An outer circle of real Wangzhuan experience8 mistakes that are easy to make in the first year of en


answer: WeChat shake. this later says it’s amazing

: I bought a lot of ready-made real name Alipay and then through an examination after the completion of what can not only store shelves of goods.

who has done poineering work knows how hard it is to start a business. No one is omnipotent. In order to die young and die, it is best to find a co – Founder to share the work for you. Want to fight alone, no, founder too much or not?. Many people like to start a business with a friend, but there are too many people and you have fewer shares. For example, four friends start a business. If you share shares, you have only 25% of the shares before financing. The key is when differences of opinion, or when everyone is different, there will be cracks in the relationship, so there are many start-up companies have several co-founder at the beginning, and finally left one. Think of Facebook, Quora, Path, and Foursquare.

has very few people to start its own business, most of which depend on outside investment. But accepting someone else’s investment means that you can’t afford to spend money. Every investor you spend is supervising. Moreover, with investors, the rate of return will be reduced.



too early to seek media collaboration,

asked, "where did you get the flow from Taobao?"

frequent activities,


we tend to see the most successful startups glamorous appearance, but do not know the original founder of the heart of the struggle. Famous business incubator 500Startups founder Dave McClure will also feel entrepreneurial hardships. "

alone, or too many co founders,


if you are seeking is a media entrepreneur, it is best to ask yourself why you find them? Are you ready to face the media? What kind of articles can help you achieve your purpose? If the product and business model has not been determined, it is best not to go to the media, or die very miserably.


after these problems I found that he is with Taobao Taobao store and the effect is very good, but he said the present method has been Taobao fully blocked, he did N a lot of Taobao is a registered guest account, N stores and all new stores, doing so is not afraid of sealing. The letter should have done, students can try Taobao off.

asked, "where did you get the credit from Taobao?"

this friend started with Taobao customers, and I usually contact Taobao customers. Most of them have several ideas: 1, station group; 2, batch advertising such as space, BBS; 3, bidding. He said he had applied for dozens of Taobao customers shop every store to collect a lot of data and then described the baby, write some vivid Taobao links to change into the guest described in this way, he every day to more than a thousand dollars of income increase, and Taobao has not been frozen and successful now, because I’m on Taobao a guest have some understanding, I first thought he was bragging, then ask questions.

and he added a few groups, with video screen video experts in Wangzhuan colleagues, video 399 yuan / copies, apprentice 2000 yuan a month he took the 10 disciples, sold dozens of tutorials, sell something also in this process, more than

if you start your own money, you can explore and develop business models without investor pressure. Once you are self sufficient, there will be more chips to negotiate with investors later. If no one else in control of your company, you can retreat at any time, don’t worry finally wiped out.

: how do you apply for so many shops,

refuses to pay for his own business,

in order to make entrepreneurship way, here is a list of entrepreneurs to make a few mistakes, perhaps to inspire you, but some errors in some time is not wrong, but a person, from the project specific issues.

there are many webmaster do the purpose is to through the network, the website to make money, is what we call the network marketing, I think a lot of people will have such an idea, if do network marketing, we must first learn to do Wangzhuan, SEO, have a deep understanding of the network marketing the. But yesterday Ma Haixiang occasionally read an article that changed my mind. A friend said he deals in things recently, the friend will do belong to the system including the current stage in the University, and not SEO who is not a circle, but he said these things are pure combat Wangzhuan, let us a little cry, would let some of the so-called "network marketing" people laugh and cry.

," he said

some >

: how do you change the rate,

: I do disappear, credibility is the software brush rack, also was a shop that I improve reputation too fast. 1 months, 3 diamonds, that says later

answer: at the beginning of all links to the same shop, conversion rate is low, and then I changed to a single product on a single product, the effect is very good.

"entrepreneurship is a lot but little in return, there is a time for you to hide in the corner crying, not really to care about other things, no social life, there is not much chance with your family and friends. Your world revolves around entrepreneurship, and your heart almost breaks down and you have to pretend to be a nice person."

Behind network data — analysis index of network log


The quantitative analysis of the commonly used

questionnaire, which can collect the user of the product of subjective feedback, it is affected by the questionnaire, cannot objectively reflect the user how to use the product, they encountered problems in the actual environment. And for the quantitative analysis of the website, the log file of the network server can reflect the current experience of the user truly, explain the deep characteristic of behavior, can improve product more effectively.

network log can help us answer a lot of questions, such as the user in what period of time to browse the site; more interested in what sector site; how to understand the website; many users will turn into a repeat user; what is the path to find the point of interest on the site; should be how to optimize the use of the process, improve the user experience etc.. To systematically analyze logs and get valuable user feedback, we mainly consider four aspects: aggregation metrics, session based statistics, user based statistics and click stream analysis.

1. aggregation metric

can be interpreted as merging and analyzing a large number of web data. Following the log data of a travel forum, the commonly used metrics are aggregated. In particular, this forum is purely fictitious, and data is also intended to illustrate the concept of fiction.

(1) web browser.

compared with the browsing time at the same time, we can get the trend of user’s attention. Figure 1 shows a tourism forum from June 2008 to December 2010 traffic changes, of which 09 years around June traffic increased sharply, in December 09 gradually leveled off, the curve may be related to changes in the forum marketing, design and so on, so it can take measures to bring the effect of witness.


Figure 1 views of a Travel Forum

(2) the amount of browsing within each day of each day.

from Figure 2, you can judge that users mainly browse the forum during the break time, so the forum should highlight the content of leisure and relaxation.


Figure 2 browsing time of each day of a Travel Forum

(3) web site browsing distribution of each plate.

can analyze the browsing distribution of specific plates, individual pages and similar page groups, and judge the interest points of users. Figure 3 shows that the forum users are mainly interested in Southeast Asia and japan.


Figure 3, the forum travel abroad version of the proportion of

(4) operating system and browser scale.

facilitates web sites to better accommodate operating systems and browsers. Figure 4 shows what users use >

How many psychological preparations should you have as a local gateway

with the recent local portal station hot, many individual owners swarmed in, but for some problems in operation of local portal site is lack of some thinking, leading to fast no income, wasted time and energy. Here, I would like to make my own point of view, I would like to be prepared to do or have begun to do local portal station friends, in advance to do some psychological preparation.

1. long time no money making,


makes local gateways, not garbage stations – buying a space and corn, collecting a little content, hanging on an alliance, waiting to be included.

first, the local portal flow like dumpster do so well that tens of thousands, SEO, local keywords have been very limited, and it is possible that many of them are some of the old station and the station to account, even if you do the long tail will not have much effect, because of the amount of local search keywords subject is not great, not to mention your tail.

secondly, the profit model of the local gateway determines that you can’t make a profit quickly. As the first said, in a short period of time your traffic is not easy, and the local portal main profit model is combined with local businesses, earn advertising revenue, if you have no traffic and popularity even breaking it and no one is willing to put ads on your site.

2. ready to invest,

The first article on

says that it is unlikely that local portals will make money in a short time, so you will need some money to support your living expenses.

secondly, the flow of local portals is not good, to gather popularity, it needs publicity and activities, simple leaflets, what all need funds to support, not to mention what other publicity methods.

again, local portal is different from the trash collected well hang content advertising alliance can, completely ignore what the user experience, and the local portal in addition to clean and beautiful interface, but also need a lot of publicity and promotion of both practical and profitable business functions, such as BlueCMS- local portal dedicated system ( launched business yellow pages you can function, the need for specialized technical support team. This is why many people say that a single individual is not suitable for a local gateway, because it has a certain threshold compared to the grassroots individual station.

3. loneliness for

as long as you do a local portal, if not have what special resources, the beginning of the year is certainly the most difficult to flow, not much traffic, it’s impossible profits in a short period of time, this may make a lot of friends do dumpster feel "wronged", think is a thankless task. In fact, as long as you think about the broad prospects of the local station and the great profit you can bring, it is nothing. Now many >

Analysis of local station construction ten major mistakes, let you bigger and stronger local station

1, traffic can not do it, my site does not attract people,


first understand the value and location of the site. There is a website traffic and attract people to rely on what? Is the website flow of Internet users concerned about the level of the index, users are concerned because there is a demand! After we know where the needs of users, after we meet these needs, training needs, guide demand, website has its value.

tier 1, information inquiry needs.

second layer, the needs of life information.

third tier, consumer information needs.

fourth layer, localization information and entertainment demand.

do our unique service, do what we can do, and local netizens like it.

2, the search engine "against me"

information just go up anxious, want to see good rankings, to understand the working principle of search engines. To provide users with search keywords, the best answer, we provide the best answer, search engines will have good rankings. Search engines are just one of the results of our service.

3, local small, nothing to do,

city is composed of individuals, each person has a lot of information needs, our goal is to meet the demand of network information inside the city of each person, each of his friends believe there are a lot of information needs, but the network did not give us the answer, this is where we stand opportunities. After addressing the demand, we can replace local TV stations and various media


is not good to do business, local businesses cheap

business is difficult to do, first of all, raise a few questions.

4.1 do you understand the selling point of your product,


4.2 what did you do to buy your product for the customer?

4.3, you buy products in order to make more money, or to give customers a little more service?

4.4 do you do customer tracking service and post maintenance?


4.5 can you provide optimization advice for your customers and provide better solutions?

4.6 can you let customers miss you,


5, recruiting is difficult, or recruit, will not work, can not produce benefits.

Description: This is only for local operations team site, in fact, for local stations, in order to be bigger and stronger, there is no good team is not good. I set up my own operation team before I could do it. Operating a good website, the following questions must be clear.

What’s the real purpose of

5.1 recruiting?


help us expand the market or expand the market?


Mainstream construction strategy of local websites

with the development of the Internet, the threshold of the site is constantly decreasing, and gradually breaking the dominance of the government’s official website, and all kinds of grassroots groups or personal websites gradually emerge as the times require. Various websites with local characteristics are on the rise, and some have become prominent in local websites. But for most of the webmaster speaking, local website has been their hand knot, local site competition, low profit; on the other hand is to highlight the status and influence of personal website is still under the government website. I am in Wulong self-help travel information network development and construction, and gradually feel to be successful, a local website, webmaster must have "mainstream" consciousness of the necessary.

summarizes the current types of local websites, including news portals, dating portals, tourist portals, classified information, e-commerce, forums, etc.. I said here the "mainstream" website, refers to the authoritative publication, with affinity and appeal in the minds of Internet users, with a fixed population of Internet users, can achieve such a website to communicate with users of the interactive nature of government. Before you get into the topic, let’s talk briefly about the construction of the Wulong self-help travel information network ( Since the station from 2011 to April, based on the Wulong tourism promotional duties, tours, self drive tours for visitors to Wulong tourism "six elements" of the information service, the relevant circumstances have been reported in Chongqing,, windows Chongqing channel, Hualong, Chongqing city newspaper, China news online it can be said that the current, Wulong travel information network has gradually entered the ranks of the local mainstream website. Below, I will combine Wulong self-help travel information network construction experience, talk about how to individual stations from the form to content and other aspects of "mainstream" to create.

target positioning: Based on local development, with local characteristics,

webmaster establish local website, must choose oneself good long aspect, don’t be more points, in the station before, must investigate clear, those types of sites in the area has not formed or mature. In the process of construction, must be based on the local characteristics, can from the place of business, culture, life, tourism and other aspects, on the one hand to the user about the local cultural and commercial construction, improve the quality of life of the user, on the other hand, the construction of effective channel through user communication platform, to promote the exchange of feelings of users the increase of user feeling on local portal site dependence, enhance user loyalty to the website.

website content: information enrichment, the first release of accurate information

no matter what kind of website, first of all to enrich the content, we do local site is to give our local public services, the more so when the content of the site, the higher the quality, the better correlation, the site more attractive, whether it is original or reproduced or, as long as you can give the user can bring practical information. At the same time, we want to follow the content of the website

I do stand for a month experience

about a month ago, a new station, the source code is a webmaster forum to share the children’s education network I probably say the process, I hope to give some reference to beginners.

first station forum sent two with this link posts in the webmaster, the results on the same day as a search engine spider to my site, the speed is really soon! At the same time to update the content every day, add the chain, probably about 10 days included more than 100 pages. At the same time, there are some QQ group resources on hand, there are many friends with children, I also recommend the site to them. IP from the beginning of the 10 gradually developed, second weeks of advertising was bought, of course, at the beginning of the low price of only 2 yuan a week, third weeks a web browsing quantity has greatly improved, reaching more than 1000, then I put the advertisement to 15 yuan, found the child education the content of advertisers resources great soon advertising was ordered, then I think the location of a website is really important, it seems that the establishment of the website I had made the right choice. You can go to my mom shops will be able to see the details of the advertising sales of; in this process, I also use this software to the cavalry like landing all search engines landing, feel the effect is very good.

I think: "the use of various resources, multi-faceted promotion of the website, is a short-term internal network station, so that I can increase the amount of visits to the site summary".

Crossover portal operating from Gaochun old street


recently came to Gaochun old street again, still feel the thick classical atmosphere and different marketing atmosphere here, if the holidays, here is a sea of people. The traditional street of this bustling, so many Internet practitioners have to envy. The old town has heritage and modern prosperity, and now the door apartment layout of local portal visitors scanty contrast, so that the marketing and packaging what difference what, or what they have, what is the significance of the Internet marketing


walked into the street we feel the street has a very strong smell of the ancient, ancient street signs or appearance, on the street still preserved ancient stone house, although we do not know whether the transformation, but at least we feel to a thousand years old, if not see modern people walk through them, really play through feeling. And we will see all the name of street brand goods, there is wine, Chun Xi Gucheng Lake crab, slow out, popular shoes, feather Gong fan, pearl jewelry, Jade Spring stoneware, wok tofu, flavor cakes, Yunxi goose and so on. These goods do not tell us in every hour and moment in the street, and the street shops are generally for building double brick, cornice, brackets, walls and windows, cross Yan Lou complete, unique style, simple and gorgeous, we really feel an ancient tour. This feeling makes the street was very successful, known as the "second Jinling Confucius Temple", "Jinling First Street" said.

, while the current local gateway calls itself "one of the first Portals", only a few people know that even though some know it, very few people visit. So why is this portal so desolate, some people say that the portal is declining, the Internet is growing too fast. Of course, we do not deny the reasons for this, but more reasons should be for us to think deeply, and we should not attribute the reasons for our bad times to the times. Here we will focus on the bustling streets of the Internet to bring those enlightenment.

first of all, cultural heritage, web content determines whether the website is long-term.

a lot of portal not only is not based on the needs of hard, is not built on the cultural heritage, but because of personal interest or temporary interest and instantly create website, the website of the fast, die faster. And the street than is a roadside bazaar, chased one to flee. There is no culture, no culture of the site is fatal, without culture there is no spiritual support, there is no spiritual support, there is no long-term plan. Personally, I think the local gateway must be in line with local reality, which is what most people think can represent the local web site rather than others. And this understanding is based on the understanding of the local culture, on the basis of the current local hard needs, but also visionary innovation. Create a portal to the polymerization of a group of people, a group of both to understand the local culture, but also on the portal of long-term planning and understanding people, and then to explore innovation, after 5 years of development, the formation of the 10 portals will.

Baidu included problems, new station chief must pay attention to

now for the new station included Baidu, the webmaster is relatively clear, it is difficult to obtain the new station included and good ranking, but recently the large area K station is also got jittery, so in this place, we should pay attention to is:

1., Baidu included, please do not put any of the advertising union code.


industry spread put mother ad station, K will be possible, but for a still in the Baidu website, I don’t remember any advertising put (except Baidu alliance), it should be beneficial to Baidu’s included. But it really is not strictly proved, there is no facts to support the wise remark of an experienced person.

as my new station (caring) will not put any advertising code, not to put the code flow, also do not have what meaning, do some pictures or personal website announcement, together to find ways to make your personal website out of the ordinary.

2., a lot of increase, site external connections, the higher the weight of the station, the better.


years old webmaster, general words should be hand inside can use some resources, such as a two high weight website, so you can connect to a new station at the top of the website, anyway, their stand lot led his new.

3. domain name selection

all personal webmaster purpose is very simple is a station to get traffic and advertising to make money, so the choice of the domain name has no strict meaning, so we do not recommend to use our system and go to register a new domain name to use. Our advice is to use a domain name that has been built. For example, a domain name, you have built an exam class website, but for a variety of reasons, it closed. But before Baidu and included this station, so now use love polymerization to do a test questions type of website, Baidu can quickly included. If you don’t have this domain name, you might want to spend some money buying a domain name used by someone else.

just made new sites: all about, the Google home page, Qihoo and soso included second days, third days to a lot of Qihoo (flow statement: today is the third day, ha ha) now expect Baidu included.^_^