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Rogue user experience


so what is rogue user experience? The author is such a definition to it. Not all to the user as the criterion, forced users to transfer to the line of sight to the page, damage the user’s behavior and the first sense of the principle of the user experience are rogue user experience.

is certainly not here to love black Shanghai, we just take the love of Shanghai to make a clear case to illustrate what is rogue user experience.

now, the user experience is the priority among priorities, I also wrote articles about the user experience, but it is the general details. Because are talking about good user experience, and today I want to give a new mountain shortage, that is, rogue user experience. I don’t think about the word love Shanghai, love Shanghai in August 22, 2012 issued a statement that the update algorithm, to improve the user experience.


love Shanghai in search of Jay Chou, the entire page basically all love Shanghai products, and the interface is accounted for ninety percent, the user experience is not flattered me. I am not too much, because of careless in the vast sea to see one eye, never more than search.

the rogue users Internet experience be too numerous to enumerate. Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, the four major portals user experience only the Tencent has not been included in the rogue user experience, the other three basically can be defined as a rogue style, especially the Sohu to the NetEase, is simply a rogue rogue, sometimes even Sohu will automatically pop to the column page it makes me Speechless.


on the user experience, a lot of people are not the same. Give Zhou Hongyi 360 sense to say: "good user experience, must have the following three points: first, to exceed user expectations, can give users a surprise. Second, good user experience to be able to let the user be aware. Third, good user experience, is to start from the details, and throughout every detail."

Shanghai is China love search engine, and love Shanghai’s products with this advantage, play a life like once again test the user’s bottom line. Such as love Shanghai revision:

‘s products are very rogue, "

certainly love Shanghai since the algorithm update, really improve the user experience, but the user experience is a rogue type.

people can also love Shanghai search other words, I’m sure you search ten times, nine times is not what you want. Rogue user experience and love of Shanghai is too much, such as advertising, network alliance.

BBS pull popular eight essential indispensable trick

many netizens asked to choose to see how we can make our forum more and more, I’ll know the method to tell you, some purpose impure, do not use, is your own thing.

          NO.1;     visitors to your forum do not pass, find a few attractive topics, so that visitors want to register.

access to your forum will not let go, find a few attractive topics, allowing visitors to register, registration, you need to hide on the line, as long as you see the new registered members to greet each other, let them feel valued, so with the exchange, it is easy to keep people.

NO.2, most of the net friends now have QQ,


most of the net friends now have QQ, more people, hundreds of people on QQ. There are dozens of small, so that these QQ friends to help promote your forum.

if there are several very attractive things in your forum (for example, practical joke tools or horror or special funny picture) the picture and your web site to QQ friends to their other friends on QQ, let more people to go where you registered to play. In this way, the pyramids pass down, the figures are terrible.

NO.3 is going to apply for a new QQ, of course, posing as a MM name.

‘s going to apply for a new QQ, and of course, pretend to be a MM’s name. It’s still tempting. Then go to QQ to check. Stop applying to join a friend. Say a few words, mix up, invite him to your forum immediately, this method gets more visits than through friendship connection to visit more people. As long as you work hard. Pulling dozens of new people every day shouldn’t be a problem.


NO.4 method to send spam to the majority of users of the old fashioned.

Method to send spam to the majority of users of the old


NO.5 runs to famous sites.

went to the famous site, although your registered members only 100 people to each other, have hundreds of thousands, then how to apply for a connection to ~? Many people apply for the big site, connection posts have people love to watch, although the possibility of connecting small, but after all, some people will go to their site to see you might fall in love with your


NO.6, if you can write something. Where can I try to send a draft?.

, if you can write something. Where can I try to send a copy and write my own website?.

NO.7, there must be a few lovely MM on your forum, squatting there for a long time,

, there must be several on your forum

Youth entrepreneurship in Foshan can enjoy one-stop service

in the current entrepreneurial tide, there have been more and more people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, leading to the industry is increasingly fierce competition. In this context, if the government can not provide the relevant services, the development of entrepreneurship for investors will naturally have a great impact. To this end, Foshan provides one-stop service, so as to encourage more young entrepreneurs.

recently, Foshan United University, high-tech industry association, Youth Chamber of Commerce, the public record of space research resources, promote the construction of the "Youth Exchange" was officially launched, this also means that whether college students or workplace youth, can enjoy "one-stop" services in the Foshan high tech Zone venture.

"one-stop" practice entrepreneurial dream "green export business 18 relying on the construction of MALL, is a complex of Foshan high tech Zone to build specifically for Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, but also an important part of Neusoft Southern China IT business park, from office facilities, to value-added instructor training, investment and financing, and then the subsequent industrialization can undertake. To achieve a one-stop."

, director of the Foshan high tech Zone, Nanhai District Party committee deputy secretary Liu Taogen said, "the Foshan high tech Zone Innovation across the country invited to R & D team, entrepreneurs and scientific research institutes, to jointly build individual entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team to group the entrepreneurial chain, and ultimately realize to the industrial transformation of the entrepreneurial dream."

entrepreneurship in line with the actual needs of the manufacturing industry in Foshan youth entrepreneurship is not enough ideas, but also need more follow-up support." Zhang Hantao is Guangdong Rui create board technology Co. Ltd. general manager told reporters that the Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship must have a complete "industrial chain" for supporting, but also to meet the actual manufacturing industry in Foshan city at present.

it is understood that the Foshan high tech Zone is an important part of the Pearl River Delta National Innovation Demonstration Zone, is the test area of Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou cooperation in high-speed rail Economic Zone (Guangdong Park) is located, now has 8 National incubators, 1 national public record, more than and 270 high-tech enterprises. Park accumulation platform of Tsinghua University Foshan innovation center, Guangdong University of Technology Institute of Foshan, the number of Intelligent Equipment Technology Research Institute and the carrier, with surrounding China Normal University, Guangdong Institute of light industry, Career Academy and other institutions of higher learning, teachers and students more than 40 thousand people, the future is committed to the construction of regional innovation center and youth entrepreneurship gathering area.

currently, Foshan high tech Zone for the majority of young entrepreneurs, is actively developing robots, 3D printing, new light and bio medicine, "Internet plus" as the current hot industry. Including Neusoft Southern China IT business park, craftsmen hit off the exchange of public record space, high tech Zone is committed to providing a set of office holder, instructor training, investment and financing, administrative services, and a function of talent apartment off coffee, etc. in one of its roadshow center service.

< recommend

Stepping on the tail of success website optimization should be easy and difficult

development of the Internet is really unprecedented prosperous, and do not say listing tide wave higher than the wave of Internet Co in the United States, look at micro-blog, the community and the interactive website that Internet racket is so lively. Not just individual users and personal products, that is, many enterprises are also slowly aware of the importance of search marketing. If you search the keywords, you’ll know how many companies have discovered and made full use of the Internet to launch marketing. Key words advertising is only one aspect. In addition, the competition of search engine optimization is more and more fierce. Compared to before, the optimization of the site will certainly be difficult to increase a lot, but not without the opportunity. Just need a more lengthy process, and full of thorns, setbacks, need to adhere to, need by easy and difficult, need to step by step.

one, by easy and difficult tree confidence success, just around the corner

many people started by optimizing the target on the core keyword, which is extremely unwise. Although unremitting efforts, and ultimately may be successful optimization, but the long and arduous process is enough to smooth the confidence, polishing the will. Just imagine, we determine the optimization of the target keywords after, and then start the original, start building links. In the beginning, perhaps it was full of pride and confidence. But one day long insisted that the keywords was absolutely still, you can see the hope of success? Competition environment is constantly changing, the search engine is also in constant adjustment algorithm, sometimes persistence, the exchange is included or abnormal keyword ranking fell. In this case, can you stick to it,


there is a long-distance runner in Japan. When someone asks for the winning trick, he answers, "break the target and lock the target on the building every time."". Seemingly a dull sentence, but it contains profound truth. Key words there is no way to do, we can choose some long tail word and then to work; key words do not go up, we can think of a way to promote the website snapshot update frequency, can continue to build links. It is only when we put in action and efforts that we can see that success will be more confident, more dynamic and unremitting. In the long run, success will naturally be around the corner.

two, from easy and difficult steps to success step by step

the stronger the stronger, the implementation of sub steps there is a benefit, that is, we can make the existing optimization results, effectively drive search, optimize performance, and thus form a virtuous circle. We know that search engine optimization is divided into two aspects of Web site weight promotion and keyword cognition, and web site rights can be updated through content, especially the original content of the law update to achieve. As long as there is perseverance, it is not difficult to keep content updated. When core keywords are hard to find in search engines, we can think of ways to optimize long tail words. When the long tail word ranking rose to the ideal position, the site’s click through rate and browsing depth will come up, as long as false time, website weight will naturally be slowly improved.


Do stand attention hot spot, success is faster than others

recently found that some people do, always blindly follow the public standing, such as those of QQ station, now the new first site are QQ station, why? They think those a lot of people attention, in fact it is wrong, when you have that idea behind, there are a group of QQ site the non-mainstream what ah, what the brain disability site, plenty of… You are a new, if not optimization technology is very good, and piled up a lot of money, I believe what good do good




The search volume

today, tens of thousands of people in search, QQ station and non bird flow site, not tens of thousands, there are thousands of sites… Use Baidu Search, you know how much you a new station, how to break it, how to get good traffic, I want that little chance. Ha ha., (Master that technology or can share a cup of soup)

why don’t we change an angle to think about it? Do a few people do the site, or pay attention to some of the most popular new information, in that case, I believe that your site may get the traffic is far greater than that of garbage QQ station, for example, in the Olympic Games, we will be able to guess out singing a lovely little girl, can become a little star, was the first time you do a Fans or her station, she registered related meters, I believe, you have succeeded!! this example shows us that you have to look a bit further, the network of successful people is not the eyes of Ma Yun, on the Internet trade, he did not succeed. Because he beat others step, people dare to try, so people get innovation, people’s success… Hao123 the author, his legend I don’t believe it. Oh

Too many examples of the

network, as we have what idea is very clear, I am not a master, I just I make a point to these years site experience view, we use a bit, then my article also played a very important value!! so to garbage stickers you just turn off the bar, ctrl+w..

do not know recently noticed QQ Xun Xian, advertising is also a lot of publicity, we do not know for this hot on it,

is not very surprised to see it, ah, a beta of the game just a few of the week, there are so many people concerned, everyone knows TX’s trick, sure their products are fried hot, and what you say you’re not hot? You look back to the QQ space, QQ speed, QQ, QQ, Cross Fire, which is not a success!! I’m just here to provide case, supply reference for everyone to do what kind of station can think for themselves…. I have the first step to build a network, Xun Xian first day of construction, I hope the case will give help, what results > station

How to quickly profit barbecue buffet

in the scorching summer, barbecue delicacy is undoubtedly the focus of the catering market, a stall in the hot, verify the industry is also popular, and a lot of entrepreneurs, is a favored by investors concerned about the investment direction of barbecue buffet, by what means to promote the probability of consumers into the store to believe that? Let not investors run into the crisis, and have a lot of trouble, Xiaobian provide some tips to prepare open self-service barbecue shop friends, less entrepreneurial pressure.

barbecue buffet franchisees to create conditions for their own profit? Move the consumer is the most basic business skills, general operators are relying on the quality of service to impress consumers, only to ensure the quality of their services to meet consumer requirements, in order to win back customers, attract customers for the two time consumption.

of course, in addition to the barbecue buffet franchisee in the service to work, we should strengthen the management of the terminal, which is related to the attitude of the operator, the quality of the shopping guide is your service, as long as a good attitude, good point, product discount point, the market will naturally in the barbecue buffet in the shine.

and credibility is the basic working character, to be old, what are the disadvantages and problems to truthfully tell the customer, after all, nothing is perfect in every respect, honesty is the foundation of a Friendliness is conducive to business success.,

barbecue buffet franchisee guarantee to master a set of promotional programs in the sales season, or store the lack of popularity, methods can be taken, such as eye-catching banner campaign, price Rangli, group purchase and other methods can for their own self-service barbecue stores attracted a part of people.

introduces some methods of self-help business grill from above, in accordance with these points to business can quickly expand the tourist market, formed its unique competitive position, more details must be done before, must now hope that few really help you franchise self-service barbecue shop smoothly.

Hospital website promotion experience

website promotion SEO, in recent years, fire up. Especially in the medical industry, major hospitals have begun to attach importance to network marketing, and there is a corresponding network technology promotion department to optimize and promote the website of the hospital.

I am in the hospital website promotion, there are more than two months, here I will be on the website promotion of some experience written out, and share with you.

to tell you the truth, the hospital website optimization work is not good, I do now is breast network, you can use Baidu Search related keywords, breast, breast hyperplasia and so on, how do half of the country rankings. In addition the following several are usually large, such as 39 Health Network, comprehensive medical sites such as large. In this way, even if you can do the main keyword up, it is also ranked below, there is no traffic. This will give the website optimization promotion to bring the very big pressure, the difficulty.

so if the hospital website wants to promote and get good traffic, my personal experience is to optimize SEO and other website promotion methods to do together. Only by doing so can the website get better traffic. Simply do something, the effect will not be too good.

first come and talk about optimization and promotion.

website promotion is essential, but also needs total station optimization. If you want to rely solely on optimizing some of the large flow of living keywords, improve ranking, access to traffic, is unlikely. As I just said, big flow, popular keywords have been done to the PPC, even if you optimize up, can bring you the flow is very small. This requires us to focus on the whole optimization, optimization of the main page keywords, column page can also optimize the main keywords, then we must focus on the optimization of the page. Home page optimization, A5 experts have said a lot, and now I’ll talk about the article page optimization skills. The title of each article is best to have a main keyword, and the title of the article is best to be similar to the user search, because your title and the user search the closer, your article ranking is more up front. Then, each article should be properly added keywords, a few can be, and then add a description of the article. In this way, updated every day, every day to do so, and more included, the weight of your web site is also high, the flow of nature will be more. Go on and stick to it. You’ll be able to see the results.

also talk about other website promotion methods.

1, QQ mail bulk. Apply for a lot of QQ number, each QQ number plus N QQ group, plus group has exquisite, plus those with you promotion some related user group. For example, now is the promotion of medical websites, then add life leisure QQ group, and then on the hard work, write QQ mass mail. I think about it, write it well, try to write it well, and let other people be interested in it. Group QQ mail, adhere to do well, do it, a day brings traffic is still impressive.

2, blogging. Apply for blog and write related articles. >

Brief analysis operation method of industry B2B website

in an article on "market segments: webmaster entrepreneurial spring", said I will share a story about the industry website operation articles for everyone, because the author is a layman, busy living, did not have time to share with you, I’m sorry, today we cast a brick to attract jade.

, first of all, a cursory review of the industry’s B2B web site preparation:

1, industry selection positioning, including keyword selection,


2, domain name, website name, etc.;

3, website production, we can use destoon to do, worry free upload that is used, will not do template to Taobao to sell a beautiful "destoon template" installation can be, the general sale templates are to help install.

ready, let’s get down to work.

1. The integrity of the site: check the integrity of the site.

preferred check page is complete, the home page for the site of the face, not only beautiful but also complete, incomplete place completion. Supply column products can go to Alibaba to find some fill home page, but must be true. Buy products similarly, remember that must be true! Home page processing, it is necessary to organize the inner pages, the same.

two, optimize website ranking.

optimizes the keywords that we make. The first is the filling, must have regular add the content, not the content of the article is empty, is also the search engines don’t love included, the best is the original article, if not all original, also have a certain proportion of other using pseudo original.

at the same time fill in the article, do not forget to submit to major search engines, mainly Baidu, Google does not matter, generally included automatically.

through our efforts for some time, Baidu included, snapshot is normal, insert a sentence: to A5 contribution to improve, included soon. We’re going to start a friendship link. Insist on looking for friends every day chain, this need to implement the strength, new sites are generally not easy to find friends chain, so I put this period of time after the snapshot normal.

three, looking for customer source

in a period of efforts, we are everything except only to customers. Well, where do we find customers? First of all, we think of Alibaba. Take a week to sort out all the industry information related to the Alibaba and send regular mail and text messages.

join the industry related QQ group, more exchanges, less advertising, product enterprises QQ plus their friends, friends reached a certain amount of their own new QQ group, a one-time they join the group. This will allow you to have some stable users.

four, resource integration,

in every industry, >