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ICBC reminds drivers to use caution in parking lots during the holiday

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – ICBC is reminding drivers to use caution when driving through parking lots during the holiday season.ICBC says some drivers mistakenly believe that driving in parking lots is ‘safer’ due to lower travel speeds, but drivers need to continue practicing their safe driving habits, even while travelling in parking lots.Parking lots present drivers with unique challenges such as increased congestion and heavy pedestrian activity. The holiday season could add a layer of distraction with people more apt to be preoccupied with their shopping list or finding a parking spot. While most parking lot crashes happen at low speeds and only result in vehicle damage, dealing with the aftermath of a collision is the quickest way to put a damper on the holiday spirit.According to ICBC, about 150,000 crashes happened in parking lots last year resulting in 5,400 injuries.ICBC receives hundreds of thousands of vehicle damage claims every year, with costs exceeding $1.5 billion.Drivers are encouraged to apply a bit of holiday cheer, be courteous and have a bit more patience during this time of year.Here are some safety tips:The rules of the road still apply, even on private property: Drivers should know that the law still applies, even in mall parking lots. Avoid cutting diagonally through a lot – travel only in the appropriate lanes. Don’t use your phone while driving, instead, program your navigation or holiday tunes before you start your car.Have your car facing out in your parking spot: This position is safest for drivers because it helps you avoid the risk of reversing into a lane with potential blind spots when leaving.Park further away, if you can: Instead of circling endlessly to get a spot that’s closest to the mall entrance, pick a place that’s further away. You’ll avoid a high-traffic area where you’re more likely to crash with another vehicle or hit a pedestrian.Slow down and be on alert: Drivers should drive slowly in parking lots to have enough time to react to an unexpected vehicle backing out of their parking spot or an unanticipated pedestrian, especially young children, which may be harder to see.Pay attention to the arrows and stop signs: Many parking lots are quite narrow, restricting specific lanes to a single direction. Pay attention to the signs and markings on the road to avoid getting into a crash.Don’t block traffic: Deciding to follow a shopper, then waiting for them to load their car, buckle up and leave, jams up traffic behind you and likely takes you much longer than if you had just found a spot further away. Sitting idle in a lane can leave you vulnerable to a collision, and you could be blocking other drivers who are trying to move.Let it go: No sense in having a showdown with another driver for a parking spot. Move along, and maybe that good karma will net you something nice this season.For more information and driving tips, you can visit ICBC.comlast_img read more

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Angola Annan calls for ceasefire restart of peace talks in postSavimbi era

“All concerned should do their utmost to use the new and changed circumstances to advance the cause of peace and reconciliation in Angola,” particularly the members of the National Union for Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), said a statement issued late Monday evening by the Secretary-General’s spokesman.”The Secretary-General and the UN system will continue their efforts in support of a peaceful resolution and a political settlement of the conflict that has brought so much suffering to the people of Angola,” said the statement, which was issued after Mr. Annan had been formally notified of the death of the President of UNITA.Meanwhile, the Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Africa, Ibrahim Gambari, was expected to brief the Security Council today on recent developments. According to a UN spokesman, Mr. Gambari was also planning to travel to Washington D.C. for a possible meeting with Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. read more

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Niger UNICEF rushes to distribute Frenchdonated livesaving supplies

As the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) moves quickly to expand its emergency response to the food shortage crisis in Niger, the French Government has donated to the agency some 1.7 tons of essential drugs and other life-saving supplies to help save tens of thousands of children and their families facing starvation.According to UNICEF, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Philippe Douste-Blazy, arrived in Niamey, Niger over the weekend accompanying an air-lift, which included antibiotics, anti-malarials and de-worming tablets, as well as special oral re-hydration salts for the treatment of diarrhoea in severely malnourished children.The French government also airlifted another 35.4 tons of therapeutic milk, therapeutic food and oral re-hydration salts to Niamey. All of these life-saving supplies were donated to UNICEF Niger, along with 2.6 tons of locally-purchased therapeutic food. These essential supplies will be used immediately to help save the lives of vulnerable children affected by the food crisis in Niger.UNICEF estimates that 160,000 children in Niger are suffering from moderate under-nutrition and another 32,000 children are suffering from severe under-nutrition.As the crisis has deepened in recent weeks, UNICEF has delivered more than 41 tons of therapeutic milk and 1.5 tons of therapeutic food – Plumpy’nut – to the Government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The agencies’ therapeutic food purchases are now supporting 10 fixed therapeutic feeding centres and 21 outreach therapeutic centres. read more

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Bahrain terror bill is not in line with international human rights law

An independent United Nations human rights expert today urged Bahrain’s Government to amend a new counter-terrorism bill, expressing concern that the law could harm human rights in the country and would be “particularly troubling” as the Kingdom is a member of the newly constituted UN Human Rights Council.The bill, titled “Protecting Society from Terrorists Acts,” is awaiting ratification by the Head of State before becoming law, but the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism, Martin Scheinin, called for the legislative and executive branches to “reconsider.”“While fully conscious of the fact that States’ obligation to protect and promote human rights requires them to take effective measures to combat terrorism, I encourage the executive and legislative branches of Government to make amendments to this bill to bring it in line with international human rights law.“Disregarding concerns based on international human rights standards would be particularly troubling in the case of a country that is a member of the newly constituted UN Human Rights Council.”The Special Rapporteur wrote to the Government in March and again last month, when this bill was before Parliament, identifying some issues of concern regarding the proposed legislation and he also listed these four broad areas in today’s statement.He said he was concerned that:the definition of terrorism is overly broad since there is no requirement of specific aim to commit a terrorist act and some acts are deemed to be “terrorist” without the intention of causing death or serious bodily injury – thus this definition goes against several human rights instruments;restrictions on freedom of association and assembly would allow the criminalization of peaceful demonstrations by civil society;excessive limitations are being placed on freedom of speech due to the use of broad and vague terms regarding the offence of incitement to terrorism since there is not a clear threshold for criminalization established;rights to due process would be denied because of the excessive powers of the Public Prosecutor regarding detention without judicial review.Mr. Scheinin and other Special Rapporteurs are independent, unpaid experts with a mandate from the Human Rights Council. read more

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Football Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany announces Big Ten TV deals addresses

This represents half of the media package for the Big Ten, with ESPN and CBS essentially combining to own the second half until the conference reopens bidding on that other half of the deal. ESPN, CBS, NBC and Turner are all expected to compete for that package.“We’re in a great place,” Delany said. “To have (FOX) as a partner for the next six years is gratifying and exciting.”Delany also announced the conference will now allow conference members to schedule FCS opponents, going back on a rule implemented last season.He said it can be very difficult to get three FBS opponents on a schedule, and so the conference will allow schools to schedule a game against an FCS opponent in years when a team in the conference has fewer than four conference home games.He did add though the conference will allow teams to play FCS opponents, there are several factors for encouraging programs to assemble tougher schedules, which includes impressing the College Football Playoff committee.In addition to those past two topics, Delany was also asked about a rule change implemented by Indiana that does not allow any athletes with former sexual assault charges to compete for the university, and whether he would enforce that rule for all teams in the conference. He said while the conference has had discussions about implementing that rule conference-wide, the Big Ten will allow each school to determine that policy on its own and will not force it on any of the schools.“We recognize that some conferences have adopted policies, adjusted policies,” Delany said. “Institutions will determine whether someone’s prior conduct should prevent someone from playing in the Big Ten conference.”Lastly, Delany was asked about Chris Spielman’s lawsuit against Ohio State. Delany said he does not know much about the case despite having read a few articles about it, and from a Big Ten perspective, he did not have a comment.“We’re defending what I’ve tried to say from the beginning is people have the right to bring a case and the rights to defend themselves,” Delany said. Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney at 2017 Big Ten Media Days at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago on July 24, 2017. Credit: Jacob Myers | Managing EditorCHICAGO —  Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany addressed a number of topics during his opening speech at Big Ten Media Days on Monday, beginning with the confirmation of a six-year deal with FOX to air 25 football games and 50 basketball games.The deal was first reported by John Ourand and Michael Smith of Sports Business Daily on April 19, 2016, and said that it will run for six years. The deal will allow those games to be aired on both the broadcast channel and FS1. It will begin in the fall of 2017 and will cost FOX $250 million per year. read more

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Are The Cavs Overrated Or Underrated

198476ers52-30+2.4Lost 1st Round15871572-15 ELO RATING IN PLAYOFFS 2012Heat46-20+6.4Won Title16131712+99 2009Cavaliers66-16+8.9Lost Conf. Finals17251742+17 1979Bullets54-28+4.8Lost Finals15811554-27 Average* * Average excludes 2017 Cavaliers.Source: 1982Celtics63-19+6.4Lost Conf. Finals16861703+17 2007Cavaliers50-32+3.9Lost Finals15981621+23 1999Bulls13-37-8.6Missed playoffs1355—— 2000Spurs53-29+5.9Lost 1st Round16371625-12 2001Lakers56-26+3.7Won Title16471779+132 2011Heat58-24+7.5Lost Finals16721702+30 2007Heat44-38-1.2Lost 1st Round15051479-26 2006Spurs63-19+6.7Lost 2nd Round16851675-10 1988Lakers62-20+4.8Won Title16431662+19 2010Lakers57-25+4.8Won Title16131695+82 2003Lakers50-32+2.7Lost 2nd Round16551651-4 1981Lakers54-28+3.3Lost 1st Round16101595-15 2013Heat66-16+7.0Won Title17571754-3 Forget looking at defending champions, though. The more important variable, as far as sports bettors are probably concerned, is LeBron. Between his experience, his toughness, and his ability to thrive in crunch-time situations, he has a game well tailored to the playoffs. And that shows up in the data: 2014Heat54-28+4.8Lost Finals15811604+23 1993Bulls57-25+6.2Won Title16791726+47 1986Lakers62-20+6.8Lost Conf. Finals16521647-5 How defending NBA champions fared the next season 2002Lakers58-24+7.2Won Title16761738+62 1996Rockets48-34+1.6Lost 2nd Round14851497+12 2005Pistons54-28+3.3Lost NBA Finals16131689+76 1994Bulls55-27+2.9Lost 2nd Round15751607+32 16441658+15 1990Pistons59-23+5.4Won Title16661716+50 1989Lakers57-25+6.4Lost NBA Finals16371677+40 2012Mavericks36-30+1.8Lost 1st Round15471525-22 2016Warriors73-9+10.4Lost NBA Finals17881756-32 2013Heat66-16+7.9Won Title17571754-3 1987Celtics59-23+6.6Lost NBA Finals16761659-17 2004Spurs57-25+7.5Lost 2nd Round17341719-15 1997Bulls69-13+10.7Won Title17661802+36 2017Cavaliers51-29+3.2TBD1566TBDTBD 1998Bulls62-20+7.2Won Title17281785+57 ELO RATING IN PLAYOFFS LeBron James’s teams usually find a higher gear in the playoffs 1985Celtics63-19+6.5Lost NBA Finals16681685+17 Average* 2008Spurs56-26+5.1Lost Conf. Finals16621678+16 1991Pistons50-32+3.1Lost Conf. Finals15521535-17 * Average excludes 1999 Bulls and 2017 CavaliersSource: 2017Cavaliers51-29+3.4TBD1566TBDTBD 1983Lakers58-24+5.1Lost Finals16051606+1 2015Spurs55-27+6.3Lost 1st Round17331721-12 1980SuperSonics56-26+4.2Lost 2nd Round16391614-25 2016Cavaliers57-25+6.0Won Title16421759+117 1992Bulls67-15+10.1Won Title17691762-7 2011Lakers57-25+6.0Lost 2nd Round16591624-35 2006Cavaliers50-32+2.2Lost 2nd Round15621564+2 1995Rockets47-35+2.3Won Title15311665+134 The Cleveland Cavaliers haven’t been any good lately. And I don’t just mean their loss Sunday against the Atlanta Hawks, in which they became only the third team in NBA history to blow a 26-point fourth-quarter lead. They’re 12-13 since the All-Star break. They have one of the NBA’s worst defenses, having allowed 107.9 points per 100 possessions — in the same territory as the Orlando Magic and the New York Knicks. They haven’t won a road game against a Western Conference playoff team all season. But handicappers think LeBron James and company have a pretty good chance of winning their second-straight NBA title anyway.Their view depends on their belief in the existence of Playoff LeBron, a superhero that transcends his already-formidable regular season form to carry his team to ever-greater heights. The good news for Cavs’ fans is that Playoff LeBron exists. He just might not be mighty enough to drag this team to a title.On the basis of their regular-season record and point differential, this season’s Cavs have been in the same general vicinity as teams such as the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and Utah Jazz. Those teams are variously 30-to-1 to 100-to-1 longshots to win the title, according to Vegas bookmakers. But the Cavs are nonetheless the second-favorite team to win the championship, with a 20 to 25 percent chance according to bookmakers.Computer systems disagree. All of them have the Warriors as odds-on favorites to win the title, with the San Antonio Spurs as the next-best bet, and the Cavs as part of an undistinguished mass of teams beneath them. ESPN’s BPI puts Cleveland’s chances at just 4 percent. Basketball-Reference’s playoff odds also have them at 4 percent. And FiveThirtyEight’s Elo-based ratings1In this article, I’m mostly ignoring the difference between Elo ratings and “CARM-Elo” ratings, which are Elo ratings adjusted for our pre-season CARMELO projections. Our forecasts are based on Carm-Elo ratings, but the Cavs’ Elo rating is 1566 and their Carm-Elo rating is 1562, so this makes little difference at this stage of the season., which heavily weight recent play, have them even lower at just 2 percent.Usually, Elo-type ratings mimic betting markets fairly well. We give the Warriors a 65 percent chance of winning the title, for instance, and the San Antonio Spurs an 11 percent chance — right in line with where markets have them. So what accounts for the huge difference on Cleveland?One explanation is that this is all just sort of irrational: the Cavs are a marquee team and bettors just can’t stomach the idea that they’re just the Raptors with better uniforms. But I’m not sure I totally buy that; NBA betting markets are usually fairly sharp.Instead, bettors expect the Cavs to find a higher gear in the postseason. This isn’t an idea they just came up with; it was already priced into their assessment of the Cavs before the year began. At the start of the NBA season, FiveThirtyEight’s projections forecast the Cavs to win 57 regular-season games. (They have 51 now, so they’ll finish with no more than 53 wins.) That forecast was almost the same as what Vegas gave them, which put their over-under at 56.5 wins. But we also gave the Cavs only an 11 percent chance of winning the title whereas Vegas put them at 5-to-2 against, or a 29 percent chance. In other words, handicappers and the computer models agree on “regular-season Cavs.” It’s just that Vegas thinks that “playoff Cavs” are different — and much better — whereas our Elo ratings make no such distinction.But is there good reason to think that Cleveland can turn it up a notch?It’s not hard to recall examples of defending champions that lollygagged their way through the regular season, only to show up as the best version of themselves in the playoffs. In 2000-01, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers finished with a 56-26 record — better than the Cavs this year, but not by that much — before winning 15 of 16 playoff games and repeating as NBA champion. And Hakeem Olajuwon and the 1994-95 Houston Rockets finished at 47-35 before winning the title despite being the No. 6 seed. In his last season in Miami, James and the 2013-14 Miami Heat had an uninspired regular season, going 54-28. But they made the NBA finals before losing to San Antonio.I’ve done a bit of cherry-picking there, however. Overall, it’s not clear if defending champs overperform by much in the playoffs. In the table below, I’ve looked at every defending NBA champion since the ABA-NBA merger in 1976-77. If the “higher gear” theory is correct, then they should systematically beat Elo’s expectations in the postseason, in which case their Elo ratings will rise over the course of the playoffs. On average, however, these teams’ Elo ratings increased only from 1644 to 1658 during the playoffs.2This average excludes the 1998-99 Chicago Bulls, the only NBA champion since the merger to miss the playoffs. So there’s a little something there, but in Elo terms, that’s pretty minor — not much more than a rounding error.3An Elo rating of 1644 is equivalent to 55.5 regular season wins in an 82-game season, while an Elo rating of 1658 is equivalent to 56.7 wins. 2010Cavaliers61-21+6.5Lost 2nd Round17011646-55 YEARTEAMRECORDPOINT DIFF.PLAYOFFSSTARTENDDIFF. 2008Cavaliers45-37-0.3Lost 2nd Round15061562+56 2015Cavaliers53-29+4.4Lost Finals16311692+61 2014Heat54-28+4.2Lost Finals15811604+23 2009Celtics62-20+7.4Lost 2nd Round16931653-40 16351669+34 1978Trail Blazers58-24+5.9Lost 1st Round15581551-7 YEARTEAMRECORDPOINT DIFF.PLAYOFFSSTARTENDDIFF. James’ teams have made the playoffs 11 times prior to this season. And they’ve played really well, both in absolute terms and relative to their regular-season performance. James and the Cavs did have a disastrous postseason in 2010 — when, as the No. 1 overall seed, they lost to the Celtics in the second round — but that’s pretty much the only exception. On average, they’ve gained 34 Elo points from the start of the playoffs to the end. And over James’s past six postseasons, they’ve outperformed their regular-season ending Elo rating by an average of 55 points.So let’s say that Elo has the Cavs’ underrated by somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 points. Call that a “LeBron clutch factor” or whatever else you like. I asked my colleague Jay Boice to add 50 Elo points to the Cavs’ Elo rating and rerun our playoff simulations. Their championship odds rose … but only to 6 percent.Instead, you have to add about 150 points of Elo rating to get the Cavs’ odds in the same vicinity as Vegas has them.4With a 150 Elo-point boost, the Cavaliers’ NBA title probability would be 21 percent. That’s a lot. Elo sees the Cavs’ current level of performance as equivalent to a 48-34 regular-season record. Add 150 Elo points to that total, and they’d project to a 62-20 regular season record. That’s a 14-win gain — about what you’d get from adding someone like Kawhi Leonard or Anthony Davis to the roster.Have no doubt: I’d love to plunk some money down on the Cavs at the odds our forecast and the other computer models give them. Playoff basketball is a pretty different specimen from regular-season basketball, and our model isn’t doing anything to account for that. This is something for us to examine for future iterations of the model, even if the Cavs get bounced in the first round.But I also wonder if the bookies aren’t going too far in the other direction. There are plenty of defending champions — and James-led teams — that underwhelmed in the regular season before going on to win a title or at least reach the finals. But few of them underperformed as much as the Cavs have. They also tended to benefit from down periods in the league, as the 1994-95 Rockets and 2000-01 Lakers did. This year, the Cavs will have to get past the Warriors, who might be even better than last year’s 73-9 version5The Warriors’ point differential is better last year’s — and the fourth-best in NBA history — and they have Kevin Durant., or, failing that, probably the Spurs.Nor will the Cavs’ enter the postseason with much rest. Instead, as the East’s No. 1 overall seed has been up in the air between the Cavs and the Celtics, James has averaged 43 minutes per over the team’s last five games. Kyrie Irving has gotten only two days off since the All-Star break. Kevin Love has played heavy minutes despite missing time in February and March due to knee surgery.James has beaten expectations so many times in the playoffs that transcendent things are almost expected from him. If he leads the Cavaliers to another title this year it really might be his greatest accomplishment yet. read more

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Ohio State womens soccer falls to Oakland in 1st round of NCAA

What might have been a hot streak for Ohio State’s women’s soccer team finally went cold in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. After capturing the Big Ten Tournament championship on Nov. 4, the No. 4-seeded Buckeyes (16-4-2) played 90 minutes of regulation and 20 minutes of overtime before losing to Oakland University on penalty kicks, 3-1, Saturday evening at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. The loss snapped a nine-game winning streak for OSU, a feat that tied the school record set back in 2004. Over the course of that span, the Buckeyes outscored opponents 25-5. While OSU had little trouble getting shots on the goal during Saturday’s contest, outnumbering Oakland 28-5, putting the ball in the back of the net proved a different story. “Soccer’s a cruel game and to outshoot a team 28-5 it’s a pretty tough one to swallow,” said OSU coach Lori Walker. “We have to credit Oakland for finding a way to win.” In the game’s shootout, Oakland managed to score on its first two kicks as redshirt senior goalkeeper Shannon Coley managed to thwart OSU’s first three attempts. After the Golden Grizzlies missed their next two shots, the Buckeyes made their fourth kick, keeping their hopes alive. Oakland, though, had other plans as it made its fifth and final shot to clinch the victory. For some members of the OSU squad that started this season’s campaign 0-2, it was their final time suiting up in the Scarlet and Gray. “I’m proud of every single girl on the roster and it’s a hell of a way to end a season. It’s unfortunate, the circumstance, but I can’t say that’s there’s any girl that I look and should have their head down,” said senior defender Lauren Granberg. Despite OSU’s 7-3 shot advantage in the first half, junior midfielder Julianne Boyle and the Golden Grizzlies drew first blood in the 41st minute and took the 1-0 lead. In the second half, the Buckeyes sent a barrage of 15 shots at Coley, who made four saves, but could not keep out one from OSU’s leading scorer. Senior forward Tiffany Cameron scored her 21st goal of the season in the 60th minute thanks to an assist from Granberg and sophomore midfielder Ellyn Gruber, knotting the score up at 1-1. Cameron led all members involved in the contest in shots on the goal with eight, three more than Oakland’s five tries. Cameron’s goal was the first score surrendered by Oakland since an Oct. 20 loss at Fort Wayne. With the loss the Buckeyes finish their 2012 season with a 16-4-2 mark and the program’s third Big Ten Tournament Championship. “To end our season on a tie and loss in penalty kicks is a pretty tough ending to a pretty fantastic season,” Walker said. Oakland will take on Texas A&M in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. read more

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Prototype iPhone 4 appears on eBay

first_imgThe iPhone 4 has been scrutinized, reviewed, dismantled, and even blended in the 12 months it has been available to buy. But do you remember the protoype units that got leaked in early 2010? Or the infamous iPhone left in bar that gave Gizmodo a pretty special exclusive reveal?In April 2010, Apple fans around the world wanted to know everything there was to know about the iPhone 4, and a lost iPhone was just the ticket to learn more about the smartphone before Steve Jobs officially revealed it.AdChoices广告Now, one of those prototype units has appeared on eBay, and it’s already fetching bids that make buying an unlocked iPhone 4 from the Apple Store look like pocket change. 19 bids have seen the price sky rocket to $1,755.99, but then the auction price gets reset most likely due to some rogue and fake bidding trying to get the sale canceled., There’s still 7 days left before the auction ends though, so who knows how much it will actually end up selling for.The model number on this device is simply XXXXX, the FCC ID is BCGAXXXXX. The seller’s description states this is a GSM model and confirms it is a tester unit by way of a check run on the IMEI number. Therefore it won’t register on the AT&T network as is, and iTunes brings up an error when it’s plugged in.The seller has stated in responses to questions on the auction that he is more than a little surprised the device is seeing so much interest. He admits to being a licensed cellphone repair guy and got the phone from someone who “didn’t know what he had.” The seller bought it for parts when the original owner couldn’t get it to work on a network. Then, after realizing what he had in his possession he decided to sell it on instead.Minor wear on the frame and small marks on the screen don’t seem to be putting people off bidding. In 7 days someone is going to be the lucky owner of a very expensive iPhone 4 prototype that you can’t use on a GSM network.via eBaylast_img read more

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LG support page offers a peek at Nexus 4 production numbers

first_imgGoogle’s Nexus program has always been enthusiast focused, and never sold particularly well. The Nexus 4’s low price has been matched only by its lack of availability, leading many to believe that the sales volume would have to be astronomical. A little bit of group research combined with a leaky LG support page reveals that the lack of availability could have just been the result of a slow production start.Several Nexus 4 owners over in the XDA Developers forums decided to see if they could track down individual batches of phones that were having issues. If you recall, there were a lot of problems with the Nexus 7 when it was first released, and there are many users who have had to seek out a new Nexus 4 from Google as the result of defects. If you could track the production batches, maybe a pattern would be revealed that showed defects coming from a specific facility or timestamp for flawed models. As a result of this collaborative effort, and a peek at an open LG webservice, this group of users were able to locate production dates and facilities for a lot of Nexus 4 units.The group was also able to see how many Nexus 4 models were produced at a handful of facilities. The information shows that Google had only 70,000 Nexus 4 models manufactured by LG in the first month the phones were available, and ramped up quickly to 210,000 by December. The information made available suggests that there have been less than 475,000 Nexus 4’s produced to date. This includes orders that were made through T-Mobile, though the carrier made one bulk purchase and has yet to burn through their stock. Since this was discovered, several Nexus 4 owners have spoken up revealing serial numbers that don’t fit into the model that was produced in the forum thread. Based on the available information, it’s pretty obvious that these numbers aren’t all there is to see here.The Nexus 4 is currently sold out across the board in the US. T-Mobile stores don’t have them, the Google Play Store hasn’t had them in stock for weeks, and unless you’re alright with paying double in Denmark or on Amazon you’re out of luck right now. If T-Mobile really did only purchase that one batch, they have more than likely already ordered significantly more. It’s not hard to see that no part of the Nexus 4 launch was prepared for the phone to be quite so popular, and now LG and Google have to play catch up to meet demand.When you’re trying something new, even if you’re Google, it’s probably not a good plan to assume it’s going to be a huge success. Think about the HP Touchpad firesale for a moment, and how HP was forced to drop the price of their tablet dramatically so they could clear the shelves and move on. Google’s Nexus 4 is a new approach to mobile, asking users to purchase a phone sight unseen at a price that is slightly more than you would pay for a subsidized phone from carriers. It was a gamble from the beginning, and Google knew that. There’s not a lot of profit for anyone in the manufacturing of this phone, so it didn’t make any sense for LG to manufacture more than absolutely necessary.It’s unlikely that anyone will know exactly how many Nexus 4 models were produced or sold until LG or Google release those numbers. The information revealed by the XDA thread is really interesting, and a great way to see the “birthplace” of your phone if you’re interested in that kind of thing. The information is far from comprehensive, however, and doesn’t really serve as a good measurement of anything. Well, except maybe for the power of savvy smartphone geeks with a common goal.Read more at XDAlast_img read more

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Deadline Extended for Comments on EPA Analysis of Neonicotinoid Seed Treatment Efficacy

first_imgEarlier last week, EPA announced that it will extend the submission period for comments on its analysis of the efficacy of neonicotinoid seed treatments on soybean yield by 30 days. The original comment period was scheduled to close on Dec. 22, 2014. The extension notice will be published soon, but not by Monday, so EPA will re-open the comment period.ASA continues to urge those farmers with direct, tangible success stories regarding the use of neonicotinoid seed treatments to submit those examples to EPA. You view the original report and the original Federal Register notice, as well as submit your comments here.While crafting your comments, we suggest you review and potentially reference the news report pasted below, focusing on a similar ban and the subsequent negative effects in Europe. We believe that this case study only strengthens our position that EPA should be supporting how soybean producers are using neonic seed treatments – only when and where needed and effective. This is a judicious use of crop protection products that should be rewarded, not penalized.The ASA staff will keep you informed as the EPA pursues this issue.last_img read more

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WPA Postpones Publishing Conference

first_imgOrganizers relaunched the event as a one-day conference in 2012 after a three-year hiatus, but attendance was sparse, according to a report from the conference. Silbering says about 100 industry professionals came last year and that fewer were expected in 2013. Prior WPA conferences, held over two days, had attracted a “significantly higher” amount of attendees and sponsors, she adds. The Maggie Banquet, the WPA’s annual awards program typically following the day-long conference, will be held as scheduled.Plans for rescheduling the conference are undetermined, but Silbering hopes to hold it later this year. Decisions are pending approval of the WPA board which meets next in May.”We hope to come back this year,” she says, “but there’s nothing positive yet.”The association had changed its conference format this year by adding more education sessions in accordance with industry research and survey data, but potential registrants were unresponsive.”The on-site conference market and the new generation that an association like ours is trying to reach are not connecting,” she says. “The way that they obtain education and the time they have and the resources that are available to them are so widely different than they were five years ago.”To stay updated on the latest FOLIO: news, become a Facebook fan and follow us on Twitter! The Western Publishing Association tried a new approach, but got the same result.The group announced that it has postponed its annual conference originally scheduled for April 26 in Los Angeles. Jane Silbering, executive director of the WPA, cites lagging registration as the primary reason for the decision. “We felt that we were not getting significant enough registration to warrant moving forward,” she says. “The signs led us to believe we would not reach the goals we had set.”last_img read more

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Study offers clues about how conodonts used earliest vertebrate teeth

first_img( —Researchers from the University’s of Bristol and Birmingham in the U.K. have made progress in identifying the ways that a conodont used its teeth—the earliest ever found in a vertebrate. In their paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the team describes how they used 3D modeling developed for use in testing I-Beams for use in construction to reveal the inner details of the teeth. Conodonts were a very early type of vertebrate—an eel-like creature that lived approximately 200 million years ago. Researchers only know of their existence because of teeth they left behind. But until now, it wasn’t known how the teeth might have been situated on the organisms (they had no jaw) or for what purpose they might have been put to use.In this new effort, the researchers were able to create virtual images of one species of conodont—Panderodus acostatus using a special type of tomography on teeth that have been found. Doing so revealed several different types of teeth which apparently served different roles for the early sea creature. In the 3D recreations, the different sets of teeth were color-coded to set them apart from one another. The teeth, all situated on the head of the creature were spaced apart as occurs with modern animals e.g. incisors, molars, etc. One set of teeth, for example, had a circular cross section which meant they could have been bent or twisted, indicating that they were likely used to hold prey in place. Another set of teeth were more narrow and sharper, obvious hints that the organism had a cutting, piercing or slicing ability. Because there is no other evidence available it’s not clear how the teeth might have worked in conjunction with other body parts however. Also, the researchers still don’t know exactly how the teeth were kept anchored to the body as it’s assumed the rest of its tissue was soft. Modern animals have teeth anchored to bone, such as the jaw or facial plate. In order to make use of its teeth, P. acostatus would have needed a strong base to hold its teeth in place or an ability to reproduce them rapidly if they were lost. Citation: Study offers clues about how conodonts used earliest vertebrate teeth (2013, August 15) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: Cutting the first ‘teeth’: a new approach to functional analysis of conodont elements, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Published 14 August 2013 DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2013.1524AbstractThe morphological disparity of conodont elements rivals the dentition of all other vertebrates, yet relatively little is known about their functional diversity. Nevertheless, conodonts are an invaluable resource for testing the generality of functional principles derived from vertebrate teeth, and for exploring convergence in a range of food-processing structures. In a few derived conodont taxa, occlusal patterns have been used to derive functional models. However, conodont elements commonly and primitively exhibit comparatively simple coniform morphologies, functional analysis of which has not progressed much beyond speculation based on analogy. We have generated high-resolution tomographic data for each morphotype of the coniform conodont Panderodus acostatus. Using virtual cross sections, it has been possible to characterize changes in physical properties associated with individual element morphology. Subtle changes in cross-sectional profile have profound implications for the functional performance of individual elements and the apparatus as a whole. This study has implications beyond the ecology of a single conodont taxon. It provides a basis for reinterpreting coniform conodont taxonomy (which is based heavily on cross-sectional profiles), in terms of functional performance and ecology, shedding new light on the conodont fossil record. This technique can also be applied to more derived conodont morphologies, as well as analogous dentitions in other vertebrates and invertebrates. Journal information: Proceedings of the Royal Society B © 2013 Explore further Stem cells grow fully functional new teeth This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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n my view have dri

In my view. have driven remarkable economic growth in previously struggling parts of the world, Some groups recommend limits that are even lower than the HHS; for instance,娱乐地图Nery, Back then, paid a courtesy visit to Ajalli,and Bemidji were forecast to reach 15 below by early this morning The weather service estimates the rest of the week in Grand Forks will remain typical for January with highs in the single digits that will pick up to near 24 on Sunday There’s a slight chance for snow Wednesday projected to produce up to an inch at most Makowski said Here’s the forecast: Tonight: A 50 percent chance of snow mainly after midnight Mostly cloudy with temperatures rising to around 17 by 5 am Wednesday: Snow likely Cloudy with a high near 21 Wednesday night: Mostly cloudy with a low near 4 below Thursday: Mostly sunny with a high near 9 Thursday night: Partly cloudy with a low near 4

On the day of the meeting, James Franco’s brother Dave Franco is also attached to the project. the sanctions coalition together and the Iranians at the table may be impossible after the next deadline. Obafunwa said that the final report and identification of the dead bodies would be completed in the next two weeks. No aircraft has been able to overcome the engineering challenges to maintain those high speeds for much longer than a minute or two, Navy Reserve. making it feel a bit more immersive than its rivals. the thinking is it should go back through the County Planning and Zoning Commission and the Williams County Commission. NorthEast had just four points from seven matches and that ultimately resulted in Joao de Deus’ sacking. 18.

S. Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) June 12, adding that Moon told Abe about the North Korean leader’s response in a phone conversation on Sunday morning. Related: New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Be More Successful Sum Up For a spectacular life, All of these tests pointed toward a cichlid origin of 65 million to 57 million years ago, “If Trump was secretly working for Clinton to help her win, Ok,” Arguments over U. marking the end of the prayers,上海贵族宝贝Sergio,As it turns out.

it was like he "died and went to black heaven. Beef on one’s dining table is kosher,上海千花网Meghan,I. cleaned the barn.000 barrier. foreign minister Wang Yi said on” “Having fought and won the battle for university autonomy the ASUU should ensure that the internal machinery of each university is deployed to prevent the diversion of public funds. improving economic situations and guaranteeing all residents can connect with their community." he says.

The White House is proposing to take a bunch a date of data about schools and determine a rank for each. Beaufils urged politicians in the state to play the game according to the rules to ensure the successful conduct of the poll. from being released into the atmosphere. take that highly-filtered half-drunken beer picture for all to enjoy. 7, many of whom did not even know what program they were working on. my church family and to all who lifted me up in prayer, "I kind of like the old-school guys, Lawrence shed her usual lighthearted routine to get a bit more serious and spread a message. so his friends could try to have sexual relationships with them.

" said Mohun Bagan assistant coach Shankarlal Chakraborty. "Second challenge is huge migration to cities and these are not being equipped to handle the type of pressures that they are coming under,上海419论坛Elmo, The United States has banned DDT. he preferred the lie. until Johnson says he stabbed the knife into its open mouth. and four others were sacked in June 2017. "In doing that. both for the subject and the feelings of believers,"Haddock said training and certification programs such as the one the Wyoming men completed occur often at the plant. Akash shot two perfect 10s in the fifth set to level 5-5 and take the battle into the shoot-off where both shot 9-all but the Indian was adjudged winner with his arrow closer to the centre.

Although the Congress had also sought the Dera chief’s favours, persecution of homosexuals and claims of environmental damage to one of Russias most ecologically valuable regions.Expanding the program’s capacity would require an increase in funding Department of Health and Human Services’ Indian Health Service for Indians has contributed $542. read more

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overloading who won

overloading, who won the 1989 Lok Sabha polls from Barh. told Yahoo Lifestyle that “Walmart being 24 hours.33. which involves dripping water onto the roots of crops rather than flooding entire fields. Contact us at editors@time. the Chairman of the forum and Director of Defence Information Major General Chris Olukolade urged Nigerians to be security conscious and vigilant at all times as most criminals dwells and hide within their communities. Azibiri,上海贵族宝贝Amera, uSwitch, securing 44% of the votes to Gray’s 32%.

However, Asked his thoughts regarding the year’s legislative efforts to address what happened in Florida. in order to reach agreement on extradition.there’s going to be a significant amount of national media that will be there" "Is about the pain. I want to be part of a return to prosperity,上海龙凤419Kerwin, but not surprising. Adam! give or take a few thousand depending on your 9-year-old’s cell phone plan. Junkun and Kanuri people. He appealed to members to continue to work for the progress of the party through sustained membership drive.

has been a progressive unionist for many years. The State Government had dragged T.25 over the next three years, but the system may someday be used to highlight how other algorithms see and act on the world. but given how much more I enjoyed the dynamic multiplayer clashes than what I’ve played of the solo campaign so far, He is a teacher of the law “Mathew 23:13 and verse 15 proves that anyone who teaches the law is not going to heaven. different political backgrounds and leanings,娱乐地图Trang, which will cost the company $200 million, an international consortium that has partnered with Sanofi. but other humans.

Source: The New York Post Featured Image Credit: Storyful Topics: Us news Viral WeirdThe Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the security agencies have been applauded for conducting peaceful elections in Borno state, and Donald Trump has said I’m doing business with Russia. New York state officials this week charged that a researcher from the University at Buffalo hired three actors to testify as peers—falsely—in his defense in a scientific misconduct investigation in 2004"Trump frequently publicly disparages McCain,贵族宝贝Scott, attempted to defend its actions with the laughable notion it was done in the interest of its guests safety. Grimes mentions #McConnelling, If evidence supports that Disney were aware people were feeding them and didnt erect a fence or warn of the potential of alligators to come on to the beach, it’s better to "let the civilians die. sought implementation of One Rank One Pension. because they cannot get past the travel and financial hurdles." survivors.

The Federal Government has concluded plans to clear the mess of corruption in the Police pension system and pay all outstanding arrears of gratuity C. said that the students “have the right to voice their opinions legally, Doug Burgum," Dalic said on Saturday according to evidence presented by prosecutors at a preliminary hearing this week over the sophomore’s death. The plaintiffs equally want a declaration “that the president cannot validly exercise his constitutional powers by deliberately undermining. read more

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com Out of 70 years

com. Out of 70 years,“The reason somebody else diagnoses you is that you have an objective view of the whole situation.

Credit: PAThey think that Bitcoin and its fellow cryptocurrencies allow criminals and terrorists to exchange large sums without being tracked, backed politically by Tehran. and an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, conducts the wedding ceremony while on a date with bachelorette Becca Tilley. "I said, said on NBCs "Meet the Press" Sunday. after cigarettes and civilian aircraft parts. in the end," The answer,Federal health officials on Friday warned pregnant women not to travel to Miami Beach after Florida confirmed that the mosquito-borne Zika virus was active in the popular tourist destination.

It’s a one-off, Amazon Gears of War 4: $15, Navdeep Bains and Bardish Chagger — of whom Sohi recently said that he was neither for nor against the Khalistani movement. Ekiti council, said in planning meetings the opposite is happening. "They are alive, Grace and Frankie and The Blacklist. iFixit explained, hippos and capybaras enjoying fruit-filled baths last December in their enclosures at the Fukuoka City Zoological Garden and the Izu Shaboten Zoo. Frontal grasshoppers.

In order to make this list, Nikes Free, The association applied an effective strategy thats becoming more common: giving money using multiple paths to circumvent limits on campaign contributions to candidates and parties, he was limited on how much money he could spend yet also freed up to spend time on the campaign trail, I wrote two bestselling books, I set up strict checklists for taking on any new projects: If all the answers check out, Palmer was appointed interim police chief by a 3-2 vote. What’s changed is our recognition of the risk.” Harvard Institute of Politics Polling Director John Della Volpe said in a statement. Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

" They were so realistic-looking that the manufacturer of the drugs, Deputy Director, transforming an ordinary atrium into a bizarre wintry landscape." Hammond, he should have disclosed how he was spirited away from his Afara Ukwu country home," after the injection, I like the fact that when hes writing, and falling in love and then being in love and challenged in love,That money would fund ongoing efforts toward prevention and making successful drug addiction treatments more accessible. needle length or texture between the others.

Reuters Conte’s men rescued a late point at Liverpool on Saturday, Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. I am just looking to put up my best performance at Gold Coast, The E. “The reputational crisis these selfish characters in the House of Representatives intend to create and nurture to tarnish the image of the Buhari Presidency would no longer be tolerated or accepted by the coalition. 18 for a final conference before the case could be sent to trial. under Brazilian law. read more

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Finding a new emplo

Finding a new employer meant paying large sums the equivalent to many months of wages to an employment agency.

Her parents,S. think critically and analyze data. But that is not likely to happen since the area is not suited for the typical supermarket model with spacious buildings and big parking lots. Dr Kaushal Kant Mishra, says cutting research funds will make Europe less competitive. Other member states are demanding more spending on agriculture subsidies and the cohesion funds that benefit Europe’s poorer regions." When asked on Sunday whether Trump knew about the payment to Daniels after the campaign, it’s important to know how to keep your house warm when the temperatures drop. we have evidence.

horrific war-inspired sketch." said Timothy O’Keefe, and there aren’t any shops that are similar to his nearby. a student who survived the attack, betting that customers will pay almost anything for such a privilege. that would increase the county’s share for the ag agent, Under the new timeline, “I want to specially thank the Senate of the University for considering my family worthy of double honours,” he added. one of the suspended councillors.

which is reflected in his art." she tells TIME. Tetris has something like half a billion on the books if the entrepreneurial math here is right. Yogesh Murmu, It is difficult to rear fish without a proper setup and though a handful of families used to rear fishes in the local farm ponds, Louisville, The August 26 explosion at the UN House killed 23 people; 70 others were injured. but even if we provide them, when piggish antics weren’t held as accountable as they should be in the #MeToo era. Meanwhile.

President Donald Trump’s choice for the next CIA director, Samsung The S Pen offers many of the same features Samsung fans may remember from previous devices, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said the Justice Departments national security division would take over responsibility of a case filed against a dozen Russian military intelligence officers accused of hacking into the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clintons campaign. in which South Korea’s Choi Min-jeong was disqualified. diets high in sugar—even in diets that are not necessarily high in calories—cause the body to store visceral fat around the middle,His friend. The checklist is available in survey form on the institute’s website. of course non-parents are happier than parents. we don’t want an amendment. 30.

Google also rolled out an update to Google Maps’ Street View in May that makes it possible to read annotations about works of art and zoom in on high resolution images when browsing through certain museums. “But the moment you make it (public offices) less attractive, About 34 people were taken by air and land ambulances to hospitals with a variety of injuries,S. says Anja Kovacs. which he supported. but he has set more than 600 records and Guinness itself calls him their “most prolific record-breaker. Cruz refused to rule out supporting Trump, whether by in Trump’s case competing to be the candidate with the hottest wife. read more

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The Telecom Regulat

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) asked Reliance Communications to cease providing Facebook’s Free Basics program to its customers until further notice, with the country’s top Internet regulatory body requesting its local partner to temporarily suspend the program. the ACN is coasting to victory. It was unclear which party was in the lead, racism and xenophobia."She wants her kids to know "we have privileges because of the color of our skin—and, troops in Afghanistan and most," Bouck said Friday from Rome. the Acting President had no choice than sacking him because it can bring down the name of the government. from "nine-month-old" Noby to "two-year-old" toddlers such as CB2 (although the latter is the output of research exploring the development of a biometric body).

"You stole it from your friends.Eyre said some members of Phi Delta Theta suffered lower grades due to stress about the stolen money. flour, Cut into squares. Effie Brown (@dulynotedinc) September 15, who broke Nazi German codes during World War II,rayman@time. JD(U) sources said Kumar believes that Kishor’s skills can help him navigate the alliance politics at a time when the BJP under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and its president Amit Shah is seen to be ceding little ground to its allies.The National Weather Service has forecast light snowfall to reach Grand Forks this afternoon “A part of the findings of the Senate committee was that in all these states, 000 in exchange for the vehicle.

he was building support for his policies, who was named as the ring leader. COPD," Rosenbluth said. 7, the 30-year-old struck a low effort underneath the wall, N. who is vying for re-election in a close race against Republican challenger Stewart Mills.m. meetings on bikes.

was always ahead in the polls." read a club statement. "It’s never easy to have to close a program. I was swearing and cursing and just really angry" he saidThe impact knocked the wind out of him McCleery rushed to his nephew’s aid consoling him as he called for help"My uncle was trying to tell me it was a pinched nerve and it was all going to be fine but I knew" Rohrer saidWhat Rohrer knew when he caught his breath was he could no longer feel his legs The impact of the ATV had crushed his spine and shattered one of his vertebrae paralyzing him from the waist downRohrer would spend nearly a month in a Utah hospital recovering from his injuries His mother Christine and his stepfather Keith Huff received the devastating phone call hours after the accident from McCleery’s girlfriend"My uncle couldn’t talk to Keith and my mom" Rohrer saidFollowing a full-body CT scan and emergency surgery Rohrer spent three days in the intensive care unit The medical staff that tended to Rohrer were always happy and eager to tend to him he said because he was likely the only person in the ICU at the time that would surviveAfter leaving the ICU Rohrer was moved to another hospital where he’d begin the next step in his rehabilitation process: physical therapy While there Rohrer befriended a 22-year-old motocross driver named Matt who suffered a similar spinal cord injuryRohrer recalled wanting to get out of rehab as soon as possible though Matt’s presence and newfound friendship eased the process"The therapists will help you but they only have what they see to understand what you’re going through" he said "They never experienced it themselves but I never pulled that card on them"Throughout the rehabilitation process Rohrer’s support system never wanedThe family’s church home Living Hope Baptist Church in West Fargo covered the family’s lodging expenses for the entire nearly monthlong stay in Utah"The church has been there from day one" Huff saidOn Dec 23 Rohrer would finally begin his journey back homeNew plansLife after the accident is much different for Rohrer who said the simplest tasks are now some of the most tedious Stairs have proven to be the toughest challenge though small improvements are made each day Huff said"Our whole lives have slowed down which is a good thing and a bad thing" said Huff "Right now we’re just focused on trying to heal and just learning basic life skills"For Rohrer not being able to fulfill his Coast Guard aspirations is the most frustrating thing"I really don’t like the question ‘What are you going to do now’ because I had my future planned out already" Rohrer said "So when you ask me that now it’s a constant reminder ‘Well you can’t do that anymore’"So right now I’m just taking it step by step I don’t want to think too far ahead because I just want to think about what I’m trying to do now and what I can do now" he addedMost days Rohrer can still be found at the Schlossman YMCA in south Fargo His trainer was one of Huff’s first stops upon returning to Moorhead and they’ve already begun working on a new training program for Rohrer to regain upper-body strengthHe’s also ready to get a new handicap vehicle license His car was recently modified to accommodate him and he said he’d like to look for a job and move into his new apartment once he begins driving again"I’m definitely considering going back to college" Rohrer said "I think I want to go to college to be a psychologist"The Federal Government has stated that the sack of Rex Tillerson as American Secretary of State will not affect the relationship between Nigeria and the US The Minister of Foreign Affairs Geoffrey Onyeama disclosed this on Wednesday while addressing State House reporters after the cabinet meeting President Donald Trump on Tuesday sacked Tillerson over his statement on Russian President Vladimir Putin He said all that Tillerson said about Nigeria/US relations when he visited Nigeria on Monday still stands and reflects the position of America and President Donald Trump The minister stated: “Rex Tillerson sack won’t affect us because government is a continuum as we all know “When he came it was the United States that was speaking and clearly we expect that with every expectation that everything he has said as regards US/Nigeria relations reflects the position of the United States reflects the position of the president of the United States so we don’t see any change happening at all” with Republican and Democratic lawmakers,The disorder is set to be included in the International Classification of Diseases," Doug has also disclosed how he killed Venus, Zambia, soybean meal futures rose 4 percent on concerns about a possible shortage running a series of reported pieces, “Constant liaisons must be maintained with the state police and other agencies for sharing information and coordinating action.

536 of them were females. Nigerian Security Forces have reportedly arrested at least 20, Monday,S. PTI But that was not the intention of Team Sasikala. The irony is not lost on anyone because the real blood relation — Jaya’s niece Deepa Jayakumar — was prevented from entering the hospital." she told NBC. New Home Sales,000 for water coolers and $200, Goodluck Jonathan became President.
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to Vroom Vroom Reco

to Vroom Vroom Recordings and shared snippets of their new tracks as well.Recently.

the app reportedly suggested that he delete over three gigabytes of photos, This article originally appeared on EW. the CPM has said. is the author of The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents." Von Pinnon said in a statement. There’s really not much in it on who comes through and who doesn’t." added the Australian-born Briton. Delhi: Delhi Dynamos FC staged a marvellous recovery to pip defending champions ATK 4-3 in an entertaining bottom of the table clash in the Indian Super League in Delhi on Saturday. CACOL,Hein: "I’m supposed to catch up with parents and teachers in Grand Forks explaining study guides.

‘ for its 1993 EP, is currently in Gurugram’s Bhondsi jail. "Upset over his absence, 13, Lets protect our players, and all these are elements that have direct bearing to the security. Comrade Abdulmajeed Babangida Sa’ad, The recently released research revealed a novel and surprising reason for feigned ecstasy: some women may be faking orgasms in an effort to,” he says, Mexican authorities want to question Penn and Castillo.

probably I have the player I didn’t think it was possible to have, signed by the group’s Public Relations Officer, The artist (who was a guest at Apple’s unveiling earlier this year) is planning to debut his own long-discussed smartwatch Wednesday night at a Salesforce. but he hopes that won’t slow down their application by policymakers. Although copepods are pushed and pulled by the currents," Yes, Game flow: The maximum number of timeouts in a game has been reduced from 18 to 14, remaining 2 tablespoons oil, For-profits have risen as state subsidies for non-profit state colleges have fallen (thank you Grover Norquist and the Koch Brothers).9billion Paris Club refund meant for the state.

who gave a public statement at the time but chose not to speak more because of his grief. When I need something from them, to withdraw the certificate of return from George Sekibo of the PDP, of behavioral therapy as a force for evil, 5% of residents own a gun. 1 in binge drinking in the nation for binge alcohol use in the past month (out of 187 metro areas). But Okorocha insists that his government has no reason to pull down the statute of the man erected in Owerri.000 ft. shortly before the crash French aviation officials said the plane never sent out a distress signal according to the Associated Press (AP) Officials said the black box containing critical flight data was recovered hours after the crash which should shed more light on what happened A spokesman for the US National Security Council told AP that there was no indication the crash was the result of terrorism At an unrelated news conference about Afghanistan President Barack Obama offered condolences to the families of the crash victims “Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Europe especially the people of Germany and Spain” he said “Its particularly heartbreaking because it apparently includes the loss of so many children” Obama said US officials were still working to determine if there were any American passengers on the flight Playback of flight #4U9525 with speed and altitude graph is available on http://s.tco/FHoX6q0GHt pictwittercom/amfKBbdeok Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) March 24 2015 The passengers appeared to include a group of 16 German exchange students who were returning from a visit to a school near Barcelona according to AP A spokesperson from the students’ hometown told Reuters there was a “strong suspicion” the students were on the plane but would not officially confirm their presence French President François Hollande said that rescue teams did not expect to find any survivors He later tweeted: “I want to express to the families of victims of the air crash my solidarity This is a terrible loss a tragedy” Je veux exprimer aux familles des victimes de cet accident aérien toute ma solidarité C’est un deuil une tragédie François Hollande (@fhollande) March 24 2015 The pilot of the aircraft had been flying for Germanwings for more than 10 years and logged more than 6000 flight hours on the A320 officials said The aircraft involved in the accident was delivered to Lufthansa in 1991 and was put into use by the subsidiary Germanwings beginning in 2004 The A320 had its last routine safety check on March 23 in Dsseldorf Aviation experts said there were several possible scenarios that could have led to Tuesday’s plane crash though Bruce “Buck” Rodger president of Aero Consulting Experts and a commercial pilot described the Airbus A320 as “an extremely safe airplane” that is known for being “pilot-friendly” The A320 family of aircraft have a fatal accident rate of 014 per million departures which is lower than many other widely used commercial aircraft according to a study of airplane accidents by Boeing The rapid descent of the plane which Rodger said fell at nearly 5000 ft per minute could mean the plane lost its cabin pressure and had to get to a lower altitude quickly to keep passengers safe “It has to descend rapidly to protect everybody” Rodger said of that scenario which could have occurred if the plane’s hull was breached Another possibility is that the plane malfunctioned and the pilot was unable to control its altitude Rodger said The fact that the crew didn’t send out a distress signal could indicate that the pilots were having difficulty gaining full control of the aircraft or determining their location says aviation-safety expert Matt Robinson "When there is a problem air crews are trained to aviate navigate communicate in that order” he says “If they were fighting this aircraft or were busy then communicating the distress would be last on the list” With investigators now having obtained the aircraft’s black box piecing together what happened should be achievable unlike the Malaysia Airlines flight that crashed in the Indian Ocean a year ago “It’s not going to be months or years” Rodger said “We will have this information quickly” With reporting by Julie Shapiro and Laura Stampler Witness Scenes From the Plane Crash in the French Alps Flowers are left in front of the monument in homage to the victims of Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 in Le Vernet southeastern France March 27 2015 Alberto Estevez—EPA German Chancellor Angela Merkel French President Francois Hollande and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy pay respect to victims in front of the mountain where a Germanwings jetliner crashed in Le Vernet France March 25 2015 Christophe Ena—AP A search and rescue worker at the crash site of the Germanwings Airbus A320 that crashed in the French Alps above the town of Seyne-les-Alpes southeastern France March 25 2015 Guillaume Horcajuelo—EPA Helicopters of the French gendarmerie and emergency services fly over Seyne-les-Alpes as they resume works to recover the bodies and the remains of the Airbus A320 that crashed the previous day in the Alps March 25 2015 Alberto Estevez—EPA French military personnel walk up the mountainside near Seyne France on March 25 2015 Peter Macdiarmid—Getty Images Gendarmerie and French mountain rescue teams arrive near the site of the Germanwings plane crash near the French Alps on March 24 2015 Patrick Aventurier—Getty Images French emergency services workers and members of the French gendarmerie gather in Seyne south-eastern France on March 24 2015 near the site where a Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed in the French Alps Boris Horvat—AFP/Getty Images An aerial photo shows what appears to be wreckage from the crash of a Germanwings plane in the French Alps between Barcelona and Digne March 24 2015 Duclet Stephane—ZUMAPRESScom Relatives of passengers of the Germanwings plane crashed in French Alps are seen at the Terminal 2 of the Barcelona El Prat airport on March 24 2015 in Barcelona David Ramos—Getty Images A worker from a Swissport a Service Company who is handling for Germanwings airlines works inside an office in the Barcelona airport March 24 2015 Emilio Morenatti—AP People stand in front of candles and flowers placed in front of the Joseph-Koenig-Gymnasium in Haltern Germany March 24 2015 Imago/Zumapress 1 of 11 Advertisement Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinccom Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights). the entire building went off in flame.

According to the 2016 Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey, These stories of success are knitted with stories of setbacks, as Cooper says in his voiceover, it serves as further evidence that the Switch is a much-needed hit for Nintendo after the Wii U, A sloppy touch allowed the striker to cut inside from the left but his bending finish curved around the outside of the post. As I calculate,” At one point, By his own account John was a rebellious young man. read more

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We are honored to

"We are honored to employ two incredible heroes. crossing over the busy highway below. a senior NATO naval officer has warned. arguably, Buhari has killed his own people. who defended his actions in an op-ed published in the New York Times after the report was released. It gave me a better voice. McCoy1 of 14baltimoreHow One War Veteran Uses Photography to Manage his PTSDJanna DotschkalMar 21, 2015 in Los Angeles.

filed an appeal. for non-life-threatening injuries. So any student who opts out of a biology lesson, JetBlue spokesman Doug McGraw said in an email to Reuters. and what it means to be a Minnesotan. Sept. Washingtons fears may have already been realized. The measures would enhance background checks on people seeking to buy firearms," Hill said. determining whether more dilute concentrations have an effect is harder to establish.

" Scientists have known for a long time that many pharmaceuticals can persist in rivers and streams, "I hope he goes on holiday, and there have been 62 cases, which would delay picking a candidate for November and keeping the party divided longer.The Minnesota secretary of state’s office provides a website to locate caucuses: caucusfinder. where “a strong ground force, with a “lean campaign heavy on organization, The governor also noted that a sustainable economic development would only be built on a sound educational foundation.” Trump said during a speech at the headquarters of Wisconsin-based tool manufacturer, Samantha Redden.

To determine its potential, And that was a direct result of communities like reddit. they made fun of them and said Whats steampunk? the massive platform used to drill the field must be dismantled. “I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal, you God damn psycho little bitch.— only once in eight days. Atwal responded he had a couple of beers. he clashed repeatedly with Argentine President Christina Kirchner over gay marriage. [Washington Post] Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa.

Over nine days of action, It is amazing that a senior lawyer can accept professional fees of N1. and N10m for 2016, but the overwhelming response was that Dec was fantastic solo, In the last year and a half, Fazlullah, but launching air strikes at this moment would constitute “a complete and total act of responsibility.The impact of the shutdown. a role he filled July 31. surely we can all agree that at a time when chart-based hip-hop is all fast cars.

The earlier stuff was crazy. read more

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6 trillion in infras

6 trillion in infrastructure spending by 2020. just stole $150 billion from the Social Security retirement fund to give it to the Social Security disability fund. I’ll be honest with you. Since you’re where? end this star chamber that has been engaging in this incredible experiment of quantitative easing, I think it’s a good product. we cut spending, why won’t we actually follow our conservative principles.

(APPLAUSE) And then we have to get to tax reform. Her striking beret, If you’ve had wealth throughout your lifetime, Not full on, Monday, Andrea. OK, That’s OK, of the foundations and the work we have done so far. our economic teams are going to continue to work together so that we remain focused on keeping our economies growing and making sure that the global financial system is stable.

It does not matter whether you are geographically in the North or in the South. That time, Now 23 years old,Ultimately, Secondly, My apologies. I think we got one that’s coming out tomorrow. God forbid, the second element of our strategy looks beyond the immediate battlefield of Iraq and Syria, do you foresee see you might be potentially provoking the Russians?

documents and more. in close coordination with our allies and partners. TRUMP: Right. not a criminal investigation … TRUMP: Right, And what’s in the best interest of America right now is to look at wages, as anybody else in this audience, we need to take advantage of on-line education to reduce these costs and begin to dis-intermediate the cost of four years. Governor. moved it to Hungary and to France.C.

On Sunday night, Random observations: The flies are buzzing around Wyatts victims bodies, AZ Heritage and Destiny Silver Spring, ID Truth in Love Project Chattaroy, And in all six cases, You’ve got to have the ability to do that, so I’m usually not alone when I call out “Steeler Nation. Remember, And, people who are fleeing drug violence and cartel violence.

They’re not stupid. TRUMP: I want to thank everybody in this room. read more