Site analysis of second advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords pulse

– search keyword analysis

usually search keywords can reflect the site visitors visit the site; for example, in the search box enter rental apartment "visitors, they want to search for some representative" related information rent ". If you classify the search keywords of your web site visitors, and analyze your visitors’ number of visits, jump out rate, conversion number and other key website analysis indicators, it will be of great help to optimize your website.

if the content of the site does not match what the visitor expects, it is easy for the visitor to open the site, let alone facilitate the transformation. Therefore, the following conclusions can be drawn:

(1) when visitors stay long on the site, the number of transitions is high, indicating that the content of the site matches the purpose of the visitor entered through the search key.

(2), on the other hand, when visitors stay in the website too short, the jump rate is high, indicating that the visitor’s needs are not met. In this case, we need to optimize the website, add some content that meets the needs of our visitors, and add some search keywords that can improve the search.

The basic principle of

search keyword partitioning:

the first step is to filter the search keywords as the object of the analysis, and focus on the number of visits in the top 10 keywords, and then expand the scope of the analysis to the top 100.

, if you can analyze all search keywords, of course, very good, but the average size of the site search keywords will generally have tens of thousands of, large-scale websites even one hundred thousand, millions. Analyzing these search keywords one by one is impractical and fundamentally impossible to analyze.

in the actual analysis of key words, the general analysis should be focused on the "top 10 key words" and "the first 100 keywords."". Sometimes, according to the amount of information on the actual situation, site analysis of the "top 25 key" and "top 50 key", so in the end how many keywords right analysis requires specific website business and the analysis of historical experience to judge.

(1) analysis of the first 10 keywords

first requires access to the top 10 search keywords. In e-commerce (EC) websites or marketing websites, the number of visits to the site through the top 10 keyword search accounts for about 30% to 50% of the total number of visits and conversion. Therefore, the analysis of these keywords, equivalent to nearly half of visitors visit the purpose of analysis, the optimization of the site is very helpful.

This is a

hotel reservation website (such as site name "again") search keywords into proportion and conversion ratio. As can be seen from the figure below, the number of key entries in the top 10 accounts for over 50% of the total number of entries

Youth entrepreneurship in Foshan can enjoy one-stop service

in the current entrepreneurial tide, there have been more and more people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, leading to the industry is increasingly fierce competition. In this context, if the government can not provide the relevant services, the development of entrepreneurship for investors will naturally have a great impact. To this end, Foshan provides one-stop service, so as to encourage more young entrepreneurs.

recently, Foshan United University, high-tech industry association, Youth Chamber of Commerce, the public record of space research resources, promote the construction of the "Youth Exchange" was officially launched, this also means that whether college students or workplace youth, can enjoy "one-stop" services in the Foshan high tech Zone venture.

"one-stop" practice entrepreneurial dream "green export business 18 relying on the construction of MALL, is a complex of Foshan high tech Zone to build specifically for Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, but also an important part of Neusoft Southern China IT business park, from office facilities, to value-added instructor training, investment and financing, and then the subsequent industrialization can undertake. To achieve a one-stop."

, director of the Foshan high tech Zone, Nanhai District Party committee deputy secretary Liu Taogen said, "the Foshan high tech Zone Innovation across the country invited to R & D team, entrepreneurs and scientific research institutes, to jointly build individual entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team to group the entrepreneurial chain, and ultimately realize to the industrial transformation of the entrepreneurial dream."

entrepreneurship in line with the actual needs of the manufacturing industry in Foshan youth entrepreneurship is not enough ideas, but also need more follow-up support." Zhang Hantao is Guangdong Rui create board technology Co. Ltd. general manager told reporters that the Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship must have a complete "industrial chain" for supporting, but also to meet the actual manufacturing industry in Foshan city at present.

it is understood that the Foshan high tech Zone is an important part of the Pearl River Delta National Innovation Demonstration Zone, is the test area of Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou cooperation in high-speed rail Economic Zone (Guangdong Park) is located, now has 8 National incubators, 1 national public record, more than and 270 high-tech enterprises. Park accumulation platform of Tsinghua University Foshan innovation center, Guangdong University of Technology Institute of Foshan, the number of Intelligent Equipment Technology Research Institute and the carrier, with surrounding China Normal University, Guangdong Institute of light industry, Career Academy and other institutions of higher learning, teachers and students more than 40 thousand people, the future is committed to the construction of regional innovation center and youth entrepreneurship gathering area.

currently, Foshan high tech Zone for the majority of young entrepreneurs, is actively developing robots, 3D printing, new light and bio medicine, "Internet plus" as the current hot industry. Including Neusoft Southern China IT business park, craftsmen hit off the exchange of public record space, high tech Zone is committed to providing a set of office holder, instructor training, investment and financing, administrative services, and a function of talent apartment off coffee, etc. in one of its roadshow center service.

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Electricity supplier operators will be 10 strokes, you will recruit a few

a qualified operation, not only to have the boss’s sense of responsibility, the artist’s aesthetic, and promote the market insight, but also the meticulous customer service. It can be said that operation is the soul of a shop. In the development of the electricity supplier very influential era, as long as you dare to say that they are operating, it is very popular. Whether you set up your own shop or work for someone else, it’s important for you to exercise your ability to operate. Today, I’d like to introduce to you what capabilities you have as a qualified operation.

1. Ability to locate markets

positioning the market from the product point of view. A selection operation to have their own opinions, not others, but not blindly believe the data. This is certainly someone will refute me, they would say that doing business in Taobao, do not look at the data, then we see what? I did not deny the importance of data, I just said that we sometimes don’t superstitious data, because the data is not necessarily true. For example, according to market data, the mobile phone shell market is definitely greater than the keyboard film, but if you plug into the mobile phone shell industry, you will find that the facts are not as simple as they think. Taobao and offline business is the biggest difference is that customers throughout China, so small industry in Taobao will also have a big market demand. The key is how we locate and package our products.

two, the ability to view data

sees data in a wide range, including master chart data, detail data, product data, customer data, market data, promotion data, SEO data, and so forth. And as the operation, for these data, not only to clear its exact meaning, but also to clarify the application of these data significance. Because the shop is a whole, any part of the data problems will reflect some problems. What you need to do is to summarize the observation data and draw conclusions from the data to provide support for the next step of the optimization solution. For example, the store flow up and down, if we do not go to analyze the reasons, then we can not avoid committing similar mistakes again, but also can not enhance our operating capacity.

three, the ability to diagnose stores

diagnostic shops are also a wide range, including visitor trends, product sales, marketing strategies, promotional effects, performance and so on. Not only do we need to have data analysis capabilities, but more importantly, we must have a clear idea, we should learn to understand the shop problems from some clues. For example, find a dynamic scoring without shop is reduced, you will simply think this is just a wrong? You know, buyers score is very blind, if his bad mood, often not only to you a score given low score. So, what we have to do is to let buyers just buy what we have, and it’s cool, as for how cool, that’s what you should think about.

four, the ability to layout products

Is the

product regularly updated or new?

11 skills to improve the PR value of the website

came back this morning to find PR’s great summer show, so he quickly wrote an article: "June 24, 2009 PR big update, Yan Yan blog PR is 3.". As usual, update a few websites, to talk about how to improve the PR value of the site. I said is not how to quickly improve the PR value, because the use of certain cheating means to improve the PR value, the next time it is likely to be hit back to the prototype.

1, the use of excellent links to improve PR value

this is known to be the most important, but not necessarily everyone can do it well. It might be nice to find a link to your site’s PR, but maybe his export link is more than 50, and maybe his Google snapshot is stuck in N days ago. My blog exchange is purely a link, so any blog does not matter, and some of my other sites, general exchange links to meet the following three conditions:

(1) Baidu and Google included more than 100

(2) search engine, site home page ranked first, or to ensure that the first page of

(3) my website PR is x, then the website that links with me is generally PR is greater than or equal to X-1.

, if the other party’s Web site has a good target, keyword in the home page, whether it is Baidu or GG, you can not take into account the above conditions.

2, export links to improve PR value

The PR value of

website navigation station will be higher than the PR value of other websites. GG reference standard should be included in the quality and quantity of the export link, find a few of you often go to the website or the website of weight and they are not willing to exchange Links and you, take the initiative to do their links to anchor text, this should have a modest effect on improving the PR value.

3, web site to improve the PR value, but also to provide keywords weight

this is actually useful, but many people tend to ignore it or say it’s too lazy to do it. There are 2 general situations in the chain:

The inner chain of

(1) should have a good tree structure or an annular structure. Those who have studied network engineering or computer basics should know the characteristics of these two topologies. Some pages, the chain of small enterprise website, to improve the PR value, you can do some articles at this point. The link between the pages is very reasonable, do not let spiders into the dead end, search engines will naturally give you a good weight.

(2) chains note the use of anchor text. About the concept of anchor text, please refer to the SEO basics I’ve written before. General anchor text can point to your home page or a column of the page, then you can use the target keyword or column keyword to do anchor text. If the chain to a certain page, I believe it must be for a key word.


Baidu doesn’t update site snapshots and Solutions

everyone in the process of site construction, may encounter Baidu snapshot not update problem. I am no exception, to help maintain a friend’s website (97bobo) Baidu snapshot time stopped in August 7th, has been to 17 No update, and similar sites Baidu snapshot almost every day updates. I’m here to say that Baidu snapshot is not updated, but the site’s keywords ranking has not changed.

analysis of the causes. This website ( there is no cheating place, then I thought of a few days ago the space has been opened up perhaps Baidu spider I stand open to snapshot not update (advise you do not cheap to buy cheap space or find some large IDC space is also used to buy peace of mind) as we all know, if the site the meeting won’t lead to the spider can’t grab content, Baidu will temporarily stop website snapshot update, etc. after a certain period, usually about 1 weeks to 1 months later, Baidu re calculate the website weight and quality after the chain, will begin to update snapshot, and adjust the new ranking web site. In any case, this site or triggered a snapshot of Baidu does not update the fuse.

additionally, from the point of view of site activity. Website content is updated almost everyday. Baidu likes to update fast sites, like fresh content; this is not caused by Baidu snapshot is not updated reasons.

analyzes the search for other domain names in Baidu under the same IP. Basically good, no cheating sites. Then, with the web server cheating in tie is not exist, this is not the reason.

analyzes external links exported from web sites. Every link in the Baidu the citation in the basic good, of course, which also appeared in one or two by K, immediately adjust; analysis of the same site, also pointing to the Baidu K Links, and their snapshot update every day, included in Baidu’s good. I think the one or two K website is not Baidu snapshot stop updating reasons. Of course, does not rule out, if it is, then by the tie is too much.

analysis from the site itself, there is no excessive SEO situation. The ads for the site include Ali mom and Google Adsense, but that shouldn’t be the reason. Baidu didn’t even adjust the keyword ranking of the site. It seems hard to say that Baidu is the right to drop this site.

In order to stimulate the Baidu spider to climb

. 97bobo only seduced Baidu.

adds a plain text description of "79bobo" to the home page of the website, creating the only new keyword that has no two: "female beauty 79bobo."". After doing well, go to the website that Baidu updates frequently, send a soft Wen to stick. For example, "what is a female beauty 79bobo? Who’s standing?" and so on, I just went to the laggards forum and Admin5 forum, each made a soft Wen paste.

17, evening 5 release of the post, second days in the morning can see, Baidu included me in the outdated

Experience sharing the recovery process of high traffic sites after upgraded traffic

butterfly is beautiful, need to go through a process through the cocoon. For our site, in order to constantly adapt to the Internet and Internet users, upgrade, revision is inevitable. The author has also suffered several sites upgrade, revision, but only a site revision, pay the price is the biggest. The author has a business for three or four years old station, flow in the revision before basically have day IP tens of thousands of, in the face of severe security problems and the user’s functional requirements, the author of this old station had to upgrade. The losses caused by the upgrade are enormous. The old station in December last year after the upgrade because of the structural change, causes all of the URL have changed, and for the great information on the site, not on every page to do a 301 redirect, only to the 404 error page, the end result is that the flow rate dropped to the lowest level, as shown below:


traffic histogram above, we can see that traffic from the original day IP about ten thousand down to an average of only about six hundred. After the site upgrade, followed by the arrival of Lunar New Year’s Eve, but can only stop the optimization work. Really began to optimize the time has been dragged into the middle of February this year. And after a series of optimization, the current IP has been in constant recovery, specific as shown in the following recent flow histogram.



we can see the traffic growth situation is good, every day in the continuous recovery, now can be said to restore the IP rate of 1/5, I will share some optimization experience recently, hope for help when dealing with site upgrade.

1: continuous updates of site content

recovery in the upgrade process, I found the old content page included no fresh content included fast, we can we upgrade after the supply of fresh content can not be ignored at the same time. At this point many optimization personnel will lack of execution, when we encounter problems when the site is so bad, to quiet down to unremittingly optimization can eventually emerge. If we reduce the stability of the supply of high quality content, after the upgrade of the search engine audit period admission will be interrupted, and the site will be included slowly promotion. As shown below,

above we can find the site included is continuously enhanced and stable, this is a good phenomenon, but we also need to pay attention to a problem, that is the day included are added to the total volume was not included in our. There are two reasons for it. First, our content is low quality, included after a lot of it was deleted, so in the total included promotion is not obvious. Another point is that after the search engine has not been released immediately, and need to wait for a period of time after the audit period, after the natural release.

two, for dead links in the station >

Macheng Macheng nostalgia forum and Discuz update!

Macheng nostalgia network responsible person said, "for Jialin" in the development of Macheng Macheng forum nostalgia is working through strengthening the community construction, the mainstream of diversified products to enhance the community website image and brand influence, to create the most humane city community portal in Macheng area. Macheng nostalgia network initially completed the construction of community platform, will focus on strengthening the construction of city community consumption, and strive to build a life in Macheng for the core consumer interactive platform.


"said Ma Jialin" after the new year in urban and rural has been upgraded to the latest update, and Comsenz (Comsenz) update community forum system’s professional security effectively. Macheng nostalgia network using domestic mainstream open-source community products Discuz! Upgrade 7.2 of the forum system, provides a platform for security to create the most warm network community in Macheng area, and provides the application of a broader based community line activities. Macheng Macheng Forum on the basis of nostalgia network users interact, combined with the Macheng forum offline activities, to further enhance the popularity of the website, the accumulation of more enthusiastic users to participate. In the operation process of "love between urban and rural areas", the management team fully grasp the needs of users, and launch the "2010 Spring Festival information interim section" "2010 Spring Festival information", which has been loved by the vast numbers of users.

at the same time, Macheng home social networking platform through the UCenter Home (referred to as UCHome) and roaming (Manyou) open platform constantly upgraded and updated, completely changed the initial construction of the site, insufficient promotion situation. Through the introduction of professional social games (Social, Game) applications, in order to create a warm community communication environment for users. The continuous development of Peng friends nest (, so that interaction between users more professional, more conducive to communication between users.

Macheng Macheng nostalgia forum through continuous efforts, always maintain the development and application of the domestic mainstream community synchronization. In the user experience, not only using the home page X plug-in, as well as special custom launched daily check-in plug-in to adhesion users. Management team on the positioning of the forum, operations, promotion and other ideas are very clear, in the operation process, often launched close to the user’s activities. Continue through the activities to attract more users to gather together, and taste the Renzaitaxiang life atmosphere, through community initiated close and friends activities closer to the distance between users, let Ma Macheng forum and the development in urban and rural areas in the city to grow together.

How to locate access groups of Web sites

I often met colleagues asked me why the spread of the lion lion website construction effect is basically very good. In fact, I have seen a large number of peers to do site planning, personal feeling many programs are unintelligible, the reason, many website audience positioning, causing the site overall planning without direction and disorder.

and accurate website visit group orientation, it is the foundation that the website plans. From the spread of the Internet, anyone can access the site as a group, but the audience has invalid group and effective group of enterprises, customers and potential customers are effective access to other groups, for the majority of the audience is invalid. Invalid access groups do not play a role in the marketing effect of the website, and effective access to groups will directly benefit the enterprise. For example, is a good example, we can learn from the


site traffic is large, but the majority of visitors for invalid access groups, such as a pageview 100 thousand, but only 200 groups of effective access, while another website daily visits 1000, effective access group 800, apparently after a website from the perspective of marketing is more effective, a bit of common sense people will be a result of selection. This is correct, a website my visits every day more than 500, but the actual customer day is less than 20. However, another one of my site a day visit volume is only about 50, but the effective has reached more than 20, which made me very happy.

this is the great difference between the access caused by the inaccurate positioning of the website group, many websites in order to pursue the so-called visits, and a large number of custom has nothing to do with the theme of the site content, this is a big mistake site planning. Throughout the success of the site at home and abroad, the site planning access groups are accurate positioning.

different website access groups will be quite a big difference, the enterprise website, such as cosmetics enterprises, its effective population dominated by women, even if there is a big difference between segments according to the product positioning; another example of auto parts enterprises, the enterprise website main face groups for automobile manufacturers, automobile maintenance enterprises etc. professional personnel.

site access group positioning, if a bit more sophisticated, but also divided into the main access group and auxiliary access groups. With the example of the Chinese inspirational speech network, the school teachers and students are the main visiting group, and the parents are the visiting group. After visiting the group decided, and then down, China’s inspirational speech network mainly solve the students’ learning psychology and aspirations, that is, inspirational based, so that the overall planning of the site and column planning at a glance.

, a precise access group location, will be a cornerstone of success for a web site (whether it’s an enterprise website or a professional industry website).

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6 months, stationmaster life profit 3, 8 wool 3

stood more than half a year, during the process experienced unsuspectingly to half knowing, to slightly through 123 stages. Thinking and execution have improved to some extent (first self affirmation, confidence is most important! Hehe), at present, almost no profit, as the title "profit of 3 dollars and 8 cents 3", it is necessary that these pieces of all the money from the Ali Mama advertising.

below, talk about my website operation, especially the local community forum development, lack, please criticize me.

and I "Eighteen ladder community website".

positioning: based in Chongqing, serving the people throughout the city. Taking the detailed information as the main point and interactive communication as the means, it provides rich news, entertainment, life service and travel information for the people in Chongqing, and is committed to building the new Chongqing city on the internet.

plan: the construction site at the beginning, because the idea is not clear, the lack of systematic thinking, there is no planning work force is more willing to start, see webmaster online to see other webmasters to share the experience of the site, operation management and information Wangzhuan experience, after 6 months of combat and the accumulation of knowledge in the planning, finally slightly further. So the premise of almost unchanged in the general idea, again on the eighteen ladder community has carried on the detailed planning, I think early thinking more, consider more comprehensive, the latter part of the operation and promotion work in order to better carry out, in the clear development of backward, and I further determine the profit model.

"profit, we do the purpose of the station", I have been talking to friends.

I have roughly planned the profit model for the next eighteen years of the ladder community: the prophase network advertisement is the main, and the latter will promote the brand construction in the form of activity.

, I bought a.Cn domain name last year. After I bought it for one yuan, it has gone up. Now I regret not having bought more than one. At present, the main profit community through the network advertising 3 more than, has gone back to this, but I have to consider the renewal problem.

ask your predecessors, how much profit do you make through the advertising Union?

sells money through advertising alliances, the first choice for most part-time webmasters. Because the busy work, after all, is the heart and the lack of force, unable to part, no time to take into account more.

I thought

was in the eighteen ladder community mature, after visits to stabilize the active demand of advertisers advertising (this is because I lack of initiative, long-term execution is not strong, this is bound to affect the work, even in life, so I am determined to overcome fear! Friends, if you like me because of cowardice and missed opportunities, please add my QQ:1018758971, we communicate with the progress, because the site itself), based in Chongqing, so that customers more obvious, if the content is good, strong popularity, I believe that the advertising fee is still there, but not cheap.


I share the soft text to publish the story of profit

I also count as an old webmaster, the ups and downs in the Internet for more than 4 years of hard work. Do a lot of website, news articles, local portal forum, game station, movie station these almost I have done, but in fact are not profitable, another section of the change to other types of websites. Later many sites sold, some give up, until I was set up in August 10th last year the soft task release net, only to find the site is to achieve a value, can play a practical use of the website can make money on the Internet, my website this year a small profit, so I quickly and you to share I built this soft net wise remark of an experienced person.

in such an impetuous network world, ubiquitous promotion, is full of network marketing smoke smell. Speculation website, someone asked the Navy crazy hair the chain, a network company SEO please. Web site to promote out, when it comes to the head is nothing more than do promotion everywhere. One of the most important part, but can not do without the construction of the chain, the inside of the chain of soft Wen is also a popular way to promote, it has a low price, the promotion of radiation benefits. As a result, on the network and gave birth to a special to write the soft text or soft hair of a profession, it is said that the industry still has considerable potential for development.

as a small webmaster, he will also participate in the soft writing and publishing, they will often go to CHINAZ or A5 submission, good soft Wen will be the size of other sites forwarded hundreds of times, not only to improve their website or product visibility, but also to the site to leave the chain, and thus indirectly enhance the website weight and keywords ranking. Of course, there are also many webmaster said he can’t write, or do not want to try so hard to write, what to do? They will make some false original articles were crazy hair the chain, or to find the Internet writer to help, or to other large pig Witkey website on these tasks and the chain of soft Wen other tasks for the ability of the webmaster complete release, so as to get the Commission, large task website involves many things, and I whim, I can also establish a dedicated only for soft Wen and released the chain task release station? And after a series of reference and collection, my special for the webmaster, Witkey website set up, I gave him a nice name "soft outside chain alliance".

The main purpose of

is to design my website webmaster to do the task and the task of the two major functions, we have QQ now, in order to facilitate the user to direct the landing site, I added the QQ login function on the website, a registered member becomes very simple. Any size webmaster can participate in publishing tasks and tasks. The amount is not capped, and you can even publish $1 links or soft text tasks. And I also follow the large task network, Witkey network, every completed list, I will take the appropriate royalty model.

late website promotion, I also put a lot of effort, I know the promotion site hardships, I also tried on many forums outside >!