Tips you need to know a few outside the chain

. The chain for se. Is a very important part of. But many owners mistakenly believe that. The chain is much simpler it every day. You can go to the Forum blog. In fact. The construction of the chain is actually a skill. Ad locum。 I am the novice webmaster provide a few tips. Can help you quickly build.

As everyone knows

6. pictures for the release of the chain of traditional "

love to search some popular movies. You will find that in fact is very useful. Why? Because. Most of you search out all false resources. And most of these are big video station. That is their advance in the video released on video. False resources such as beans. Title to do with the real thing. Before this film hasn’t come out yet. Of course, this is not the resources. But you are in the weight of these high video station released these false resources. Love is not the recognition of Shanghai itself. So when the film really came out. You have to love "video" to the first page of Shanghai. So we can use this to do one or two high quality chain.

The advantage of this method is

with a chain in different posts inside functions are not the same. Some posts included fast. Some included slow. So. Want to pick out some valuable. What is the value of the. Not that you choose a large quantity of reply. But to choose some just released. What did not reply. But do you think this post is very attractive. There must be a lot of people reply this post.

. Whether this forum allowed for signature. Every time you send a post are equal to a chain. As will be regarded as cheating. Is there a need for a follow-up verification.

4. forum account registered as the domain name of the website

in the video station.When you go to Shanghai

3. to establish their own love Shanghai Encyclopedia.

is very simple and effective. Just need to write an article with your keywords relevant articles on your website. Attention must be long tail keywords. Don’t need to do se. optimization. In the title, repeated words once. Then forwarded by blog group. Then do the depth of se. optimization. Don’t put the anchor text in the final article. Directly on the bare chain. What is the effect? Love Shanghai wrong think this long tail you gain a very high evaluation. Third because the platform itself has very high weights. This truth with you write soft Wen by forwarding is the same. But this method is more suitable for the novice webmaster.

2. use blog group make forwarding

value chain

love Shanghai for your products of course give high weight. But now know and love Shanghai Post Bar harmonious connection. There is no effect. You can also use Wikipedia to do outside the chain of high quality. His stand to make an encyclopedia. At least now this method hasn’t expired oh.


5. choose valuable post replies

The former Tencent search technology experts expose the technology behind ASO for you

2 standard basic are recognized:

the whole people with vigour and vitality

website, you need to Aso, the basic principle of both are the same. Early when app is small, the classification list simple enough, but there have been more than 1 million 500 thousand applications such as Appstore, and the classification list, we have statistics, only about 15 thousand app, which is 1% of the proportion. And "the law of the development of similar users, entry to hao123, but the search has dominated. At Appstore, about 60% downloads from search and recommendation pages, with further increase in the number of app, APP ecology based on the consideration of the list outside download ratio will further enhance the importance of Aso is self-evident.


ASO (App Store Optimization), are mainly said search optimization Appstore, because Apple requires only the index "title and keywords", that is to say, only in the two parts of the word can be found. The title to article has very little, write a very long subtitle, usually because of "and the app package is not the same as the name" direct cup, therefore, Appstore Aso is how to fill out the "keywords 100 characters (keywords), to get the maximum exposure photometric search".

introduction: Aso tool is basically a app operator with standard, there are ann9, appannie, searchman, sensortower and other ASO tools, "brother notes" are also used many methods introduced these tools. But from the teacher education we, "know it, and know why, we can learn more

To search optimization, the corresponding app selection standards

ASO can be seen as the Shanghai dragon

… app

1 high heat < > Search

Aso is the basic tool App operating personnel standard, there are ann9, appannie, searchman, sensortower and other ASO tools, "brother notes" are also used many methods introduced these tools. But from the teacher education we, "know it, and know why", in order to learn better, to go to a better university, to # $%# $% $#…, as code agricultural technology for many years engaged in the search, here we talk about the technology behind aso.

Author: Dr. Wang Liang, WeChat: mariswang worked in Tencent for many years engaged in the search, Sogou search engine algorithm research, at present the national response to the call, to

A5 marketing love Shanghai recently will have a larger adjustment promotion


again when I return to the search page search for other keywords, found that the current page is automatically jump I just click on the web page.


in search of Xuzhou XX plastic surgery hospital brand keywords, click on the second link, the link to jump to the corresponding web page, but the magic phenomenon, when I return to Shanghai love the search box to search other keywords, find the page automatically jump to the site of a single page, this phenomenon can be predicted to love Shanghai there are new changes.


Figure 2:

recently love Shanghai may have a greater adjustment, need to pay attention to their standing in, please continue reading:




: I search a plastic surgery hospital of Xuzhou brand keywords, click on the second links, and then jump to the home page.

Second phenomena:

Figure 2:


: the first input second and click on the

The first kind of phenomenon:

from the two kinds of phenomenon, the recent love Shanghai promotion will have a greater change, may love Shanghai starting from the promotion will beautify the page and so on, in order to have the following phenomenon, the marketing team continue to observe in A5.

A5 marketing website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis ( Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) services, to provide the most professional Shanghai Longfeng suggestions to help you to build a (love Shanghai search and user love website), to ensure 100% improve your weight, invalid full refund. Customer service QQ:800017899. Please pay attention to A5 marketing of WeChat: a5yingxiao to receive the latest love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon and marketing information. Shanghai Longfeng, business, marketing, promotion, WeChat exchange group: 134413448 welcome to join.

A5 marketing team in search of a brain hospital brand keywords, before a few sites are love Shanghai, then we click on the second link, link to jump to the promotion of a single page, and then we return to the search box to search for love in Shanghai and other key words, the content on the page change, roughly look, find the search content of the current page into just click on the site of the station link, the other is the other sites love Shanghai promotion all disappear. The following figure:

written in the last:

Figure 1

return to continue the search, found that the contents of all become just web page content links

SnapChat is on sale next year and is now doing the preparationsThe blog promotion also is to survive

5, can not be ignored, know answer platform cited high-quality users

in short, every Taobao promotion methods can make money, the key is to make every detail

the more blogs, the better. We can use it to boost a blog or reduce the loss of a blog. Over time, the blog weight will be higher and higher, which will help the search engine import traffic.

2, do blog optimization,

4, build blog group, maximize the benefits of

blog is easy to use, very strong, but the chances of being blocked are also many, and most of them are blocked because of the strong nature of advertising. This must grasp, believe that there is harvest, water is the survival of

is currently on the eve of the Snap listing, the company in terms of financial figures and ownership structure, have done some positive work on their own.

answer and promote products similar questions, the answer as far as possible intact, and then join the Bowen link, which can bring a lot of potential consumers.

There are many

burn the company behind Snapchat and be ready to go public next year.


1, blog select

, based on information obtained by The, Information and Bloomberg, Snap recently issued a new group of C shares, each of which has the right to vote on ten common shares of C. After the issuance, the Snap founding team has a total of 89% voting rights, compared with about 45% of the voting rights previously.

blog head, personal data must be perfect, you can indirectly improve the credibility of the blog. Blog try to choose some long tail keywords or product name long tail keywords, this is more conducive to ranking. It’s not recommended to choose highly competitive keywords because the weight of blogs is relatively low.

write Bowen must select key words, especially the title of the article, standing in the user’s point of view to think about the title, choose the title can also refer to, sh419 know the above problems. For the promotion of products, write more original soft Wen, to continue to update, so more convincing, feel more real. Soft text also carries on the necessary SEO title, keywords, keyword distribution, in the chain, contribute to keywords ranking.

3, original high-quality Bowen

, according to insider, this year, revenue is expected to reach $300 million due to an increase in Snap video advertising sales. However, according to TechCrunch Snap F round of financing obtained in May this year, data show that they last year only 59 million U.S. dollars in revenue.

Snapchat applications every day more than 10 billion times the number of video playback, and is widely considered the largest online video site YouTube, all video daily viewing times is 1 billion, with Snap less than 0.

free blogs Sina, NetEase, sh419, Sohu, templates and functions vary. Try to choose a template theme and product similar blog, so that users look more comfortable, will have the desire to buy. In addition, we should consider the choice of higher weight, more friendly search engine blog, we blog mainly rely on search engines import traffic, search engine friendly blog is conducive to ranking. Recommendation: Sina blog, blog bus

in addition to performance in the IPO before the substantial growth, Snap daily active users also rose a lot. At the end of 2015, 110 million people used Snap every day, up 50% year on year. Today, the daily number of Snap has reached 150 million.

‘s revenue jumped by 408% this year. In order to come up with a beautiful statement listed, Snap has given up "resolutely do not learn a collection of user privacy Internet advertising model, to plans to launch targeted advertising, advertising for a user according to the content of the information owners can watch, the accurate positioning of advertising.

2017, Snap optimistic estimates revenue will reach $1 billion.

Now < >

why do many people do not earn money Taobao customers? Many friends think that do Taobao guest is to do a website, and then SEO keyword do up, waiting to receive money will be finished. This approach only a very small number of people can make money, sh419 home excluding bidding promotion, but also a few positions. Can you spell the chain? In fact, many tens of thousands of monthly income Taobao guest website income or rarely do only a very small part, most are making money through other platforms, there are friends through space into 20W, renren, sh419 know, a monthly income of more than 10 thousand people free to people in. Let’s talk about the experience of free blogs to promote Taobao customers, and the details determine your success or failure.

article source: Aunt daughter

Snap, founder of two, CEO Evan Spiegel and chief technology officer Bobby Murphy, in this round of additional shares, the company retains 74% of the control.

today’s news is that Snap is currently preparing IPO related materials and plans to submit a listing application to the US securities regulator at the end of this year or late March. They plan to raise $4 billion, seeking the company’s market capitalisation of $250-350.

Snap took the beautiful financial and operating figures can attract more investors, and they are ready to issue recently with "super voting" shares to the company founder, is to ensure that after the listing of the company to maintain control of the Snap.

Community O2O platform in the next four directions top the creation of life scenes and the interve90

technology news Beijing time on January 16th evening news, recently aired on CCTV financial channel CCTV2 "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" program, there is a 90 "bar APP" entrepreneurial team, the program scene won the investment of RMB about 7000000 yuan intention, which means that by several 90 entrepreneurs set up in less than 5 months, the company valuation of more than ten million, causing the crowd hot. What is a what kind of team? Why can the vision of helping the investment mission to get the favor of us to find out?.

for the scene of life to create, we can generally be divided into five directions, namely, home security, neighborhood assistance, community life, family services, there is a scene of financial services.

O2O community is a long time to explore the industry, mainly because the community is a complicated place, but great opportunities seem to really build a very high viscosity of the platform is not so easy, but no matter what the starting point from the platform, the complexity of the community decided to think the following four points set up in Ping Taiwan, respectively is the scene, content, carrier and fusion, and the discussion is to create scenes of life support and intervention.


"APP bar" entrepreneurial team was invited to participate in the CCTV2 CCTV financial channel broadcast in December 2014 of the "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" program, they face the scene in the program is China top business leaders, but they are fearless, successful programs in the field was about 7000000 yuan RMB investment intention. And in the evening before going to Beijing while they travel to save thousands of dollars to try, founder Yang Fugui and Li Zhihao in Beijing to discuss how to save the cost of the company, if the drive to Beijing, 1.3 displacement charge tolls.

some time ago in the online heat transfer 90 entrepreneurs better than the slow fire, claiming to take 1 billion dollars to reward employees, is true only he knows. People think he is a good example after 90, but some of the same entrepreneurial 90, but he is too conceited". First of all, stand up to speak, it is "looking for bars" entrepreneurial team. "Find a bar" that "more than a good team too arrogant, mouth running train, to their own label affixed on behalf of the 90? We don’t think anyone can represent 90. His own company’s business situation we put aside, if a person is too arrogant and defiant, think 90 should learn from him, I think there should be a lot of people think he is purely in order to win the audience laugh. "If a person doesn’t know humility, he doesn’t know how to respect people, and how to get his employees to take care of you. Our company doesn’t allow such people to exist" – from the "bar APP" team,

in short, intelligent life is a kind of new intelligent Internet platform to create a way of life based on intelligent life can bring such scenes of life: through a mobile phone on the way home, home can drink fresh coffee, wash the hot bath, even the home temperature is adjusted according to personal preferences as soon as you enter the house, enjoy good. In the company can at any time in the field of housekeeping, the weekend online about several neighbors to play together, the family’s water and electricity is broken, take a picture with the phone, someone will fix it immediately. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of intelligent life, people have different views on intelligent life, but the expectation of intelligent life is the same: more comfortable, convenient, safer and healthier.

community O2O platform has to think of one of the four directions: life scene to build


we capture a scene: Mike came just decoration end vivaki Network Technology Co. Ltd. the new gray younger boy was still clean, do not think they are scavengers, they are a group of 90 entrepreneurs unite blood. After a few people together to clean up after the company’s core founder Li Zhihao and Yang Fugui into the office to discuss the work plan in the near future, standing on the 27 floor of the French window, and hand on Henry’s shoulders, Zhihao hands folded, they looked at so smug big city, eyes showing a great dream and the blood, see through their eyes is a competitor. It is worth mentioning that this group seems to be "a motley crew" young people, with just 5 months to do the valuation of the company ten million level, they have just started this group of 90 young people on the road is very long.

scene is refers to the people in the community life scene into the community from the door at home living every hour and moment there is no scenes of life, however, with the rapid popularization of intelligent products, as well as the rapid development of intelligent community, intelligent life scenes have come into our life.

home security, according to the house and the house outside distinction, is outside the access control system, at present there are many service providers to focus on the development of access control system using a mobile phone, you can open the door, while sharing a two-dimensional code to friends, friends can also by scanning the two-dimensional code into the community, to ensure the safety of residential area. The house is home security, when you’re at work or travel company, through the intelligent monitoring system to check the situation at home, if someone enters the system will automatically alarm, the first time you notice at the same time, the video will be saved, so that the police evidence, to ensure the safety of home.

neighborhood, restored to the village life scene, the neighborhood is very familiar, go and meet each other will say hello, greetings warm asked the city’s neighborhood will be reinforced concrete edifice, friendship is separated, but the relationship between neighbors still exists, or need a tool to break the reinforced cement, to re-establish the neighborhood, especially.


Deep analysis of profit point of Regional Talent Network

Network talent

area has been like a raging fire in the development, but the profit is always a bottleneck for many webmaster talent network, then in addition to enterprise charges, local talent net profit means what? Through the analysis of Changde talent network, we extend local talent net profit point.

1: traditional profit point analysis

a: enterprises charge membership fees, mainly in monthly, quarterly and annual

b: enterprise promotion ad position

c:, job fairs or trade shows,

In fact, these

are means of profit as everyone knows, any one may have in the talent net operating earnings, so in addition to these, we are engaged in the personnel of the website if there are other means of profit? Changde talent network through their own understanding and discussion.

1: headhunting service

service should all have very understanding, especially in professional talents and advanced talents, such as Li Kaifu at Google, but as a webmaster, a lot of people are in the two grade three class city, headhunting service feel do not rise, but the fact is it? In fact, as a webmaster talent network we have a lot of resources, that is, the absolute number of talent and senior job demand, we can observe the release of job seekers resume information classification, the classification of advanced education, professional skills, talents, active contact, asking them to join the senior talent pool, as our hunting reserve, at the same time to high-quality enterprises our customers are analyzed, good job reserves, we can use the advanced personnel resume promotion fee, at the same time, more on the enterprise Senior job requirements intermediary costs charged, the cost is high, you can reach the monthly salary of senior talent, tens of thousands of times, very gratifying.

2: the further development of advertising

a lot of talent network station to the advertising function is too simple, that is the front page promotion and advertising banners publicity, in fact, our webmaster can expand many advertising channels, the most classic is executives interviews, employers and employer appraisal, appraisal, in the professional talent network is the most important. Because in the professional recruitment industry, the circle is relatively concentrated, the employer is very easy to spread, so we can firmly grasp this point, similar to the super girl competitions better promotion of enterprise.

these are all my ideas, in my talent network has not actually run, but I feel feasible, and I hope you support my little station: Changde talent network,


Liu Yuxi how to increase the original content quickly and effectively

today, the webmaster of the student community in Chaozhou gave me a message on the Internet, asking me how to increase the original content quickly and effectively. All of a sudden, I felt a bit difficult to face such a problem. Fortunately, he made the problem specific and asked only questions about how quickly and effectively the forum would increase the original content of its Web site. The web site on the Internet has a wide range of subjects. The content of the website is quite different. If you don’t distinguish between types, regardless of similarities and differences, it’s entirely impossible to say that this problem is real and clear. If neglect between websites use, theme, style, content and site differentiation of some important factors, abstract induction, the conclusion will be very general, with the nature of metaphysics, the results will be due to lack of pertinence and operability of the questioner greatly disappointed.

so I’m going to talk about it on personal blogs and forums today. I mainly discuss it in several parts and draw a conclusion.

one, originality: the real value of a website that exists on the Internet

first, I’d like to briefly talk about why webmasters are so concerned with the original content of a web site. I believe that the webmaster first thought of the search engine for the original content of love, so that too much indulgence. Such is the case。 For example, in July 2009, Baidu search algorithm for a larger update, so that many webmaster confused. Search engines over the original content of excessive indulgence has become the consensus of the majority of the webmaster. To increase the search engine included, a certain original content is essential. But by the webmaster to create a chapter of the original article, whether it is time or the creation level and ability, many owners are very limited, want to write an article to enrich the site on their own, this is not possible, even so, the significance is not large. We can imagine: a personal webmaster toil in the non-stop to end, and how much the yield? Even if production is good, and how many achievements attracted many visitors, to stay for a long time to get from the Internet? Creation is similar to the writer to write the article, is a stunning masterpiece or garbage. The reader’s heart is clear.

so this requires a very good way to quickly increase the original content, in order to enhance the weight of the website as well as the amount of included. So how do you improve your original content? There are many ways to do it. This is what common people do. To other station copy articles or collecting lots of articles and then just change the title published. In fact, this so-called "pseudo original" approach is extremely wrong. It is possible that your website will be collected very soon, but you will find that your website has been gradually reduced by search engines. Until the risk of being K. Because search engines don’t just look at the title of your website. He will analyze your website content and compare it with the rest of the same content. Of course, the spider reads from top to bottom, first reading the title of the web site, then the content. If Daliang content is found to duplicate other content, it will certainly be rejected. >

A discussion of advertising mode sharing of advertising revenue between users and websites



websites and advertisers are important forces that continue to drive the evolution of the Internet advertising model. Dynamic website to promote advertising model change is, in addition to the old advertising model, the courage to try something new, and constantly open up in order to occupy a new market. The advertiser’s drive is more pure: money pays off.

from CPM to CPC, click on the CPS effect, always follow these two basic. "From the advertising effect, CPS is a trend," has gradually become a consensus. Another explanation that CPS pays for actual sales is that advertisers pay only 100% of the advertiser’s acceptance of the ads – 100% of acceptance means enough to produce actual sales.

however, a complete chain of advertising is made up of advertisers, websites, and users of three parties. Considering the role of the subjective involvement of the users in advertising, things become different.

advertising (including advertising) is the decisive factor of how to accept the advertising, but advertising in the show the degree of impact on users acceptance before, there are some factors that affect the users priority. For example, "the netizen and website to share advertising revenue" is such factors as an ordinary users, I see a advertising and get 1 cents (the process is too complex, and see the ads except) a point not compared, undoubtedly in the former situation of advertising content will be pleasing to the eye "a lot of.

so extensive description, can only understand "users and websites share advertising revenue" literally some simple meaning. We can do more research.

all share


sees "users and websites sharing advertising revenue", we can’t help thinking of the idea that someone has already done it.


launched the blog open platform last year, where users can set up ads in their blogs, and dot networks won’t be involved in advertising. The "user" here refers to the blogger who is a bit of a blogger who can eventually get ad revenue by setting up ad positions, just a few elite bloggers. The same is true of the potato podcast ad sharing program, which is also targeted by elite podcasts – quality content providers.

, but "net friend and website share advertisement income" the netizen in, emphasize the website is all average user.

"benefit sharing" is not an isolated thing,

allows users and website to share advertising revenue, but not the core of the website experience made "shared interests", otherwise the site will go up to the users with the benefits benefits tied astray — it is difficult to continue to produce positive social and commercial value.

The best combination of


Baidu has been affected by the black Internet, not just a bit

"Baidu is black, look at the news."." This is one of the first words I heard from my colleagues around the class yesterday morning. 12, Baidu domain name analysis suffered hacker tampering, resulting in long access to the Internet has become the most popular news, and even become Google hot list of the most popular search keywords. As the world’s largest Chinese search site, Baidu was greatly affected by the black incident. Although Baidu in the search results and PPC fairness has been controversial, many people criticize Baidu, but had to admit that Baidu is a Internet Co Chinese the most successful, most users understand China, grasp of the Chinese network situation best, localization of the most outstanding company. As a search engine, Baidu is the industry leader in the country, and even Google, the global search engine boss, should make it three points. According to the latest statistics, Baidu’s domestic market share accounted for 63.1, Google accounted for only 33.2, only half of Baidu. Internet users sometimes complain that Baidu search results artificially control injustice, enterprises and webmasters will complain, Baidu algorithm updates frequently, included instability, no money, PPC can not be ranked at the forefront of search. Despite this, Baidu still has its unique characteristics of adapting to the Internet with Chinese characteristics. Baidu has been affected by the Internet, not just a little.

first for Baidu itself, the Internet as "advanced enterprise", the search engine eldest brother, the ten years of development, the number of black encounter is not once two times. The last quite severe attack was just over three years. In 06 years, Baidu was black for half an hour, and this time it was a fault for more than five hours. Baidu not only continued to decline in stock prices, the image and credibility have also been damaged, but also highlights the protection of Baidu security and emergency measures inadequate preparation. And after Baidu was black, the role of the Internet industry in the country, status has also highlighted in just a few hours. In fact, Baidu has infiltrated every detail of Internet users’ network life, affecting every step of the website development plan, although there are many criticisms, but you can not do without it.

first about other search engines, in the domestic, remove Baidu, is Google. Google has been the most difficult in the local Baidu the most threatening opponent, if Google is not always adhere to their own "no evil" business philosophy, and to their own enterprise culture too self, which can not adapt to China special love, perhaps now the boss of Baidu position already sold. The Baidu was hacked, Google’s search traffic surge, Baidu has become the hottest Google keyword the day. Like Bing, YAHOO, Sogou, search and other search engine traffic also has a significant rise, short rise and other search engines can not shake the position of Baidu search, but the fierce competition in the industry, this event if frequent words, there will be a lot of wandering in the multiple search engines were not stable between user firm abandon Baidu and other optional.

Baidu has been hacked and has a deep impact on large, medium and small websites. In addition to its reputation and brand appeal, the portal has a large amount of traffic through search engines

Masateru soft development trend in the era of Internet

soft text, a familiar, not in the familiar topic, raged for decades. Carrying the countless storms, soft Wen in the eyes of many people mixed, but the network has forty percent of the people in use.

soft text, crazy rampant behind it is its influence, what exactly is soft, soft Wen is what kind of definition, with the rapid development of modern network, soft Wen also constantly improve. The real meaning of soft Wen also is desalt. Many people find our company writing text, will ask such a question: your definition of soft? I give such a clause to the staff: "soft, matter of fact intention is a kind of advertisement, he is the real value of a euphemism used the idea of some products, websites, transmission shop, activities and so on, let more people have a new understanding of the product, website. He needs us to fully grasp the characteristics of the product, in order to show the charm of the product. In order to get more people’s sympathy and recognition."

however, the soft language in the network raged for decades, we have molded him one after another image. But in today there are two kinds of mainstream soft words – Webmaster soft words and substance, meaning soft wen.

in the soft: in particular, a new station, need to promote to increase their own traffic and popularity, there are many promotion means, but the most practical, in my opinion the best soft figure, the king once said, is a kind of soft, language webmaster must master, in fact, this is not too much.

but in the webmaster’s eyes, there is a substantial meaning of a large part of nearly out of the soft part of the text, in order to improve the weight of their own website, and the website chain, adding a lot of links in the article, in many webmaster eyes, soft text is the value of this link, a lot of people are doing, FIG. Wang long before writing to encourage owners to write text, which also has this one. But valuable soft Wen is very existence, this I do not deny.

substantive soft Wen: he is based on a number of material, and fully display your product and website features, is based on a consensus on the basis of. Attracts you unceasingly to go deep into the research and the understanding. Is a guide and proximity role. You need to take a deep grasp of the product features and some thoughts of Internet users. This is a lot of information on the network, I do not say much about this.

these two types of articles for the network adds a lot of exciting, but also add a lot of problems, in the next article, talk about the two views of modern soft.

is now the two soft, creating several network atmosphere for the modern network: soft Wen useless, good soft nanxian.

soft Wen useless theory: network unceasing rapid development, the website such as after rain spring rain rises. Lead to more webmaster in non-stop use soft text to make links, its value is less and less. Many webmaster feel soft, bring your site traffic, not knowing how much you value? More and more of a trained soft gold > burner