good writing, in order to promote the role of soft Wen, in fact, otherwise. First of all you have to do your site positioning, belong to that type, like this can be targeted, if your site is entertaining, then put the best choice in entertainment of well-known websites, because your target audience is consistent. In addition, you should pay more attention to the news, seize the things that people are most interested in, and then subtly put you in the middle

Open shop business can also change the puff grassroots nouveau riche a year

puff tastes delicious is very soft, is many people love the delicacy, delicacy is required in a leisurely afternoon tea in the afternoon, if his own business — a puff also do not know what will happen to the business, today Xiaobian to bring this article is to analyze what are the specific interests and prospects.

1. />

2. exquisite craft, makes the taste more attractive.

3. cheap.

4. technology is easy to learn.

5. location flexible. Analysis of

Talking about how I set up 11 days was included in the Baidu

SEO I am a novice, this is the first station of http://www.bbj165.cn/ I SEO do, is accumulated a little experience, I learned to make full use of my knowledge learned in SEO and Admin5 on some experience and methods.

from the site on the line, the first Google included my website, Baidu every day to my website, I use what I learned, Sina, and Baidu, and other well-known website blog post, registered to some of the more famous webmaster forum to exchange links, and then left plate exchange links the information, in addition, make full use of tools such as Baidu know, answer questions, leave a link. On the BBS that can show signature, write your website Web site, of course, in order to let Baidu included as soon as possible, I also insist on an original article every day.

Go to see Baidu spider crawling

my daily record, basically from the Baidu line when I come every day, one day to a lot of times, I have every day to see my site is not included in Baidu, this has been doing the same work every day, for eleventh days until my site on line my site, has been included in Baidu, a collection of 47 pages.

from on-line to collected only 11 days, this is a great encouragement to me, I read a lot of articles in Admin5, the webmaster said Baidu included in more than half a month, I think it will take so long,

all I’m talking about is my personal experience. I’ve just done these steps:

         ;   1 original articles, adhere to every day.

         ;   2, links, if friends do stand, you can also ask them to help bring, to speed up your collection.

           ;   3, the establishment of blogs in several well-known websites, such as Sina, and dispatch, Baidu and so on.

              4, some of the more famous registered webmaster forum, then go to the Links forum released in Links, can display the forum signature forum to write on their website address.

            5, registered several famous quiz website: Sina ask, YAHOO knowledge hall, Baidu know, Q & A, 120ask Qihoo, Soso Ask Ask questions such as website.

I hope this experience for you novice webmaster help.

Baidu, why have you become a Baidu with a sense of social responsibility

search engine is one of the basic application of the Internet, allowing users to search for the information they need in a multitude of information. Compared to other Internet companies, search engines should be more impartial and independent, and should shoulder their social responsibilities. The social responsibility of search engines is that they can objectively, fairly and fairly let users search for various information sources. It is based on the automation of search engine spiders, including the laws of our country, all of which have given a certain "haven"".

Baidu as China’s largest search engine service providers, in a sense, its social responsibility requirements are even greater. But for a long time, Baidu is a completely lost sense of social responsibility of the enterprise. A variety of specific examples have proved that Baidu’s search results are entirely about interest, and its corporate interests are more than social responsibility.

When the

on-line search as early as 2006, Baidu cooperation with beidayingfa company law, the author had because of work requirements, input "Baidu" to find Baidu ever occur in the lawsuit referee instruments in Baidu search in a legal, I expected, cannot get any relevant results; and in the same beidayingfa company "Peking University legal information network" input "Baidu" to search, get a great deal of Baidu related litigation judgment. The only reason this is Baidu’s cooperation in beidayingfa company, human shields have about what happened the Baidu Inc’s lawsuit verdict.

but now Baidu has more and more manual editing or masking of search results. In 2006 the "extreme events", Baidu can manually to download search results related to its own interests with the "sky download"; so for their own interests, will be the website for screening is "Pediatrics". A blog recently broke the news that the network communications industry made articles against Baidu by Baidu notified draft delete, and to shield the threat, more unbelievable is the network communications industry followed by "black" for a few hours.

is an influential communications professional website published an article because Baidu have been so treated was negative, mainly for those traffic from search engines and web sites, more is to look at the face of Baidu live. Many websites have already encountered Baidu "rob type" the competition rank promotion, does not participate in the competitive bidding rank, casually looks for a reason to shield this website, this lets some websites have to pay money to participate in the competitive bidding rank.

site to participate in Baidu PPC, there is no good day. I personally experienced the whole process of bidding rankings. In 2007, choose a less popular keywords, on Baidu do PPC, the daily limit of 30 yuan. The result is to spend 50 yuan every day, to limit Baidu’s so-called completely useless, and Baidu theory, simple words, extra money is the time limit to the shutdown, there is a time difference on the costs incurred. The more ridiculous thing is, every time Baidu hits hits

How does a website give a user a good experience


on the Internet there is a bitter every day to keep the website, this group of people every day to the site is really bend over backwards they want their website, there will be more traffic, more independent IP, but for the website, want to have so much traffic and IP, the precondition is not to have a good user experience on our website, we want to if I can give the user a good experience? From the following several aspects to do.

number 1: easy to remember domain names. The first step the user to access the site, is to take a look at the domain name of the website, like a person’s name, domain name as short as possible, and the best choice of the domain name is related to the site keywords, so that when the user in the search keywords, the domain name will have a certain priority, and remember the website key words, not to remember the domain name of the website is very difficult. And for the average netizen, the domain name of.Com is better than other domain name, remember much.

second: simple and generous template. Users enter the site, the first sight is a website template, the template is simple to give users a fresh feeling, in fact, for the general website, there is no need to engage in sites like a palace, concise template is consistent to the public taste, everyone’s preferences are different, but each people will not reject simple and easy things, so it is important to choose a template.

third: quick access speed. As the user should hate to waste their time waiting for you to open the web site, because if the speed problem of his own, it can still be resolved, but because if your space server problems, causing the site open speed is very slow, the user experience is estimated to be less than half of the score, so the website the user experience from the site access speed to strengthen, now the foreign host access fast IX host in China, a server in the United States, attacked less exhaust. Can improve the speed of access to the bad experience of users.

fourth: wonderful website content. The claim that content is king is very high in the webmaster psychological status, the core part of the content of the website is a website, users come to the site to see their own things on your site, so for the webmaster, we must analyze their users to their own website, what kind of information you can. To provide users with what kind of information, in order to retain customers, enhance their experience on the site. The quality of the original content of the web site is the webmaster’s primary task, but also to improve the user experience premise optimization.

fifth: full navigation settings. The user enters your website at the same time, certainly will look around the content of the website information, the user after reading, want to go back to the other relevant directory, but also how to go back, there’s no way, the user can opt out. This user experience is very bad, so you must set up a full navigation directory, the navigation button for breadcrumbs