The rogue user experience

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Rogue user experience


so what is rogue user experience? The author is such a definition to it. Not all to the user as the criterion, forced users to transfer to the line of sight to the page, damage the user’s behavior and the first sense of the principle of the user experience are rogue user experience.

is certainly not here to love black Shanghai, we just take the love of Shanghai to make a clear case to illustrate what is rogue user experience.

now, the user experience is the priority among priorities, I also wrote articles about the user experience, but it is the general details. Because are talking about good user experience, and today I want to give a new mountain shortage, that is, rogue user experience. I don’t think about the word love Shanghai, love Shanghai in August 22, 2012 issued a statement that the update algorithm, to improve the user experience.


love Shanghai in search of Jay Chou, the entire page basically all love Shanghai products, and the interface is accounted for ninety percent, the user experience is not flattered me. I am not too much, because of careless in the vast sea to see one eye, never more than search.

the rogue users Internet experience be too numerous to enumerate. Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, the four major portals user experience only the Tencent has not been included in the rogue user experience, the other three basically can be defined as a rogue style, especially the Sohu to the NetEase, is simply a rogue rogue, sometimes even Sohu will automatically pop to the column page it makes me Speechless.


on the user experience, a lot of people are not the same. Give Zhou Hongyi 360 sense to say: "good user experience, must have the following three points: first, to exceed user expectations, can give users a surprise. Second, good user experience to be able to let the user be aware. Third, good user experience, is to start from the details, and throughout every detail."

Shanghai is China love search engine, and love Shanghai’s products with this advantage, play a life like once again test the user’s bottom line. Such as love Shanghai revision:

‘s products are very rogue, "

certainly love Shanghai since the algorithm update, really improve the user experience, but the user experience is a rogue type.

people can also love Shanghai search other words, I’m sure you search ten times, nine times is not what you want. Rogue user experience and love of Shanghai is too much, such as advertising, network alliance.

With the function of distinguishing different types of external links

webmasters may also not understand what it means to me first, for example, in Soso Ask the chain, the chain will be made after the jump. Many have N years of experience in the old station will directly link the sentence of death, and claimed that this chain is completely useless, I dare not say that their view is wrong, after all I have no effect on this link related monitoring, but personally think that there are still certain effect. At least when using domain query, which is a straight.

The chain anchor text in the form of


2. link chain form.

about the construction of the chain will say no more, now the blog included the effect of declining, classified information is difficult to audit through the forum signature is limited and serious drop right, want to do a good job of external links is impossible, this time is to use some practical skills to change the difficult situation, the use of a good grasp of various external links the form is very important to improve the website weight and keywords ranking is.

4. jump external links

The chain

on pure text outside the chain is really some say, Public opinions are divergent., some say the effect is not obvious, some say no effect. Here I want to forcibly express their point of view, the role of external links is very large, I have a lot of good corporate website ranking analysis before they do the chain is pure text form, the website weight is very high very stable, so don’t let those who can do pure text outside chain forum. Not only to do, but also to do more.

The chain anchor text in the form of the

3. pure text formEffect of

this is a relatively high quality of the external links to external links, but it sounds very good, it is difficult to do, in addition to love Shanghai know that other inquiry platform can’t be outside the chain of this form, the blog can do, do not be included or white, the forum also can do, spend the first half a month upgrade integral in the forum. You don’t want to do. About this link to the benefits of the chain, the form of hyperlinks in the weight of the website is very helpful to improve. If the web page have keywords to do, so the chain will undoubtedly become the first choice of this form. The overall weight of the site high. The ranking will naturally come up.

keyword ranking role really should not be overlooked, many owners also released with the anchor text signature or articles in various forums, blog, I believe the effect is also very optimistic, but to remind you one, the key word anchor text on the Google ranking effect is very big, but in Shanghai and the effect of love not so obvious, even before someone said Google keywords ranking, the actual fight is the anchor text of the number, the effect is good, and love the Shanghai results in more finer points, ranking of keywords of the anchor text and can not play a decisive role, the number of overall weight love Shanghai more attention to websites and other external links.

The importance of

How noble baby baby Adwords the highest profit nobility which keywords price

although many people believe that search is not important, but the noble baby Adwords advertising to the company’s profit still can not be ignored. Keyword bidding, the keyword is the most popular, the highest price of

"insurance" and "cost per click" the highest bid is $54.91, the key revenue accounted for Adwords of the total income of 24%.

insurance (Insurance), (Loans), mortgage loans (Mortgage).


Wordstream analyst Larry Kim said

many lawyers looking for customers, in order to get a customer, they can pay 50-100 hits the cost, because they can earn back in a lawsuit for several years, at the same time for $500/ hours.

followed, the most expensive of the fourth key words is "lawyer" (Attorney).

20 key

said the baby aristocratic profit model, we all know advertising. But for the specific circumstances, most people may not know. WordSteam this piece of information provides a good perspective.

income before Adwords accounted for 70% of total revenues, various key classes of the remaining 30% of the revenue generated from about 1000 in, or "long tail keywords".

?The ranking of the top three

"loans" and "cost per click" the highest bid is $44.28, the key revenue accounted for Adwords of the total income of 12.8%.

noble baby from the third quarter of 2010 to the second quarter of 2011, total revenue was $33 billion 300 million, of which advertising revenue is $32 billion 200 million. That is to say, the noble baby 97% of revenue from advertising.


appeared in a strange words were the top 20 "umbilical cord blood" (Cord Blood). Kim told the Wired website, such as those rich parents save their children’s umbilical cord industry, they believe that umbilical cord stem cells to cure the future of the disease. Umbilical cord blood preservation requires a lot of expenses.

via Wired

"mortgage" and "cost per click" the highest bid is $47.12, the key revenue accounted for Adwords of the total income of 9%.

A5 marketing love Shanghai recently will have a larger adjustment promotion


again when I return to the search page search for other keywords, found that the current page is automatically jump I just click on the web page.


in search of Xuzhou XX plastic surgery hospital brand keywords, click on the second link, the link to jump to the corresponding web page, but the magic phenomenon, when I return to Shanghai love the search box to search other keywords, find the page automatically jump to the site of a single page, this phenomenon can be predicted to love Shanghai there are new changes.


Figure 2:

recently love Shanghai may have a greater adjustment, need to pay attention to their standing in, please continue reading:




: I search a plastic surgery hospital of Xuzhou brand keywords, click on the second links, and then jump to the home page.

Second phenomena:

Figure 2:


: the first input second and click on the

The first kind of phenomenon:

from the two kinds of phenomenon, the recent love Shanghai promotion will have a greater change, may love Shanghai starting from the promotion will beautify the page and so on, in order to have the following phenomenon, the marketing team continue to observe in A5.

A5 marketing website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis ( Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) services, to provide the most professional Shanghai Longfeng suggestions to help you to build a (love Shanghai search and user love website), to ensure 100% improve your weight, invalid full refund. Customer service QQ:800017899. Please pay attention to A5 marketing of WeChat: a5yingxiao to receive the latest love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon and marketing information. Shanghai Longfeng, business, marketing, promotion, WeChat exchange group: 134413448 welcome to join.

A5 marketing team in search of a brain hospital brand keywords, before a few sites are love Shanghai, then we click on the second link, link to jump to the promotion of a single page, and then we return to the search box to search for love in Shanghai and other key words, the content on the page change, roughly look, find the search content of the current page into just click on the site of the station link, the other is the other sites love Shanghai promotion all disappear. The following figure:

written in the last:

Figure 1

return to continue the search, found that the contents of all become just web page content links

Keywords the extension and tool of

for a web site selection is a lot of factors to consider, when we determine the core keywords, the next is the keyword expansion. On a slightly scale website, on dozens of key words is not enough, still need to find the number of keyword search is the core of the less the more keywords and classification or arranged to the home channel. Mining extended hundreds or even thousands of words are very common.


before we spoke a lot of keyword content, such as why to study how to choose keywords, keywords, keywords competition degree judgment, determine the core keywords and keyword expansion. For the above I enumerated relevant knowledge about key words, I believe we all understand. We as Shanghai dragon Er, good keywords is essential.

One of the early

website address: www.yd Shanghai dragon.Org

site of the people most likely to commit errors, a head shot to rush into a field of competition, skip, without the planned target keywords began to do. This often leads to two results, one is you want to do keyword ranking all how not to go, the two is they think good keywords ranking up but not what flow. So, to determine the appropriate keywords is the first step in Shanghai dragon, and is one of the essential steps.

3: the search, the search results page can be seen below the most relevant search, search engines are generally extended search suggestions and related search will appear in Google keyword tool, but the search suggestions and related search using the most simple, is the rapid development of good ideas.

extended keyword can through the following methods:

1: the most common tool of noble and love Shanghai baby keyword tool index. Shanghai Longfeng personnel can be given by Google keyword download to EXCEL files, and get all the Related words in EXCEL, delete and repeat keywords search volume is very low, according to the number of search ranking, get a certain amount of keywords search.

2: search suggestions in Shanghai or Google search box enter the core keywords, the search box will automatically display the keywords associated with this suggestion.

Love the Shanghai index and encyclopedia began charging protection of brand word or money

recently love Shanghai index and love Shanghai encyclopedia began charging, before there is a large number of keywords is not love view of Shanghai index, there may be the keyword search volume is too small, there may be a love Shanghai deliberately shield some key words. And now love Shanghai intends to open such words, but the premise is to charge a fee, add a keyword, the annual fee is 50 yuan, that is to say after the renewals have to pay. Love is not only love Shanghai index, Shanghai enterprise Encyclopedia also start charging, every day is 9 piece of 5 hair 8, seems to be a lucky number. This love Shanghai has launched two new services, what is the purpose? It is said to be money, some people say it is in order to protect the brand word.


love Shanghai move can play a protective role of corporate brand word

is more and more mature love Shanghai is gradually "commercial"

for sex optimization of Shanghai friends, some people can be made through the brush this kind of keywords ranking, in order to increase the weight of the website. This person does not agree, love Shanghai official never admit the concept of what "love Shanghai weight". The so-called "Shanghai love weight" is the webmaster tools to evaluate by keywords ranking and flow, the whole weight actually has no direct relationship with the website. So I want to enhance the site overall weight by brush words, I am afraid it is impossible, love will certainly consider this Shanghai official. Create index and new words are limited, at present is everyone a year to buy a maximum of 100 words, visible love Shanghai without limit allows you to add new words.

love Shanghai enterprise encyclopedia, the enterprise must fill out the real information related, including: business license, corporate information, etc.. Every day for less than 10 dollars, the price looks very cheap, also more than 3000 dollars a year, but the number of enterprises on the Internet is very alarming. This calculation is not a small sum of income sources, love Shanghai to the "commercial" is what makes sense of love, Shanghai’s main profit model is bidding, of course the customer sources are basically small and medium sized enterprises. But love Shanghai blindly in "quanqian", it was a bit too extreme, the rapid rise of the 360 search for love Shanghai Alexander, to retain more ordinary users. Shanghai love >

no ground for blame of small and medium-sized enterprises are not many, there are too many to count on the Internet in the small and medium-sized enterprises, is also involved in almost all industries and fields. But sales of the same product enterprises very much, for example: Sales of "shotblastin machine" this product in the mechanical line, for this keyword, there is a corporate brand word. But if the keywords in front with the name of the enterprise, this is the one and only the word, because of the emergence of the same enterprise name not allowed in an industry. A similar combination of keywords that companies can buy love to Shanghai, 50 yuan price is very cheap. But the long tail word search volume will be very few, almost no what users will go to search this word.

?Now there is no Internet

A good website optimization to care about what elements

1. One of the first elements of the website optimization we have to focus on is the content of the website, we optimize the website, but the website is in the content of the web site. So the content of the website is the primary cause of our attention. We optimize the website is to attract more people to our website. To accept our website products and services. So what makes these users accept and love our website. This requires our website with rich content. The content of the web site to meet the requirements of users, to help users from our website to learn knowledge they don’t know. Or let them learn more knowledge and service. If the empty sites do, without any useful substantive things, then it will not have a good user conversion rate, even with very high traffic, it is there will be a high bounce rate. So the content of the web site to do useful and beneficial. Secondly, the content of the website also regularly updated, this website will be full of vitality, every day will have more customers to visit. They naturally live search engines love.

website optimization is to do the enemy, we in the optimization of the web site, we should first know the face is a what kind of website, how can we optimize to achieve higher results, get more traffic, and higher weight. If we are on our face and how to optimize the site are absolutely ignorant of imaginary, so feel free to do so, naturally not also may not have good results. We all know that a fruit of the fruit of the management, the result is to get a good harvest, let the fruit with more fruit. So he knows how to better to optimize the fruit tree, he knew what time watering, fertilization, pruning, spraying what time. Also, we do website optimization need to understand in order to achieve more traffic and higher weights, we should face up to optimize what elements. So what we do in Shanghai dragon to care about what elements? So long to do site optimization, the optimization of a web site to do what I think must have what elements do, to introduce you to the total lack of statements of a school welcome Paizhuan proposal.


The content of the web site

2. website. The site is to have a core, even if the production.

is an excellent website optimization to ER Shanghai Longfeng for those concerned about optimization of the elements? Perhaps at the beginning of the website optimization, feel to this strange field at a loss, but after a period of time, we should understand the key elements of the website optimization to face those it, if at the moment, you still mimihuhu, don’t know what to do website optimization, you also feel bad, so at a loss, to optimize a website yunliwuli, imagine your website optimization result is not good, traffic and weight would not be a compliment. Then we these website optimization Shanghai dragon, in the face of website optimization, to those who care about


shlf1314 Adsense Western Union fast collect all the stepsWell known American angel investors list 30

Customer Relationship Management CRM is one of the most commonly used one kind of software enterprises, the field still has the potential to be excavated. This kind of software is currently only completed mail list management functions, and the future of this kind of software should help enterprises to better off and on

But 6. more Most of the

3, the amount of payment: accurate to the decimal point after two

famous Internet experts MarcAndreessen has pointed out that the traditional newspaper is currently facing difficulties, the problem is the organizational structure of them makes them in the face of competitors is weak. The Internet news has undergone tremendous change, PerezHilton and TechCrunch news represents a trend in the future, while Reddit and Digg are another. This field has just started.

2, remittance control number: MTCN

second, login account at the end of each month: my account – payment history,

enterprises, IT departments are expensive bottleneck. However, with the advent of the Wufoo and IT outsourcing services, making enterprise marketing department only takes a short time to complete the form of the internet. Enterprise IT departments and many other work to be done, these outsourcing work will bring huge business opportunities.

fifth, with their ID card and the above data to the post office, Ningbo friends can go to the east entrance post office, the speed is still fast!

shlf1314 Adsense remember last won the money, the Drunken Beauty gold zmking or dumpster in November 2006, but it took me nearly 2 years to earn 123.17 yuan.

in order to let me like the rookie can take less detours, as soon as possible to get their first money, special collection on the West Union fast some information, and we hope to help you a little bit,

1. to solve the copyright disputeThe music copyright lawsuit filed by SONY

3. news

4. enterprise IT outsourcing

in many cases, users want to oversimplify Internet browsing. For example, the elderly and children do not need to complete the Internet, they just want to share photos or communication etc.. Digital photo frame and Firefox embodies this idea, so in the future if there is similar creative

, but still very happy, after all, is the first money earned on the Internet, ha ha, although less,

first, first set up your own shlf1314 account: my account — payment details — payment to Western Union

spent the first 1 months for the bank for collection, and later received a phone call, said the money has been received, to the bank, but the bank told me to save a month to take, no way, do not agree, it means that after a month without a penny.


2. simplified view

softwareA lot of software


and I spent a total time of nearly 2 months to get the poor money


! !

!When shlf1314

and universal file sharing software not only to the development of an obstacle, also destroyed their business model. The current situation is not the final solution. In addition to music, the film industry in the future will also face similar problems.

observation of the development of the Internet cannot do without the guidance of accelerating VC angel investment to grow, how to seize the investment mentality to do the integration of venture capital is the entrepreneur problem. The best way to realize the value of that first by VC, so the 30 are willing to invest in ideas have been published every day of the American translation of the author of the Internet well-known angel investors in the blog. The U.S. venture capital firm YCombinator partners, well-known angel investors PaulGraham, the author, first revealed the 30 creative YCombinator is willing to invest. His attitude probably represents a general view of the Silicon Valley venture capital institutions.

enterprise software vendors are selling now are very bad, but the price is expensive. They maintain their position through a certain degree of monopoly. However, the software industry is always changing. Entrepreneurship can be from small companies to start writing software.

, now, shlf1314 finally opened the Western Union Station, I also changed, the blog also built a long – standing property housing network, and I also reported the mentality to try to choose this mode of payment, but not long after, Western Union issued a memo. But I still silly rookie, thought that the Western Union is through the post office to send the bill to be charged, so silly, half a month, not wait until the bill was time to sh419 in the network not only to find the original, Western Union does not need the bill, go directly to the post office receive it, O a _ U O


third, click on the "payment has been issued" as shown above, as follows:

fourth, take a pen and record the following data:


1, shlf1314 address: that is, remittance information.

had opened western union, only through the clean collection! Think of it is a "trouble".

5. enterprise 2.0

CRM software

sh419 acquisition network red from the media Li Jiaoshou, but also after 90 founder dug vice preside

recently doing thousands of webmaster Baotuan project, after all, now is not alone in the era of innovation, cooperation, mutual benefit, profit sharing, circle of people to share is the trend. On the evening of 13, we talked together and talked about the current situation. Some of the friends, including the channel Zhu Weikun, shared their growth. The guardian was supposed to write an article yesterday to record it, but eventually it was the same with laziness. 15, the station in a row to see the general manager of Chongqing Zhuo 18 years old an entrepreneurial presentation, naturally write this article.

two: you must create opportunities to start an Internet business.

comments: if everyone reaches his level, what will happen? As far as I know, my friend Zhu Weikun has ten computers at home, at least five or more every day. Believe this, let us think.

hopes to combine the artificial intelligence and the data based on the theoretical laws and make a really useful tool for inspiring creativity and generating solutions."

"in the future I will share my thoughts and opinions with this public number, and with the support of data sources, the new analysis will become more rigorous and scientific in the future."."

is the example of Zhu Weikun, a friend. We see Kun elder brother, in fact the family condition is also good, to be a soldier for several years. After returning, he could have found a good job under the arrangement of his parents, but he did not. For half a year, eating and drinking is beside the computer. What are you doing? Playing games? More than half a year, studying beside the computer, making sure the network is the way. Then on the Internet dished out "real name network marketing" this trump card. In 2010, it received 1 million venture capital and 5 million venture capital in 2013. At present, the Department of real name network marketing at least in the circle, or has been recognized by many friends, channel Consulting Co., Ltd. also under the organization to participate in cooperation online.

in order to maintain the objective and independent views, after the acquisition, "Li Jiaoshou" public number is still operated by Li Jing personal.

a lot of people are surprised at the choice of "Li Man", which seems to be not a conventional way of "content web red". In this regard, Li Jiaoshou explained in his own tweets, saying that the focus of energy on a difficult problem to solve, and that is what they really want to do. titanium Media Editor Hector Jing report

attached sh419 internal mail full text:

over the past two years, Li Jiaoshou is in the know and WeChat from the media sector quickly lit up a marketing network red, and its rigorous logic, unique methodology, has received a lot of fans attention.

network red from the media, "Li Jiaoshou" to go to vice president of sh419.


the average man misses the opportunity, the wise man takes the chance, and the wise man creates the opportunity. As a mere 95 year old partner, Cai Chun, Chongqing’s general manager, knows how to create opportunities. When I was in grade six, I went to the Internet bar to play games. However, I was infatuated with the website. On the first day, let the family with the computer, with his mother’s identity card opened the Taobao store, a monthly income of 3000 yuan. What we do in the thirteen or fourteen can imagine?. After graduating from junior high school, immediately to study technical training, learning during the three years, while working part-time. Chongqing is established after April 2013, and now it is >

Internet is a new industry, at least in the country only more than 10 years, and for Internet start-ups, only a few years. Although the current competition is still relatively large, but there are many opportunities. We are a group of Internet users who have no background and only backs. This may be our opportunity. Guardian with some friends exchange, dished out several views boast without shame, share with you.

sh419 senior vice president

December 29th, sh419 announced the acquisition of a wholly-owned Beijing by Mdt InfoTech Ltd, the company founder, renowned marketing public "author Li Jingxie Lee beast team joined sh419, vice president.

Xiang Hailong in the letter said: "after joining the Li Jing team is mainly responsible for the advertising business, to explore and research methodology in marketing and product, the Li Jing report directly to me."

Abstract: sh419 senior vice president Xiang Hailong in the letter said: "after joining the Li Jing team is mainly responsible for the advertising business, to explore and research methodology in marketing and product, the Li Jing report directly to me."

Li Jing was born in 91 years, is a standard after 90. In the know almost, Li Jing fans amount to 50 thousand; while in the WeChat side, the number of reading articles can generally reach tens of thousands, or even one hundred thousand plus.

Li Jing wrote in a number of public articles, "information technology education" is dedicated to the research and development of intelligent tools and founded the company, created by his friends and Li Bowen, after being acquired by sh419 will remain an independent brand and independent operation, will focus on the use of academic research and artificial intelligence sh419 support, creativity, create solutions the tool does not involve the original search business.

entrepreneurship is a good word, at least in the public mind is a good word. And the Internet business is even more so. In the eyes of outsiders, we look at the computer every day, every day idle life, money on the clang came. The truth is cruel.

, everyone from sh419, Hello,

since 2014, "Li Jiaoshou" WeChat public number weekly issued an original high quality content, the highest single reading more than ten million. In February this year, the author Li Jing also start from copywriting, implementation of "marketing scientific", published e-book "Li Jiaoshou collection.".

1: if you want to succeed, you have to work harder.

is very pleased to be with you

Take a look at the two or three line city cock silk entrepreneurs who started the business90 or 80 o

webmaster has to go, the rise of mobile platform, wave hit, this group of entrepreneurs average degree is generally low, so how to make money fast, has become the primary task for them, what kinds of LBS, SNS, O2O, and they never mind.

to local government agencies to do mobile information construction, as this time the contractor is a medical software industry, to provide digital information of the hospital software, they told me that the hospital

this weekend had the honor and the boss went to Shijiazhuang, Hebei to attend the first Internet Development Forum, the organizers is the provincial Internet association, they said in Shijiazhuang even Hebei province technology, a little ability to go to Beijing, very few remain in the local mobile Internet, many of which are the weekend to buy high-speed rail tickets to go home Monday, go to work in Beijing. This close contact with non North Canton counterparts, or there are many meanings of dry goods can be brought out to share:

means that all things are the strongest, and in the end, the survival of the fittest is the law of natural development, which can not be stopped.

personally, I think the success of entrepreneurship, in fact, has nothing to do with age. But it has a lot to do with people. Once in the "China’s Got Talent" stage, there is a steamed stuffed bun brother, is full of white hair, a ponytail, singing a Liu Huan "from the beginning" of that.

! !


3 To B products and services account for more than 95% of start-up projects;

, don’t look at the money is more vulgar, and many are muffled to make money. You think, from the PC era fought until now, great people are promoted to the north of Guangzhou high rich handsome, almost a little too dig a few pot of gold, has been held in the year to do the webmaster home again how to fiddle with the nuggets.


however, 80 shoes are not improperly belittle oneself is still the world, now 80 played a mainstay role. After 80 this generation should embrace and accept the new generation, try to integrate into the circle of 90.

, what does that mean?

he used to be a multimillionaire and went bankrupt overnight. To this end, overnight anxious white hair. Later, from the beginning, from the sale of steamed buns, because his childhood dream is to be a steamed stuffed bun king, and now he worked hard, and stick up again. He should be >

1 professional counterparts are from the PC era, do Adsense that part of the conversion,

has to admit that time is the biggest capital. They now have access to the Internet, and some have earned the first pot of gold through the internet. A few of them are TB, and they can be seven thousand or eight thousand in a month.

this part of the business colleagues, very grassroots, very grassroots, if he does not say is engaged in the Internet, you think he is sweeping the street?. Look, wearing talk, like a very cock silk, but the secret is definitely a true tyrant. Sitting in one of the local counterparts in the car, we told him about the big data, social dividends, about O2O, then I do not know when, suddenly changed, he asked: "are you open Cadillac XXX? I had previously felt XXX." Fuck, Leng is a word from the imperial buddies block didn’t answer.

for the 90’s rise, 90 advantages, we have to face, this is the law of nature, bring forth the new through the old Yangtze River, is unstoppable. They are no longer a baby, they have grown up. Now is not 16 years old, has been defined as adults? Yu Jiawen, Ma Jia Jia can be regarded as successful after 90, and the newspaper has no 80 overwhelming figure, and replaced by 90,

what’s the concept of 16 years old? I’m 12 years older than they are. What’s the concept of 12 years old? When I was in junior high school, they were just born. And this year 00 immediately after 15 years of age,

think I feel cold in the back, really houshengkewei. I like them so big, even the mouse like what do not know! Envy them live in such a good era, the rapid development of the Internet industry, to the economy into the wings to take off. And after 90, just easy to sit on the wings of the angel.

survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest in natural selection, this sentence is Darwin "evolution" which appeared in the

2 what do you do recently with money? Don’t play with the concept of "

recently joined my VIP, inside 90 more and more, yesterday came in a 16 years old, 90.

2C products and services, can see all basically been carved giant invisible finished, but the thought is also the north of Guangzhou technology venture capital team for the package, so leave them is not much, is the local B service end products and services to local businesses, such as APP to do; local business WeChat, micro-blog marketing; micro-blog, WeChat to local enterprises to do on behalf of the operators.

they come to a variety of meetings, the purpose of the forum is simple, purely, is to promote their products and services to come, the intention of the people will send business cards, wondering if you can butt some resources back.

this conference, one of the entrepreneurial team from Nanjing, this year began to do the brand WeChat generation operators, 20 of the small team has signed about 3000000 of the list;

16 years of age should be 98 years,

is pleased that, with 90 generations and no generation gap, the group of three 16 year old small partners, we chatted without pressure. Because I belong to people after 80, 90 face, 00 after the heart. I also like to play with after 90, and, in particular, my wife is also 90, but she just graduated this year. The two of us don’t have any generation gap,